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Multiple Ascent List for MartinHike BushWhack

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Falaise du Dome3071Canada-QC15152010-11-072021-01-24 a10 Years, 78 Days Later
Montagne à Tremblay1890Canada-QC15152017-06-212021-06-023 Years, 346 Days Later
Mont Saint-Louis1749Canada-QC13132017-03-22 c2021-03-07 a3 Years, 350 Days Later
Cap Rouge207Canada-QC13132019-08-032021-07-021 Year, 333 Days Later
Mont du Lac à Moïse3150Canada-QC12122011-02-052018-09-29 c7 Years, 236 Days Later
Mont du Lac à l'Empêche3051Canada-QC11112011-09-10 a2020-01-11 c8 Years, 123 Days Later
Mont des Morios3084Canada-QC11112011-10-102018-06-03 a6 Years, 236 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets1880Canada-QC11112016-12-232021-03-07 c4 Years, 74 Days Later
Mont Stoneham1946Canada-QC10102011-12-232020-12-28 c9 Years, 5 Days Later
Mont du lac à l'Alouette3478Canada-QC10102012-05-122021-04-028 Years, 325 Days Later
Station Stoneham1905Canada-QC992017-05-312021-06-09 b4 Years, 9 Days Later
Mont du Lac des Cygnes3182Canada-QC882010-10-312019-10-16 b8 Years, 350 Days Later
Petit mont de la Galette3461Canada-QC882011-01-162021-03-03 b10 Years, 46 Days Later
Mont du Four3215Canada-QC882011-09-10 b2020-01-11 d8 Years, 123 Days Later
Mont de la Galette3537Canada-QC882012-03-242021-03-03 a8 Years, 344 Days Later
Station Stoneham Secteur des 401949Canada-QC882018-03-142021-06-09 a3 Years, 87 Days Later
L'Acropole des Draveurs3438Canada-QC772010-09-112020-09-2810 Years, 17 Days Later
Montagne de l'Accueil3215Canada-QC772010-12-192019-02-10 c8 Years, 53 Days Later
Mont Gros-Bras2723Canada-QC772010-12-282018-09-29 b7 Years, 275 Days Later
Montagne de la Sautauriski2500Canada-QC772014-07-192021-01-176 Years, 182 Days Later
Mont Écho1211Canada-QC772017-04-052019-05-282 Years, 53 Days Later
Mont du Lac à Thibault-Sommet Sud2592Canada-QC772017-07-052019-03-061 Year, 244 Days Later
Mont du Lac Joncas3251Canada-QC662014-03-092020-02-085 Years, 336 Days Later
Mont du Barbeau3609Canada-QC662015-06-072021-02-215 Years, 259 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets Est1868Canada-QC662017-03-22 b2021-03-07 b3 Years, 350 Days Later
La Chouenne2395Canada-QC552011-04-032019-10-16 c8 Years, 196 Days Later
Mont Adéla-Lessard1099Canada-QC552012-08-022018-06-305 Years, 332 Days Later
Mont Eudore-Fortin3130Canada-QC552012-11-252017-09-164 Years, 295 Days Later
Montagne de l'Épaule1509Canada-QC552013-12-142020-12-247 Years, 10 Days Later
Le Deltaplane1693Canada-QC552014-07-26 a2020-09-23 a6 Years, 59 Days Later
Montagne à Deux Têtes2050Canada-QC552014-07-26 b2020-09-23 b6 Years, 59 Days Later
Mont Saint-Michel3114Canada-QC552016-01-02 b2021-01-24 c5 Years, 22 Days Later
Mont Belle Fontaine3780Canada-QC552017-06-17 b2020-10-313 Years, 136 Days Later
Cassino - Sommet sud1519Canada-QC552019-06-052020-09-161 Year, 103 Days Later
Montagne Blanche1890Canada-QC442012-08-092020-08-158 Years, 6 Days Later
Mont du lac de la Haute-Ville3445Canada-QC442013-03-172021-03-067 Years, 354 Days Later
Mont Elie3406Canada-QC442015-10-142017-09-091 Year, 330 Days Later
Mont Durue-sommet sud-est3711Canada-QC442016-11-042020-10-30 b3 Years, 361 Days Later
Mont du Cadot (West Peak)2854Canada-QC442016-11-13 b2021-01-31 b4 Years, 79 Days Later
Mont du Cadot2854Canada-QC442016-11-13 c2021-01-31 c4 Years, 79 Days Later
Sommet de l'Orignal3176Canada-QC442016-12-04 b2021-01-24 b4 Years, 51 Days Later
Mont Wright-Sommet Est1690Canada-QC442017-06-252021-07-28 a4 Years, 33 Days Later
Mont Saint-Castin1361Canada-QC442018-02-222019-11-201 Year, 271 Days Later
Montagne Brûlé3576Canada-QC332011-05-212017-06-24 a6 Years, 34 Days Later
Sommet Albert Nord3553Canada-QC332011-08-102020-09-01 b9 Years, 22 Days Later
Mont Sainte-Anne2650Canada-QC332011-10-022020-10-04 b9 Years, 2 Days Later
Mont de l'Enfer3609Canada-QC332012-05-262017-06-11 b5 Years, 16 Days Later
Mont du lac à L'écluse2953Canada-QC332012-06-24 a2020-06-07 c7 Years, 349 Days Later
Mont des grives2953Canada-QC332012-06-24 b2020-06-07 b7 Years, 349 Days Later
Pic des Aigles3051Canada-QC332012-06-24 c2020-06-07 a7 Years, 349 Days Later
Mont du Lac du Pioui3215Canada-QC332015-03-18 a2019-10-16 a4 Years, 212 Days Later
Vallières 12789Canada-QC332015-08-10 a2017-08-18 a2 Years, 8 Days Later
Vallières 32920Canada-QC332015-08-10 b2017-08-18 b2 Years, 8 Days Later
Pic Sterling3051Canada-QC332015-08-10 c2017-08-18 c2 Years, 8 Days Later
Vallières 53018Canada-QC332015-08-10 d2017-08-18 d2 Years, 8 Days Later
Mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal3084Canada-QC332015-08-10 e2017-08-18 e2 Years, 8 Days Later
Mont du Curé-Gravel2106Canada-QC332016-02-202020-02-23 b4 Years, 3 Days Later
Le Button2756Canada-QC332016-11-13 a2021-01-31 a4 Years, 79 Days Later
Mont du lac des Marais3409Canada-QC332016-12-312018-02-251 Year, 56 Days Later
Mont Camille-Pouliot3215Canada-QC332017-04-09 b2019-05-252 Years, 46 Days Later
Mont Durue3714Canada-QC332017-07-09 b2020-10-30 a3 Years, 113 Days Later
Pic Champlain1115Canada-QC332017-08-132020-07-242 Years, 346 Days Later
Mont Pierre-Deffontaines3051Canada-QC332017-09-10 b2020-10-273 Years, 47 Days Later
Mont Chocolat2352Canada-QC332018-01-072021-02-073 Years, 31 Days Later
Mont Wright1585Canada-QC332018-02-07 b2021-07-28 b3 Years, 171 Days Later
Montagne des Trois Sommets Ouest1503Canada-QC332018-06-13 a2019-04-03 a294 Days Later
Falaises de Totem1575Canada-QC332019-01-302019-07-24175 Days Later
Montagne Thomassin1470Canada-QC332019-02-062020-02-23 c1 Year, 17 Days Later
Mont du Lac à Moïse-Sommet Nord3051Canada-QC222011-02-132018-03-177 Years, 32 Days Later
Mont Jacques-Cartier4186Canada-QC222011-08-052018-08-217 Years, 16 Days Later
Pic Dubuc3228Canada-QC222012-08-042019-01-196 Years, 168 Days Later
Mont du Gros Ruisseau2264Canada-QC222012-10-13 b2017-04-084 Years, 177 Days Later
Le Tette du Mont2231Canada-QC222014-06-08 b2018-06-03 b3 Years, 360 Days Later
Mont Nicol-Albert2920Canada-QC222014-08-092017-08-193 Years, 10 Days Later
Pic de l'Aube3018Canada-QC222014-08-102016-08-152 Years, 5 Days Later
Mont du lac Gélinas3537Canada-QC222015-05-312017-06-10 f2 Years, 10 Days Later
Mont Matawees3520Canada-QC222015-08-09 a2018-08-19 a3 Years, 10 Days Later
Mont Collins3399Canada-QC222015-08-09 b2018-08-19 d3 Years, 10 Days Later
Mont Blanc3494Canada-QC222015-08-132017-08-162 Years, 3 Days Later
Mont Hogs Back2723Canada-QC222015-08-15 a2017-08-17 b2 Years, 2 Days Later
Mont Hogs Back-Sommet Sud2621Canada-QC222015-08-15 b2017-08-17 a2 Years, 2 Days Later
Mont Andante2625Canada-QC222016-08-212018-05-261 Year, 278 Days Later
Mont du Lac des Roches3353Canada-QC222017-02-052018-03-25 c1 Year, 48 Days Later
Mont René-Richard - Sommet Nord3301Canada-QC222017-02-12 a2021-02-284 Years, 16 Days Later
Mont Gosford3894Canada-QC222017-03-062018-09-09 f1 Year, 187 Days Later
Mont du lac Warren3543Canada-QC222017-03-182019-01-051 Year, 293 Days Later
Mont du lac Rétréci3379Canada-QC222017-03-19 a2019-03-02 a1 Year, 348 Days Later
Mont du lac Claire3314Canada-QC222017-03-19 b2019-03-02 b1 Year, 348 Days Later
Mont du Dôme3200Canada-QC222017-04-022018-04-221 Year, 20 Days Later
Mont du Lac Ovide3412Canada-QC222017-04-09 a2018-03-25 d350 Days Later
Sommet de Moncton-Sommet Nord3314Canada-QC222017-04-30 a2020-01-25 a2 Years, 270 Days Later
Sommet de Moncton3389Canada-QC222017-04-30 b2020-01-25 b2 Years, 270 Days Later
Sommet de Moncton-Sommet Sud3445Canada-QC222017-04-30 c2020-01-25 c2 Years, 270 Days Later
Montagne des Îlets3241Canada-QC222017-06-042017-07-2248 Days Later
Sommet de Dakar3350Canada-QC222017-06-10 a2018-09-01 c1 Year, 83 Days Later
Falaises de Dakar3330Canada-QC222017-06-10 c2018-09-01 d1 Year, 83 Days Later
Montagne du Pavillon3576Canada-QC222017-06-17 a2018-07-31 b1 Year, 44 Days Later
Mont du lac du Geai Bleu3327Canada-QC222017-07-08 a2017-07-2921 Days Later
Mont Xalibu3740Canada-QC222017-08-14 a2018-08-171 Year, 3 Days Later
Mont du petit lac Tristan3412Canada-QC222017-09-28 b2019-08-17 b1 Year, 323 Days Later
Mont du lac Trique3474Canada-QC222017-10-01 c2018-10-21 b1 Year, 20 Days Later
Mont du lac Raymond3468Canada-QC222017-10-14 a2018-10-21 c1 Year, 7 Days Later
Mont du Plateau à Mars3379Canada-QC222017-10-14 c2021-07-17 c3 Years, 276 Days Later
Mont Gabrielle-Roy2329Canada-QC222018-02-182019-12-261 Year, 311 Days Later
Mont Victoria3491Canada-QC222018-03-06 b2021-03-20 b3 Years, 14 Days Later
Mont Mégantic3615Canada-QC222018-03-06 c2021-03-20 a3 Years, 14 Days Later
Boundary Peak3852USA/Canada222018-09-09 a2021-07-24 d2 Years, 318 Days Later
Cap Frontière3806USA/Canada222018-09-09 b2021-07-24 f2 Years, 318 Days Later
Boundary Mon 4433773Canada-QC222018-09-09 c2021-07-24 g2 Years, 318 Days Later
Mont du Lac Arthabaska2854Canada-QC222018-09-162020-09-262 Years, 10 Days Later
Mont Provencher Nord3525Canada-QC222019-08-27 b2019-08-28 b1 Day Later
Mont Sainte-Anne - La Crête1800Canada-QC222019-09-21 a2020-10-04 a1 Year, 13 Days Later
Mont de l'Escarpement1969Canada-QC222020-01-042020-12-20351 Days Later
No Island Highpoint1499Canada-QC222021-06-262021-06-271 Day Later
Red Ridge2785USA-NH122017-11-11 c2017-11-11 eSame Day

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