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Multiple Ascent List for Scott Rice

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Pinnacle Peak1801USA-WA142020112022-01-1811 Years, 17 Days Later
Tolmie Peak Lookout5920USA-WA5519932012-08-04 a19 Years, 216 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA551997-07-192006-07-229 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA331986201024 Years, 0 Days Later
Dege Peak7006USA-WA331995-08-202018-10-16 d23 Years, 57 Days Later
Mount Adams12276USA-WA331996-08-232003-08-036 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Adams Lookout Site12250USA-WA331996-08-23 a2003-08-03 a6 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR331997-07-062015-06-1817 Years, 347 Days Later
Anvil Rock9584USA-WA331999-08-012013-05-11 b13 Years, 283 Days Later
Snow Bowl Hut4320USA-WA332002-02-272018-01-0215 Years, 309 Days Later
Sahale Peak8680USA-WA332004-08-012014-07-26 a9 Years, 359 Days Later
Squak Mountain2024USA-WA3320082018-03-03 d10 Years, 61 Days Later
Panorama Point6920USA-WA332012-02-04 a2013-05-11 a1 Year, 96 Days Later
Slate Peak7440USA-WA332012-09-12 b2022-08-319 Years, 353 Days Later
Yellow Hill5527USA-WA332014-08-29 a2021-04-176 Years, 231 Days Later
Burnt Mountain6536USA-WA232011-08-032018-06-05 c6 Years, 306 Days Later
Summit Lake Peak5737USA-WA2200002018-07-30 aUnknown
Tiger Mountain3004USA-WA221994-05-052020-01-28 a25 Years, 268 Days Later
Sun Top5271USA-WA221994-06-122018-06-26 b24 Years, 14 Days Later
Shriner Peak5834USA-WA221995-06-271997-06-181 Year, 356 Days Later
Mount Fremont North7317USA-WA221995-08-202013-08-25 c18 Years, 5 Days Later
Mount Fremont Lookout7181USA-WA221995-08-202004-08-128 Years, 358 Days Later
Rattlesnake Ledge2040USA-WA2219962013-06-1017 Years, 160 Days Later
Crystal Peak6595USA-WA221996-062013-06-22 d17 Years, 21 Days Later
Burroughs Mountain7828USA-WA221996-08-181997-08-10357 Days Later
Unicorn Peak6971USA-WA221997-06-072013-07-11 b16 Years, 34 Days Later
Tamanos Mountain6790USA-WA221997-08-031999-09-252 Years, 53 Days Later
Florence Peak5508USA-WA221997-09-272013-01-01 a15 Years, 96 Days Later
Observation Rock8364USA-WA221997-09-281998-08-09315 Days Later
Kendall Peak5784USA-WA221997-10-112007-10-2710 Years, 16 Days Later
Third Mother Mountain5804USA-WA221998-07-052005-06-206 Years, 350 Days Later
Second Mother Mountain6375USA-WA221998-07-052005-06-206 Years, 350 Days Later
Pinnacle Peak6562USA-WA221998-07-112011-07-0212 Years, 356 Days Later
Governors Ridge6600USA-WA221998-07-181999-09-251 Year, 69 Days Later
Muir Peak10188USA-WA221999-08-012013-05-03 e13 Years, 275 Days Later
Cupalo Rock6593USA-WA2220002002-06-292 Years, 179 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA222000-03-112008-06-288 Years, 109 Days Later
Lennox Mountain5894USA-WA222000-04-222016-04-16 b15 Years, 360 Days Later
Arthur Peak5465USA-WA222000-06-172012-08-04 c12 Years, 48 Days Later
Little Bald Mountain6108USA-WA222000-06-252016-09-18 d16 Years, 85 Days Later
Foss Peak6524USA-WA222000-07-112013-01-1312 Years, 186 Days Later
Tokaloo Rock7684USA-WA222000-08-112013-09-14 b13 Years, 34 Days Later
Mount Shasta14162USA-CA222000-08-122009-06-278 Years, 319 Days Later
Jumpoff Lookout5670USA-WA222001-06-202018-11-20 b17 Years, 153 Days Later
Bearhead Mountain6089USA-WA222001-11-042012-06-23 b10 Years, 232 Days Later
Bearhead Mountain - East Peak6041USA-WA222001-11-042012-06-23 a10 Years, 232 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA2220032018-06-22 b15 Years, 172 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA2220042014-01-25 d10 Years, 24 Days Later
Yakima Peak6226USA-WA2220042013-09-15 d9 Years, 257 Days Later
Mount Fernow9249USA-WA2220052008-08-163 Years, 228 Days Later
Little Si1560USA-WA222005-01-242015-12-2610 Years, 336 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA222006-04-122020-05-15 c14 Years, 33 Days Later
Noble Knob6011USA-WA222006-07-102018-09-19 d12 Years, 71 Days Later
The Louvre6394USA-WA222006-09-242012-08-03 b5 Years, 314 Days Later
Skookum Peak6050USA-WA222006-09-242012-08-03 a5 Years, 314 Days Later
Granite Mountain7144USA-WA222007-09-142018-06-19 b10 Years, 278 Days Later
Sloan Peak7835USA-WA222008-07-2620101 Year, 159 Days Later
Baldy6827USA-WA222008-08-022012-07-14 b3 Years, 347 Days Later
Gray Wolf Ridge7218USA-WA222008-08-022012-07-14 c3 Years, 347 Days Later
Mount Beljica5475USA-WA222008-09-162013-10-26 d5 Years, 40 Days Later
Lassen Peak10457USA-CA222009-06-282014-06-13 a4 Years, 350 Days Later
Glacier View5450USA-WA222009-09-222018-09-188 Years, 361 Days Later
Bullion Peak6479USA-WA222010-032013-07-23 a3 Years, 144 Days Later
Hugo Peak1740USA-WA222011-06-042020-01-258 Years, 235 Days Later
Crystal Mountain - Summit House6840USA-WA222011-11-202015-05-19 d3 Years, 180 Days Later
Dog Mountain2948USA-WA222012-05-082020-03-09 b7 Years, 306 Days Later
Paul Peak4800USA-WA222012-05-26 a2013-06-09 g1 Year, 14 Days Later
Martin Peak4880USA-WA222012-05-26 b2013-06-09 a1 Year, 14 Days Later
Bearjack Ridge - East Peak4800USA-WA222012-07-10 a2014-03-29 b1 Year, 262 Days Later
Kloshe Nanitch Lookout3160USA-WA222012-10-05 c2019-04-20 b6 Years, 197 Days Later
North Point3320USA-WA222012-10-05 d2019-04-20 d6 Years, 197 Days Later
Tumtum Peak4678USA-WA222013-01-05 a2014-01-181 Year, 13 Days Later
Tyee Mountain6654USA-WA222013-07-07 b2021-09-21 d8 Years, 76 Days Later
Rattlesnake Hills Lookout3629USA-WA222013-08-092013-08-112 Days Later
Poo Poo Point1820USA-WA222014-02-082019-12-03 a5 Years, 298 Days Later
Chuckanut Mountain - Middle Peak1940USA-WA222014-02-152017-01-202 Years, 340 Days Later
Elbow Peak5720USA-WA222014-08-29 b2015-04-17 b231 Days Later
Natapoc Mountain4210USA-WA222015-05-24 B2017-03-261 Year, 306 Days Later
Raptor Ridge Viewpoint1600USA-WA222017-01-31 a2019-03-05 c2 Years, 33 Days Later
Mount Carrie6995USA-WA222018-07-232021-06-26 b2 Years, 338 Days Later
Johnston Ridge4314USA-WA222018-09-21 c2021-07-092 Years, 291 Days Later
Peak 51025102USA-WA222020-07-102020-07-111 Day Later
Polallie Ridge - Lookout Site5482USA-WA122013-10-29 a2013-10-29 gSame Day
Tirzah Peak5208USA-WA122013-12-28 a2013-12-28 cSame Day
Cedar Mountain900USA-WA122016-01-30 a2016-01-30 cSame Day
Copper Mountain Lookout6280USA-WA122016-08-24 b2016-08-24 fSame Day
Cuprous6880USA-WA122016-08-24 c2016-08-24 eSame Day
Wenas Benchmark3630USA-WA122017-04-21 b2017-04-21 dSame Day
Olallie Mountain4440USA-WA122020-02-18 a2020-02-18 bSame Day
Kindy Ridge5860USA-WA122020-08-152020-08-15Same Day
Quartz Creek Ridge North5238USA-WA122021-07-03 a2021-07-03 cSame Day
Mount Defiance4960USA-OR122022-10-03 a2022-10-03 cSame Day

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