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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Jim Langdon

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Jim Langdon's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1963-06-09 Pre-eruption Mount Saint Helens96777000 USA-WA59171964-05-31357 Days Later
1964-06-07 Mount Baker107819000 USA-WA88122011-08-0247 Years, 56 Days Later
1964-08-02 Mount Adams122767000 USA-WA81161967-08-203 Years, 18 Days Later
1965-06-26 Mount Baker1078190002USA-WA88122011-08-0246 Years, 37 Days Later
1965-07-24 Needle Rock75207800 USA-WA80 
1965-08-08 Saint Andrews Rock1156011000 USA-WA120 
1966-06-19 Mount Constance77566900 USA-WA1956 
1966-07-02 Mount Pershing61544500 USA-WA1114 
1966-07-24 Mount Baker1078195003USA-WA88122011-08-0245 Years, 9 Days Later
1966-10-01 Foggy Peak68105000 USA-WA730 
1967-06-10 Mount Rainier144119000 USA-WA132461965-07-04Already Climbed
1967-07-19 Grand Teton1377010800 USA-WY65301967-07-201 Day Later
1967-10-07 The Temple82924950 USA-WA7721966-09-04Already Climbed
1967-10-28 Chair Peak62385500 USA-WA8781966-08-28Already Climbed
1968-04-27 Index Town Wall Diamond18201250 USA-WA 1970-05-022 Years, 5 Days Later
1968-05-03 Bellygood Ledge11811450 Canada-BC 1968-07-2886 Days Later
1968-06-23 Mount Stuart94158000 USA-WA53541967-06-17Already Climbed
1968-07-04 Mixup Peak74407000 USA-WA640 
1968-08-04 Index Town Wall18101220 USA-WA 1968-03-21Already Climbed
1968-09-01 Liberty Bell Mountain77207000 USA-WA2001967-07-23Already Climbed
1969-08-08 Crescent Spire93248500 Canada-BC269 
1970-09-23 El Capitan75695400 USA-CA91974-05-243 Years, 243 Days Later
1970-12-28 Mount Hood112399500 USA-OR77061966-04-04Already Climbed
1971-04-03 Glacier Point Apron62005000 USA-CA  
1971-04-04 Glacier Point Apron620050002USA-CA  
1971-05-15 Washington Column59474800 USA-CA271974-05-163 Years, 1 Day Later
1971-05-16 Glacier Point Apron620046003USA-CA  
1971-06-23 Liberty Bell Mountain77206500 USA-WA2001967-07-23Already Climbed
1971-10-17 First Flatiron72807050 USA-CO160 
1973-05-19 Mount Stuart94158000 USA-WA53541967-06-17Already Climbed
1974-10-26 Huckleberry Mountain63205900 USA-WA720 
1975-05-26 Mount Rainier1441111500 USA-WA132461965-07-04Already Climbed
1975-07-11 Liberty Bell Mountain77206800 USA-WA2001967-07-23Already Climbed
1975-09-11 Liberty Bell Mountain77207720 USA-WA2001967-07-23Already Climbed
1977-07-16 Mount Jefferson104979500 USA-OR57771987-07-049 Years, 353 Days Later
1978-01-07 Mount McLoughlin94959000 USA-OR44551977-06-25Already Climbed
1978-01-14 Union Peak77097000 USA-OR1509 
1978-02-11 Brown Mountain73405500 USA-OR2058 
1979-04-21 Dragontail Peak88407800 USA-WA17601980-09-251 Year, 157 Days Later
1979-05-15 El Capitan75695400 USA-CA91974-05-24Already Climbed
1979-05-26 Mount Rainier144119500 USA-WA132461965-07-04Already Climbed
1981-01-31 North Ripple72317000 Canada-BC 1984-09-293 Years, 242 Days Later
1981-03-01 North Ripple723170002Canada-BC 1984-09-293 Years, 212 Days Later
1981-03-14 Chimney Rock71246200 USA-ID1641978-08-09Already Climbed
1981-03-21 Harrison Peak72925300 USA-ID6021985-08-064 Years, 138 Days Later
1981-10-14 Pyramid Peak73557355 USA-ID6351990-09-248 Years, 345 Days Later
1984-10-07 Mount Patrick89537550 Canada-BC  
1985-06-29 South Early Winter Spire78076900 USA-WA6471985-06-16Already Climbed
1985-09-28 Mount Coeur d'Alene44394100 USA-ID13712016-10-2231 Years, 24 Days Later
1985-10-13 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941002USA-ID13712016-10-2231 Years, 9 Days Later
1986-04-28 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941003USA-ID13712016-10-2230 Years, 177 Days Later
1986-07-29 Granite Peak1279910600 USA-MT47591971-09-12Already Climbed
1988-05-07 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941004USA-ID13712016-10-2228 Years, 168 Days Later
1988-08-01 Peak 685968596600 USA-WA339 
1989-08-20 M & M Wall64005500 USA-WA 1969-09-14Already Climbed
1991-09-17 Jack Mountain90667800 USA-WA4211 
1994-10-15 Thunder Mountain65606200 USA-WA1000 
1995-05-19 Mount Saint Helens83337400 USA-WA45731987-07-11Already Climbed
1996-09-02 Sherpa Peak86058200 USA-WA4052009-09-0112 Years, 364 Days Later
1996-09-29 Rocket Peak73757050 USA-WA255 
1998-08-15 Mount Despair72926000 USA-WA1852 
1999-09-26 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941005USA-ID13712016-10-2217 Years, 26 Days Later
2000-06-17 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941006USA-ID13712016-10-2216 Years, 127 Days Later
2001-05-21 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941007USA-ID13712016-10-2215 Years, 154 Days Later
2001-06-10 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941008USA-ID13712016-10-2215 Years, 134 Days Later
2001-07-01 Mount Coeur d'Alene443941009USA-ID13712016-10-2215 Years, 113 Days Later
2001-08-18 Mount Assiniboine1186411300 Canada-AB/BC6831 
2003-07-26 Pigeon Spire1035410000 Canada-BC5771981-08-12Already Climbed
2004-06-12 Borah Peak1266212000 USA-ID59822003-06-14Already Climbed
2004-07-24 Mount Rainier1441112500 USA-WA132461965-07-04Already Climbed
2006-06-22 Mount Shuksan91318700 USA-WA4411 
2006-09-02 Little Tahoma1113810200 USA-WA8181966-08-07Already Climbed
2007-07-24 Granite Peak1279911800 USA-MT47591971-09-12Already Climbed
2012-10-01 Gypsy Peak73206113 USA-WA1720 
2019-04-04 eTRBooth Hill29492940 USA-WA539 
2020-02-17 a Hatchet Mountain55605560 USA-CA1160 
2020-02-17 dTRShasta Bear Mountain Lookout26252625 USA-CA345 

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