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Multiple Ascent List for Roy Randall

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-mLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Wilson1740USA-CA10101998-06-132019-06-0920 Years, 361 Days Later
Strawberry Peak1879USA-CA991998-12-122014-09-2815 Years, 290 Days Later
Mount San Antonio3068USA-CA881999-10-232019-06-16 b19 Years, 236 Days Later
Mount Hollywood495USA-CA441998-05-152016-10-29 a18 Years, 167 Days Later
Mount Lukens1547USA-CA441998-08-082011-08-1413 Years, 6 Days Later
Waterman Mountain2450USA-CA441999-03-282011-02-2211 Years, 331 Days Later
Mount Williamson2513USA-CA441999-05-222015-07-1816 Years, 57 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain3505USA-CA442000-08-122014-06-2313 Years, 315 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak3304USA-CA442000-08-262014-05-1013 Years, 257 Days Later
Cahuenga Peak555USA-CA442006-11-032019-07-19 a12 Years, 258 Days Later
Condor Peak1658USA-CA331998-08-152007-12-239 Years, 130 Days Later
Mount Lowe1708USA-CA331998-09-192016-02-1317 Years, 147 Days Later
Tahquitz Peak2696USA-CA331998-10-042009-05-2310 Years, 231 Days Later
Throop Peak2785USA-CA331999-08-142011-07-1611 Years, 336 Days Later
Mount Hawkins2697USA-CA331999-08-141999-09-0421 Days Later
Pine Mountain2941USA-CA331999-11-062015-10-1815 Years, 346 Days Later
Dawson Peak2918USA-CA331999-11-062015-10-1815 Years, 346 Days Later
Wright Mountain2592USA-CA331999-11-072015-10-1815 Years, 345 Days Later
Quail Mountain1772USA-CA332000-01-162019-11-23 c19 Years, 311 Days Later
Lookout Mountain2076USA-CA332000-01-302015-11-1515 Years, 289 Days Later
Pleasants Peak1221USA-CA332005-03-102016-11-1911 Years, 254 Days Later
Bedford Peak1158USA-CA332005-03-102016-12-03 a11 Years, 268 Days Later
Bald Peak1203USA-CA332005-03-122016-12-1011 Years, 273 Days Later
Mount Lee512USA-CA332014-02-232019-07-19 c5 Years, 146 Days Later
Burbank Peak512USA-CA332014-02-232019-07-19 b5 Years, 146 Days Later
Hogback Peak451USA-CA332014-02-232016-10-29 b2 Years, 249 Days Later
Liebre Mountain1756USA-CA221998-06-202008-03-299 Years, 283 Days Later
Echo Mountain977USA-CA221998-09-262016-02-1317 Years, 140 Days Later
Mount Disappointment1817USA-CA221998-10-172012-08-0213 Years, 290 Days Later
Josephine Peak1694USA-CA221998-12-052014-09-2815 Years, 297 Days Later
Mount Zion1090USA-CA221999-01-022019-06-0820 Years, 157 Days Later
Mount Gleason1987USA-CA221999-02-152008-04-059 Years, 50 Days Later
Pacifico Mountain2171USA-CA221999-02-282008-04-109 Years, 42 Days Later
Twin Peaks2366USA-CA221999-04-031999-04-2522 Days Later
Will Thrall Peak2391USA-CA221999-05-012014-10-1815 Years, 170 Days Later
Pallett Mountain2365USA-CA221999-05-232014-10-1815 Years, 148 Days Later
Mount Islip2515USA-CA221999-07-171999-07-181 Day Later
Mount Baden-Powell2865USA-CA221999-08-141999-09-0522 Days Later
Sirretta Peak3041USA-CA221999-09-122000-07-01293 Days Later
Mount Harwood2911USA-CA221999-11-142019-06-15 a19 Years, 213 Days Later
Thunder Mountain2617USA-CA221999-12-042019-06-29 c19 Years, 207 Days Later
Telegraph Peak2739USA-CA221999-12-042019-06-29 b19 Years, 207 Days Later
Timber Mountain2531USA-CA221999-12-042019-06-29 a19 Years, 207 Days Later
Bighorn Peak2573USA-CA221999-12-112015-11-2115 Years, 345 Days Later
Ontario Peak2650USA-CA221999-12-112015-11-2115 Years, 345 Days Later
Cucamonga Peak2700USA-CA221999-12-122015-11-2115 Years, 344 Days Later
Barley Flats1707USA-CA222000-01-082008-02-108 Years, 33 Days Later
Mount Lawlor1816USA-CA222000-01-082008-02-108 Years, 33 Days Later
Ryan Mountain1663USA-CA222000-01-152014-04-2114 Years, 96 Days Later
Lost Horse Mountain1619USA-CA222000-01-152014-04-0714 Years, 82 Days Later
Mount Inspiration1695USA-CA222000-01-152019-11-02 c19 Years, 291 Days Later
Queen Mountain1731USA-CA222000-01-162014-04-2114 Years, 95 Days Later
Mount Minerva Hoyt1647USA-CA222000-01-162019-11-23 b19 Years, 311 Days Later
Gobblers Knob2120USA-CA222000-02-062008-06-198 Years, 134 Days Later
Modjeska Peak1675USA-CA222000-03-042016-12-0316 Years, 274 Days Later
Sugarpine Mountain1670USA-CA222000-03-182015-08-0215 Years, 137 Days Later
Monument Peak1612USA-CA222000-03-182015-08-0215 Years, 137 Days Later
Martinez Mountain2000USA-CA222000-03-252000-04-028 Days Later
Butler Peak2601USA-CA222000-04-082000-06-0457 Days Later
Bertha Peak2500USA-CA222000-04-092006-07-296 Years, 111 Days Later
Haddock Mountain2265USA-CA222000-05-292010-06-2110 Years, 23 Days Later
Black Mountain1890USA-CA222000-06-212006-06-215 Years, 365 Days Later
Keller Peak2402USA-CA222000-07-232008-06-187 Years, 331 Days Later
Slide Peak2390USA-CA222000-07-232008-06-187 Years, 331 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain3033USA-CA222000-08-052006-09-136 Years, 39 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak3246USA-CA222000-12-302007-08-106 Years, 223 Days Later
Bernard Peak1655USA-CA222001-02-102017-06-11 b16 Years, 121 Days Later
Little Berdoo Peak1658USA-CA222001-02-102017-06-11 a16 Years, 121 Days Later
Warren Point1555USA-CA222001-02-112013-11-2312 Years, 285 Days Later
Mission Point845USA-CA222001-03-102011-08-1710 Years, 160 Days Later
Verdugo Mountain951USA-CA222001-05-062016-01-2414 Years, 263 Days Later
Temescal Peak648USA-CA222001-12-302018-06-09 a16 Years, 161 Days Later
Garnet Peak1792USA-CA222002-01-132016-04-1714 Years, 95 Days Later
Monument Peak1911USA-CA222002-01-132016-04-1714 Years, 95 Days Later
Saddle Peak East849USA-CA222002-01-262018-06-10 c16 Years, 135 Days Later
Sandstone Peak948USA-CA222002-04-132013-01-2910 Years, 291 Days Later
Tri Peaks914USA-CA222002-04-132018-06-23 a16 Years, 71 Days Later
Inspiration Point853USA-CA222002-04-132018-06-23 b16 Years, 71 Days Later
Santa Rosa Mountain2460USA-CA222003-01-252009-11-236 Years, 302 Days Later
Palomar Mountain1871USA-CA222003-04-122017-11-1114 Years, 213 Days Later
Boucher Hill1658USA-CA222003-04-122017-07-0114 Years, 80 Days Later
Hot Springs Mountain1991USA-CA222003-04-122018-03-1714 Years, 339 Days Later
Palm View Peak2182USA-CA222003-04-262009-06-206 Years, 55 Days Later
Spitler Peak2268USA-CA222003-06-292009-06-205 Years, 356 Days Later
South Peak2390USA-CA222003-09-202009-05-235 Years, 245 Days Later
Red Tahquitz2658USA-CA222003-09-212009-05-235 Years, 244 Days Later
Mount Muir1429USA-CA222004-11-112016-02-1311 Years, 94 Days Later
Frankish Peak1280USA-CA222005-02-052010-01-284 Years, 357 Days Later
Sierra Peak928USA-CA222005-03-072016-11-12 a11 Years, 250 Days Later
Gilman Peak514USA-CA222005-03-152016-09-24 a11 Years, 193 Days Later
San Juan Hill543USA-CA222005-05-072016-09-24 b11 Years, 140 Days Later
Trabuco Peak1403USA-CA222005-06-112017-01-1311 Years, 216 Days Later
Glendora Mountain1013USA-CA222005-07-162015-06-209 Years, 339 Days Later
Los Pinos Peak1375USA-CA222006-01-072017-01-2811 Years, 21 Days Later
Old Sugarloaf1014USA-CA222006-01-102017-01-15 b11 Years, 5 Days Later
Sugarloaf984USA-CA222006-01-102017-01-15 a11 Years, 5 Days Later
San Mateo Peak1095USA-CA222006-01-152017-02-2411 Years, 40 Days Later
Sitton Peak998USA-CA222006-01-152017-03-0211 Years, 46 Days Later
Wild Horse Peak999USA-CA222006-04-222017-07-1511 Years, 84 Days Later
Joshua Mountain1122USA-CA222007-12-292014-11-166 Years, 322 Days Later
Beacon Hill305USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-101 Year, 321 Days Later
Glendale Peak366USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-101 Year, 321 Days Later
Mount Bell482USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-101 Year, 321 Days Later
Mount Chapel488USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-101 Year, 321 Days Later
Bee Rock322USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-171 Year, 328 Days Later
Baby Bell475USA-CA222014-02-232016-01-101 Year, 321 Days Later
South Inspiration1694USA-CA222014-04-202019-11-02 b5 Years, 196 Days Later
McAuley Peak625USA-CA222015-06-242018-06-16 b2 Years, 357 Days Later
May Peak1203USA-CA222015-07-112018-08-263 Years, 46 Days Later
Los Pinetos Peak1085USA-CA222015-07-112018-08-253 Years, 45 Days Later
West Baldy3044USA-CA222015-11-012019-06-16 a3 Years, 227 Days Later
Adams Hill243USA-CA222016-01-092016-01-178 Days Later
Cerro Negro575USA-CA222016-01-302017-02-181 Year, 19 Days Later
Robbers Peak351USA-CA222016-09-252016-10-027 Days Later

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