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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Dave Covill

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Dave Covill's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1981-10-15 Wheeler Peak1316112500 USA-NM34091981-10-161 Day Later
1981-12-19TRMount Davis32133100 USA-PA6531994-07-1312 Years, 206 Days Later
1982-11-02TRHumphreys Peak1263312000 USA-AZ60391996-08-1513 Years, 287 Days Later
1983-07-01 Mount Bierstadt1406013000 USA-CO7001988-08-015 Years, 31 Days Later
1988-08-30 Mount Bierstadt1406013000 USA-CO7001988-08-01Already Climbed
1996-05-20 West Buffalo Peak1332612500 USA-CO1966 
1996-05-26 Uncompahgre Peak1430913000 USA-CO42771997-07-041 Year, 39 Days Later
1996-11-27 Long Ridge26002580 USA-CA1202000-01-013 Years, 35 Days Later
1997-02-26 Lee County High Point3230 USA-FL0 
1997-06-15 Longs Peak1425514100 USA-CO29401985-09-10Already Climbed
1998-06-01 Two Buttes47114600 USA-CO3561997-06-21Already Climbed
1999-05-02 Thunder Mountain94108800 USA-CA3302017-09-1018 Years, 131 Days Later
1999-09-11 Greasy Hills12451230 USA-MO285 
2000-02-20 Terrell County High Point37653200 USA-TX65 
2001-04-01 Mount Yale1419613000 USA-CO18762009-08-098 Years, 130 Days Later
2002-07-21 Parker Peak48484000 USA-SD683 
2002-08-24 Elizabeth Mountain-Northeast Ridge97809600 USA-WY20 
2002-11-15 Dade County High Point12701265 USA-MO0 
2003-04-01 Mount Yale14196125002USA-CO18762009-08-096 Years, 130 Days Later
2003-05-17 Pettingell Peak1355312500 USA-CO15631999-06-26Already Climbed
2004-08-28 Crestone Peak1429413800 USA-CO45341999-09-04Already Climbed
2004-09-05 Lavender Peak1322812000 USA-CO388 
2005-08-13 Vermilion Cliffs73566800 USA-AZ13562005-10-3179 Days Later
2006-04-07 Mount Yale14196130003USA-CO18762009-08-093 Years, 124 Days Later
2007-06-29 Denali2031017200 USA-AK201462012-06-295 Years, 0 Days Later
2007-11-10 Guadalupe County High Point952940 USA-TX162 
2007-11-10 Crouch Benchmark736720 USA-TX161 
2008-01-06 Charlotte County High Point7470 USA-FL12016-12-218 Years, 350 Days Later
2008-01-07 Palm Beach County High Point5350 USA-FL532016-12-228 Years, 350 Days Later
2008-06-15 Mount Fairweather1532513050 USA/Canada129632011-05-252 Years, 344 Days Later
2008-06-28 Grizzly Peak1398813400 USA-CO19082008-09-2892 Days Later
2008-08-31 Humboldt Peak1406413000 USA-CO11841999-08-15Already Climbed
2009-08-08TROzette Island High Point22310 USA-WA223 
2010-01-04 Bald Mountain1368412000 USA-CO20992016-09-226 Years, 262 Days Later
2010-05-15 Mount Fairweather15325135002USA/Canada129632011-05-251 Year, 10 Days Later
2010-06-15 Denali20310172002USA-AK201462012-06-292 Years, 14 Days Later
2011-03-11 Sumter County High Point150145 USA-FL482019-03-04 c7 Years, 358 Days Later
2011-04-02TRGalena Mountain1289311400 USA-CO5732010-08-28Already Climbed
2011-04-20 Skeleton Mesa-West Arm Slope75557500 USA-AZ02011-05-0818 Days Later
2011-08-06TRNorth Maroon Peak1401410100 USA-CO2142011-08-137 Days Later
2011-10-15 Little Blue Ridge31202900 USA-CA6802018-02-19 a6 Years, 127 Days Later
2012-01-16 Bigelow Mountain41453000 USA-ME28452014-10-142 Years, 271 Days Later
2012-06-06 Mount Hood1123910500 USA-OR77062003-06-22Already Climbed
2012-07-07 Snowmass Mountain1409211500 USA-CO11322012-08-2549 Days Later
2012-11-18 Killdeer Mountains32812700 USA-ND701 
2013-05-24 Redoubt Volcano101976600 USA-AK9097 
2013-11-23 Pikes Peak1411012000 USA-CO55101982-07-02Already Climbed
2013-11-25 Manatee County High Point135130 USA-FL0 
2013-11-25 Hardee County High Point135130 USA-FL0 
2014-05-22 Parker Peak484842002USA-SD683 
2014-08-14 Bashful Peak80051700 USA-AK5275 
2015-01-03 Nevado de Toluca1535414800 Mexico-Mex72512020-01-06 b5 Years, 3 Days Later
2015-06-18 Mount Isto89768300 USA-AK7876 
2015-09-05TRLuciano Mesa-East Area55605550 USA-NM01997-04-05Already Climbed
2015-10-31TRSierra Blanca Peak1197311800 USA-NM55332000-04-21Already Climbed
2016-05-15TRMount Shavano1422913000 USA-CO16191992-07-04Already Climbed
2016-06-11TRWindy Peak1197011400 USA-CO1490 
2016-07-10TRMount Shasta1416212000 USA-CA97622011-06-25Already Climbed
2017-09-19TRPigeon Peak1397213800 USA-CO11322020-09-052 Years, 352 Days Later
2018-02-17TRBald Mountain-Southeast Ridge11601000 USA-CA0 
2018-05-22 Vishnu Temple75336900 USA-AZ1813 
2018-07-27 Fourth Flatiron76007100 USA-CO0 
2019-03-30TRGalena Mountain1289312000 USA-CO5732010-08-28Already Climbed
2019-04-22 Vishnu Temple753342002USA-AZ1813 
2019-08-08 Mount Isto897672502USA-AK7876 
2019-08-15 Bashful Peak800552002USA-AK5275 
2019-09-24TRDiamond Peak106147700 USA-NV35942015-10-12Already Climbed
2020-10-24TRBlowout Hill86877600 USA-CO1440 
2021-03-29 eTRWhites Hill West770500 USA-CT/RI0 
2021-04-11 Bergen Peak97089200 USA-CO2281989-05-01Already Climbed

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