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Multiple Ascent List for Fred Newman

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Hyak3745USA-WA20202016-12-312022-02-065 Years, 37 Days Later
Sandia Crest10678USA-NM992000-05-292011-09-0411 Years, 98 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA882004-08-042019-05-1214 Years, 281 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA882014-10-052020-08-305 Years, 330 Days Later
Phinney Ridge366USA-WA882019-12-07 b2021-11-13 a1 Year, 341 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA772015-03-202020-12-06 a5 Years, 261 Days Later
Queen Anne Hill470USA-WA772019-12-06 a2022-01-092 Years, 34 Days Later
Mount Hood11239USA-OR662014-07-252017-03-192 Years, 237 Days Later
Quandary Peak14265USA-CO552007-04-212011-06-054 Years, 45 Days Later
Eldorado Peak8868USA-WA552014-08-272019-11-215 Years, 86 Days Later
Mount Baker10781USA-WA552014-09-102019-05-274 Years, 259 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA552014-11-302018-06-10 b3 Years, 192 Days Later
Bandera Mountain-West Peak5157USA-WA552015-03-222022-02-056 Years, 320 Days Later
Mount Shuksan9131USA-WA552015-09-102019-03-163 Years, 187 Days Later
South Sandia Peak9782USA-NM442002-08-032011-02-058 Years, 186 Days Later
Mount Walter13133USA-NM442002-09-29 a2008-03-29 a5 Years, 182 Days Later
Wheeler Peak13161USA-NM442002-09-29 b2008-03-29 b5 Years, 182 Days Later
Blanca Peak14345USA-CO442003-08-16 a2011-07-17 b7 Years, 335 Days Later
Castle Rock1840USA-WA442011-06-302015-08-064 Years, 37 Days Later
Mount Stuart9415USA-WA442014-07-222021-09-117 Years, 51 Days Later
Mount Adams12276USA-WA442014-07-292019-06-08 b4 Years, 314 Days Later
Colchuck Peak8705USA-WA442015-04-092018-08-11 b3 Years, 124 Days Later
Dragontail Peak8840USA-WA442015-04-29 c2018-08-123 Years, 105 Days Later
Rich Benchmark448USA-WA442019-04-262021-04-06 f1 Year, 345 Days Later
Queen Anne 2450USA-WA442019-12-06 b2020-06-11 b188 Days Later
Enchanted Rock1825USA-TX331985-08-151988-03-132 Years, 211 Days Later
Mount Taylor11301USA-NM332002-10-052009-01-106 Years, 97 Days Later
Ellingwood Point14042USA-CO332003-08-16 b2011-07-17 c7 Years, 335 Days Later
Crestone Needle14197USA-CO332004-08-292012-07-027 Years, 308 Days Later
Santa Fe Baldy12622USA-NM332005-01-022012-02-167 Years, 45 Days Later
East Pecos Baldy12529USA-NM332006-03-26 a2006-12-26275 Days Later
Crestone Peak14294USA-CO332008-06-01 a2012-07-03 a4 Years, 32 Days Later
Mount Si4180USA-WA332014-06-242020-01-04 f5 Years, 194 Days Later
Sahale Peak8680USA-WA332014-08-172019-04-204 Years, 246 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA332015-05-072020-09-065 Years, 122 Days Later
Snoqualmie Mountain6278USA-WA332015-11-222021-07-25 e5 Years, 245 Days Later
Silver Peak5605USA-WA332016-11-112017-11-11365 Days Later
Big Craggy Peak8470USA-WA332016-11-122020-02-09 b3 Years, 89 Days Later
Cardinal Peak8590USA-WA332017-07-03 a2020-02-22 a2 Years, 234 Days Later
Platinum Peak6720USA-WA332018-12-31 b2019-04-13 b103 Days Later
Vulcan Volcano6033USA-NM221999-12-122000-05-19 b159 Days Later
Longs Peak14255USA-CO222003-08-312014-06-0410 Years, 277 Days Later
Mount Shavano14229USA-CO222005-05-22 a2011-05-155 Years, 358 Days Later
Redcloud Peak14034USA-CO222005-07-03 a2009-06-21 b3 Years, 353 Days Later
Sunshine Peak14001USA-CO222005-07-03 b2009-06-21 a3 Years, 353 Days Later
North Eolus14039USA-CO222005-09-03 b2009-06-183 Years, 288 Days Later
Truchas Peak13102USA-NM222006-06-25 d2010-10-174 Years, 114 Days Later
Cabezon Peak7785USA-NM222006-09-242008-03-011 Year, 159 Days Later
Wetterhorn Peak14015USA-CO222007-06-022010-07-243 Years, 52 Days Later
Mount Sherman14036USA-CO222007-07-042008-06-22354 Days Later
Kit Carson Mountain14165USA-CO222008-06-022011-05-082 Years, 340 Days Later
Huron Peak14003USA-CO222008-06-07 a2009-09-071 Year, 92 Days Later
Maroon Peak14156USA-CO222008-06-212011-06-132 Years, 357 Days Later
Little Bear Peak14037USA-CO222008-07-272011-07-17 a2 Years, 355 Days Later
Misery Hill13840USA-CA222009-06-25 a2011-06-16 a1 Year, 356 Days Later
Sandia Needle10260USA-NM222010-09-192012-09-021 Year, 349 Days Later
Humphreys Peak12633USA-AZ222012-05-132013-03-31322 Days Later
Cooper Spur8514USA-OR222014-07-15 a2015-04-04 a263 Days Later
Red Mountain5890USA-WA222015-03-082016-04-161 Year, 39 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA222015-03-292022-02-126 Years, 320 Days Later
Little Annapurna8440USA-WA222015-04-29 a2018-08-04 d3 Years, 97 Days Later
Eightmile Mountain7996USA-WA222015-04-302022-03-27 c6 Years, 331 Days Later
Pikers Peak11657USA-WA222015-05-03 b2019-06-08 a4 Years, 36 Days Later
Kaleetan Peak6259USA-WA222015-05-192019-03-093 Years, 294 Days Later
Snowfield Peak8347USA-WA222015-05-312019-04-28 b3 Years, 332 Days Later
Liberty Cap14112USA-WA222015-06-232017-07-07 a2 Years, 14 Days Later
Black Peak8970USA-WA222015-07-152019-07-204 Years, 5 Days Later
Liberty Bell Mountain7720USA-WA222015-08-17 a2018-07-14 b2 Years, 331 Days Later
Silver Star Mountain8876USA-WA222015-08-182020-06-044 Years, 291 Days Later
Cashmere Mountain8501USA-WA222015-09-142019-04-123 Years, 210 Days Later
Reynolds Peak8512USA-WA222015-10-022021-01-305 Years, 120 Days Later
Abernathy Peak8321USA-WA222015-10-032018-05-202 Years, 229 Days Later
Martin Peak8375USA-WA222015-10-20 b2020-01-19 b4 Years, 91 Days Later
Switchback Mountain8321USA-WA222015-10-20 c2020-01-19 a4 Years, 91 Days Later
Mount Bigelow8440USA-WA222015-10-21 a2020-01-204 Years, 91 Days Later
Little Tahoma11138USA-WA222016-06-12 a2017-06-201 Year, 8 Days Later
North Gardner Mountain8956USA-WA222016-06-192019-05-18 b2 Years, 333 Days Later
Seven Fingered Jack9100USA-WA222016-07-042021-01-18 a4 Years, 198 Days Later
Mount Fernow9249USA-WA222016-07-052019-07-032 Years, 363 Days Later
Mount Maude9040USA-WA222016-07-062021-01-18 b4 Years, 196 Days Later
Glacier Peak10520USA-WA222016-07-312020-05-28 b3 Years, 302 Days Later
Mount Pugh7201USA-WA222016-11-062017-10-08336 Days Later
Snoqualmie Summit3760USA-WA222016-12-262020-11-26 a3 Years, 336 Days Later
Heather Pass Peak6870USA-WA222017-05-192017-10-14148 Days Later
Cutthroat Peak8050USA-WA222017-06-112019-07-132 Years, 32 Days Later
Pinnacle Mountain8400USA-WA222017-07-022020-12-233 Years, 174 Days Later
Emerald Peak8422USA-WA222017-07-03 b2020-02-22 b2 Years, 234 Days Later
Saska Peak8404USA-WA222017-07-03 c2020-02-22 c2 Years, 234 Days Later
Wildside3812USA-WA222017-12-032020-11-26 b2 Years, 359 Days Later
Sow Peak4614USA-WA222018-02-102018-02-111 Day Later
Peak 50235023USA-WA222018-02-19 b2021-05-15 b3 Years, 85 Days Later
Alta Mountain6240USA-WA222018-06-302019-11-16 b1 Year, 139 Days Later
South Early Winter Spire7807USA-WA222018-07-14 a2021-05-08 a2 Years, 298 Days Later
Easy Peak6613USA-WA222018-09-012018-09-032 Days Later
Lookout Mountain5699USA-WA222019-01-052019-12-28357 Days Later
Crystal Mountain6998USA-WA222019-01-12 c2019-04-0684 Days Later
Lost Peak8464USA-WA222019-09-06 b2021-08-30 e1 Year, 358 Days Later
Johnny Peak8211USA-WA222019-09-06 d2021-08-30 f1 Year, 358 Days Later
Many Trails Peak8241USA-WA222019-09-06 f2021-08-30 g1 Year, 358 Days Later
Pyramid Mountain8243USA-WA222019-11-11 c2020-05-02 b173 Days Later
Crystal Mountain-Summit House6840USA-WA222020-01-162020-02-2944 Days Later
High Point520USA-WA222020-03-28 c2021-05-31 a1 Year, 64 Days Later
East Magnolia361USA-WA222020-03-29 a2020-06-16 a79 Days Later
The Highlands534USA-WA222020-04-04 a2020-06-06 e63 Days Later
North City Hill502USA-WA222020-04-04 b2020-06-06 d63 Days Later
Woodinville High Point565USA-WA222020-04-04 i2020-05-15 h41 Days Later
Hollywood Hill575USA-WA222020-04-04 j2020-05-15 i41 Days Later
Microsoft Campus High Point402USA-WA222020-04-04 m2020-06-10 f67 Days Later
Yarrow Point High Point190USA-WA222020-04-04 o2020-06-10 g67 Days Later
Hunts Point High Point88USA-WA222020-04-04 p2020-06-10 h67 Days Later
North Chiwaukum7132USA-WA222020-04-12 b2021-03-31 a353 Days Later
Cedar Crest276USA-WA222020-04-19 h2020-06-10 b52 Days Later
Medina Hill190USA-WA222020-04-19 k2020-06-10 a52 Days Later
View Ridge374USA-WA222020-05-06 c2020-10-18165 Days Later
Navaho Peak7223USA-WA222020-10-07 c2021-08-08 b305 Days Later
Peak 60866086USA-WA222021-02-07 a2021-03-21 a42 Days Later
Jolly Mountain6443USA-WA222021-02-07 b2021-03-21 b42 Days Later
Hex Mountain5034USA-WA222021-04-23 b2021-12-12233 Days Later
Frosty Mountain East7904Canada-BC122019-08-03 a2019-08-03 eSame Day

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