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Multiple Ascent List for Valerio Abbamondi

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Monte Autore6079Italy9102013-07-13 a2018-11-195 Years, 129 Days Later
Monte Semprevisa5039Italy662013-04-28 a2018-10-21 a5 Years, 176 Days Later
Monte la Croce4682Italy662013-04-28 b2018-10-21 b5 Years, 176 Days Later
Cantari6900Italy552013-08-07 a2018-09-23 a5 Years, 47 Days Later
Monte Viglio7073Italy552013-08-07 c2018-09-23 c5 Years, 47 Days Later
Monte Gennaro4183Italy442013-05-12 a2016-02-062 Years, 270 Days Later
Gendarme del Viglio6932Italy442013-08-07 b2018-09-23 b5 Years, 47 Days Later
Monte Velino8156Italy442013-09-28 a2018-10-145 Years, 16 Days Later
Monte Cassino1706Italy331998 b20057 Years, 0 Days Later
Máschio delle Faete3136Italy332012-03-24 a2013-05-011 Year, 38 Days Later
Monte Portella7825Italy332012-08-21 a2016-09-25 c4 Years, 35 Days Later
Cima 24227946Italy332012-08-21 b2016-09-25 b4 Years, 35 Days Later
Maschio di Lariano2943Italy332013-04-06 a2014-08-151 Year, 131 Days Later
Monte Morrone Della Croce3455Italy332013-05-12 b2015-03-29 b1 Year, 321 Days Later
Monte Terminillo7274Italy332013-05-182016-08-05 d3 Years, 79 Days Later
Monte Cotento6611Italy332013-07-212015-01-041 Year, 167 Days Later
Corno Grande9554Italy332013-08-13 a2015-09-132 Years, 31 Days Later
Monte Aquila8186Italy332013-08-13 c2016-09-25 a3 Years, 43 Days Later
Monte Camicia8412Italy332014-05-112016-08-202 Years, 101 Days Later
Monte Tarino6434Italy332014-06-29 b2018-11-114 Years, 135 Days Later
Monte Infornace8100Italy332014-08-27 b2017-08-252 Years, 363 Days Later
Monte del Passeggio6772Italy332014-09-07 c2016-11-20 c2 Years, 74 Days Later
Monte Brancastello7825Italy232016-07-17 b2017-07-09 d357 Days Later
Monte Cavo3117Italy2219972012-03-24 b15 Years, 83 Days Later
Monte Soratte2267Italy221998 a2012-03-1014 Years, 69 Days Later
Monte Erdigheta4393Italy222013-04-28 c2013-10-13 e168 Days Later
Monte Pizzone4311Italy222013-04-28 d2013-10-13 f168 Days Later
Monte Cafornia7953Italy222013-09-28 b2015-10-24 b2 Years, 26 Days Later
Monte d'Ocre7247Italy222014-02-162015-11-08 b1 Year, 265 Days Later
Monte Orsello6703Italy222014-03-222017-06-25 b3 Years, 95 Days Later
Monte Costone7451Italy222014-05-01 a2015-06-28 b1 Year, 58 Days Later
Murolungo7165Italy222014-06-08 a2015-10-04 b1 Year, 118 Days Later
Laccio Dei Montoni6834Italy222014-06-08 b2015-10-04 a1 Year, 118 Days Later
Monte Puzzillo7133Italy222014-06-22 d2017-02-122 Years, 235 Days Later
Pizzo Cefalone8310Italy222014-08-10 a2017-08-19 b3 Years, 9 Days Later
Monte delle Scalelle6027Italy222014-09-07 a2016-11-20 a2 Years, 74 Days Later
Monte Fragara6578Italy222014-09-07 b2016-11-20 b2 Years, 74 Days Later
Monte Pratillo6585Italy222014-09-07 d2016-11-20 d2 Years, 74 Days Later
Pizzo Dela6696Italy222014-09-07 e2016-11-20 e2 Years, 74 Days Later
Cimata di Puzzillo7021Italy222014-11-29 a2018-12-08 a4 Years, 9 Days Later
Cimata di Pezza-Cima 21326995Italy222014-11-29 b2018-12-08 b4 Years, 9 Days Later
Cimata di Pezza-Cima 20746804Italy222014-11-29 c2018-12-08 c4 Years, 9 Days Later
Monte Metuccia7090Italy222015-04-182016-05-08 c1 Year, 20 Days Later
Cresta Sassetelli-Cima 21397018Italy222015-06-14 c2016-08-05 e1 Year, 52 Days Later
Monte Elefante6611Italy222015-06-14 e2016-08-05 b1 Year, 52 Days Later
Monte Valloni6575Italy222015-06-14 f2016-08-05 c1 Year, 52 Days Later
Pizzo San Gabriele7264Italy222016-07-17 a2017-07-09 a357 Days Later
Pizzo Cefalone, Anticima Est7805Italy222016-09-25 d2017-08-19 a328 Days Later
Rocca Priora2513Italy122013-04-13 d2013-04-13 eSame Day
Monte Sirente7707Italy122014-07-05 a2014-07-05 cSame Day
Colle del Vento6594Italy122015-03-01 a2015-03-01 cSame Day
Cima delle Fosse6529Italy122015-06-02 a2015-06-02 cSame Day
Monte d'Intermesole8645Italy122015-08-30 a2015-08-30 cSame Day
Rocca Altiera6621Italy122016-10-16 a2016-10-16 cSame Day
Pizzo delle Fosse6558Italy122017-06-25 a2017-06-25 cSame Day
Cima Giovanni Paolo II7956Italy122017-08-19 c2017-08-19 eSame Day

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