Snapshot Year/Month Grid-Highest Point Reached

Carlos Ross's Ascents by Year/Month

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1980      Δ Signal Hill     
1981      Δ Pagsanjan Gorge South-X     
1982      Δ (Santo Tomás)     
1983      Δ Dockweiler State Beach HP    Δ Liberty Island HP
1984 Δ (San Antonio)    Δ (Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point)    Δ Forest Lawn
1985   Δ Flint-X Δ Marco Polo Hill      
1986  Δ Triunfo Lookout Δ Cole Hill-XΔ Navajo PointΔ Clark Point    Δ Broken Arrow Mound
1987    Δ Vasquez Rock-X Δ (Yale)Δ Crest Summit    
1988      Δ Table-X   Δ Odyssey Hill 
1989  Δ Gaylor-X  Δ Grimes Point Scenic Overlook  Δ Twin Butte   
1990    Δ Diamond Point-X       
1991    Δ Broken Arrow Mound Δ Sandia Crest-XΔ Kitt    
1992     Δ Big Chief-XΔ Rim Lakes Vista Overlook     
1993     Δ Rossiter Hill      
1994   Δ Mars Hill-X Δ Trail Ridge      
1995   Δ Peak 4291-X Δ Brian Head Δ Meteor Crater Moon Telescope    
1996  Δ Poppy Hill Δ Arlington National Cemetery HPΔ Greenlee CoHPΔ Emerald Bay State Park HPΔ (Hinakapoula)Δ Los Encinos State Historic Park HP   
1997    Δ Ellis Island HP Δ Goldmine-X     
1998        Δ Tempe Butte   
1999      Δ Hunts Tomb     
2001      Δ Broken Arrow Mound    Δ Peak 4666-X
2002 Δ Broken Arrow Mound  Δ Camelback-X       
2003Δ Forest LawnΔ Doheny State Beach HP       Δ Hunts TombΔ HumboldtΔ Boyce Thompson Upper Ramada
2004Δ Green Boulder-XΔ Navajo Point Benchmark  Δ Davis-XΔ Seven Springs Hill Δ Peak 2051-X   Δ Peak 4006
2005Δ Quien Sabe-X Δ Oak Creek Vista Δ Boyce Thompson Upper RamadaΔ Garyu-XΔ Agassiz-X Δ Diamond PointΔ Fountain Lake Hill Δ Butcher Jones 2120-X
2006Δ Alto Hill-XΔ Atascosa Lookout-XΔ Santa Monica State Beach HPΔ Schlechts Butte-XΔ Jack-XΔ Barfoot-XΔ Sandia Crest Δ LemmonΔ Coronado Mesa-X Δ Peak 1926
2007Δ Quien Sabe-X Δ Ord   Δ MarysΔ Peak 4666-XΔ Peak 6582-XΔ Pinal Δ Burnt-X
2008Δ Picketpost-XΔ Popes Bluffs-X Δ Burnt Corral HillΔ (Eagle Pass West)Δ Odyssey Hill Δ Peak 6250-X Δ Peak 1501-XΔ Tempe ButteΔ Peak 5491-X
2009Δ Indian River CoHPΔ Walt Disney World HP Δ Walt Disney World HPΔ Pine Island HP   Δ Pu'unene-X Δ Royal HarborΔ Seminole State College
2010  Δ Blue Springs State Park HPΔ Point 848-X     Δ Minnewaska Summit Δ Kelly Park HP
2011 Δ Gemini Springs State Park HPΔ Osceola CoHPΔ Colt Creek State Park HP-XΔ SugarloafΔ Pigeon Key HPΔ Palm Beach CoHP    Δ Dora
2012 Δ Fort SummitΔ Copperfield Park HPΔ Dr. P Phillips Community Park HPΔ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)  Δ Marietta HillΔ RD Keene Park HPΔ Hunter-XΔ Walt Disney World HPΔ Dora
2013Δ Hill 307Δ Shadow Bay Park HPΔ Shepherd Lake Northeast-XΔ SugarloafΔ Round RockΔ ( North Loop 360 Scenic Overlook)Δ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)Δ Sunset Valley HPΔ Vetter-XΔ San Antonio Botanical Garden HPΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ Red Oak Hill
2014Δ Bertram HPΔ ( North Loop 360 Scenic Overlook)Δ Arboretum OverlookΔ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)Δ Copperfield Park HPΔ LewisΔ Arboretum OverlookΔ Copperfield Park HPΔ Lyndon B Johnson State Park and Historic Site HPΔ Pilot Knob-XΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ Grulla Dunes-X
2015Δ East Martin HillΔ Sandia CrestΔ Lyndon B Johnson State Park and Historic Site HPΔ Balcones District Park HPΔ Tower HillΔ Bertram HPΔ Copperfield Park HPΔ Picnic tableΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ Alachua CoHPΔ Curly Hill
2016Δ Arboretum OverlookΔ Indian-XΔ Post Oak Ridge-Travis Benchmark-XΔ Shingle Hills-XΔ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)Δ Fivemile HillΔ Copperfield Park HPΔ Scout-XΔ Minnewaska SummitΔ Fivemile HillΔ Richard Moya Park HPΔ Memorial Hill
2017Δ Shovel-XΔ Mabel Davis District Park HPΔ (Hakone-yama)Δ Yoshino-yamaΔ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)Δ Oak Hill-ACC PinnacleΔ Fivemile HillΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ Copperfield Park HPΔ Joe Wimberley-XΔ Sunset Point OverlookΔ Copperfield Park HP
2018Δ Bandera CoHP-XΔ Real BenchmarkΔ Bear Lake Summit-XΔ (Shin Oak Observation Deck)Δ Horse-XΔ Serene HillsΔ Cedar Park HPΔ Transfiguration HillΔ Real BenchmarkΔ Hills HPΔ Redondo BenchmarkΔ (Shingle Hills)
2019Δ Skyline HillΔ Gentilz (Cross Hill)Δ Picnic tableΔ Bertram HPΔ Comanche LookoutΔ Bee Cave HillΔ Redondo BenchmarkΔ Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park Public HPΔ Transfiguration HillΔ Jollyville Plateau HPΔ (Peak 1622)Δ Transfiguration Hill
2020Δ Transfiguration HillΔ Jollyville Plateau HP  Δ 1849 Park Hill Δ Flintridge HillΔ Flower Hill Δ Eaton HillΔ Bold Ruler Hill 


Legend for Color Coding

20,000 feet or more
14,000 to 19,999 feet
10,000 to 13,999 feet
5,000 to 9,999 feet
2,000 to 4,999 feet
Below 2,000 ft

About the Snapshot Year-Month Grid

General Considerations:

  • "-X" after a peak name means an unsuccessful ascent, for example "Rainier-X".
  • A parenthetical name is a non-summit goal hike, for example, "(Snow Lake Hike)" or "(Rainier)".
  • The Δ triangle symbol is a hyperlink to the detailed Ascent Page for that ascent. The peak name is a link to the Peak Page for that peak.
  • The color of the cell shows how high, prominent, isolated, or high-quality the peak/ascent is, and the color ranges are shown in the legend to the left.
  • If the color is based on altitude, prominence, or vertical gain, you can switch between meters-based ranges or feet-based ranges. These are set up to be generally equivalent.

This grid comes in seven "flavors", each one showing a different "top" peak for a month. The flavors or categories are:

  1. Highest Point Reached. Can be an unsucessful attempt or non-summit goal hike.
  2. Highest Peak Climbed. Sometimes not the same as highest point, if that point was an unsuccessful ascent or a non-summit goal hike.
  3. Most Prominent Peak climbed. Note that many peaks in the database do not yet have a prominence value.
  4. Most Isolated Peak climbed. Isolation values may not be 100% accurate, since most are cacluated to nearest higher peak in the database.
  5. Peak with most vertical gain hiked. Note that many climbers do not enter vertical gain information on their ascents. Also, if several summits are grouped in a "trip", then the total gain for all ascents in that trip is assigned to the trip high point.
  6. Peak with the highest "Quality" value--this is a subjective number from 1-10 given by the climber. Note that many climbers have not given any of their ascents quality numbers.
  7. Finally, "Top Ascents in All Categories", which shows, for each month, the unique peaks from all the 6 other categories. In many cases, one or two peaks will be the leader in the 6 categories, since often the highest peak climbed for a month is also the highest point reached, the most prominent peak, and the one with the most gain. But in some cases several peaks may appear for a month.

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