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Peak Pairs, First Ascents, and Unique Peaks for Scott Patterson

Most significant unique peak pairs by key metrics, first ascents, and all uniquely ascended peaks

Highest Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two highest peaks where only Scott Patterson has climbed both.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Volcán Chimborazo20561Ecuador2007-01-1713524
Pichu Pichu18586Peru2014-03-284282


Most Prominent Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most prominent peaks where only Scott Patterson has climbed both.

PeakProm-ftLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Mount Elgon8065Uganda1997-12-1914177
Monte Roraima7670Venezuela1996-02-059219


Most Isolated Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most isolated peaks where only Scott Patterson has climbed both.

PeakIso-miLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Monte Roraima334.66Venezuela1996-02-059219
Wheeler Peak231.79USA-NV2015-06-2813063


First Ascents by Scott Patterson

There are no first ascents for this climber.


All Peaks Climbed only by Scott Patterson

These peaks have their single logged ascent by Scott Patterson. Of course, it is entirely likely that many non-site users have also climbed these peaks.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Peak 94639463USA-UT1998-01-18383
Rock Springs Bench6972USA-UT1999-04-17892
Sweet Alice Hills High Point8488USA-UT2000-05-14642
Khok Moei4318Thailand2001-02-012481
Bald Knob11092USA-CO2009-01-19452
Pico Nambroque6306Spain2009-12-26269
Choprock Bench6242USA-UT2011-05-07482
Allen Dump5993USA-UT2011-05-08673
Slide Mountain8960USA-CO2011-09-10280
Patmos Head9841USA-UT2011-10-01121
Morne Trois Pitons4528Dominica2011-12-313183
Sawtooth Mountain9565USA-CO2012-09-29405
Man of War1814Trinidad and Tobago2013-12-14534
Paradise Benchmark11409USA-CO2016-07-17329
Cerro Pelón11483Mexico-Mex2017-11-211260
Cerro Cacique10499Mexico-Mich2017-11-221772
Cerro de La Silla8596Mexico-Mich2017-11-23591
Pico das Torres6060Portugal2018-03-16804
Flagstaff1280Saint Martin2018-12-25210
Peak 62006200USA-UT2019-01-12480
Peak 65216521USA-CO2019-05-08521
Peak 66406640USA-CO2019-07-09280
Banta Ridge6523USA-CO2019-07-10483
Shavetail Benchmark6285USA-CO2019-07-15545
Calamity Ridge8288USA-CO2019-07-18528
Cow Creek Butte7929USA-CO2020-05-14329
Early Weed Bench5641USA-UT2020-05-23401
Peak 77387738USA-CO2022-06-18258
Gray Head Peak9496USA-UT2022-08-21576
Texas Mountain8455USA-CO2022-09-19695
Peak 77297729USA-CO2022-09-19369



  • The first three peak pairs on this page show the superlative unique pairs for three key metrics: Elevation, Prominence, and Isolation.
  • Most hikers or climbers that log their ascents on have a number of unique peak pairs--a set of two successfully climbed peaks such that no other registed site user has also climbed both.
  • Since virtually no one can claim to have made the only ascent ever of a peak, these peak pairs are a way to claim some uniqueness--being able to say "I am the only one to ever climb both Peak A and Peak B".
  • Many of a hiker's unique peak pairs will be relatively low, minor, or otherwise insignificant peaks, and therefore climbing both may not be a particularly impressive achievement.
  • So the pairs above represent the most significant of all a climber's unique pairs--the most impressive unique pairs to use as a badge of honor.
  • Mathematically, the pairs listed above maximize the value of the secondary peak in the pair--for example, showing the pair that has the highest elevation for the pair's second-highest peak. Put another way, it shows the two highest-value peaks that only this climber has climbed.
  • The final listing shows the peaks (if any) where the hiker/climber is the only ascender with logged ascents.
  • Of course, all these listings are purely based on the logged climbs in the database, so they should not be taken as completely accurate.

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