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Multiple Ascent List for Michael Schwartz

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Sand Hills300USA-NJ661992-112019-10-12 b26 Years, 345 Days Later
Crawford Hill380USA-NJ661996-04-282019-10-12 c23 Years, 167 Days Later
High Point1803USA-NJ5519502013-07-28 a63 Years, 208 Days Later
Bald Mountain1164USA-NJ551992-04-012012-02-17 a19 Years, 322 Days Later
Smith Benchmark1060USA-NJ551992-112012-02-20 a19 Years, 111 Days Later
Baldpate Mountain480USA-NJ551992-112012-02-20 b19 Years, 111 Days Later
Ocean County High Point230USA-NJ551999-02-262012-02-20 c12 Years, 359 Days Later
Bronx High Point280USA-NY552000-02-242019-10-2019 Years, 238 Days Later
Eagle Rock Reservation High Point640USA-NJ442009-11-20 b2017-09-02 b7 Years, 286 Days Later
Morris County High Point1395USA-NJ331988-042012-02-15 b23 Years, 320 Days Later
Hudson County High Point260USA-NJ331990-092012-02-06 b21 Years, 158 Days Later
Mine Mountain860USA-NJ331992-112020-12-3028 Years, 59 Days Later
Second Watchung Mountain-Union CoHP560USA-NJ331993-012019-10-12 a26 Years, 284 Days Later
Bearfort Mountain1480USA-NJ331993-112012-02-12 a18 Years, 103 Days Later
Arneys Mount240USA-NJ331996-042012-03-10 a15 Years, 344 Days Later
Gloucester County High Point180USA-NJ331999-02-272012-03-10 d13 Years, 12 Days Later
Cape May County High Point60USA-NJ331999-02-272012-03-10 g13 Years, 12 Days Later
Salem County High Point160USA-NJ331999-03-012012-03-10 e13 Years, 9 Days Later
Cumberland County High Point140USA-NJ331999-03-212012-03-10 f12 Years, 355 Days Later
Camden County High Point219USA-NJ331999-04-252012-03-10 b12 Years, 320 Days Later
Atlantic County High Point150USA-NJ331999-04-252012-03-10 c12 Years, 320 Days Later
North Shore Towers Country Club260USA-NY331999-12-112012-05-19 c12 Years, 160 Days Later
Battle Hill220USA-NY331999-12-112012-05-19 f12 Years, 160 Days Later
Todt Hill410USA-NY331999-12-112012-05-19 g12 Years, 160 Days Later
Jaynes Hill380USA-NY332000-01-082012-05-19 a12 Years, 132 Days Later
Harbor Hill360USA-NY332000-01-082012-05-19 b12 Years, 132 Days Later
Hamburg Mountains High Point1495USA-NJ332004-03-142012-08-318 Years, 170 Days Later
Carris Hill1120USA-NJ2200002012-03-08 aUnknown
Wyanokie High Point960USA-NJ2200002012-03-08 bUnknown
Clingmans Dome6643USA-NC/TN221958-072014-07-2656 Years, 25 Days Later
Mount Mitchell6684USA-NC221958-072014-07-27 a56 Years, 26 Days Later
Ebright Azimuth450USA-DE2219632017-11-01 a54 Years, 304 Days Later
Taum Sauk Mountain1772USA-MO221967-09-082015-08-03 a47 Years, 329 Days Later
Ocheyedan Mound1613USA-IA221968-07-082015-07-24 f47 Years, 16 Days Later
Black Elk Peak7231USA-SD221971-08-121981-09-2810 Years, 47 Days Later
Hawkeye Point1670USA-IA221975-10-082015-07-25 b39 Years, 290 Days Later
Kaala4040USA-HI22198019811 Year, 0 Days Later
Tri-State Peak2000USA-KY/VA221990-112005-10-23 a14 Years, 356 Days Later
Mount Arvon1979USA-MI221993-09-012019-07-26 b25 Years, 328 Days Later
Manhattan High Point265USA-NY222000-01-082012-05-19 e12 Years, 132 Days Later
Kistler Ledge2215USA-PA222000-02-242015-05-10 b15 Years, 75 Days Later
Pimple Hill2212USA-PA222000-02-242015-05-10 c15 Years, 75 Days Later
Nutting Hill-Northeast Slope1585USA-MA222000-09-122015-08-29 g14 Years, 351 Days Later
Wachusett Mountain1998USA-MA222000-09-122015-08-29 f14 Years, 351 Days Later
Southwest Lindsley Hill1054USA-CT222000-10-042014-12-07 a14 Years, 64 Days Later
Bellevue Hill325USA-MA222000-10-072015-08-29 e14 Years, 326 Days Later
Great Blue Hill640USA-MA222000-10-072015-08-29 d14 Years, 326 Days Later
Burley Hill1321USA-CT222000-10-072014-12-07 b14 Years, 61 Days Later
Sunrise Hill394USA-MA222000-10-072015-08-29 c14 Years, 326 Days Later
Backbone Mountain-Preston County High Point3400USA-WV222001-06-012011-11-06 b10 Years, 158 Days Later
Charity Benchmark Southeast1860USA-WV222001-08-212011-11-07 a10 Years, 78 Days Later
Lincoln County High Point1686USA-WV222001-09-292012-04-2910 Years, 213 Days Later
Buffalo Ridge1920USA-MN222001-10-212015-07-22 g13 Years, 274 Days Later
Nobles County High Point1810USA-MN222001-10-212015-07-22 h13 Years, 274 Days Later
Dickinson County High Point1570USA-IA222001-10-212015-07-23 g13 Years, 275 Days Later
Mule Knob1584USA-WV222001-12-012012-04-3010 Years, 151 Days Later
Roane County High Point1560USA-WV222001-12-012012-04-28 a10 Years, 149 Days Later
Putnam County High Point1228USA-WV222001-12-022012-04-28 b10 Years, 148 Days Later
Cabell County High Point1169USA-WV222001-12-032011-11-099 Years, 341 Days Later
Wood County High Point1328USA-WV222001-12-042011-11-08 a9 Years, 339 Days Later
Ruble Knob1320USA-WV222001-12-042011-11-08 b9 Years, 339 Days Later
Mason County High Point1120USA-WV222001-12-042011-11-08 c9 Years, 339 Days Later
Ritchie County High Point1435USA-WV222001-12-052011-11-07 b9 Years, 337 Days Later
Pleasants County High Point1270USA-WV222001-12-052011-11-07 c9 Years, 337 Days Later
Mount Freedom1080USA-NJ222009-11-07 d2020-11-2111 Years, 14 Days Later
Laurel Hill150USA-NJ222010-01-242011-08-261 Year, 214 Days Later
Minneapolis High Point980USA-MN222010-04-222012-10-132 Years, 174 Days Later
Divident Hill90USA-NJ222011-08-022016-10-025 Years, 61 Days Later
Pilot Knob1454USA-IA222015-07-21 b2015-07-23 e2 Days Later
Ebright Azimuth-North Slope440USA-DE/PA222017-11-012017-11-1817 Days Later
Savage Mountain Border Point2880USA-MD/PA122000-03-302000-03-30Same Day

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