Snapshot Year/Month Grid-Most Isolated Peak

Frederick Johnson's Ascents by Year/Month

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1938      Δ South Mount Hawkins     
1941     Δ San Antonio      
1942Δ San AntonioΔ San AntonioΔ Los PinetosΔ Pleasant View Ridge Δ San AntonioΔ ToroΔ San AntonioΔ San GorgonioΔ White Mountain Δ Nordhoff
1943Δ San AntonioΔ Reyes  Δ PinosΔ San Antonio Δ WhitneyΔ Charleston   
1944Δ Santa PaulaΔ San AntonioΔ Chief Δ Nordhoff       
1945      Δ Whitney Δ Russell   
1946Δ WatermanΔ San AntonioΔ WatermanΔ MaturangoΔ New York ButteΔ TelescopeΔ DelamarΔ San GorgonioΔ Pikes   
1947      Δ San AntonioΔ Split    
1948     Δ ElbertΔ Middle PalisadeΔ Shasta   Δ White
1949     Δ FreelΔ CadillacΔ RosaΔ Blanc   
1950     Δ PikesΔ GayleyΔ Rainier    
1951     Δ MoosilaukeΔ KatahdinΔ LafayetteΔ Washington   
1952     Δ Ben NevisΔ MontmartreΔ Großglockner    
1953        Δ Gibbs   
1956       Δ Symmetry SpireΔ Cloudveil Dome   
1957     Δ ConnessΔ Thompson     
1958      Δ MontgomeryΔ Morgan    
1959       Δ Humphreys    
1960      Δ Bierstadt     
1961       Δ WheelerΔ Bear Creek Spire   
1962      Δ Lincoln Δ Marcy   
1963   Δ Slide Δ Junipero Serra      
1964 Δ Diablo    Δ Highland Δ Squaw   
1965  Δ Tamalpais-E Pk  Δ Patterson  Δ Matterhorn   
1966     Δ Red SlateΔ Wheeler  Δ Abbot  
1967   Δ Mitchell Δ ExcelsiorΔ Twin PeaksΔ North Palisade    
1968       Δ QuandaryΔ Sherman   
1969      Δ RalstonΔ Genevra    
1970      Δ Warren     
1971     Δ Hoffmann      
1972      Δ Price     
1975Δ Castle   Δ Judah       
1978    Δ Snowdon       
1980     Δ Saint Helena    Δ San Antonio 
1982   Δ Las TrampasΔ Hood  Δ Lassen Δ Leavitt  
1983    Δ DiabloΔ BaldΔ AnetoΔ Ararat  Δ Vollmer 
1984Δ Tamalpais-E PkΔ Toluca  Δ DiabloΔ DiabloΔ WhitneyΔ ShastaΔ Pik Cheget   
1985Δ EagleΔ DiabloΔ Rocky RidgeΔ Caroline LivermoreΔ Botella AzulΔ Wolf RidgeΔ TomΔ Grand TetonΔ Kenya-Point Lenana Δ Rabbit 
1986Δ DiabloΔ MeruΔ DiabloΔ San BrunoΔ Peak Δ MammothΔ Solomons Δ Picacho del DiabloΔ Tamalpais-E Pk 
1987Δ La MalincheΔ DiabloΔ DiabloΔ DiabloΔ EagleΔ KeynotΔ DiabloΔ BrewerΔ Dubois Δ Allison 
1988Δ DiabloΔ VollmerΔ DiabloΔ Big PineΔ Samon Δ WheelerΔ DiabloΔ DiabloΔ LolaΔ Tamalpais-E PkΔ Diablo
1989 Δ PineΔ IronΔ DiabloΔ BrionesΔ Olancha Δ ButtesΔ AdamsΔ SundayΔ Tamalpais-E PkΔ Tamalpais-E Pk
1990Δ Diablo Δ TecuyaΔ PineΔ Tamalpais-E PkΔ Clouds RestΔ Seven GablesΔ RoyceΔ Black HawkΔ OwensΔ NorthΔ Tamalpais-E Pk
1991Δ DiabloΔ DoubleΔ DiabloΔ Bald HillΔ CuyamacaΔ SawtoothΔ LamarckΔ UniversityΔ DavidsonΔ Three SistersΔ FrazierΔ Tamalpais-E Pk
1992Δ CopernicusΔ QuailΔ DiabloΔ PineΔ DiabloΔ CurrantΔ MoriahΔ PinosΔ TowerΔ San BenitoΔ Snow 
1993Δ Hot SpringsΔ Saint HelenaΔ StakesΔ La CumbreΔ DiabloΔ HoodΔ South Yolla BollyΔ Grant Δ IngallsΔ North Yolla BollyΔ Mission
1994Δ DiabloΔ Loma PrietaΔ DiabloΔ DiabloΔ FremontΔ GraniteΔ DesatoyaΔ EagleΔ FreelΔ Santiago  
1995Δ DiabloΔ Orocopia Mountains HPΔ DiabloΔ NorthΔ BarnabeΔ StarΔ BasinΔ BabbittΔ Desert CreekΔ Twin PeaksΔ Hawkins 
1996Δ Signal           
1997    Δ Leech LakeΔ Wade BenchmarkΔ RubiconΔ PhippsΔ SnowΔ Lookout  
1998     Δ Ingalls Δ Granite ChiefΔ Tells   
1999Δ VollmerΔ VailΔ Caroline LivermoreΔ Coyote RidgeΔ EagleΔ PiuteΔ PotatoΔ SilverΔ FredonyerΔ RaymondΔ Castle Rocks 
2000  Δ RingΔ Big Rock Ridge Δ BaldΔ ThompsonΔ BurneyΔ ProspectΔ Genoa  
2001   Δ North ChaloneΔ SantiagoΔ PotatoΔ Kettle BenchmarkΔ Grouse RidgeΔ Pleasant PointΔ Diamond  
2002    Δ San BenitoΔ Bunker HillΔ Bully ChoopΔ Dow ButteΔ GoosenestΔ DevilΔ Spruce Knob 
2003    Δ Long RidgeΔ CheahaΔ Blue Ridge Lookout SiteΔ ButtΔ Big HillΔ Steens  
2004  Δ Fiske BenchmarkΔ BaldΔ KingΔ SaddlebackΔ Hayfork BallyΔ KaiserΔ TuolumneΔ Brian HeadΔ OregonΔ Pine Hill
2005   Δ BlackΔ BearΔ RobbsΔ South ForkΔ KeddieΔ SanhedrinΔ GrizzlyΔ Cahto 
2006Δ WildcatΔ Taylor RidgeΔ MissionΔ Chews RidgeΔ Cold SpringΔ KennesawΔ LikelyΔ Bald EagleΔ VollmerΔ Black LassicΔ VollmerΔ Allen
2007Δ Vollmer Δ VollmerΔ HiΔ RushingΔ Ben LomondΔ CraneΔ BrandyΔ WildcatΔ Tamalpais-W PkΔ Observation 
2008 Δ Vollmer Δ Santa YnezΔ Valley View Δ MitchellΔ Orleans Δ Paulina  
2009   Δ WildcatΔ American Camp LookoutΔ VollmerΔ MansfieldΔ HogbackΔ Pearsoll  Δ Pilot Knob
2010  Δ Davidson Δ Copernicus Δ BerryessaΔ Duzel RockΔ Soda   
2011    Δ PinyonΔ Shadequarter Lookout   Δ Yainax Butte Δ Albany Hill
2012   Δ Yerba Buena Island HPΔ Stony HillΔ Hoover Ridge HPΔ Smith     
2013    Δ Bielawski  Δ Lafayette SquareΔ Merced Heights   
2014Δ Sunset Heights   Δ Hawk HillΔ VollmerΔ SutroΔ LewisΔ VollmerΔ Sugarloaf Hill  
2015Δ VollmerΔ Tamalpais-M PkΔ Donlan PointΔ BlackΔ SheetironΔ Vista Point      


Legend for Color Coding

Isolation of 600 mi or more
Isolation of 300 to 600 mi
Isolation of 60 to 300 mi
Isolation of 25 to 60 mi
Isolation of 5 to 25 mi
Isolation of less than 5 mi

About the Snapshot Year-Month Grid

General Considerations:

  • "-X" after a peak name means an unsuccessful ascent, for example "Rainier-X".
  • A parenthetical name is a non-summit goal hike, for example, "(Snow Lake Hike)" or "(Rainier)".
  • The Δ triangle symbol is a hyperlink to the detailed Ascent Page for that ascent. The peak name is a link to the Peak Page for that peak.
  • The color of the cell shows how high, prominent, isolated, or high-quality the peak/ascent is, and the color ranges are shown in the legend to the left.
  • If the color is based on altitude, prominence, or vertical gain, you can switch between meters-based ranges or feet-based ranges. These are set up to be generally equivalent.

This grid comes in seven "flavors", each one showing a different "top" peak for a month. The flavors or categories are:

  1. Highest Point Reached. Can be an unsucessful attempt or non-summit goal hike.
  2. Highest Peak Climbed. Sometimes not the same as highest point, if that point was an unsuccessful ascent or a non-summit goal hike.
  3. Most Prominent Peak climbed. Note that many peaks in the database do not yet have a prominence value.
  4. Most Isolated Peak climbed. Isolation values may not be 100% accurate, since most are cacluated to nearest higher peak in the database.
  5. Peak with most vertical gain hiked. Note that many climbers do not enter vertical gain information on their ascents. Also, if several summits are grouped in a "trip", then the total gain for all ascents in that trip is assigned to the trip high point.
  6. Peak with the highest "Quality" value--this is a subjective number from 1-10 given by the climber. Note that many climbers have not given any of their ascents quality numbers.
  7. Finally, "Top Ascents in All Categories", which shows, for each month, the unique peaks from all the 6 other categories. In many cases, one or two peaks will be the leader in the 6 categories, since often the highest peak climbed for a month is also the highest point reached, the most prominent peak, and the one with the most gain. But in some cases several peaks may appear for a month.

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