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Multiple Ascent List for Ben Still

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Flattop Mountain3510USA-AK66661998-08-272019-08-1720 Years, 355 Days Later
Green Mountain8144USA-CO54542016-08-312018-02-261 Year, 179 Days Later
Mount Juneau3576USA-AK21211986-072019-06-1632 Years, 350 Days Later
Gastineau Peak3609USA-AK21211990-062019-07-2829 Years, 57 Days Later
Gold Ridge3412USA-AK18181990-062019-09-1429 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Bradley3281USA-AK17171990-082019-06-0928 Years, 312 Days Later
Sanitas Mountaineer Top6800USA-CO17172016-08-202018-02-181 Year, 182 Days Later
Near Point3051USA-AK16161998-10-252018-11-2420 Years, 30 Days Later
Little O'Malley Peak3258USA-AK131320082018-11-2310 Years, 326 Days Later
Peak Two3609USA-AK10101998-09-272019-08-0720 Years, 314 Days Later
Wolverine Peak4491USA-AK10101998-10-252016-01-2417 Years, 91 Days Later
Mount Gordon Lyon4134USA-AK10102003-04-042018-05-0515 Years, 31 Days Later
Thunder Mountain2894USA-AK991991-062019-07-0628 Years, 35 Days Later
Roberts Peak3816USA-AK991992-072018-08-2026 Years, 50 Days Later
Rainbow Peak3543USA-AK991998-12-132017-04-2218 Years, 130 Days Later
Cairn Peak4537USA-AK881991-082005-10-0114 Years, 61 Days Later
Peak 9002953USA-AK881993-072019-09-0726 Years, 68 Days Later
Bird Ridge Point3505USA-AK882002-04-252016-12-0314 Years, 222 Days Later
Mount Troy3002USA-AK771991-082019-06-3027 Years, 333 Days Later
Mount Ben Stewart3428USA-AK771993-072019-02-0925 Years, 223 Days Later
Tlax̲satanjín3610USA-AK661991-062019-05-1327 Years, 346 Days Later
Granite Creek Peak4052USA-AK661991-072018-08-2927 Years, 59 Days Later
McGinnis Mountain4199USA-AK661991-082019-08-0128 Years, 0 Days Later
Blackerby Ridge3478USA-AK661991-082005-10-0114 Years, 61 Days Later
Observation Peak4931USA-AK551991-082005-06-1613 Years, 319 Days Later
Olds Mountain-False Peak4396USA-AK551991-082010-06-1918 Years, 322 Days Later
Peak 8752871USA-AK551992-082019-02-2326 Years, 206 Days Later
The Dome2986USA-AK551998-10-252016-06-1217 Years, 231 Days Later
Clark Peak4045USA-AK441991-062018-08-2027 Years, 80 Days Later
Sheep Mountain4245USA-AK441991-062018-08-2027 Years, 80 Days Later
Stroller White Mountain5118USA-AK441993-06-051997-05-303 Years, 359 Days Later
Mount Farewell2861USA-AK4419952018-09-2223 Years, 264 Days Later
Peak Three4068USA-AK441995-072010-05-2014 Years, 323 Days Later
McHugh Peak4308USA-AK441999-02-062016-06-2817 Years, 143 Days Later
Baldy3038USA-AK442001-04-052016-04-0214 Years, 363 Days Later
Blacktail Ptarmigan Rocks4449USA-AK442001-04-052016-04-0214 Years, 363 Days Later
Rendezvous Peak4068USA-AK442002-09-142016-03-0113 Years, 169 Days Later
Mount Riley1759USA-AK331986-082018-09-1732 Years, 47 Days Later
Peak 9092982USA-AK331992-062019-09-0827 Years, 99 Days Later
Middle Peak3720USA-AK331992-071997-06-234 Years, 357 Days Later
West Peak3615USA-AK331992-071997-06-234 Years, 357 Days Later
Bullard Mountain4225USA-AK331993-051997-03-153 Years, 318 Days Later
Goat Peak3901USA-AK331993-071998-12-225 Years, 174 Days Later
Peak 11513776USA-AK331993-072018-08-2025 Years, 50 Days Later
Split Thumb5523USA-AK331993-08-282005-09-0512 Years, 8 Days Later
Harp Mountain5000USA-AK331995-072009-10-1814 Years, 109 Days Later
Lazy Mountain3740USA-AK331999-04-032016-11-1917 Years, 230 Days Later
Mount Magnificent4272USA-AK332001-10-032016-07-1914 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount Eklutna4065USA-AK332004-10-012016-04-1711 Years, 199 Days Later
Gentoo Peak4193USA-AK332007-03-182012-09-085 Years, 174 Days Later
Mount Baldy3281USA-AK332014-08-062016-04-021 Year, 240 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain8917USA-CO332017-02-152018-01-08327 Days Later
Twin Summit Ridge-Northeast Peak3740USA-AK221992-071996-08-044 Years, 34 Days Later
Twin Summit Ridge-Southwest Peak3799USA-AK221992-071996-08-044 Years, 34 Days Later
Martin Peak4682USA-AK221992-081997-06-304 Years, 333 Days Later
Mount Anderson2858USA-AK221992-081996-08-194 Years, 18 Days Later
Saddle Mountain3018USA-AK221992-081996-08-194 Years, 18 Days Later
Table Top Mountain3150USA-AK221992-081996-08-194 Years, 18 Days Later
Peak 39403940USA-AK221993-061996-05-302 Years, 364 Days Later
Hawthorne Peak4203USA-AK221993-071997-06-233 Years, 357 Days Later
Hogback Ridge2822USA-AK221994-022019-02-1025 Years, 9 Days Later
Peak 9773205USA-AK221994-071997-07-263 Years, 25 Days Later
Douglas Island High Point3458USA-AK221994-082016-05-2121 Years, 294 Days Later
Mount Meek3139USA-AK221994-082016-05-2121 Years, 294 Days Later
Auke Mountain1854USA-AK221995-031997-04-062 Years, 36 Days Later
Flaketop Peak4488USA-AK221995-072013-10-2118 Years, 112 Days Later
Nugget Mountain5587USA-AK221996-05-311997-05-24358 Days Later
Vesper Peak4462USA-AK221996-08-152005-10-019 Years, 47 Days Later
Peak 13004265USA-AK221998-03-012019-09-1521 Years, 198 Days Later
O'Malley Peak5150USA-AK221998-11-222015-07-2516 Years, 245 Days Later
The Wedge4660USA-AK221999-09-132013-05-0513 Years, 234 Days Later
South Suicide Peak5005USA-AK221999-10-082011-07-1611 Years, 281 Days Later
Bramble Knoll3264USA-AK221999-10-102014-04-0514 Years, 177 Days Later
Pepper Peak5381USA-AK222000-04-292016-10-2916 Years, 183 Days Later
Ryan Mountain5457USA-CA222001-01-262012-12-3011 Years, 339 Days Later
South Avalanche Mountain5000USA-AK222001-09-262016-06-0114 Years, 249 Days Later
Peak 12133980USA-AK222001-12-152016-03-0514 Years, 81 Days Later
Peak 12864219USA-AK222002-09-132016-03-0513 Years, 174 Days Later
Sunburst Mountain3812USA-AK222003-03-282010-12-127 Years, 259 Days Later
Falls Peak3809USA-AK222003-092016-06-1712 Years, 290 Days Later
Hope Point3708USA-AK222003-09-122013-06-239 Years, 284 Days Later
East Groundhog Peak4462USA-AK222004-032013-03-159 Years, 14 Days Later
Fresno Benchmark4236USA-AK222006-01-162016-10-0110 Years, 259 Days Later
Notch Mountain3087USA-AK222006-022010-01-233 Years, 356 Days Later
Kelleys Knob2858USA-AK222007-06-162014-06-207 Years, 4 Days Later
Mystery Mountain5300USA-AK222007-06-172014-06-207 Years, 3 Days Later
Lingon Mountain4098USA-AK222007-06-292013-07-226 Years, 23 Days Later
Peak 12224009USA-AK222012-05-022016-04-173 Years, 351 Days Later
Peak 8632831USA-AK222012-05-052016-05-264 Years, 21 Days Later
Peak 14301430USA-AK222016-04-092016-05-2849 Days Later
South Boulder Peak8549USA-CO222016-08-232017-11-181 Year, 87 Days Later
Table Mountain6200USA-CO222016-08-252017-01-17145 Days Later
Twin Sisters Peaks11428USA-CO222016-08-262017-12-021 Year, 98 Days Later
Flagstaff Mountain6960USA-CO222016-08-282017-09-121 Year, 15 Days Later
North Table Mountain6570USA-CO222017-02-092018-01-01326 Days Later
Kruger Rock9355USA-CO222017-04-082017-05-1436 Days Later
Estes Cone11006USA-CO222017-08-122017-10-2069 Days Later

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