Personal Lists Created by Deividas Valaitis

Showing Deividas Valaitis's Ascents

This table shows queries/lists that Deividas Valaitis has created and saved using the Query Tool or the "Pick and Choose" list building capability. Use the List Search page to search for lists created by other climbers.

TypeList/Query NameLocationWish List FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
P & C  2022 ScotlandEurope-UK-Scotland FRL11100Broad Law2022-11-20 A1 
P & C  2023 CanadaN.A. FRL12     
P & C  2023 PhilippinesAsia-Philippines FRL8675Mount Pulag2023-04-26 A1 
P & C  2023 Thailand, Vietnam, LaosAsia FRL7     
P & C  2024 TansaniaAfrica-Tanzania FRL9     
P & C  2111 - AT-CH-FR-ITEurope FRL764660.53Einstein2022-08-09 A1 
P & C  2203Europe FRL281242.86Ivanščica2022-07-21 B1 
P & C  2203 FR-ES-PTEurope FRL211780.95Irumugarrieta2022-04-11 A1 
P & C  2204 AT-ITEurope FRL161275Hoher Dachstein2022-04-24 A1 
P & C  2206 AG-MYWorld FRL44100Gunung Tahan2022-06-22 A1 
P & C  2208Europe FRL531833.96Einstein2022-08-09 A1 
P & C  2211 AGS.A.-Argentina FRL6583.33Cerro Castillejos2022-12-09 A1 
P & C  23 MongoliaAsia-Mongolia FRL6     
P & C  23 Nic-CRN.A. FRL151066.67Cerro Rabo de Mico2023-01-14 A1 
Query  Australia P600Oceania-Australia FRL129     
Query  Austria-Oberösterreich P600Europe-Austria-Oberösterreich FRL151386.67Kasberg2022-07-15 A1 
Query  Austria-Steiermark P600Europe-Austria-Steiermark FRL402972.5Geierhaupt2022-07-17 A1 
Query  Azerbaijan P600Europe-Azerbaijan FRL4     
Query  Azores P600Europe-Portugal-Açores FRL88100Pica da Vara2021-05-13 A1 
Query  Balkan Peninsula P600Europe FRL2004020Snežnik2022-07-20 C1 
Query  BE-ALLEurope-Belgium FRL11981.82Kemmelberg2022-08-15 B1 
Query  Belgrade P600 R455Europe FRL197189.14Ivanščica2022-07-21 B1 
Query  Bucharest P600 R610 World FRL1973316.75Uludag Tepe2022-06-28 A1 
Query  Bulgaria P600Europe-Bulgaria FRL23521.74Tsigansko Gradishte2019-09-15 A1 
Query  Carpathian Mountains P600Europe FRL512549.02Csóványos2021-10-31 A1 
Query  Central America Ranges (Level 2)N.A. FRL185168.65Cerro Chirripó2023-01-13 A1 
Query  Central England-East Anglia (Level 5)Europe-UK-England FRL8112.5Haddington Hill2019-04-27 E1 
Query  Central Neovolcanica (Level 4)N.A.-Mexico FRL2926.9Cerro de Chapultepec2013-05-31 
Query  Chile P600S.A.-Chile FRL138     
Query  Clingmans Dome, Tennessee/North Carolina, R=43N.A.-USA FRL19431.55Mount Love2013-11-30 
Query  Cordillera Neovolcanica (Level 3)N.A.-Mexico FRL5723.51Cerro de Chapultepec2013-05-31 
Query  Corsa P600Europe-France-Corsica FRL99100Cima di e Follicie2020-07-29 A1 
Query  Costa Rica P600N.A.-Costa Rica FRL16743.75Cerro Rabo de Mico2023-01-14 A1 
Query  Creta P600Europe-Greece-Crete FRL1212100Afentis Stavromenos2021-09-15 A1 
Query  Croatia P600Europe-Croatia FRL22418.18Ivanščica2022-07-21 B1 
Query  Cyprus P600Asia-Cyprus FRL2     
Query  Czech Republic - ALLEurope-Czech Republic FRL985253.06Bezdez2022-03-20 A1 
P & C  Deividas Valaitis's Life ListWorld FRL6233.33Piton des Neiges2013-02-23 A1 
P & C  Deividas Valaitis's Wish ListEurope FRL942627.66Wilder Kaiser2022-07-25 A1 
Query  Dinara 250 km 600mpEurope FRL8889.09Ivanščica2022-07-21 B1 
Query  East Africa Mountains P600Africa FRL681014.71Longonot2022-01-20 A1 
Query  Finland ALLEurope-Finland FRL5735.26Aavasaksa2016-09-04 A1 
Query  Georgia P600Asia-Georgia FRL15     
Query  Girona P600 R475Europe FRL1994723.62Pico de Aneto2022-09-08 A1 
Query  Girona R180Europe FRL19973.52Turó de l'Home2017-05-30 A1 
Query  Gran Baloon R135Europe FRL19694.59Chasseral2021-11-07 B1 
Query  Greece P1000Europe-Greece FRL573357.89Atáviros2021-09-19 A1 
Query  Greece P1500Europe-Greece FRL181583.33Spathi2021-09-12 A1 
Query  Greece P600Europe-Greece FRL1859350.27Profitis Ilias2021-09-22 A1 
Query  Greek Islands P600Europe FRL824757.32Profitis Ilias2021-09-22 A1 
Query  Hungary P600Europe-Hungary FRL44100Csóványos2021-10-31 A1 
Query  Iceland P600 R1410World FRL1962412.24Ben Vorlich2022-11-22 A1 
Query  Innsbruck R50Europe FRL189147.41Staffel2022-04-18 A1 
Query  Ireland P600Europe-Ireland FRL2424100Benwee2022-05-15 A1 
Query  Italian Peninsula and Islands P600Europe FRL1457249.66Monte Oramara2021-11-15 B1 
Query  Italy P1000Europe-Italy FRL993434.34Monte Tamai2022-07-24 A1 
Query  Jerta R200 P600Europe FRL19931.51Koppartind2021-08-03 B1 
Query  Kenya P600Africa-Kenya FRL12758.33Longonot2022-01-20 A1 
Query  Lesser Caucasus (Level 3)Europe FRL8     
Query  Luton R178Europe-UK FRL19694.59Barr Beacon2022-11-18 A2 
Query  Malaysia - P600Asia-Malaysia FRL2129.52Gunung Tahan2022-06-22 A1 
Query  Mongolia p1500Asia-Mongolia FRL18     
Query  Mongolia P600Asia-Mongolia FRL20     
Query  Morocco P600Africa-Morocco FRL24625Jebel Tidirhine2022-09-04 A1 
Query  Netherlands - allEurope-Netherlands FRL5240Sint-Pietersberg2022-08-10 A1 
Query  Nevado Sajama P600 R2300S.A. FRL19552.56Cerro Castillejos2022-12-09 A1 
Query  Norway P600 - NordlandEurope-Norway-Nordland FRL17095.29Haveren2021-08-01 A1 
Query  Norway P600 Troms and FinmarkEurope-Norway-Troms og Finnmark FRL15221.32Koppartind2021-08-03 B1 
Query  Orobie Alps P600Europe-Italy-Lomb. FRL13861.54Monte Torrezzo2021-11-16 A1 
Query  Oslo P600 R345Europe FRL19521.03Helagsfjället2021-07-19 A1 
Query  PL-ALLEurope-Poland FRL49816.33Turbacz2019-07-12 A1 
Query  Poland ALLEurope-Poland FRL9399.68Turbacz2019-07-12 A1 
Query  Portugal P600Europe-Portugal FRL191684.21Bornes2022-04-08 A1 
Query  Prague P2000 R7250World FRL1962412.24Mount Cameroon2023-03-03 A1 
Query  Prague R3500 P1500World FRL1936232.12Davraz Tepe2022-09-28 A1 
Query  Prague R395 P600Europe FRL18912063.49Hochplatte2022-08-08 A1 
Query  Prague R825 P1000Europe FRL1976734.01Wilder Kaiser2022-07-25 A1 
Query  Pyrenees P600Europe FRL631320.63Pico de Aneto2022-09-08 A1 
Query  Romania P600Europe-Romania FRL37     
Query  Russia P600Europe-Russia FRL111     
Query  Serbia P600Europe-Serbia FRL1815.56Midžor2018-09-05 A1 
Query  Sicily P600Europe-Italy-Sic. FRL201890Monte Falcone2020-09-15 A1 
Query  Slovakia P600Europe-Slovakia FRL1616100Vihorlat2021-10-30 B1 
Query  South Wales (Level 5)Europe-UK FRL78911.54Pen y Gadair Fawr2019-04-28 A2 
Query  Southeast Baltic Plains (Level 3)Europe FRL161275Großer Müggelberg2019-08-27 A1 
Query  Southwest England-Channel Islands (Level 5)Europe FRL39     
Query  Spain P1000Europe-Spain FRL331648.48Torrecerredo2022-09-10 A1 
Query  Spain P600Europe-Spain FRL1686639.29La Serrota2022-09-11 A1 
Query  St. TropezEurope FRL73810.96Cime du Cheiron2021-11-13 B1 
Query  Store Haldi R2600 P1000World FRL1974221.32Wilder Kaiser2022-07-25 A1 
Query  Teide (R500km)Africa FRL5547.27Pico de Teide2015-11-06 B2 
Query  Transylvanian Alps (Level 3)Europe-Romania FRL35     
Query  Turkey P600World-Turkey FRL12875.47Davraz Tepe2022-09-28 A1 
Query  Uganda P600Africa-Uganda FRL6350Mount Elgon2022-01-09 A1 
Query  Ukraine P600Europe-Ukraine FRL14214.29Gora Goverla2017-07-31 A1 
Query  USA-TX P600N.A.-USA-TX FRL1218.33Guadalupe Peak2019-11-29 A1 
Query  US-IL-ALLN.A.-USA-IL FRL124     
Query  US-WI-ALLN.A.-USA-WI FRL11021.82Timms Hill2013-11-26 
Query  Venice P600 R215Europe FRL1985829.29Monte Bívera2022-07-24 B1 

About Personal Lists

Registered users of can create their own lists. The site hosts hundreds of well-known and popular lists on the Peak Lists page, but many users will want to create a collections of peaks that speaks to their climbing interests or goals.

There are two kinds of Personal List a user can create:

  • Query List: Create one on this page. These lists are the results of a query against the peak database, and include peaks based on strict criteria, such as elevation, location, prominence, and other metrics. To create one, you can use the query tool to input your criteria, run the query, tweak the criteria until you get results you are happy with, and then save the results as a list.
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The table on this page shows both kinds of lists. The "Query Edit" button for a list is only present for Query Lists, and will allow you to change the query criteria that generated that list. The "List Edit" link allows you to change the List title, description, columns, and other properties of the list, and will work for both kinds of lists.

Wish List: Your "Wish List" is a special kind of Pick-and-Choose List. When selecting peaks to add to it, you can only add peaks you have not yet climbed. And once you climb a peak on your Wish List, it is automatically removed from your Wish List. The Wish List also lets others know your upcoming plans, and is used for map shading. It is a good idea to give your Wish List a name that reflects it special status, for example, "John Smith's Wish List".

To make a Pick-and-Choose list your Wish List, click the "List Edit" link for a list, and check the Wish List checkbox on the page. This will set that list to be your Wish List. If you have a current wish list, it will not be deleted, it will remain as a regular Pick-and-Choose list.

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