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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Greg Slayden

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Greg Slayden's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1969-08-10TRCannon Mountain40803850 USA-NH7201974-08-104 Years, 365 Days Later
1982-05 Cushetunk Mountain834520 USA-NJ4442016-10-02 b34 Years, 154 Days Later
1984-03-11 c Old Rag Mountain32802960 USA-VA13671984-06-02 e83 Days Later
1984-06-27 a Mount Moriah40492600 USA-NH9221994-05-29 d9 Years, 336 Days Later
1985-08-09TRMönch1347412927 Switzerland1932 
1989-01-28 Mount Sneffels1415013250 USA-CO30302010-09-0521 Years, 220 Days Later
1989-03-22 Palmyra Peak1331913080 USA-CO159 
1989-05-02TRNavajo Dome64896000 USA-UT489 
1989-05-16 Gannett Peak138049880 USA-WY70761994-08-015 Years, 77 Days Later
1990-07-28 Sand Hills300290 USA-NJ602008-03-20 a17 Years, 236 Days Later
1990-09-08 Mount Ida1284012400 USA-CO480 
1991-01-18 White Mountain Peak142467600 USA-CA71962011-09-1020 Years, 235 Days Later
1991-01-26 Sandia Crest1067810378 USA-NM4098 
1991-08-30 Mount Rainier1441110100 USA-WA132461994-07-20 b2 Years, 324 Days Later
1992-08-07TRMount Wilcox94629185 Canada-AB1588 
1992-08-08TRCheops Mountain84688268 Canada-BC1775 
1992-08-11TRMount Rainier14411134002USA-WA132461994-07-20 b1 Year, 343 Days Later
1992-08-16 bTRMount Olympus79697950 USA-WA78382007-09-0215 Years, 17 Days Later
1992-08-27 b Mount Jefferson1194110740 USA-NV58612020-10-1228 Years, 46 Days Later
1992-08-28 a Shoshone Mountain1090710740 USA-NV2147 
1992-08-29TRWheeler Peak1306311200 USA-NV75631992-08-301 Day Later
1992-09-03 bTRGannett Peak13804128502USA-WY70761994-08-011 Year, 332 Days Later
1992-09-06 a Mount Baird100259170 USA-ID1705 
1992-09-19TRTrapper Peak101577840 USA-MT35702013-07-1120 Years, 295 Days Later
1993-01-13TRVolcán Popocatépetl1775917175 Mexico-Pue/Mor/Mex9951 
1993-01-14TRVolcán Iztaccíhuatl1710314403 Mexico-Pue/Mex50202012-01-1318 Years, 364 Days Later
1993-07-30TRGerlachovský štít87077743 Slovakia7707 
1993-07-31TRGerlachovský štít870774642Slovakia7707 
1993-08-21TRFletschhorn1307711647 Switzerland988 
1993-08-23 Mönch13474121402Switzerland1932 
1993-11-20TRMount Anglem321598 New Zealand3215 
1993-12-09TRKaala40402880 USA-HI40402017-06-3023 Years, 203 Days Later
1994-06-19 Mine Mountain860860 USA-NJ3002002-08-318 Years, 73 Days Later
1994-07-14TRMount Emmons1344011500 USA-UT930 
1994-07-17 Matterhorn98264920 USA-OR3331995-09-161 Year, 61 Days Later
1994-07-25 bTRMount Siyeh100146120 USA-MT3106 
1994-09-24 Cadillac Mountain15281500 USA-ME15282012-10-09 c18 Years, 15 Days Later
1995-01-22 Mount Mansfield - The Nose40643849 USA-VT212 
1995-12-10 Mount Bachelor90658200 USA-OR2665 
1996-06-25TRFuji-san123888038 Japan123881996-07-02 a7 Days Later
1996-07-11TRVictoria Peak18111772 Hong Kong1811 
1996-07-13TRTai Mo Shan31403100 Hong Kong2943 
1996-10-27 Pratt Mountain50994180 USA-WA7392011-07-1614 Years, 262 Days Later
1996-12-23TRMount Margaret55605165 USA-WA4402016-09-1819 Years, 270 Days Later
1997-02-08 bTRMount Rainier144118500 USA-WA132461994-07-20 bAlready Climbed
1997-03-14 d Tremor Mountain88298530 Canada-BC4137 
1997-04-12 b Mount Adams122765600 USA-WA81161997-07-0584 Days Later
1997-05-05 Sheep Mountain64004000 Canada-YT800 
1997-06-21 Glacier Peak105203320 USA-WA74982006-07-26 b9 Years, 35 Days Later
1997-08-30 Silver Tip Peak61406000 USA-WA1300 
1997-09-04 b Gold Mountain17611687 USA-WA15212008-11-1511 Years, 72 Days Later
1997-09-14 Mount Maude90407600 USA-WA882 
1997-09-21 Jack Mountain90666440 USA-WA42112020-09-07 a22 Years, 352 Days Later
1997-10-05 The Tooth56045280 USA-WA244 
1998-01-03 b Silver Peak56054680 USA-WA21252003-09-285 Years, 268 Days Later
1998-04-11 Mount Margaret556035602USA-WA4402016-09-1818 Years, 160 Days Later
1998-04-26 Mount Saint Helens83338270 USA-WA45731995-05-13Already Climbed
1998-06-15 a Barbeau Peak85838300 Canada-NU85831998-06-15 bSame Day
1999-05-08 Snoqualmie Mountain62785800 USA-WA9982004-08-01 c5 Years, 85 Days Later
1999-08-01TRMount Rainier1441113200 USA-WA132461994-07-20 bAlready Climbed
1999-09-18 a Mount Phelps55352720 USA-WA10952014-06-2114 Years, 276 Days Later
2000-07-16TRMount Rainier1441111900 USA-WA132461994-07-20 bAlready Climbed
2000-10-21TRGold Mountain176117402USA-WA15212008-11-158 Years, 25 Days Later
2001-04-21TRSnoqualmie Mountain627850102USA-WA9982004-08-01 c3 Years, 102 Days Later
2001-12-13 b Sawmill Mountain88188848 USA-CA4182015-02-12 b13 Years, 61 Days Later
2001-12-17 Mammoth Mountain1103010500 USA-CA1647 
2002-03-14TRSnoqualmie Mountain627846503USA-WA9982004-08-01 c2 Years, 140 Days Later
2002-06-08TRMount Shuksan91313680 USA-WA44111995-09-10Already Climbed
2002-06-26TRMount Rainier144119750 USA-WA132461994-07-20 bAlready Climbed
2003-06-06TRGlacier Peak10520105152USA-WA74982006-07-26 b3 Years, 50 Days Later
2003-07-26 b Camano Island High Point580579 USA-WA5802004-03-27245 Days Later
2004-07-17TRRound Mountain53203500 USA-WA47802007-06-162 Years, 334 Days Later
2004-08-07 b Mount Caubvick54205200 Canada-NL44852004-08-08 b1 Day Later
2005-08-15 b Hubbard County High Point18401000 USA-MN120 
2006-09-23TRHennepin County High Point11201110 USA-MN170 
2007-08-15TRMount Siyeh1001485602USA-MT3106 
2008-02-02TRIndian Hill550520 USA-WA475 
2008-02-16 Sumas Mountain34302360 USA-WA28702012-07-294 Years, 164 Days Later
2008-06-15TRMount Fairweather1532513050 USA/Canada129632018-06-2210 Years, 7 Days Later
2010-03-14 a Norse Peak68566640 USA-WA9742012-05-19 b2 Years, 66 Days Later
2010-04-10TRLittle Tahoma111388800 USA-WA818 
2010-06-26 Pratt Mountain509946002USA-WA7392011-07-161 Year, 20 Days Later
2010-08-13TRKarakul Hills21002065 USA-WA1902013-07-10 a2 Years, 331 Days Later
2010-09-08 Mount Wilson1424612180 USA-CO4024 
2010-11-21 Lichtenberg Mountain58444760 USA-WA11242017-07-086 Years, 229 Days Later
2010-12-05TRMcClellan Butte51624600 USA-WA14422004-07-11Already Climbed
2011-03-11TRDeseret Peak110318400 USA-UT58122013-10-062 Years, 209 Days Later
2011-03-12TRAmerican Fork Twin Peaks1148910980 USA-UT3649 
2011-05-30TRMount Stuart94156220 USA-WA53542010-08-14Already Climbed
2011-06-12TRSilvertip Mountain85178022 Canada-BC60892014-09-133 Years, 93 Days Later
2011-07-30 Ives Peak79206720 USA-WA760 
2011-07-31 b Gilbert Peak81847960 USA-WA36642015-06-073 Years, 311 Days Later
2011-08-13TRJack Mountain906673002USA-WA42112020-09-07 a9 Years, 25 Days Later
2012-04-08TRMount Columbia1227411155 Canada-AB/BC77462013-05-041 Year, 26 Days Later
2012-06-09 aTRBuck Peak47514260 USA-OR751 
2012-06-23 Cougar Mountain16021580 USA-WA11402003-03-14 bAlready Climbed
2012-08-04 Karakul Hills210020602USA-WA1902013-07-10 a340 Days Later
2013-02-10TRWest Tiger Mountain29482000 USA-WA8282013-06-02 a112 Days Later
2013-05-24TRRedoubt Volcano101976700 USA-AK9097 
2013-05-25TRRedoubt Volcano1019737802USA-AK9097 
2013-06-29 bTRHelen Buttes55605400 USA-WA20402015-04-191 Year, 294 Days Later
2013-08-11 Storm King85208400 USA-WA600 
2013-12-05TRBaboquivari Peak77347450 USA-AZ41942014-11-21351 Days Later
2014-04-20 b Dirtybox Peak49264700 USA-WA7662010-06-03 bAlready Climbed
2014-05-16TRMount Fairweather15325119502USA/Canada129632018-06-224 Years, 37 Days Later
2014-05-18TRBaranof Island High Point53903600 USA-AK5390 
2014-05-31 aTRMount Index59911835 USA-WA29912014-07-2656 Days Later
2014-08-14TRBashful Peak80051700 USA-AK5275 
2014-10-20 dTRKenosha County High Point990960 USA-WI190 
2015-03-07 Chair Peak62386050 USA-WA878 
2015-06-15TRMount Isto89767800 USA-AK7876 
2015-06-18TRMount Isto897681502USA-AK7876 
2015-09-05 bTRUnion Hill675653 USA-WA537 
2015-09-19 Bigfoot Hill30801040 USA-WA4002016-07-30 b315 Days Later
2016-04-16TRMount Baker107819750 USA-WA88121995-07-15Already Climbed
2016-08-15TRMount Glendowan87666200 Canada-AB2205 
2017-01-29TRVolcán Atitlán116046299 Guatemala5755 
2017-08-27TRMount Farnham1146011122 Canada-BC7090 
2017-09-23TRSpire Mountain62136080 USA-WA1853 
2018-05-05TRMount Shuksan91318500 USA-WA44111995-09-10Already Climbed
2018-05-22 bTRVishnu Temple75336900 USA-AZ1813 
2018-09-08TRMagnolia Hill390375 USA-WA360 
2019-04-22TRVishnu Temple753342802USA-AZ1813 
2019-06-16TRSchiertzegga12471240 Jan Mayen3942019-06-171 Day Later
2019-08-07 aTRMount Isto897673003USA-AK7876 
2020-03-17 bTRMedina Hill190185 USA-WA126 
2020-12-29TRHill 112511251110 USA-WA5452021-03-14 a75 Days Later
2021-04-24 Somerset - The Summit11961190 USA-WA360 

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