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Peak Pairs, First Ascents, and Unique Peaks for Cliff Young

Most significant unique peak pairs by key metrics, first ascents, and all uniquely ascended peaks

Highest Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two highest peaks where only Cliff Young has climbed both.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Mount Brewer13570USA-CA2001-09-101103
Peak 1098210982USA-WY2016-08-14462


Most Prominent Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most prominent peaks where only Cliff Young has climbed both.

PeakProm-ftLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Chicoma Mountain4281USA-NM2009-07-2511561
Spruce Mountain1716USA-ME2010-08-282416


Most Isolated Unique Pair of Peaks Climbed

The two most isolated peaks where only Cliff Young has climbed both.

PeakIso-miLocationAscent DateElev-ft
Mont Jacques-Cartier252.08Canada-QC1994-06-174186
Clay County High Point88.74USA-FL2007-09-08250


First Ascents by Cliff Young

There are no first ascents for this climber.


All Peaks Climbed only by Cliff Young

These peaks have their single logged ascent by Cliff Young. Of course, it is entirely likely that many non-site users have also climbed these peaks.

PeakElev-ftLocationAscent DateProm-ft
Little Blue2020USA-ME2010-04-11380
Little Concord Pond Hill1441USA-ME2010-08-25341
Peak 57845784USA-OR2010-10-10533
Kelloch Mountain1368USA-ME2011-09-13468
Hunt Mountain1520USA-ME2011-09-13840
Rabbit Knoll2040USA-ME2012-08-23340
Spruce Mountain1050USA-ME2013-07-14510
Trimble Mountain533USA-ME2013-07-25304
Cooper Hill710USA-ME2013-07-25540
Mattamiscontis Mountain1281USA-ME2014-08-19853
Spruce Hills-Mount Tom1701USA-ME2015-04-08801
Big Hill1169USA-ME2015-04-19 b849
McCloud Mountain344USA-ME2015-04-25344
Schoodic Mountain1037USA-ME2015-05-16497
Hay Mountain1100USA-ME2015-05-26380
Peak 17821782USA-ME2015-08-15422
Trout Mountain2058USA-ME2015-08-15498
Coggans Hill817USA-ME2015-08-17567
Oak Hill1131USA-ME2015-08-31351
Caterpillar Mountain492USA-ME2016-01-02384
Wallamatogus Mountain492USA-ME2016-01-02404
Mason Mountain606USA-ME2016-01-02366
Robinson Hill846USA-ME2016-01-07306
Holmes Hill938USA-ME2016-01-07458
Hayford Hill1151USA-ME2016-01-07591
The Saddleback1647USA-ME2016-01-14586
Morrill Ledges1183USA-ME2016-01-14523
Peak 10221022USA-ME2016-01-20322
Bean Mountain1258USA-ME2016-01-30578
Pratt Mountain1571USA-ME2016-01-30871
Hunter Mountain1448USA-ME2016-01-30404
Lily Pond Hill1274USA-ME2016-01-30334
Peak 21402140USA-ME2016-02-06380
Waters Hill820USA-ME2016-02-15320
Walkers Mountain1520USA-ME2016-02-26640
Blanchard Mountain2240USA-ME2016-05-13880
Ebeemee Mountain1890USA-ME2016-05-19700
Hedgehog Mountain1940USA-ME2016-07-03380
Peak 1691 Carrying Place Township1691USA-ME2016-07-03351
Bates Ridge2015USA-ME2016-07-03721
Bates Ridge East1908USA-ME2016-07-03408
Hurricane Mountain2094USA-ME2016-07-08494
Dead River Mountain1980USA-ME2016-07-08440
Otter Pond Mountain2060USA-ME2016-07-08880
Burnt Hill2084USA-ME2016-07-23544
Hedgehog Hill2080USA-ME2016-07-23660
Wassataquoik Mountain1378USA-ME2016-09-16346
B Hill West Peak2281USA-ME2016-11-02 b701
Sable Northwest Peak2080USA-ME2016-11-10 b300
Fish Hill676USA-ME2016-12-03 a396
Peasley Hill790USA-ME2016-12-03 b440
Dow Mountain991USA-ME2016-12-03 c411
Rollins Mountain1000USA-ME2016-12-03 d660
Lookout Mountain800USA-ME2016-12-03 e390
Bagley Mountain880USA-ME2016-12-03 g400
Flying Moose Mountain886USA-ME2017-02-26246
Guilford Mountain1320USA-ME2017-03-05900
Saint Albans Mountain1080USA-ME2017-05-13 a640
The Pinnacles970USA-ME2017-05-13 b460
Lords Hill858USA-ME2017-05-13 c308
Loomis Hill870USA-ME2017-05-23520
Cold Stream Mountain2254USA-ME2017-06-04 a594
Wilson Hill1560USA-ME2017-07-31 b400
Spencer Mountain-North Peak2200USA-ME2017-09-29 b320
Bear Mountain1500USA-ME2017-10-06 a380
Roberts Mountain1700USA-ME2017-10-06 c820
Green Top2353USA-ME2017-10-14 a353
Big Boardman Mountain2175USA-ME2017-10-28 a855
Hedgehog Mountain2120USA-ME2017-10-28 b480
Cedar Mountain1953USA-ME2017-11-04 a873
Bumpy Top Mountain1500USA-ME2017-11-04 b480
Cedar Pond Mountain1646USA-ME2017-11-04 c566
Brown Hill1140USA-ME2017-11-18 a480
Getchell Mountain1020USA-ME2017-11-18 b360
Vinegar Hill940USA-ME2017-11-18 c320
Penobscot Bald Mountain840USA-ME2017-11-18 d400
Bowers Mountain1195USA-ME2017-11-18 e665
Kelly Mountain1628USA-ME2017-12-02 c548
Carr Benchmark920USA-ME2017-12-05300
Freeman Ridge1200USA-ME2017-12-07 b400
Old Portland Hill1306USA-ME2017-12-07 c626
Beaver Ridge967USA-ME2017-12-08387
Ducktrap Mountain729USA-ME2017-12-09459
Patrick Mountain880USA-ME2018-01-14440
Patterson Hill740USA-ME2018-02-07 a500
Greenbush Mountain1847USA-ME2018-02-12367
Moody Mountain942USA-ME2018-02-14322
Hog Hill1060USA-ME2018-03-01420
Bear Mountain1068USA-ME2018-03-29 e488
McWain Hill893USA-ME2018-03-29 f293
Scribner Hill890USA-ME2018-04-05 d410
Levenseller Mountain1060USA-ME2018-04-09570
Farmers Hill1701USA-ME2018-04-11 a641
Mount Dimmock1782USA-ME2018-04-11 b602
Fletcher Mountain1709USA-ME2018-04-18 b735
Chase Mountain804USA-ME2018-05-03 b404
Peak 854854USA-ME2018-05-03 c414
Vose Mountain2021USA-ME2018-05-10 a741
Clay Brook Mountain2292USA-ME2018-05-10 b552
Carter Hill736USA-ME2018-05-27 c336
Carter Mountain1340USA-OK2018-06-26 c360
Blue Ridge2360USA-ME2018-07-11 b880
Hardscrabble Mountain2354USA-ME2018-07-18 b634
Merrill Hill1914USA-ME2018-10-25 b374
Rice Hill1328USA-ME2018-12-06 b408
Deacon Pinnacle808USA-ME2019-01-14 a328
Fields Hill1144USA-ME2019-01-14 b624
Frost Hill981USA-ME2019-03-07 a341
Sand Pond Hill940USA-ME2019-03-07 b390
Allen Hill1311USA-ME2019-03-31 b331
Thompson Hill1640USA-ME2019-04-04 a860
Jug Hill740USA-ME2019-04-22360
Nebo Mountain1240USA-ME2019-04-25380
Holman Mountain1639USA-ME2019-05-06 b459
South Mountain2220USA-ME2019-05-18 a620
Johnson Mountain2261USA-ME2019-05-18 b701
Wabassus Mountain844USA-ME2019-09-05 b539
Barton Hill1290USA-ME2019-12-12 a670
Sabao Mountain-South Peak1110USA-ME2019-12-23 b710
Springy Brook Mountain1040USA-ME2020-01-15620
Bear Hill Phillips1360USA-ME2020-02-05 a380
Jim Hill990USA-ME2020-02-12 b390
South Pond Hill704USA-ME2020-02-17 a324
Bartlett Hill832USA-ME2020-02-17 b312
Stevens Point Hill734USA-ME2020-02-17 c334
Thorne Mountain1374USA-ME2020-02-22434
Partridge Peak1985USA-ME2020-03-01 a445
Bunker Mountain1631USA-ME2020-03-01 b411
Canton Mountain1540USA-ME2020-03-18360
Duck Mountain1220USA-ME2020-05-20 a860
Billfish Mountain1880USA-ME2020-08-20820
Dome Mountain2353USA-ME2020-09-16 b502
Eagle Mountain1090USA-ME2020-09-20 a690
Peak 20242024USA-ME2020-10-15 a324
Law Mountain1706USA-ME2020-12-10 b606
Boardman Mountain1480USA-ME2021-01-01 a320
Norton Mountain1840USA-ME2021-01-01 b420
Derby Mountain1911USA-ME2021-01-01 c511
Center Hill1800USA-ME2021-01-07360
Hedgehog Hill1308USA-ME2021-02-06428
Avon Valley Hill1605USA-ME2021-03-29425
Pope Mountain2200USA-ME2021-04-07340
Arnold Pond North1886USA-ME2021-04-18 a366
Chase Pond Mountain1824USA-ME2021-04-18 c364



  • The first three peak pairs on this page show the superlative unique pairs for three key metrics: Elevation, Prominence, and Isolation.
  • Most hikers or climbers that log their ascents on have a number of unique peak pairs--a set of two successfully climbed peaks such that no other registed site user has also climbed both.
  • Since virtually no one can claim to have made the only ascent ever of a peak, these peak pairs are a way to calim some uniqueness--being able to say "I am the only one to ever climb both Peak A and Peak B".
  • Many of a hiker's unique peak pairs will be relatively low, minor, or otherwise insingnificant peaks, and therefore climbing both may not be a particularly impressive achievement.
  • So the pairs above represent the most significant of all a climber's unique pairs--the most impressive unique pairs to use as a badge of honor.
  • Mathematically, the pairs listed above maximize the value of the secondary peak in the pair--for example, showing the pair that has the highest elevation for the pair's second-highest peak. Put another way, it shows the two highest-value peaks that only this climber has climbed.
  • The final listing shows the peaks (if any) where the hiker/climber is the only ascender with logged ascents.
  • Of course, all these listings are purely based on the logged climbs in the database, so they should not be taken as completely accurate.

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