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Multiple Ascent List for Clément Guillaume

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Diablo3849USA-CA442015-12-192021-01-09 a5 Years, 21 Days Later
Lafayette Square378USA-CA332014-03-162021-03-066 Years, 355 Days Later
Hawk Hill920USA-CA332015-01-312022-02-207 Years, 20 Days Later
Columbia Rock Benchmark5031USA-CA332016-07-012021-06-06 a4 Years, 340 Days Later
Pine Mountain1762USA-CA332016-11-27 c2022-04-02 a5 Years, 126 Days Later
Lembert Dome9450USA-CA332017-09-03 c2020-07-19 b2 Years, 320 Days Later
Nob Hill365USA-CA222014-03-162018-05-18 b4 Years, 63 Days Later
Pacific Heights375USA-CA222014-03-162021-03-066 Years, 355 Days Later
Twin Peaks-North Peak910USA-CA222014-04-062020-10-11 c6 Years, 188 Days Later
Twin Peaks922USA-CA222014-04-062020-10-11 d6 Years, 188 Days Later
Inspiration Point Vista6820USA-CA222014-12-212019-03-31 c4 Years, 100 Days Later
Mount Caroline Livermore781USA-CA222015-08-022021-08-216 Years, 19 Days Later
Tank Hill600USA-CA222015-11-142020-10-11 a4 Years, 332 Days Later
Chaparral Peak1760USA-CA222015-11-262021-12-05 b6 Years, 9 Days Later
Vollmer Peak1905USA-CA222015-11-262021-12-05 c6 Years, 9 Days Later
Mount Tamalpais-East Peak2572USA-CA222015-11-272020-11-08 b4 Years, 347 Days Later
Mattley Ridge7955USA-CA222016-04-16 a2019-03-17 a2 Years, 335 Days Later
Peak 81608160USA-CA222016-04-30 a2019-01-12 a2 Years, 257 Days Later
Mokelumne Peak9334USA-CA222016-05-222016-08-0676 Days Later
Russian Hill355USA-CA222016-06-042018-05-18 a1 Year, 348 Days Later
Lone Mountain410USA-CA222016-06-052021-01-03 c4 Years, 212 Days Later
Twin Peaks South Peak860USA-CA222016-06-052020-10-11 e4 Years, 128 Days Later
Ignatius Heights345USA-CA222016-06-052021-01-03 d4 Years, 212 Days Later
Martis Peak8742USA-CA222016-06-122021-02-204 Years, 253 Days Later
Visitacion Knob525USA-CA222016-06-262018-06-17 b1 Year, 356 Days Later
Sentinel Dome8122USA-CA222016-06-302017-11-26 b1 Year, 149 Days Later
Yosemite Falls Overlook6700USA-CA222016-07-012021-06-06 d4 Years, 340 Days Later
Yosemite Point6939USA-CA222016-07-012021-06-06 e4 Years, 340 Days Later
Olmsted Point8418USA-CA222016-07-022020-07-11 b4 Years, 9 Days Later
San Bruno Mountain1314USA-CA222016-07-302018-06-17 a1 Year, 322 Days Later
Redwood Peak1619USA-CA222016-11-13 b2020-11-14 a4 Years, 1 Day Later
Bald Hill1141USA-CA222016-11-27 a2020-11-08 c3 Years, 347 Days Later
Peak 11601160USA-CA222016-12-11 c2020-11-14 b3 Years, 339 Days Later
Peak 29562956USA-CA222016-12-17 d2019-02-17 c2 Years, 62 Days Later
Las Trampas Peak1827USA-CA222016-12-18 a2021-04-11 d4 Years, 114 Days Later
Vail Peak1787USA-CA222016-12-18 b2021-04-11 c4 Years, 114 Days Later
Eagle Peak1720USA-CA222016-12-18 c2021-04-11 b4 Years, 114 Days Later
Roc'h Trédudon1270France222017-01-06 h2019-10-09 b2 Years, 276 Days Later
White Hill1434USA-CA222017-01-15 i2022-04-02 d5 Years, 77 Days Later
Peak Mountain1825USA-CA222017-01-28 b2020-11-15 c3 Years, 292 Days Later
Scott Peak8289USA-CA222017-04-01 a2021-02-28 a3 Years, 333 Days Later
Ward Peak8637USA-CA222017-04-01 b2021-02-28 b3 Years, 333 Days Later
Devils Pulpit3640USA-CA222017-05-14 c2021-01-09 b3 Years, 240 Days Later
Thompson Peak9340USA-CA222017-05-27 c2020-12-06 a3 Years, 193 Days Later
Ralston Peak9235USA-CA222017-07-04 c2022-01-084 Years, 188 Days Later
Mount Dana13057USA-CA222017-09-04 a2021-06-13 a3 Years, 282 Days Later
Sonora Peak11459USA-CA222017-10-07 d2019-11-23 b2 Years, 47 Days Later
Peak 1152411524USA-CA222017-10-29 d2019-07-14 e1 Year, 258 Days Later
Dunderberg Peak12374USA-CA222017-10-29 e2019-07-14 h1 Year, 258 Days Later
Inspiration Point7920USA-CA222017-12-03 a2019-03-161 Year, 103 Days Later
Eagle Peak7779USA-CA222018-02-10 d2021-06-06 c3 Years, 116 Days Later
Eagle Rock6480USA-CA222018-04-01 a2019-03-09 b342 Days Later
Disaster Peak10047USA-CA222018-07-01 b2021-05-23 a2 Years, 326 Days Later
June Mountain10105USA-CA222018-08-04 e2021-04-032 Years, 242 Days Later
Mount Baldwin12598USA-CA222018-09-032020-08-08 c1 Year, 340 Days Later
Mission Peak2517USA-CA222018-09-16 a2021-05-15 a2 Years, 241 Days Later
Mammoth Mountain11030USA-CA222018-09-212021-04-042 Years, 195 Days Later
Mount Gould13005USA-CA222018-09-22 a2020-08-15 c1 Year, 328 Days Later
Daff Dome9153USA-CA222018-10-27 a2018-11-17 a21 Days Later
Gaylor Peak11004USA-CA222018-10-28 f2019-11-09 a1 Year, 12 Days Later
Vasquez Peak2210USA-CA222018-12-09 c2019-03-03 c84 Days Later
Rock Springs Peak2280USA-CA222018-12-09 d2019-03-03 b84 Days Later
Willson Peak2651USA-CA222018-12-09 e2019-03-03 d84 Days Later
Peak 24692469USA-CA222018-12-09 f2019-03-03 e84 Days Later
Stanford Rock8480USA-CA222019-03-09 a2019-04-06 a28 Days Later
Green Hill1418USA-CA222019-06-16 b2022-04-02 c2 Years, 290 Days Later
Pine Mountain Ridge1710USA-CA222019-06-16 d2022-04-02 b2 Years, 290 Days Later
Blue Ridge1042USA-CA222019-07-07 g2022-04-02 e2 Years, 269 Days Later
Volcanic Ridge11501USA-CA222019-09-22 b2020-08-07 d320 Days Later
Bald Peaks1838USA-CA222019-12-072020-05-10 b155 Days Later
Summit Rock142USA-NY222019-12-22 a2020-03-2190 Days Later

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