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Multiple Ascent List for Eli Boardman

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Whiskey Mountain11157USA-WY101020112021-01-0910 Years, 8 Days Later
Royal Arch6960USA-CO10102016-06-03 b2020-12-05 b4 Years, 185 Days Later
Green Mountain8144USA-CO7720082021-03-0713 Years, 65 Days Later
Second Pinnacle6200USA-CO772017-05-072018-05-111 Year, 4 Days Later
The Regency6840USA-CO552016-06-03 a2020-12-05 a4 Years, 185 Days Later
Front Porch6820USA-CO552016-08-31 a2021-04-11 a4 Years, 223 Days Later
South Boulder Peak8549USA-CO442016-01-04 b2021-03-105 Years, 65 Days Later
Fremont Peak13745USA-WY442016-07-232022-09-06 c6 Years, 45 Days Later
Downs Mountain13349USA-WY442016-08-01 b2022-09-02 a6 Years, 32 Days Later
First Pinnacle6200USA-CO442017-05-272021-03-093 Years, 286 Days Later
Trail Lake Pinnacle8040USA-WY442017-07-142018-07-291 Year, 15 Days Later
Gile Mountain1873USA-VT442018-09-092020-01-221 Year, 135 Days Later
Mount Audubon13223USA-CO332015-09-12 b2018-07-21 a2 Years, 312 Days Later
Quandary Peak14265USA-CO332015-12-282020-11-254 Years, 333 Days Later
Bear Peak8461USA-CO332016-01-04 a2018-05-05 a2 Years, 121 Days Later
Wind River Peak13192USA-WY332016-07-122022-09-096 Years, 59 Days Later
Gannett Peak13804USA-WY332016-07-272022-09-03 b6 Years, 38 Days Later
Grand Teton13770USA-WY332017-08-012022-09-10 a5 Years, 40 Days Later
Mount Lafayette5240USA-NH332018-09-15 c2021-06-07 d2 Years, 265 Days Later
South Downs Mountain13062USA-WY332019-06-28 c2022-09-02 b3 Years, 66 Days Later
Klondike Peak13114USA-WY332019-06-29 a2022-09-02 c3 Years, 65 Days Later
Pedestal Peak13340USA-WY332019-06-29 b2022-09-02 d3 Years, 65 Days Later
Flagstone Peak13450USA-WY332019-06-29 c2022-09-02 e3 Years, 65 Days Later
Jackson Peak13517USA-WY332020-07-13 b2022-09-06 d2 Years, 55 Days Later
Harrower Peak13052USA-WY332020-07-19 a2022-09-07 c2 Years, 50 Days Later
Knife Point Mountain13001USA-WY332020-07-19 b2022-09-07 b2 Years, 50 Days Later
Brown Cliffs North13198USA-WY332020-07-19 c2022-09-07 a2 Years, 50 Days Later
Peavine Peak8266USA-NV332021-10-092022-01-29112 Days Later
The Electrode12018USA-CO222015-08-12 b2018-08-13 c3 Years, 1 Day Later
Paiute Peak13088USA-CO222015-09-12 c2018-07-21 b2 Years, 312 Days Later
James Peak13294USA-CO222015-11-282018-05-25 a2 Years, 178 Days Later
Goat Flat Peak12488USA-WY222016-08-01 a2019-06-28 a2 Years, 331 Days Later
Mount Bierstadt14060USA-CO222016-08-212017-08-261 Year, 5 Days Later
Second Flatiron7120USA-CO222016-08-272017-06-01278 Days Later
Lost Porch6840USA-CO222016-08-31 b2021-04-11 b4 Years, 223 Days Later
First Flatiron7280USA-CO222016-09-042017-05-13251 Days Later
Second Flatironette6640USA-CO222016-09-04 a2017-04-14222 Days Later
Hillbilly Rock7000USA-CO222017-04-092017-08-27 a140 Days Later
Terrapin Wall11038USA-WY222017-08-06 b2018-06-27325 Days Later
Velvet Rocks1080USA-NH222018-04-14 a2019-04-07 a358 Days Later
Velvet Rocks Hill1243USA-NH222018-04-14 b2019-04-07 b358 Days Later
Mount Moosilauke4802USA-NH222018-09-022018-09-031 Day Later
Little Haystack4760USA-NH222018-09-15 a2021-06-07 a2 Years, 265 Days Later
Mount Lincoln5089USA-NH222018-09-15 b2021-06-07 b2 Years, 265 Days Later
Mount Adams5799USA-NH222018-09-22 b2019-05-27247 Days Later
Mount Pierce4310USA-NH222018-09-22 i2018-09-29 b7 Days Later
Mount Guyot4560USA-NH222018-09-29 d2019-11-02 e1 Year, 34 Days Later
South Twin4902USA-NH222018-09-29 e2019-11-02 f1 Year, 34 Days Later
Mount Woodrow Wilson13502USA-WY222020-06-23 a2022-09-03 d2 Years, 72 Days Later
The Sphinx13258USA-WY222020-06-23 b2022-09-03 e2 Years, 72 Days Later
Mount Koven13265USA-WY222020-06-27 a2022-09-03 a2 Years, 68 Days Later
Bastion Peak13494USA-WY222020-06-27 c2022-09-02 i2 Years, 67 Days Later
Flagstone Peak - Southeast Peak13160USA-WY222020-06-27 d2022-09-02 f2 Years, 67 Days Later
Henderson Peak13115USA-WY222020-07-04 a2022-09-04 f2 Years, 62 Days Later
American Legion Peak13205USA-WY222020-07-04 b2022-09-04 g2 Years, 62 Days Later
Bow Mountain13020USA-WY222020-07-04 c2022-09-04 e2 Years, 62 Days Later
Spearhead Pinnacle13200USA-WY222020-07-12 a2022-09-05 a2 Years, 55 Days Later
Mount Warren13722USA-WY222020-07-12 b2022-09-05 b2 Years, 55 Days Later
Mount Helen13620USA-WY222020-07-12 c2022-09-06 a2 Years, 56 Days Later
Mount Sacagawea13569USA-WY222020-07-12 d2022-09-06 b2 Years, 56 Days Later
Twin Peaks - West Peak13160USA-WY222020-07-20 a2022-09-04 a2 Years, 46 Days Later
Twin Peaks13185USA-WY222020-07-20 b2022-09-04 b2 Years, 46 Days Later
Split Mountain13155USA-WY222020-07-20 c2022-09-04 c2 Years, 46 Days Later
Mount Whitecap13020USA-WY222020-07-20 d2022-09-04 d2 Years, 46 Days Later
Desolation Peak13155USA-WY222020-07-20 e2022-09-02 g2 Years, 44 Days Later
Turret Peak13600USA-WY222020-07-26 a2022-09-05 c2 Years, 41 Days Later
Sunbeam Peak13440USA-WY222020-07-26 b2022-09-05 d2 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Febbas13468USA-WY222020-07-26 c2022-09-05 e2 Years, 41 Days Later
Pinnacle Ridge13365USA-WY222020-07-27 a2022-09-03 c2 Years, 38 Days Later
Cloud Peak13167USA-WY222020-08-04 a2022-09-08 a2 Years, 35 Days Later
Black Tooth Mountain13005USA-WY222020-08-04 b2022-09-08 b2 Years, 35 Days Later
Francs Peak13153USA-WY222020-08-05 b2022-09-10 b2 Years, 36 Days Later
Table Mountain6200USA-CO222020-09-112022-01-051 Year, 116 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain5011USA-NV222021-07-192021-10-1992 Days Later
Miriam Peak13080USA-WY222022-07-092022-09-05 f58 Days Later
Peak 50885088USA-NV122022-02-22 a2022-02-22 bSame Day

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