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Multiple Ascent List for Mike Gourley

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Look Rock2640USA-TN991999-06-242019-01-1619 Years, 206 Days Later
Ensign Peak5414USA-UT662006-04-012014-06-198 Years, 79 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-NC/TN441997-09-302016-09-2018 Years, 356 Days Later
Mount Mitchell6684USA-NC442004-10-142020-09-0315 Years, 325 Days Later
Buffalo Point4785USA-UT442006-02-222007-03-181 Year, 24 Days Later
Mount Wire7143USA-UT442006-05-172008-05-111 Year, 360 Days Later
Andrews Bald5920USA-NC442009-06-142013-06-234 Years, 9 Days Later
Mount Le Conte6593USA-TN332000-10-162013-07-2912 Years, 286 Days Later
Mount Buckley6560USA-NC/TN332001-09-092016-09-2015 Years, 11 Days Later
Gregory Bald4949USA-NC/TN332001-10-142008-11-057 Years, 22 Days Later
Red Butte6600USA-UT332006-03-302008-05-112 Years, 42 Days Later
Grandeur Peak8299USA-UT332006-05-072008-05-252 Years, 18 Days Later
High Point1460USA-TN2200002018-06-06Unknown
Miamisburg Mound981USA-OH221999-04-102005-03-155 Years, 339 Days Later
Serpent Mound760USA-OH221999-10-022004-06-104 Years, 252 Days Later
Mount Le Conte-Cliff Top6555USA-TN222000-10-162009-11-019 Years, 16 Days Later
Charlies Bunion-Tourist Bunion5536USA-NC/TN222000-10-162005-05-294 Years, 225 Days Later
Mount Le Conte-Myrtle Point6443USA-TN222000-10-172013-07-2912 Years, 285 Days Later
Nettle Creek Bald5160USA-NC222001-06-262016-08-1415 Years, 49 Days Later
Cove Mountain4077USA-TN222001-12-092002-01-1335 Days Later
Phils View3883USA-TN222002-01-132016-08-2414 Years, 224 Days Later
The Pinnacle2500USA-KY/VA222002-04-152008-11-156 Years, 214 Days Later
Waterrock Knob6292USA-NC222004-10-092018-07-2613 Years, 290 Days Later
MacRae Peak5846USA-NC222004-10-132017-08-2812 Years, 319 Days Later
Sunset Point7999USA-UT222005-09-242007-01-071 Year, 105 Days Later
View Benchmark6682USA-UT222006-05-242007-08-051 Year, 73 Days Later
Reynolds Peak9422USA-UT222006-07-112007-06-10334 Days Later
Clayton Peak10721USA-UT222006-07-132007-07-211 Year, 8 Days Later
Mount Evergreen9840USA-UT222006-07-232009-06-212 Years, 333 Days Later
Mount Aire8621USA-UT222006-08-292007-09-131 Year, 15 Days Later
Mount Van Cott6348USA-UT222007-05-142008-05-141 Year, 0 Days Later
Brian Head11307USA-UT222007-08-262007-10-0944 Days Later
Hemlock Knob4019USA-TN222009-10-082015-09-135 Years, 340 Days Later
Devils Den3375USA-TN222011-04-062020-01-058 Years, 274 Days Later
Mount Collins6188USA-NC/TN222012-06-172016-06-294 Years, 12 Days Later
Hooper Bald5429USA-NC222013-11-032016-10-172 Years, 349 Days Later
Big Junction5360USA-NC/TN222013-11-032016-09-052 Years, 307 Days Later
Huckleberry Knob5560USA-NC222014-08-172016-10-172 Years, 61 Days Later
Oak Knob5440USA-NC222014-08-172016-10-172 Years, 61 Days Later
Whigg Meadow4960USA-TN222014-08-292020-06-265 Years, 302 Days Later
Cloudland Mountain6200USA-NC/TN222016-07-032017-06-11343 Days Later
Round Bald5800USA-NC/TN222016-09-272017-06-11257 Days Later
Black Balsam Knob6214USA-NC222017-06-252019-08-302 Years, 66 Days Later
Blue Ridge Parkway High Point6053USA-NC222017-06-252020-09-263 Years, 93 Days Later
Raven Cliff Ridge1890USA-TN222019-02-042019-03-1943 Days Later
Rocky Mountain (High Summit)2690USA-TN222019-02-042021-01-171 Year, 348 Days Later
Wilson Ridge6400USA-NC222020-08-292020-09-035 Days Later

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