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Multiple Ascent List for John Murphy

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Cedar Butte1880USA-WA882009-12-202013-01-153 Years, 26 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain3480USA-WA552010-01-102015-02-185 Years, 39 Days Later
Little Si1560USA-WA552010-02-152015-01-074 Years, 326 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA552010-05-022016-04-155 Years, 349 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #32522USA-WA552011-05-162020-10-149 Years, 151 Days Later
Pinnacle Peak1801USA-WA442009-05-102014-01-144 Years, 249 Days Later
Mount Si4180USA-WA442010-01-012016-02-116 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Washington4400USA-WA442010-05-082016-03-045 Years, 301 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA442010-06-202018-10-278 Years, 129 Days Later
Poo Poo Point1820USA-WA442011-02-092019-06-198 Years, 130 Days Later
Tiger Mountain3004USA-WA442011-02-132014-02-062 Years, 358 Days Later
Cougar Mountain-Anti Aircraft Peak1486USA-WA442014-01-172015-01-09357 Days Later
Silver Peak5605USA-WA332009-09-192018-10-209 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA332010-02-202016-03-256 Years, 34 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA332010-07-11 a2015-07-255 Years, 14 Days Later
Middle Tiger Mountain2607USA-WA332011-05-102012-06-231 Year, 44 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #22757USA-WA332011-05-162020-10-149 Years, 151 Days Later
Squak Mountain-West Peak1995USA-WA332013-06-212019-06-215 Years, 365 Days Later
Squak Mountain2024USA-WA332013-07-032019-06-175 Years, 349 Days Later
Summit Lake Peak5737USA-WA222009-09-122016-08-066 Years, 329 Days Later
Fuller Mountain1880USA-WA222009-12-162011-12-282 Years, 12 Days Later
Holder Knob1102USA-WA222010-02-132013-12-053 Years, 295 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain-West Peak3262USA-WA222010-03-182012-08-142 Years, 149 Days Later
Fancy Peak4128USA-WA222010-09-042011-03-05182 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain2948USA-WA222011-05-102011-05-166 Days Later
Dirty Harrys Balcony2613USA-WA222011-05-232014-03-212 Years, 302 Days Later
Rattlesnake Ledge2040USA-WA222012-03-272013-12-191 Year, 267 Days Later
Guye Peak5168USA-WA222012-10-042015-09-042 Years, 335 Days Later
Putrid Petes Peak5200USA-WA222014-06-112017-08-123 Years, 62 Days Later
Second Burroughs Mountain7402USA-WA222014-08-032020-08-146 Years, 11 Days Later
Burroughs Mountain7828USA-WA222014-08-032020-08-146 Years, 11 Days Later
First Burroughs Mountain7160USA-WA222014-08-032020-08-146 Years, 11 Days Later
Mount Fremont Lookout7181USA-WA222014-08-172020-08-075 Years, 356 Days Later
Skyscraper Mountain7078USA-WA222014-08-262020-08-075 Years, 347 Days Later
Sweet Peak4560USA-WA222014-10-292015-02-0498 Days Later
Three Way Peak6796USA-WA222015-06-282017-07-292 Years, 31 Days Later
Kelly Butte5400USA-WA222017-07-072020-07-042 Years, 363 Days Later

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