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Multiple Ascent List for Cindy Gonzalez

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA24242015-03-142021-07-09 l6 Years, 117 Days Later
Sycamore Peak1667USA-CA11112020-01-302021-06-161 Year, 137 Days Later
West Baldy9988USA-CA992015-06-13 b2021-07-09 m6 Years, 26 Days Later
Box Spring Mountain3080USA-CA992019-03-102021-05-15 b2 Years, 66 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA882015-05-162021-07-20 d6 Years, 65 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak10649USA-CA772015-02-142020-06-25 c5 Years, 132 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA772015-05-232020-06-25 n5 Years, 33 Days Later
Box Springs Mountain-Lookout Site2960USA-CA772020-02-11 d2021-05-15 a1 Year, 93 Days Later
Mount Harwood9552USA-CA662015-07-182021-07-09 k5 Years, 356 Days Later
Telegraph Peak8985USA-CA662015-07-182021-07-09 g5 Years, 356 Days Later
Timber Mountain8303USA-CA662015-07-182021-07-09 f5 Years, 356 Days Later
Baldy Notch7802USA-CA662018-06-162021-07-09 i3 Years, 23 Days Later
Devils Backbone9009USA-CA662018-06-16 b2021-07-09 j3 Years, 23 Days Later
Peak 17681768USA-CA552019-03-052020-04-191 Year, 45 Days Later
Corkscrew Peak5804USA-CA442010-02-13 c2021-03-06 b11 Years, 21 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA442015-07-052017-11-122 Years, 130 Days Later
Thunder Mountain8587USA-CA442015-07-182021-07-09 h5 Years, 356 Days Later
Etiwanda Peak8662USA-CA442015-07-182021-07-09 e5 Years, 356 Days Later
Cucamonga Peak8859USA-CA442015-07-182021-07-09 d5 Years, 356 Days Later
Mount Rubidoux1329USA-CA442017-02-172020-10-063 Years, 232 Days Later
Mount Jurupa2217USA-CA442018-12-302021-05-112 Years, 132 Days Later
Table Benchmark2559USA-CA442020-02-11 a2021-04-18 c1 Year, 66 Days Later
Ontario Peak8693USA-CA332015-07-152021-07-09 b5 Years, 359 Days Later
Bighorn Peak8441USA-CA332015-07-182021-07-09 c5 Years, 356 Days Later
Baldy Ski Hut8100USA-CA332018-06-16 b2021-07-09 n3 Years, 23 Days Later
Potato Mountain3400USA-CA332019-03-222019-12-18271 Days Later
Jean Peak10670USA-CA332019-12-212021-07-20 f1 Year, 211 Days Later
Marion Mountain10362USA-CA332019-12-212021-07-20 h1 Year, 211 Days Later
Shirley Peak10388USA-CA332019-12-212021-07-20 g1 Year, 211 Days Later
Sunset Peak5796USA-CA332020-02-262021-07-271 Year, 151 Days Later
Sitton Peak3273USA-CA332020-02-27 a2021-05-181 Year, 80 Days Later
Poopout Hill7840USA-CA332020-06-11 a2021-04-25 c318 Days Later
Woodson Mountain2894USA-CA222010-10-272020-10-02 a9 Years, 341 Days Later
Half Dome8840USA-CA222012-08-192017-07-054 Years, 320 Days Later
Shields Peak10680USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 f5 Years, 33 Days Later
San Bernardino East Peak10691USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 d5 Years, 33 Days Later
Anderson Peak10840USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 e5 Years, 33 Days Later
Charlton Peak10806USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 i5 Years, 33 Days Later
Jepson Peak11205USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 k5 Years, 33 Days Later
Little Charlton Peak10696USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 j5 Years, 33 Days Later
Alto Diablo10563USA-CA222015-05-232020-06-25 g5 Years, 33 Days Later
Charleston Peak11916USA-NV222015-05-312017-12-022 Years, 185 Days Later
Iron Mountain8007USA-CA222015-06-13 a2020-11-26 a5 Years, 166 Days Later
Bonita Peak4000USA-CA222015-06-13 c2020-11-26 b5 Years, 166 Days Later
Cirque Peak12900USA-CA222015-08-092018-07-082 Years, 333 Days Later
Trailmaster Peak12336USA-CA222015-08-092018-07-082 Years, 333 Days Later
Peak 12,525'12520USA-CA222015-08-09 d2018-07-08 d2 Years, 333 Days Later
Cloudripper13525USA-CA222015-08-302019-11-16 b4 Years, 78 Days Later
Mount Tom13652USA-CA222016-07-092016-07-2415 Days Later
Mount Gould13005USA-CA222016-10-292019-08-18 c2 Years, 293 Days Later
Sugarloaf Peak6924USA-CA222017-07-15 b2021-07-09 a3 Years, 359 Days Later
Washington Monument10290USA-CA222017-09-032020-06-25 b2 Years, 296 Days Later
East Ord Mountain6168USA-CA222018-03-102021-03-113 Years, 1 Day Later
Sugarloaf Mountain9952USA-CA222018-08-052018-08-1914 Days Later
Rabbit Peak6640USA-CA222018-11-182020-11-28 b2 Years, 10 Days Later
Villager Peak5756USA-CA222018-11-182020-11-28 a2 Years, 10 Days Later
Pedley Hills High Point1424USA-CA222019-01-01 b2019-03-0967 Days Later
La Sierra West Hill1500USA-CA222019-02-16 a2019-03-20 a32 Days Later
La Sierra Hills High Point1500USA-CA222019-03-20 d2019-09-11 c175 Days Later
Sierra Peak3045USA-CA222019-11-18 a2021-02-101 Year, 84 Days Later
Beeks Place2820USA-CA222019-11-18 b2020-03-03 b106 Days Later
Peak 26942694USA-CA222020-03-03 a2020-10-29240 Days Later
Cleghorn Mountain5333USA-CA222020-06-082021-01-30236 Days Later
Lake Peak10161USA-CA222020-06-11 c2021-04-25 a318 Days Later
Grinnell Mountain10284USA-CA222020-06-11 i2021-04-25 b318 Days Later
Newton Drury Peak10160USA-CA222020-06-17 a2021-07-20 a1 Year, 33 Days Later
Folly Peak10480USA-CA222020-06-17 b2021-07-20 b1 Year, 33 Days Later
Miller Peak10400USA-CA222020-06-17 d2021-07-20 c1 Year, 33 Days Later
San Jacinto Azimuth Benchmark10560USA-CA222020-06-17 e2021-07-20 e1 Year, 33 Days Later
Josephine Peak5558USA-CA222020-07-15 b2020-11-21129 Days Later
Little Bear Peak7621USA-CA222020-08-09 c2021-07-24 c349 Days Later
Tahquitz Peak8846USA-CA222020-09-04 c2021-02-28177 Days Later
Cuyamaca Peak6512USA-CA222020-09-26 a2020-10-03 c7 Days Later
Verdugo Mountain3120USA-CA222020-11-24 a2021-06-18 e206 Days Later
Tongva Peak2656USA-CA222020-11-24 b2021-06-18 f206 Days Later
Trojan Peak13947USA-CA222021-06-12 a2021-07-04 c22 Days Later

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