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Peak Pairs, First Ascents, and Unique Peaks for Deividas Valaitis

Most significant unique peak pairs by key metrics, first ascents, and all uniquely ascended peaks

Highest Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two highest peaks where only Deividas Valaitis has climbed both.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Cerro Bolsón de los Cerillos18209Argentina2022-12-03 A110663
Aragats Western Peak13127Armenia2013-07-06 A3791


Most Prominent Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most prominent peaks where only Deividas Valaitis has climbed both.

PeakProm-ftLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Jebel Shams9246Oman2008-10-319902
Mount Elgon8065Uganda2022-01-09 A114177


Most Isolated Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most isolated peaks where only Deividas Valaitis has climbed both.

PeakIso-miLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Moro de Môco1073.37Angola2022-05-31 A18596
Magazine Mountain373.68USA-AR2019-12-02 B12753


First Ascents by Deividas Valaitis

There are no first ascents for this climber.


All Peaks Climbed only by Deividas Valaitis

These peaks have their single logged ascent by Deividas Valaitis. Of course, it is entirely likely that many non-site users have also climbed these peaks.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Stubaier Wildspitze10961Austria2011-08-30577
Wasserklotz4938Austria2012-05-20 A11152
Piton Hyacinthe4501Reunion2013-02-19 F1282
Schatzenstein2497Germany-SN2013-03-24 A1469
Ostrý1814Czech Republic2013-05-08384
Deblík1506Czech Republic2013-05-11555
Plešivec1670Czech Republic2013-05-11354
Wilder Jäger6043Austria2013-08-21 A3203
Monte Sant'Elia427Italy2014-04-06427
Wurzerkampl5597Austria2014-07-21 A3610
Schwarzeck5043Austria2014-07-21 A4384
Großer Berg2772Austria2015-04-24 B1377
Burgsteinberg3323Austria2015-04-26 A2305
Hochweid3337Austria2015-04-26 B1378
Roßkopf5679Austria2015-06-21 A3840
Proller Berg3442Germany-BY2015-07-12 A1499
Collet Barris4790France2016-04-09 A11772
Cerro del Gato2615Spain2017-05-05 B1351
Tetica6824Spain2017-05-07 A1751
Skepasto5210Greece2017-09-28 A11991
Krania3041Greece2017-10-01 A12519
Unknown3576Greece2017-10-05 A12664
Mali Kladi3140Greece2017-10-06 A12372
Colle Foglia2808Italy2017-12-08 A3246
Vouni2497Greece2018-04-21 B12212
Xiron Oros3251Greece2018-04-22 A12247
Xerosouvala2415Greece2018-04-22 A22284
Peak 4751558Bulgaria2018-09-09 A1475
Chumerna5039Bulgaria2018-09-14 A12746
Pnevma5344Greece2018-09-16 A12080
Monte Pelpi4852Italy2019-03-06 A12221
Oros Krikolos2674Greece2019-06-22 A12674
Ramno5417North Macedonia2019-09-07 A13560
Tsigansko Gradishte5994Greece/Bulgaria2019-09-15 A12221
Pirgos Tsoungri3622Greece2019-09-26 A12228
Beinisvørð1542Faroe Islands2019-10-19 B11509
Mulantindur2579Faroe Islands2019-10-22 A12317
Hafjall2126Faroe Islands2019-10-23 A12077
Nestindar2585Faroe Islands2019-10-25 A12585
Velký Buk2415Czech Republic2019-12-29 A1611
Malý Buk2336Czech Republic2019-12-29 A2446
Kokkinari6273Greece2020-11-06 B12014
Gioza4590Greece2020-11-07 B12776
Xerovouni5121Greece2020-11-08 A12644
Veloutsa3051Greece2020-11-14 A12260
Panaitolikon6312Greece2020-11-15 A22277
Høyholmstinden3330Norway2021-07-25 A12346
Risnestinden2126Norway2021-07-27 A12126
Storsteet3360Norway2021-08-03 A12343
Koppartind3051Norway2021-08-03 B12460
Symi High Point2021Greece2021-09-20 A12021
Merovigli1972Greece2021-09-21 A11972
Profitis Ilias2047Greece2021-09-22 A12047
Cleggan Signal Tower463Ireland2021-10-13 B1365
Monte Palantarins3442Italy2022-01-31 A12409
Kozel1962Czech Republic2022-03-20 C1633
Monte Rione5548Italy2022-04-21 B12097
Aghouri11696Morocco2022-09-01 A12047
Cruz de Hierro5453Spain2022-09-11 B11185



  • The first three peak pairs on this page show the superlative unique pairs for three key metrics: Elevation, Prominence, and Isolation.
  • Most hikers or climbers that log their ascents on have a number of unique peak pairs--a set of two successfully climbed peaks such that no other registed site user has also climbed both.
  • Since virtually no one can claim to have made the only ascent ever of a peak, these peak pairs are a way to claim some uniqueness--being able to say "I am the only one to ever climb both Peak A and Peak B".
  • Many of a hiker's unique peak pairs will be relatively low, minor, or otherwise insignificant peaks, and therefore climbing both may not be a particularly impressive achievement.
  • So the pairs above represent the most significant of all a climber's unique pairs--the most impressive unique pairs to use as a badge of honor.
  • Mathematically, the pairs listed above maximize the value of the secondary peak in the pair--for example, showing the pair that has the highest elevation for the pair's second-highest peak. Put another way, it shows the two highest-value peaks that only this climber has climbed.
  • The final listing shows the peaks (if any) where the hiker/climber is the only ascender with logged ascents.
  • Of course, all these listings are purely based on the logged climbs in the database, so they should not be taken as completely accurate.

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