Personal Lists Created by Brett Moffatt

Showing Brett Moffatt's Ascents

This table shows queries/lists that Brett Moffatt has created and saved using the Query Tool or the "Pick and Choose" list building capability. Use the List Search page to search for lists created by other climbers.

TypeList/Query NameLocationWish List FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Query  100 Most P (250 miles)N.A.-USA FRL1004343Mount Hoffman2020-10-12 a9
Query  100 P1K in 100 MilesN.A.-USA-CA FRL1006868Markleeville Peak2020-06-1012
Query  111 Mile Radius . 5 Mile IsolationN.A.-USA FRL1257459.2Snow Valley Peak2020-09-25 a 
Query  175 mile P1KN.A.-USA FRL35611732.87Antelope Mountain2020-10-08 b 
P & C  2020 target listN.A.-USAWish ListFRL77    7
P & C  44 Counties Top 4N.A.-USA-CA FRL1579661.15Happy Camp Mountain2020-10-11 c 
Query  Alameda CountyN.A.-USA-CA FRL632539.68Peak 15642020-10-03 b 
Query  Berryessa Peak 40 Mile RadiusN.A.-USA-CA FRL27216159.19Zim Zim Ridge2020-05-02 b 
P & C  Bigger Short Term GoalsN.A.-USA FRL17    11
Query  CA 50 Most ProminentN.A.-USA-CA FRL502652Eagle Peak2020-10-10 
Query  CA 500 Most Prominent N.A.-USA-CA FRL50012424.8Mount Hoffman2020-10-12 a4
Query  CA Top 100 PN.A.-USA-CA FRL1004343Fredonyer Peak2020-10-11 b 
Query  CA Top 200 PN.A.-USA-CA FRL2007537.5Mount Hoffman2020-10-12 a 
Query  CA Top 3000 P's w/i 101 milesN.A.-USA-CA FRL26214555.34Crane Ridge2020-10-03 a 
Query  CA Top Iso-Prominent (75)N.A.-USA-CA FRL753850.67Mount Hoffman2020-10-12 a 
P & C  Cal Coastal Short ListN.A.-USA-CA FRL995454.55Cerro Romualdo2019-11-30 
P & C  Cal County Coolest PeaksN.A.-USA-CA FRL351748.57Mokelumne Peak2018-09-08 
Query  California 1 - 1.5 PKN.A.-USA-CA FRL5005410.8Happy Camp Mountain2020-10-11 c 
Query  California 1.5 - 2 PKN.A.-USA-CA FRL1893417.99Likely Mountain2020-10-09 c 
P & C  California Range 5 HPsN.A.-USA-CA FRL854249.41Fredonyer Peak2020-10-11 b 
Query  Contra Costa CountyN.A.-USA-CA FRL1025553.92Mount Olympia2020-07-03 f 
Query  Desolation WildernessN.A.-USA-CA FRL411126.83Dicks Peak2019-09-09 b 
Query  Diablo Range N.A.-USA-CA FRL4519621.29Yerba Benchmark2020-10-03 c 
P & C  Drive Ups (or nearly so)N.A.-USA FRL1173933.33Stukel Mountain2020-10-12 c 
Query  East Bay 300'sN.A.-USA-CA FRL744358.11Peak 15642020-10-03 b 
P & C  Greater Bay Area PrioritiesN.A.-USA-CA FRL69     
P & C  Greater Bay Area Top 100N.A.-USA-CA FRL897280.9El Toro2020-07-213
Query  Greater Bay Region 75 Most Prominent on PBN.A.-USA-CA FRL766281.58El Toro2020-07-21 
P & C  Intriguing 'No Ascent' PeaksN.A.-USA-CA FRL72     
Query  Isolation 36K+N.A.-USA FRL492346.94Fredonyer Peak2020-10-11 b 
Query  Marin CountyN.A.-USA-CA FRL1214234.71Pilot Knob2020-09-18 d 
P & C  Midfield To Do ListN.A.-USA FRL155     
Query  Napa County (all)N.A.-USA-CA FRL1097064.22Zim Zim Ridge2020-05-02 b 
Query  North Bay Region 100MN.A.-USA-CA FRL21314266.67Bald Hill2020-09-18 c 
Query  P 240N.A.-USA FRL40214135.07Antelope Mountain2020-10-08 b 
Query  P3.2KN.A.-USA FRL1212319.01Eagle Peak2020-10-10 
Query  P350 w/i 200 MilesN.A.-USA FRL37511029.33Happy Camp Mountain2020-10-11 c 
Query  SF Bay Region P500'sN.A.-USA-CA FRL17412068.97Crane Ridge2020-10-03 a5
P & C  Sierra Nevada's Most ProminentN.A.-USA FRL813340.74Breckenridge Mountain2020-07-26 
Query  Sonoma CountyN.A.-USA-CA FRL902426.67Peak 9162019-06-07 
Query  South Bay 100MN.A.-USA-CA FRL1735330.64Yerba Benchmark2020-10-03 c 
P & C  Target P400MsN.A.-USA FRL157    6
P & C  The Sugarloafs of CaliforniaN.A.-USA-CA FRL44920.45Little Sugarloaf Peak2018-12-30 
P & C  Yolo-Solano & Putah-Cache Creek CountryN.A.-USA-CA FRL16012276.25Zim Zim Ridge2020-05-02 b8

About Personal Lists

Registered users of can create their own lists. The site hosts hundreds of well-known and popular lists on the Peak Lists page, but many users will want to create a collections of peaks that speaks to their climbing interests or goals.

There are two kinds of Personal List a user can create:

  • Query List: Create one on this page. These lists are the results of a query against the peak database, and include peaks based on strict criteria, such as elevation, location, prominence, and other metrics. To create one, you can use the query tool to input your criteria, run the query, tweak the criteria until you get results you are happy with, and then save the results as a list.
  • Pick-and-Choose List: Create one on this page. These lists are created by selecting peaks from the database. There are no limitations on which peaks you can choose--these lists can be a grab-bag of whatever random peaks you want to group together. To create one, set up the name and other information on the List Edit page, set that list to be your "active" list, and then navigate to peak pages on the site. On each peak page there is a button in the upper right corner what will allow you to add that peak to your active list. Click for More Info

The table on this page shows both kinds of lists. The "Query Edit" button for a list is only present for Query Lists, and will allow you to change the query criteria that generated that list. The "List Edit" link allows you to change the List title, description, columns, and other properties of the list, and will work for both kinds of lists.

Wish List: Your "Wish List" is a special kind of Pick-and-Choose List. When selecting peaks to add to it, you can only add peaks you have not yet climbed. And once you climb a peak on your Wish List, it is automatically removed from your Wish List. The Wish List also lets others know your upcoming plans, and is used for map shading. It is a good idea to give your Wish List a name that reflects it special status, for example, "John Smith's Wish List".

To make a Pick-and-Choose list your Wish List, click the "List Edit" link for a list, and check the Wish List checkbox on the page. This will set that list to be your Wish List. If you have a current wish list, it will not be deleted, it will remain as a regular Pick-and-Choose list.

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