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Multiple Ascent List for Eric Gilbertson

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
West Tiger Mountain #32522USA-WA992015-02-272020-02-174 Years, 355 Days Later
Phinney Ridge366USA-WA772017-01-082020-05-20 a3 Years, 133 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA552015-01-112019-01-134 Years, 2 Days Later
Mount Si4180USA-WA552015-02-242019-09-194 Years, 207 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA552015-03-152019-11-24 e4 Years, 254 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain1552USA-KY552016-09-082019-11-28 c3 Years, 81 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain-West Pinnacle1487USA-KY552016-09-082019-11-28 a3 Years, 81 Days Later
West Indian Fort Mountain Peak1551USA-KY552016-09-082019-11-28 b3 Years, 81 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #22757USA-WA552018-01-132019-11-191 Year, 310 Days Later
Welch Mountain Southwest1245USA-KY441999-12-252019-11-27 b19 Years, 337 Days Later
Welch Mountain South1265USA-KY441999-12-252019-11-27 c19 Years, 337 Days Later
Welch Mountain1285USA-KY441999-12-252019-11-27 a19 Years, 337 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA442007-08-202019-05-0511 Years, 258 Days Later
Mount Adams12276USA-WA442007-08-232019-12-07 a12 Years, 106 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR442007-08-242017-01-149 Years, 143 Days Later
Mount Washington4400USA-WA442011-02-202018-12-08 f7 Years, 291 Days Later
Dragontail Peak8840USA-WA442015-03-032018-09-183 Years, 199 Days Later
Little Annapurna8440USA-WA442015-03-032019-02-02 b3 Years, 336 Days Later
Switchback Mountain8321USA-WA442016-03-282020-01-193 Years, 297 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain2948USA-WA442018-01-132019-11-191 Year, 310 Days Later
Mount Baker10781USA-WA332015-02-222018-11-123 Years, 263 Days Later
Eldorado Peak8868USA-WA332015-06-202018-09-233 Years, 95 Days Later
Sahale Peak8680USA-WA332015-08-262018-08-252 Years, 364 Days Later
Cannon Mountain8638USA-WA332015-09-022020-02-024 Years, 153 Days Later
Enchantment Peak8520USA-WA332015-09-022019-02-02 a3 Years, 153 Days Later
McClellan Peak8364USA-WA332015-09-032020-02-024 Years, 152 Days Later
Big Craggy Peak8470USA-WA332015-10-112020-02-094 Years, 121 Days Later
West Craggy8366USA-WA332015-10-112020-02-094 Years, 121 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA332016-03-052019-12-013 Years, 271 Days Later
Mount Bigelow8440USA-WA332016-03-282020-01-203 Years, 298 Days Later
Martin Peak8375USA-WA332016-03-282020-01-193 Years, 297 Days Later
Glacier Peak10520USA-WA332016-04-022020-03-213 Years, 354 Days Later
Basin Mountain1461USA-KY332016-09-082017-11-241 Year, 77 Days Later
Emerald Peak8422USA-WA332016-09-222020-02-223 Years, 153 Days Later
Windy Peak8333USA-WA332016-10-162020-01-253 Years, 101 Days Later
Raven Ridge8572USA-WA332016-11-062019-01-262 Years, 81 Days Later
Welch Mountain Southeast1245USA-KY332016-12-272019-11-27 d2 Years, 335 Days Later
Welch Mountain East1225USA-KY332016-12-272019-11-27 e2 Years, 335 Days Later
Courtney Peak8392USA-WA332017-09-182019-10-26 b2 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Davis3213USA-PA222005-09-032012-12-217 Years, 109 Days Later
Mount Osceola4320USA-NH222005-10-162017-02-0411 Years, 111 Days Later
Mount Osceola-East Peak4156USA-NH222007-05-072017-02-049 Years, 273 Days Later
Half Dome8840USA-CA222007-06-232018-01-2710 Years, 218 Days Later
Gannett Peak13804USA-WY222008-08-212020-07-2711 Years, 341 Days Later
Mount Elbert14433USA-CO222009-08-292020-06-17 a10 Years, 293 Days Later
Algonquin Peak5115USA-NY222010-11-132015-12-235 Years, 40 Days Later
Chemin des Révoires531Monaco/France222011-06-262014-08-053 Years, 40 Days Later
Mauna Kea13796USA-HI222011-09-022014-12-193 Years, 108 Days Later
Giant Mountain4626USA-NY222012-05-312015-12-243 Years, 207 Days Later
Monte Titano2425San Marino222012-08-262014-08-031 Year, 342 Days Later
Suur Munamagi1043Estonia222013-05-052015-04-181 Year, 348 Days Later
Gaizinkalns1024Latvia222013-05-052015-04-181 Year, 348 Days Later
Aukstojas965Lithuania222013-05-052015-04-181 Year, 348 Days Later
Juozapine Kalnas965Lithuania222013-05-052015-04-181 Year, 348 Days Later
Grand Teton13770USA-WY222014-08-272020-08-075 Years, 346 Days Later
Mount Shuksan9131USA-WA222015-02-212018-05-053 Years, 73 Days Later
Gargoyle Ridge-West Peak6594Canada-NWT222015-06-282017-07-212 Years, 23 Days Later
Paija North Peak8038Canada-NWT222015-07-012017-08-012 Years, 31 Days Later
Mafadi11322Lesotho/South Africa222015-09-142015-09-184 Days Later
Mount Stuart9415USA-WA222015-09-292018-08-222 Years, 327 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain-East Pinnacle1503USA-KY222015-12-312019-11-28 d3 Years, 332 Days Later
Indian Fort Mountain-Eagles Nest1400USA-KY222015-12-312017-11-231 Year, 327 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA222016-01-102019-11-16 b3 Years, 310 Days Later
West Teneriffe4640USA-WA222016-01-152017-04-021 Year, 77 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA222016-01-152017-04-021 Year, 77 Days Later
Colchuck Peak8705USA-WA222016-02-072018-09-182 Years, 223 Days Later
Capitol Hill462USA-WA222016-02-192019-09-20 b3 Years, 213 Days Later
Hoodoo Peak8464USA-WA222016-02-202018-09-152 Years, 207 Days Later
Bandera Mountain5241USA-WA222016-03-052017-10-031 Year, 212 Days Later
Bandera Mountain-West Peak5157USA-WA222016-03-052017-10-031 Year, 212 Days Later
Mount Finlayson295USA-WA222016-03-122019-03-173 Years, 5 Days Later
Cashmere Mountain8501USA-WA222016-03-192018-09-082 Years, 173 Days Later
Little Tahoma11138USA-WA222016-04-102018-05-222 Years, 42 Days Later
Puget Ridge361USA-WA222016-05-052020-04-10 e3 Years, 341 Days Later
Mount Nirvana9098Canada-NWT222016-06-212017-08-111 Year, 51 Days Later
Robe Mountain1527USA-KY222016-09-082017-11-221 Year, 75 Days Later
Boston Peak8894USA-WA222016-09-162018-08-251 Year, 343 Days Later
Pinnacle Mountain8400USA-WA222016-09-212018-09-011 Year, 345 Days Later
Black Peak8970USA-WA222016-09-242018-08-241 Year, 334 Days Later
Squak Mountain2024USA-WA222016-09-272020-03-103 Years, 165 Days Later
Abernathy Peak8321USA-WA222016-10-092018-09-291 Year, 355 Days Later
Lake Mountain8371USA-WA222016-10-302018-06-301 Year, 243 Days Later
Raven Ridge-Libby Peak8555USA-WA222016-11-062018-09-151 Year, 313 Days Later
Queen Anne Hill470USA-WA222017-01-092020-04-09 a3 Years, 91 Days Later
Maple Leaf Hill472USA-WA222017-01-102020-05-20 c3 Years, 131 Days Later
Oval Peak8795USA-WA222017-02-122018-09-301 Year, 230 Days Later
Silver Star Mountain8876USA-WA222017-04-162018-08-301 Year, 136 Days Later
Snowfield Peak8347USA-WA222017-04-292018-09-071 Year, 131 Days Later
Argonaut Peak8453USA-WA222017-05-062018-09-021 Year, 119 Days Later
Primus Peak8508USA-WA222017-05-212018-09-241 Year, 126 Days Later
Austera Peak8334USA-WA222017-05-212018-09-241 Year, 126 Days Later
Reynolds Peak8512USA-WA222017-06-092018-10-061 Year, 119 Days Later
North Gardner Mountain8956USA-WA222017-06-112018-09-291 Year, 110 Days Later
Gardner Mountain8898USA-WA222017-06-112018-09-291 Year, 110 Days Later
Saska Peak8404USA-WA222017-09-042020-02-222 Years, 171 Days Later
Cardinal Peak8590USA-WA222017-09-172020-02-222 Years, 158 Days Later
Star Peak8690USA-WA222017-09-182019-02-181 Year, 153 Days Later
Thompson Point5124USA-WA222017-11-052019-02-091 Year, 96 Days Later
Golden Horn8366USA-WA222018-07-132019-03-03233 Days Later
Pikers Peak11657USA-WA222018-09-032019-12-07 b1 Year, 95 Days Later
Cherry Hill351USA-WA222019-01-302019-02-06 c7 Days Later
Horseshoe Mountain7956USA-WA222019-10-12 f2020-01-25 a105 Days Later
Longs Peak14255USA-CO222019-11-112020-07-19 a251 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH 22003-06-272003-06-27Same Day
Saddleback Mountain-The Horn4041USA-ME 22006-08-142006-08-14Same Day
Sturgeon Rock4120USA-WA 22012-06-092012-06-09Same Day
Sněžka5259Czech Republic/Poland 22014-08-122014-08-12Same Day
Barbeau Peak8583Canada-NU 22017-06-182017-06-18Same Day
Handies Peak14048USA-CO 22020-07-02 e2020-07-02 fSame Day
Mount Helen13620USA-WY 22020-07-25 b2020-07-25 cSame Day

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