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Southeast Alaska Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence

Showing Miguel Vieira's first Winter ascent dates for climbed peaks (0 out of 458, or 0%)

RankPeak Prom-Ft
Range (Level 4)Isol-MiIslandAscentsAscent Date
 Mount Saint Elias11,31518,008Southern Icefield Ranges25.4 5 
 Mount Fairweather13,02815,325Fairweather Range124.4 15 
 Mount Hubbard812614,950Southern Icefield Ranges21.0 2 
 Mount Alverstone200014,500Southern Icefield Ranges1.5 3 
 Mount Augusta514614,070Southern Icefield Ranges14.2 1 
 Mount Cook776013,760Southern Icefield Ranges14.2 0 
 Mount Root304512,887Fairweather Range4.9 0 
 Mount Crillon722612,726Fairweather Range19.2 3 
 Mount Tlingit200612,606Fairweather Range1.9 0 
 Mount Salisbury407012,170Fairweather Range2.9 0 
 Lituya Mountain372411,924Fairweather Range3.9 0 
 Mount Foresta550011,100Southern Icefield Ranges11.4 0 
 Mount Wilbur222110,821Fairweather Range5.8 0 
 Peak 10755245510,755Fairweather Range4.7 0 
 Mount La Perouse277810,728Fairweather Range6.1 0 
 Mount Lodge287110,548Fairweather Range4.6 0 
 Mount Sabine200510,405Fairweather Range2.5 0 
 Mount Seattle562610,350Southern Icefield Ranges11.1 1 
 Mount Bertha345410,204Fairweather Range3.5 1 
 Kates Needle457010,016Boundary Ranges25.9 1 
 Mount Burkett32649793Boundary Ranges13.1 0 
 Peak 930023009400Southern Icefield Ranges2.0 0 
 Mount Aylesworth46599285Southern Icefield Ranges16.6 0 
 Devils Thumb33699111Boundary Ranges6.1 4 
 Mount Wilbur22009000Fairweather Range2.4 0 
 Mount Hay38398881Fairweather Range8.3 0 
 Mount Armour23108773Southern Icefield Ranges3.4 0 
 Mount Turner21498727Fairweather Range3.2 0 
 Peak 854221428542Fairweather Range4.1 0 
 Devils Paw56208507Boundary Ranges61.6 0 
 Peak 844023408440Fairweather Range4.9 1 
 Peak 830025008400Fairweather Range3.4 0 
 Skagway High Point24398239Boundary Ranges15.7 3 
 Mount Barnard36788173Alsek Ranges12.8 0 
 Mount Nesselrode30648117Boundary Ranges18.0 0 
 Peak 801025108010Fairweather Range1.8 0 
 Peak 801023108010Fairweather Range3.6 0 
 Mount Wade26977979Southern Icefield Ranges6.2 0 
 Oasis Peak22257925Boundary Ranges6.3 0 
 Peak 780022007900Southern Icefield Ranges2.4 0 
 Lucifer23727872Boundary Ranges3.6 0 
 Mount Leland31107810Boundary Ranges13.5 0 
 Peak 781026107810Boundary Ranges4.3 0 
 Mount Queena25207720Boundary Ranges2.9 0 
 Mount Tlingit Ankawoo37947600Alsek Ranges28.9 0 
 Mount Brackett26007500Boundary Ranges3.6 0 
 Peak 740024007500Southern Icefield Ranges3.2 0 
 Sawtooth Range High Point30817477Boundary Ranges18.2 0 
 Peak 227723527470Fairweather Range6.2 0 
 Peak 732532257325Boundary Ranges7.7 0 
 Peak 720024007300Boundary Ranges4.4 0 
 The Snow Towers28007200Boundary Ranges16.7 1 
 Peak 718030807180Boundary Ranges9.3 0 
 Mount Foster23957136Boundary Ranges2.4 0 
 Peak 711531157115Alsek Ranges8.7 0 
 Peak 700025007100Boundary Ranges3.2 0 
 Peak 709128917091Boundary Ranges8.3 0 
 Peak 706521657065Boundary Ranges7.3 0 
 Peak 705529217055Boundary Ranges8.1 0 
 Peak 705021507050Boundary Ranges4.2 0 
 Mount Van Wagenen31697041Boundary Ranges5.2 0 
 Peak 704023407040Boundary Ranges7.7 0 
 Mount Bearzi25307030Boundary Ranges6.1 0 
 Peak 690034007000Boundary Ranges6.9 0 
 Sinclair Mountain38006900Boundary Ranges11.2 1 
 Mount Emmerich21006900Alsek Ranges4.8 1 
 Peak 688230116882Boundary Ranges7.9 0 
 Peak 688024806880Boundary Ranges8.2 0 
 Mount Swineford30416841Boundary Ranges4.6 1 
 Peak 683326336833Southern Icefield Ranges6.8 0 
 Peak 205947216821Boundary Ranges6.7 0 
 Peak 682036206820Boundary Ranges5.6 0 
 Mount Carmack32646808Boundary Ranges5.0 0 
 Peak 680522056805Boundary Ranges4.2 0 
 Mount Sumdum35666666Boundary Ranges13.3 1 
 Mount Rice25586658Alsek Ranges4.4 1 
 Peak 665320536653Fairweather Range3.0 0 
 Peak 663543356635Boundary Ranges6.8 0 
 Peak 662821286628Boundary Ranges3.5 0 
 Mount Livingston35006600Boundary Ranges6.2 0 
 Four Winds Mountain34916575Alsek Ranges9.0 0 
 Snow Tower61726572Boundary Ranges10.1 2 
 Mount Latady20406540Boundary Ranges2.1 0 
 Mount Seltat34066522Alsek Ranges6.3 0 
 Peak 640021006500Boundary Ranges5.0 0 
 Peak 649520956495Boundary Ranges4.4 0 
 Mount Brundage22056486Boundary Ranges2.9 0 
 Peak 646325636463Boundary Ranges3.8 0 
 Peak 645821586458Boundary Ranges4.8 0 
 Peak 642520256425Boundary Ranges2.4 0 
 Mount Hayford35006400Boundary Ranges13.3 0 
 Mount Blaine20836348Boundary Ranges2.7 0 
 Mount Adolph Knopf21006300Boundary Ranges3.5 0 
 Tracy Benchmark21006240Boundary Ranges4.3 0 
 Peak 622221226222Boundary Ranges3.5 0 
 Mount Fawcett27696214Boundary Ranges5.2 0 
 Mount Abdallah23106210Alsek Ranges7.5 0 
 Peak 610028006200Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Peak 618525856185Boundary Ranges8.4 0 
 Peak 188521826184Boundary Ranges5.4 0 
 Peak 617029706170Boundary Ranges7.6 0 
 Peak 614531456145Boundary Ranges5.4 0 
 Peak 613021306130Boundary Ranges6.6 0 
 Mount Cloud25216121Boundary Ranges6.3 0 
 Termination Peak28006100Boundary Ranges3.9 2 
 Peak 600027006100Boundary Ranges7.0 0 
 Peak 600021006100Boundary Ranges2.3 0 
 Peak 605520556055Southern Icefield Ranges3.7 0 
 Peak 590042006000Boundary Ranges17.2 0 
 Peak 598237825982Boundary Ranges8.7 0 
 Peak 594528455945Boundary Ranges4.2 0 
 Peak 590131015901Boundary Ranges8.4 0 
 Hodgkins Peak23005900Boundary Ranges6.7 0 
 Peak 580026005900Boundary Ranges2.0 0 
 Peak 580024005900Boundary Ranges2.9 0 
 Peak 587534755875Boundary Ranges4.6 0 
 Peak 586023605860Boundary Ranges3.2 0 
 Peak 582628265826Boundary Ranges5.3 0 
 Peak 581820185818Boundary Ranges2.2 0 
 Mount Young West28055805Alsek Ranges7.8 0 
 Mount Reaburn42245800Southern Icefield Ranges14.3 0 
 Peak 570026005800Alsek Ranges2.5 0 
 Chunekukleik Mountain47805780Alsek Ranges5.6 0 
 Peak 578037805780Boundary Ranges6.6 0 
 Peak 577620765776Boundary Ranges2.3 0 
 Minor Peak21515751Boundary Ranges3.6 1 
 Parsons Peak22005700Boundary Ranges3.3 0 
 Peak 568131815681Southern Icefield Ranges7.3 0 
 Mount Draper32705670Southern Icefield Ranges9.1 0 
 Peak 563625365636Boundary Ranges2.8 0 
 Mount Case48005600Alsek Ranges6.4 0 
 Peak 550021005600Boundary Ranges3.8 0 
 Peak 559025905590Boundary Ranges2.2 0 
 Peak 557030705570Boundary Ranges6.5 0 
 Mount Pinta30305530Southern Icefield Ranges9.0 0 
 Peak 550230025502Alsek Ranges7.9 0 
 Peak 540026005500Boundary Ranges1.9 0 
 Peak 548523855485Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Peak 542046255420Boundary Ranges5.8 0 
 Peak 542024205420Boundary Ranges8.0 0 
 Peak 530032005400Boundary Ranges5.5 0 
 Baranof Island High Point53905390Alexander Archipelago78.7Baranof Island0 
 Peak 539024905390Boundary Ranges5.4 0 
 Peak 536520655365Boundary Ranges3.2 0 
 Peak 534221425342Boundary Ranges5.0 0 
 Peak 532137215321Boundary Ranges9.7 0 
 Mount Aleutka27005300Fairweather Range6.2 0 
 Peak 526433645264Alsek Ranges21.9 0 
 Peak 526020605260Boundary Ranges1.8 0 
 Peak 525029505250Southern Icefield Ranges3.6 0 
 Mount Waters32375237Boundary Ranges5.1 0 
 Adam Mountains High Point29255225Boundary Ranges4.6 0 
 Triplet C Benchmark32565156Boundary Ranges8.7 0 
 Peak 509623965096Alexander Archipelago12.4Baranof Island0 
 Peak 508745875087Boundary Ranges10.6 0 
 Mount Merriam44835083Alsek Ranges13.0 0 
 Peak 508039805080Boundary Ranges4.4 0 
 Peak 504026405040Southern Icefield Ranges4.9 0 
 Peak 501220125012Boundary Ranges3.9 0 
 Mount Gallatin25795007Boundary Ranges7.7 0 
 Peak 500536055005Boundary Ranges5.7 0 
 Peak 490031005000Boundary Ranges5.0 0 
 Lincoln Peak41005000Boundary Ranges7.3 0 
 Anotherdum Peak33005000Boundary Ranges3.9 0 
 Peak 490023005000Boundary Ranges3.3 0 
 Peak 490022005000Boundary Ranges3.9 0 
 Peak 490026005000Alsek Ranges5.3 0 
 Peak 499920994999Boundary Ranges3.5 0 
 Mount Villard23654990Boundary Ranges4.5 0 
 Peak 492124214921Alexander Archipelago7.0Baranof Island0 
 Peak 491537154915Boundary Ranges4.5 0 
 Miller Peak28004900Alsek Ranges5.4 0 
 Kootznoowoo Peak49004900Alexander Archipelago31.5Admiralty Island1 
 Peak 480036004900Boundary Ranges5.3 0 
 Peak 488526854885Boundary Ranges3.8 0 
 Peak 486420644864Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Peak 480621064806Boundary Ranges4.0 0 
 Peak 470024874800Boundary Ranges3.7 0 
 Peak 477025704770Boundary Ranges3.5 0 
 Baranof Peak 460021004700Alexander Archipelago3.9Baranof Island0 
 Mount Stamy24854685Southern Icefield Ranges3.8 0 
 Eagle Peak29504650Alexander Archipelago18.3Admiralty Island2 
 Peak 464922494649Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Peak 464722474647Boundary Ranges3.8 0 
 Peak 460220164602Boundary Ranges2.6 0 
 Reflection Peak42424600Boundary Ranges6.8 0 
 Mount Reid45924592Alexander Archipelago22.9Revillagigedo Island1 
 Mount Hendrickson44594590Southern Icefield Ranges10.7 0 
 Peak 456022604560Boundary Ranges4.0 0 
 Peak 455026504550Boundary Ranges4.1 0 
 Mount Ada44284528Alexander Archipelago19.3Baranof Island0 
 Peak 451626364516Alexander Archipelago10.4Admiralty Island0 
 Winstanley Point32004500Boundary Ranges12.2 1 
 Peak 440030004500Boundary Ranges3.0 0 
 Peak 449830984498Fairweather Range3.1 0 
 Peak 446940694469Alexander Archipelago13.4Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 446920694469Alexander Archipelago4.0Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 444829484448Boundary Ranges6.4 0 
 Peak 442223224422Boundary Ranges6.9 0 
 Peak 440222024402Boundary Ranges5.4 0 
 Randolph Peak44004400Alexander Archipelago14.5Admiralty Island1 
 Peak 430026004400Alexander Archipelago4.8Baranof Island0 
 Peak 430023004400Boundary Ranges4.6 0 
 Peak 430525054305Boundary Ranges2.8 0 
 Bear Mountain27004300Alexander Archipelago3.4Baranof Island1 
 Peak 420025004300Alexander Archipelago4.5Baranof Island0 
 Peak 420025004300Boundary Ranges3.9 0 
 Peak 420023004300Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Mount Tebenkof24804280Southern Icefield Ranges6.4 0 
 Edith Benchmark23754275Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Blackthorn Peak21004200Fairweather Range2.5 0 
 Peak 410036004200Boundary Ranges3.6 0 
 Peak 410023004200Boundary Ranges7.5 0 
 Peak 410023004200Alexander Archipelago2.4Baranof Island0 
 Peak 410024004200Alsek Ranges2.8 0 
 Peak 419024904190Boundary Ranges5.3 0 
 Annex Peak21704170Boundary Ranges5.6 2 
 Peak 416527654165Alsek Ranges2.3 0 
 Peak 413020054130Boundary Ranges2.8 0 
 Peak 411128094111Boundary Ranges6.2 0 
 Peak 411023104110Alexander Archipelago6.0Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 411020104110Alexander Archipelago3.9Revillagigedo Island0 
 Jefferson Peak22754075Boundary Ranges4.3 0 
 Peak 406120614061Boundary Ranges1.4 0 
 Peak 405424544054Alexander Archipelago10.1Baranof Island0 
 Peak 404031404040Boundary Ranges2.8 0 
 Peak 403632364036Boundary Ranges3.3 0 
 Peak 403022304030Alexander Archipelago7.7Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 402127214021Boundary Ranges6.0 0 
 Sherman Peak40004000Alexander Archipelago13.7Kupreanof Island1 
 Thayer Mountain34004000Alexander Archipelago5.3Admiralty Island0 
 Etolin Island High Point40004000Alexander Archipelago22.3Etolin Island0 
 Prince of Wales High Point39963996Alexander Archipelago56.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 396027603960Alexander Archipelago3.8Baranof Island0 
 Peak 392533253925Alexander Archipelago4.4Revillagigedo Island0 
 Red Mountain25203920Alexander Archipelago13.2Etolin Island0 
 Copper Mountain37163916Alexander Archipelago23.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Bessie Peak39153915Alexander Archipelago2.6Etolin Island0 
 Chichagof Island High Point39093909Alexander Archipelago21.9Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 390525053905Alsek Ranges4.3 0 
 Peak 380025003900Southern Icefield Ranges4.1 0 
 Tarn Mountain20003900Alexander Archipelago4.6Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 387038703870Alexander Archipelago9.3Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 385633563856Boundary Ranges2.6 0 
 Peak 385527453855Alexander Archipelago3.4Admiralty Island0 
 Bear Pass Mountain36533853Alexander Archipelago25.9Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 384533453845Boundary Ranges4.7 0 
 Peak 382223773822Boundary Ranges3.2 0 
 Pegmatite Mountain35113811Alexander Archipelago33.9Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 380220023802Alexander Archipelago4.5Baranof Island0 
 Mount Distik35013801Alexander Archipelago10.3Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 370026003800Boundary Ranges3.0 0 
 De Long Peak35003800Alexander Archipelago6.8Kupreanof Island0 
 Peak 378824883788Alexander Archipelago7.8Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 376832683768Alexander Archipelago12.6Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 376731673767Alexander Archipelago5.4Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 375833583758Boundary Ranges4.2 0 
 Peak 374729473747Boundary Ranges2.7 0 
 Wrangell Peak26473747Boundary Ranges9.0 0 
 Peak 374029403740Alexander Archipelago3.2Baranof Island0 
 Duncan Peaks35503700Alexander Archipelago7.2Kupreanof Island0 
 Peak 360023003700Alexander Archipelago4.7Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 360033003700Alsek Ranges3.1 0 
 Peak 366625663666Boundary Ranges3.6 0 
 Wilkes Range high point29553655Boundary Ranges2.7 0 
 Peak 362825283628Fairweather Range1.7 0 
 Peak 362621263626Alexander Archipelago3.9Admiralty Island0 
 Mount Raatikainen35133613Alexander Archipelago6.3Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 361023103610Fairweather Range7.9 0 
 South Kuiu Island High Point36003600Alexander Archipelago18.6Kuiu Island0 
 Peak 359232923592Alexander Archipelago3.4Admiralty Island0 
 Tamgas Mountain35913591Alexander Archipelago33.2Annette Island0 
 Peak 358027803580Alexander Archipelago13.4Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 357921793579Alexander Archipelago3.0Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 357021703570Boundary Ranges1.7 0 
 Kuiu Island High Point35423542Alexander Archipelago14.5Kuiu Island0 
 Dahlgren Peak33393539Boundary Ranges7.6 0 
 Peak 353727373537Alexander Archipelago2.2Baranof Island0 
 Eudora Mountain30153515Alexander Archipelago4.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Twin Rift22023502Boundary Ranges3.0 0 
 Gap Mountain26953495Boundary Ranges5.0 0 
 Mount Robert Barron34753475Alexander Archipelago10.6Admiralty Island0 
 Douglas Island High Point34583458Alexander Archipelago7.6Douglas Island5 
 Peak 343026303430Alexander Archipelago6.0Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 340628063406Alexander Archipelago3.2Chichagof Island0 
 De Langle Mountain24003400Fairweather Range.0 0 
 Peak 330028003400Alexander Archipelago3.9Baranof Island0 
 Peak 330027003400Alexander Archipelago3.4Baranof Island0 
 Peak 330023003400Alexander Archipelago3.4Baranof Island0 
 Peak 339725973397Alexander Archipelago3.4Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 339522953395Alexander Archipelago6.0Chichagof Island0 
 Harris Peak20923392Alexander Archipelago4.7Prince of Wales Island1 
 Peak 339032403390Fairweather Range8.5 0 
 Mahoney Mountain30833383Alexander Archipelago15.7Revillagigedo Island2 
 Bev30833383Alexander Archipelago10.6Admiralty Island0 
 Mount Calder32703370Alexander Archipelago31.2Prince of Wales Island0 
 Bald Mountain21563356Fairweather Range3.6 0 
 Barren Mountain29353335Alexander Archipelago8.1Prince of Wales Island0 
 Middle Mountain28283328Alexander Archipelago9.6Admiralty Island0 
 Crag Mountain20263326Alexander Archipelago3.3Chichagof Island0 
 Crystal Mountain33173317Alexander Archipelago19.0Mitkof Island4 
 Washburn Peak28013316Alexander Archipelago3.0Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 330527053305Alexander Archipelago4.3Admiralty Island0 
 Wrangell Island High Point33003300Alexander Archipelago8.5Wrangell Island0 
 Cone Mountain25003300Boundary Ranges6.6 0 
 Peak 320022003300Boundary Ranges7.1 0 
 White Cap Mountain31993299Fairweather Range10.1 0 
 Tlingit Peak29743274Fairweather Range2.0 0 
 Mount Lydonia30623262Alexander Archipelago10.7Chichagof Island0 
 Freeburn Mountain29583258Alexander Archipelago6.4Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 325021153250Alexander Archipelago2.2Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 325021503250Alexander Archipelago4.8Baranof Island0 
 Peak 324929183249Alexander Archipelago9.1Kupreanof Island0 
 Mount Woronkofski32403240Alexander Archipelago8.4Woronkofski Island0 
 Pinnacle Peak20153215Alexander Archipelago3.2Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 321022103210Alexander Archipelago8.3Kuiu Island0 
 Peak 320624063206Alexander Archipelago6.9Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 320527053205Alexander Archipelago7.1Chichagof Island0 
 Mount Edgecumbe32013201Alexander Archipelago16.5Kruzof Island3 
 Peak 310026003200Alexander Archipelago5.2Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 310022003200Alexander Archipelago3.0Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 310022003200Alexander Archipelago7.2Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 318624863186Boundary Ranges4.5 0 
 Jamestown Peak25723172Boundary Ranges4.0 0 
 Peak 316623663166Alexander Archipelago4.8Kupreanof Island0 
 Rock Butte21653165Alexander Archipelago2.6Prince of Wales Island0 
 Manty Mountain28563156Alexander Archipelago18.2Prince of Wales Island0 
 Pyramid Peak24483148Alexander Archipelago2.1Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 314721473147Alexander Archipelago7.2Revillagigedo Island0 
 Cleveland Peninsula High Point30443144Boundary Ranges21.7 0 
 Peak 313930393139Alexander Archipelago6.5Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 313327333133Alexander Archipelago4.8Wrangell Island0 
 Thunder Mountain31103110Alexander Archipelago24.5Dall Island1 
 The Nipples31043104Alexander Archipelago9.3Kosciusko Island0 
 East Mitkof Island High Point31003100Alexander Archipelago5.7Mitkof Island0 
 Peak 300028003100Alexander Archipelago11.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 300024003100Alexander Archipelago3.5Wrangell Island0 
 Peak 300021003100Alexander Archipelago4.0Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 308520853085Boundary Ranges2.5 0 
 Peak 308327833083Alexander Archipelago5.4Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 307921793079Alexander Archipelago6.5Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 307525753075Alexander Archipelago10.4Chichagof Island0 
 Baird Peak23643064Alexander Archipelago5.4Prince of Wales Island1 
 Peak 306130613061Boundary Ranges6.0 0 
 Perue Peak21603060Alexander Archipelago3.6Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 305129513051Alexander Archipelago7.1Etolin Island0 
 Peak 305121513051Alexander Archipelago6.8Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 304524453045Alexander Archipelago6.8Chichagof Island0 
 Red Bay Mountain24423042Alexander Archipelago5.0Prince of Wales Island0 
 Mount Hill22283028Alexander Archipelago.7Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 302025993020Alexander Archipelago10.3Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 302021053020Alexander Archipelago2.8Chichagof Island0 
 South Mountain28183018Boundary Ranges10.8 0 
 Nakat Mountain26003000Boundary Ranges4.2 0 
 Peak 290026003000Alexander Archipelago4.0Baranof Island0 
 Peak 290022003000Alexander Archipelago2.3Chichagof Island0 
 Neka Mountain24722972Alexander Archipelago5.2Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 297029692970Alexander Archipelago4.3Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 295624562956Boundary Ranges3.0 0 
 Peak 295527552955Alexander Archipelago4.2Mitkof Island0 
 Mount Althorp22332933Alexander Archipelago4.0Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 293023152930Alexander Archipelago4.6Wrangell Island0 
 View Benchmark21302930Alexander Archipelago6.3Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 292727272927Alexander Archipelago3.6Etolin Island0 
 Sunny Hay Mountain25202920Alexander Archipelago7.9Prince of Wales Island2 
 Chenango Mountain25052905Alexander Archipelago9.0Annette Island0 
 Mike Benchmark22042904Alexander Archipelago5.2Chichagof Island0 
 Yakobi Island High Point29002900Alexander Archipelago5.5Yakobi Island0 
 Kuiu Peak 280029002900Alexander Archipelago5.4Kuiu Island0 
 Peak 86024442887Alexander Archipelago3.0Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 288323372883Alexander Archipelago2.6Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 288027802880Alexander Archipelago3.6Etolin Island0 
 Peak 286925692869Boundary Ranges4.0 0 
 Peak 286923692869Alexander Archipelago3.4Prince of Wales Island0 
 Turn Mountain28672867Alexander Archipelago17.1Kupreanof Island0 
 North Quadra Mountain25612861Boundary Ranges10.0 0 
 Peak 284822482848Alexander Archipelago6.3Chichagof Island0 
 Kasaan Mountain27462846Alexander Archipelago9.5Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 284524452845Alexander Archipelago7.6Chichagof Island0 
 Cross Benchmark25412841Alexander Archipelago7.7Baranof Island0 
 Mount Wood25362836Fairweather Range2.8 0 
 Center Benchmark24092809Alexander Archipelago8.5Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 280624062806Fairweather Range.9 0 
 Bald Mountain28002800Alexander Archipelago15.2Heceta Island0 
 Manzanita Peak26002800Alexander Archipelago3.4Mitkof Island1 
 Peak 270022002800Alexander Archipelago3.5Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 270022002800Alexander Archipelago3.6Chichagof Island0 
 Next Benchmark21952795Alexander Archipelago2.4Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 278226822782Alexander Archipelago5.9Wrangell Island0 
 Mount Kolloen26802780Alexander Archipelago5.9Baranof Island0 
 Hugh Miller Mountain27652765Fairweather Range4.1 0 
 Peak 276025602760Alexander Archipelago3.2Chichagof Island0 
 Wheeler Peak20312731Alexander Archipelago2.4Admiralty Island0 
 Chapin Peak27302730Alexander Archipelago10.9Gravina Island0 
 Peak 272423242724Alexander Archipelago6.2Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 272025202720Alexander Archipelago3.0Chichagof Island0 
 Peak 271724172717Alexander Archipelago3.3Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 271327132713Alexander Archipelago22.0Prince of Wales Island0 
 Table Mountain22012701Alexander Archipelago3.6Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 260022002700Alexander Archipelago6.1Dall Island0 
 Mount Francis24902690Alexander Archipelago5.9Kosciusko Island0 
 Peak 266325632663Boundary Ranges7.6 0 
 Peak 264920492649Alexander Archipelago3.2Wrangell Island0 
 Holbrook Mountain24482648Alexander Archipelago5.6Kosciusko Island0 
 Jim Benchmark26442644Fairweather Range6.6 0 
 Peak 263421342634Boundary Ranges3.4 0 
 Twin Mountain21302630Alexander Archipelago2.4Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 262123212621Alexander Archipelago3.2Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 260524052605Alexander Archipelago6.3Kupreanof Island0 
 Peak 260225022602Alexander Archipelago5.9Mitkof Island0 
 Noyes Peak26002600Alexander Archipelago13.5Noyes Island0 
 Beauclero Peak26002600Alexander Archipelago7.9Kuiu Island0 
 Peak 250021002600Boundary Ranges1.9 0 
 Bokan Mountain23002600Alexander Archipelago5.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 259523952595Boundary Ranges9.4 0 
 Peak 259520952595Alexander Archipelago5.3Prince of Wales Island0 
 Peak 258823882588Alexander Archipelago3.1Prince of Wales Island0 
 Shed Mountain22852585Boundary Ranges3.1 0 
 Peak 256523652565Alexander Archipelago9.1Kupreanof Island0 
 Bob Benchmark24502550Fairweather Range3.2 0 
 Peak 254925492549Alexander Archipelago3.6Deer Island [Wrangell]0 
 Peak 254020402540Alexander Archipelago3.0Revillagigedo Island0 
 Peak 254023402540Alexander Archipelago12.5Kupreanof Island0 
 Peak 253521352535Boundary Ranges9.1 0 
 Red Benchmark22332533Fairweather Range4.7 0 
 Peak 252125212521Alexander Archipelago2.7 0 
 Kupreanof Mountain21112511Alexander Archipelago6.1Kupreanof Island0 
 Peak 251022102510Alexander Archipelago5.6Prince of Wales Island0 
 High Mountain24062506Alexander Archipelago4.9Gravina Island0 
 Peak 240024002500Boundary Ranges3.6 0 
 Peak 240023002500Alexander Archipelago3.4Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 240023002500Boundary Ranges1.9 0 
 Zarembo Island High Point24942494Alexander Archipelago8.7Zarembo Island0 
 Ridge Benchmark24922492Alexander Archipelago2.8Farm Island0 
 Peak 246921692469Boundary Ranges3.1 0 
 Dry Island High Point24682468Alexander Archipelago5.1Dry Island0 
 Peak 244420442444Alexander Archipelago4.1Zarembo Island0 
 Gilbert Peninsula High Point24112412Fairweather Range4.4 0 
 Hassler Island High Point24002400Alexander Archipelago3.0Hassler Island0 
 Mount Howard24002400Alexander Archipelago8.5Kuiu Island0 
 Peak 230023002400Alexander Archipelago7.2Prince of Wales Island0 
 Table Mountain Benchmark22622362Fairweather Range6.9 0 
 Peak 235022502350Alexander Archipelago8.6Kruzof Island0 
 Peak 234923492349Fairweather Range4.0 0 
 Warren Peak23292329Alexander Archipelago14.4Warren Island0 
 Peak 232022202320Fairweather Range2.6 0 
 Peak 230420042304Alexander Archipelago5.7Kuiu Island0 
 San Juan Bautista Island High Point23002300Alexander Archipelago7.2San Juan Bautista Island0 
 Sukkwan Island High Point23002300Alexander Archipelago5.5Sukkwan Island0 
 Hood21962296Alexander Archipelago3.6Admiralty Island0 
 Baker Island High Point22852285Alexander Archipelago11.4Baker Island0 
 Catherine Island High Point22562256Alexander Archipelago4.8Catherine Island0 
 Stripe Mountain21402240Alexander Archipelago11.2Dall Island0 
 Lone Mountain21002231Alexander Archipelago3.9Admiralty Island0 
 Peak 222122212221Alexander Archipelago4.6Prince of Wales Island0 
 Lemesurier Island High Point21802180Alexander Archipelago5.5Lemesurier Island0 
 Suemez Island High Point21452145Alexander Archipelago11.8Suemez Island0 
 Steamer Knoll20152115Alexander Archipelago2.1Etolin Island0 

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List Description

This list is a very strong contender for the hardest list on this site to complete, not just in sheer number of peaks, but also in technical and logistical challenge. The list contains difficult icy giants like Mount Saint Elias and Fairweather, rock climbing challenges on icefield nunataks, and lots of rough forest travel on the lower island peaks. Hazards include generally bad weather, avalanches, crevasses, steep and brushy lowland slopes, and grizzly bears.


Many thanks to Ben Still and Steve Gruhn of Alaska, who did almost all of the original prominence research for this list.


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