Snapshot Year/Month Grid-Highest Point Reached

Ronald Forbess's Ascents by Year/Month

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1960       Δ Russell    
1961     Δ WhitneyΔ Muir Δ North Palisade   
1962 Δ Telescope     Δ San JacintoΔ Sill   
1963    Δ San JacintoΔ TyndallΔ Williamson     
1964     Δ SplitΔ Middle Palisade Δ Longs   
1965    Δ Ritter Δ ThunderboltΔ Grand TetonΔ Abbot   
1966    Δ LeConte Δ WhitneyΔ Bear Creek SpireΔ Darwin-X   
1967     Δ San GorgonioΔ Matterhorn     
1968   Δ LukensΔ TelescopeΔ Langley-XΔ Bloody     
1971      Δ White Mountain-X     
1978        Δ White Mountain   
1980     Δ Glacier Point      
1981     Δ Half Dome      
1982     Δ Glacier Point Δ San AntonioΔ San Jacinto   
1983    Δ EchoΔ Half DomeΔ San Jacinto     
1984  Δ Lowe Δ Lowe Δ San GorgonioΔ Baden-Powell    
1985    Δ WatermanΔ TelegraphΔ Folly     
1986  Δ Lukens       Δ RyanΔ Lowe
1987      Δ Jean     
1988     Δ OntarioΔ ShieldsΔ Whitney    
1989Δ Mugu  Δ ZionΔ GrinnellΔ San BernardinoΔ San GorgonioΔ Triple Divide  Δ Inspiration 
1990  Δ MuguΔ JosephineΔ Cucamonga Δ EmersonΔ SillΔ San Antonio   
1991   Δ QuailΔ OlanchaΔ Baden-PowellΔ MatterhornΔ Goddard    
1992  Δ MarkhamΔ IronΔ HawkinsΔ WilliamsonΔ Eggishorn Δ Sandstone   
1993  Δ Mugu Δ Zion Δ Sawmill     
1994    Δ TimberΔ ZahniserΔ MuahΔ Sawtooth   Δ San Gabriel
1995 Δ SimiΔ StoddardΔ StrawberryΔ IronΔ Anderson Δ Markham    
1996Δ Sunset Δ MarkhamΔ SmithΔ CucamongaΔ Baden-Powell Δ TemescalΔ LawlorΔ San AntonioΔ StoddardΔ Pacifico
1997 Δ HollywoodΔ Sandstone Δ Liebre Δ IslipΔ StrawberryΔ HillyerΔ BareΔ WilliamsonΔ Echo
1998Δ EchoΔ Mesa   Δ PacificoΔ IslipΔ Baden-Powell Δ Baden-PowellΔ HillyerΔ Whitaker Lookout
1999 Δ LoweΔ LukensΔ RockyΔ Hillyer Δ HillyerΔ San GabrielΔ (Icehouse Saddle) Δ EchoΔ Gleason
2000Δ McKinleyΔ VerdugoΔ CalabasasΔ Mission Point Δ CucamongaΔ MarkhamΔ IslipΔ Baden-Powell Δ Will ThrallΔ Stoddard
2001  Δ BlissΔ StrawberryΔ PacificoΔ San GabrielΔ Lilienstein Δ Telegraph   
2002Δ SawmillΔ Magic Δ Skull RockΔ San GabrielΔ VetterΔ WilliamsonΔ Baden-PowellΔ HillyerΔ Mission PointΔ HollywoodΔ Markham
2003Δ Burnt Δ CalabasasΔ DisappointmentΔ WinstonΔ LoweΔ Wilson Δ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ Pleasant View RidgeΔ Verdugo 
2004Δ Mugu Δ Inspiration Point Δ HillyerΔ PacificoΔ Baden-Powell  Δ Sandstone Δ Rocky
2005 Δ VerdugoΔ JosephineΔ Mission PointΔ LoweΔ JosephineΔ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ Strawberry  Δ Saddle Peak West 
2006  Δ San VicenteΔ CahuengaΔ VetterΔ WatermanΔ HollywoodΔ Zion Δ RabbitΔ Camelback 
2007Δ RockyΔ HollywoodΔ RockyΔ Jupiter Δ Temescal  Δ San GabrielΔ (Icehouse Saddle)  
2008Δ Parker Mesa OverlookΔ CamelbackΔ StrawberryΔ LawlorΔ Stoddard  Δ GraniteΔ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ Waterman  
2009Δ ZionΔ Point Dume Δ SandstoneΔ CahuengaΔ HawkinsΔ TelegraphΔ HillyerΔ Hollywood Δ (Icehouse Saddle) 
2010Δ CalabasasΔ Inspiration Point Δ LeeΔ SunsetΔ (Icehouse Saddle)  Δ ThunderΔ StoddardΔ ZionΔ Verdugo
2011Δ VerdugoΔ RockyΔ San VicenteΔ Inspiration Point Δ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ MooneyΔ IslipΔ CahuengaΔ Baden-PowellΔ Smith 
2012Δ TemescalΔ SandstoneΔ VerdugoΔ San VicenteΔ Bighorn Δ HollywoodΔ Lowe  Δ Mission PointΔ Smith
2013  Δ JonesΔ Mission Point Δ (Icehouse Saddle) Δ MooneyΔ StrawberryΔ TemescalΔ Smith 
2014 Δ Vulture Δ CalabasasΔ San GabrielΔ IslipΔ Waterman Δ TemescalΔ Lookout Point OverlookΔ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ Turnbull Satellite
2015 Δ JosephineΔ JonesΔ San GabrielΔ Mendenhall-XΔ SmithΔ Islip Δ IslipΔ StrawberryΔ LoweΔ Lukens
2016Δ CalabasasΔ Lukens-XΔ ZionΔ Inspiration Point  Δ Baden-PowellΔ MuguΔ (Icehouse Saddle)Δ San GabrielΔ SmithΔ Vetter
2017 Δ Inspiration PointΔ TemescalΔ WatermanΔ Lookout Point OverlookΔ LukensΔ HoytΔ IslipΔ IslipΔ JonesΔ StrawberryΔ Corral Point
2018Δ TemescalΔ Topanga LookoutΔ Peak 3184 - Spacerock HalfΔ JosephineΔ Wilacre PointΔ Winston Δ Peak 1614Δ WilsonΔ WatermanΔ GreenΔ Lowe
2019Δ Peak 5495Δ Turnbull SatelliteΔ Sullivan BenchmarkΔ Workman HillΔ Stoddard Δ Temple HillΔ IslipΔ LoweΔ Peak 4355 Δ Benchmark 3302
2020Δ Redoubt           


Legend for Color Coding

20,000 feet or more
14,000 to 19,999 feet
10,000 to 13,999 feet
5,000 to 9,999 feet
2,000 to 4,999 feet
Below 2,000 ft

About the Snapshot Year-Month Grid

General Considerations:

  • "-X" after a peak name means an unsuccessful ascent, for example "Rainier-X".
  • A parenthetical name is a non-summit goal hike, for example, "(Snow Lake Hike)" or "(Rainier)".
  • The Δ triangle symbol is a hyperlink to the detailed Ascent Page for that ascent. The peak name is a link to the Peak Page for that peak.
  • The color of the cell shows how high, prominent, isolated, or high-quality the peak/ascent is, and the color ranges are shown in the legend to the left.
  • If the color is based on altitude, prominence, or vertical gain, you can switch between meters-based ranges or feet-based ranges. These are set up to be generally equivalent.

This grid comes in seven "flavors", each one showing a different "top" peak for a month. The flavors or categories are:

  1. Highest Point Reached. Can be an unsucessful attempt or non-summit goal hike.
  2. Highest Peak Climbed. Sometimes not the same as highest point, if that point was an unsuccessful ascent or a non-summit goal hike.
  3. Most Prominent Peak climbed. Note that many peaks in the database do not yet have a prominence value.
  4. Most Isolated Peak climbed. Isolation values may not be 100% accurate, since most are cacluated to nearest higher peak in the database.
  5. Peak with most vertical gain hiked. Note that many climbers do not enter vertical gain information on their ascents. Also, if several summits are grouped in a "trip", then the total gain for all ascents in that trip is assigned to the trip high point.
  6. Peak with the highest "Quality" value--this is a subjective number from 1-10 given by the climber. Note that many climbers have not given any of their ascents quality numbers.
  7. Finally, "Top Ascents in All Categories", which shows, for each month, the unique peaks from all the 6 other categories. In many cases, one or two peaks will be the leader in the 6 categories, since often the highest peak climbed for a month is also the highest point reached, the most prominent peak, and the one with the most gain. But in some cases several peaks may appear for a month.

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