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You can enter information about your ascent on this page. The only required items are in the top row:


  • A date (just the year if that's all you know)
  • If you were successful (default=yes)
  • The name of the peak you climbed.

All other information is optional--enter as much (or as little) as you like. Once you save this ascent, it will appear in the various lists on this site.

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For example, Class 2, Grade IV, YDS 5.7, PD+, or anything else.

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If you attained summit on your own power, leave blank.

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A subjective measure of a climb's quality on a scale of 1 to 10. A "10" is a challenging, high-quality ascent; a "1" is a trivial hike.

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The motorized transport used before you started walking/climbing.


Use the dropdowns to enter the weather conditions when you were at the summit. Free-from weather comments can be added below.

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Separate names with a comma. If you have a Buddy List, use the drop-down to add names with codes. Or, just type in names.  Special First Characters: "+" (plus) Person who went on ahead; "-" (minus) Stayed behind; "*" (star) Guide.

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A "Trip" is a group of "Ascents" with no motorized travel between them, such as a traverse hike of a range where several peaks are climbed.

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No GPS Data for this Ascent

You can upload a GPX file that shows your ascent route.

  • Select a file, then click the preview button to make sure the file shows what you expect.
  • If the preview map looks good, then your tracks and waypoints will automatically be saved with your ascent.
  • There is a limit of 3000 total points per file, so GPX files over that limit must be subset. There are other restrictions, too--see the help link below for more info.
  • Click here for help on GPS data upload.

Data Privacy

Hide this ascent from the public--only you, and 'buddies' you select, will be able to see this ascent. More Info Here

Wilderness Nights out on Single Ascent Trip: 

If a single ascent took more than a day, you can optionally enter the number of nights you camped out here.
Additionally, if you enter a number above, a grid of day-by-day statistics will appear below. You then have the option of entering as much data as you want about each day of your ascent.

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