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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewAqua Benchmark from Spectre Peak.2023-03-052023-03-05Aqua BenchmarkUSA-CA4419
ViewThe upper part of the mountain, from the west ridg. . .2023-03-032023-03-03Black ButteUSA-CA4504
ViewSnow on the upper part of Eagle Mountain.2023-03-022023-03-02Eagle MountainUSA-CA5350
ViewSummit area after a rare low-elevation snowstorm. . . .2023-02-252023-02-25Sunol RidgeUSA-CA2191
ViewThe peak from the southeast in Sierra Azul.2023-01-212023-01-21Peak 2628USA-CA2628
ViewAntenna visible on summit. Taken from the north e. . .2022-11-25 Peak 2137USA-CA2137
ViewBlue Ridge and Mount Sizer from Middle Ridge.2022-11-222022-11-22 aMount SizerUSA-CA3216
ViewCooks Peak from near its key saddle, with Santa Ro. . .2022-11-122022-11-12 bCooks PeakUSA-CA1125
ViewStaffed lookout tower on Bald Mountain.2022-08-172022-08-17 aBald MountainUSA-OR7393
ViewView south to the Sierras from the drive-up summit. . .2022-07-132022-07-13Lookout MountainUSA-CA8343
ViewHosebag from higher up on Boundary.2022-07-122022-07-12Hosebag PeakUSA-NV12120
ViewPeak 9390 from Wade Benchmark. Not much to look a. . .2022-06-292022-06-29 bPeak 9390USA-CA9390
ViewOld ranch road leading up to summit.2022-04-272022-04-27Peak 2040USA-CA2040
ViewMohrhardt Ridge with antennas on top, and the narr. . .2022-04-052022-04-05 aMohrhardt RidgeUSA-CA2320
ViewBlack Mountain (left) and Mount Day (right) from A. . .2022-04-032022-02-15 aBlack MountainUSA-CA3951
ViewOak Ridge from Grant Park. It was severely burned. . .2022-04-03 Oak RidgeUSA-CA3135
ViewPeak 2956 from nearby Antler Point. Loma Prieta i. . .2022-04-03 Peak 2956USA-CA2956
ViewSummit rock with CA route 178 below2022-03-272022-03-27Peak 2880USA-CA2880
ViewSawtooth from the steep climb from the southwest.2022-03-252022-03-25Sawtooth PeakUSA-CA8000
ViewEasy class 2 summit rocks2022-03-232022-03-23El Paso MountainUSA-CA5121
ViewPeak 1897 from the firebreak that leads down to it. . .2022-03-022022-03-02Peak 1897USA-CA1897
ViewLooking down on Peak 1660 and the Napa Valley from. . .2022-03-02 Peak 1600USA-CA1600
ViewSkinner Ridge from the slopes of Devils Peak.2022-02-27 Skinner RidgeUSA-CA3652
ViewRocky top with great views, just above a short cra. . .2022-02-262022-02-26 bPeak 4366USA-CA4366
ViewVentana Double Cone left of center, Kandlbinder ri. . .2022-02-252022-02-26 cVentana Double ConeUSA-CA4853
ViewPeak 4931 in center on horizon, from Black Butte2022-02-092016-03-23 cPeak 4931USA-CA4931
ViewBefore vs. after brush on the summit illustrates h. . .2022-01-292022-01-29Peak 3891USA-CA3891
ViewPeak 1516 behind an outcropping near the summit of. . .2022-01-242022-01-24 aPeak 1516USA-CA1516
ViewThe way up Peak 1780, all green in the winter.2022-01-192022-01-19Peak 1760USA-CA1760
ViewGibson Hill from nearby Peak 2430.2021-12-112021-12-11 cGibson HillUSA-CA2480
ViewFinal approach to County Line Ridge2021-12-112021-12-11 dCounty Line RidgeUSA-CA2400
ViewChalk Peak after the 2020 Dolan Fire: still kinda . . .2021-12-042021-12-04 aChalk PeakUSA-CA3620
ViewPost-fire view up to the two peaks (true summit on. . .2021-12-042021-12-04 bRedwood Spring PeakUSA-CA3205
ViewThe high point is left of center just behind the r. . .2021-11-272021-11-27Peak 2000USA-CA2000
ViewTowers on top of Cow Mountain Ridge.2021-11-202021-11-20 aCow Mountain RidgeUSA-CA3572
ViewCow Mountain from Cow Mountain Ridge.2021-11-202021-11-20 bCow MountainUSA-CA3920
ViewRoad visible climbing Red Mountain diagonally.2021-11-202021-11-20 cRed MountainUSA-CA3389
ViewPyramid Ridge with signs of the 2018 fire.2021-11-202021-11-20 dPyramid RidgeUSA-CA3520
ViewView of summit from key saddle on Aetna Springs ro. . .2021-11-132021-11-13 aPeak 2571USA-CA2571
ViewView of brushy summit area from the road up.2021-11-132021-11-13 bPeak 2184USA-CA2184
ViewThe 2020 fire made the top of the hill easier.2021-11-062021-11-06 bPeak 1642USA-CA1642
ViewThe main buildings on Fort Hunter Liggett from the. . .2021-11-062021-11-06 cPeak 1540USA-CA1540
ViewDirt roads through thick brush.2021-11-062021-11-06 dOat HillsUSA-CA3060
ViewBranch Mountain in the back, with the lookout buil. . .2021-11-052021-11-05Branch MountainUSA-CA3770
ViewPine Mountain middle, San Jose Benchmark to right.. . .2021-11-042021-11-04 aPine MountainUSA-CA3782
ViewSummit area, with highest rock at center. Black M. . .2021-11-042021-11-04 bLas ChichesUSA-CA3141
ViewGlaucophane Ridge in cow country, from the east.2021-10-272021-10-27Glaucophane RidgeUSA-CA2080
ViewThe high point (P1k) from the approach to Glaucoph. . .2021-10-272016-12-04 bPanoche Hills High PointUSA-CA2684
ViewThe flat and unassuming summit area.2021-10-062021-10-06 aBilly HillUSA-CA6694
ViewA photo of and from the high point, looking east.2021-10-062021-10-06 bSagehen Hills High PointUSA-CA7722
ViewThe summit is typical Tahoe-area logging slash.2021-10-052021-10-05 aGold Star PeakUSA-CA7720
ViewThe summit is part of the Northstar ski area. The. . .2021-10-052021-10-05 bMount PlutoUSA-CA8617
ViewThe summit area near the top of a Soda Springs ski. . .2021-10-042021-10-04 bPeak 7352USA-CA7352
ViewThe Caldor Fire approaching Leek Spring Hill in 20. . .2021-08-29 Leek Spring HillUSA-CA7621
ViewThe smoky view from the summit of Cottonwood.2021-08-052021-08-05 aCottonwood PeakUSA-CA6608
ViewThe quintessential paved drive-up P2k.2021-08-042021-08-04 cHamaker MountainUSA-OR6580
ViewThe lookout tower on Ball Mountain.2021-08-042021-08-04 eBall MountainUSA-CA7760
ViewThe Herd Peak Lookout looks tiny in front of the n. . .2021-08-032021-08-03 cHerd PeakUSA-CA7071
ViewReconstructed (and empty) fire lookout on the shou. . .2021-07-142021-07-14 bMartis PeakUSA-CA8742
ViewMagee Peak, center foreground, from Crater Peak. . . .2021-07-012021-07-01 aMagee PeakUSA-CA8549
ViewLookout building on Little Mt. Hoffman, available . . .2021-06-30 Little Mount HoffmanUSA-CA7315
ViewOld lookout tower on Knob Peak.2021-06-292021-06-29 aKnob PeakUSA-CA4787
ViewLookout tower on Hayfork Bally. It was staffed to. . .2021-06-292021-06-29 bHayfork BallyUSA-CA6273
ViewBlack Jack Mountain from the road up Orizaba.2021-06-222021-06-22 aBlack Jack MountainUSA-CA2010
ViewA subpeak from the true peak. The ascent route co. . .2021-06-072021-06-07Black RockUSA-CA4005
ViewTurner Mountain after the 2020 fires. It's only v. . .2021-05-20 Turner MountainUSA-CA1822
ViewBrowns Hill after the 2020 Glass Fire. Note burne. . .2021-04-212021-04-21 aBrowns HillUSA-CA2788
ViewGrassy Bald Hill, with the short class 3 summit pi. . .2021-04-212021-04-21 bBald HillUSA-CA1800
ViewWhy do some tiny bumps get names, and others don't. . .2021-04-142021-04-14 aCima HillUSA-CA1355
ViewPeak 1120 after the 2020 fire.2021-04-062021-04-06 bPeak 1120USA-CA1120
ViewLooking up steeply to the summit area past burned . . .2021-04-052021-04-05 cPeak 1600USA-CA1600
ViewPeak 2281 right of center, with steep ascent track. . .2021-03-262021-03-26 bPeak 2281USA-CA2281
ViewThe charred remains of Walters Hill after the 2020. . .2021-02-202021-02-20 aWalters HillUSA-CA1814
ViewBurned summit area.2021-02-202021-02-20 bPeak 1965USA-CA1965
ViewPeak 1262 from the trail up Walters Hill. The 202. . .2021-02-20 Peak 1262USA-CA1262
ViewPeak 2977 from the Tumey Hills area.2021-02-16 Peak 2977USA-CA2977
ViewCiervo Mountain from the Tumey Hills area to the n. . .2021-02-16 Ciervo MountainUSA-CA3391
ViewDry grazing land near the high point of the Tumey . . .2021-02-162021-02-16 bTumey Hills High PointUSA-CA2628
ViewThe ranch road up to Tumey Hills North, a borderli. . .2021-02-162021-02-16 cTumey Hills NorthUSA-CA2567
ViewGrassy Peak 991 from nearby unofficially-named "Ke. . .2021-02-102021-02-10 aPeak 991USA-CA991
ViewIt's not much to look at, but it has a great view!. . .2021-02-102021-02-10 dFay HillUSA-CA920
ViewCoyote Peak, with snow on Mt. Hamilton in the back. . .2021-01-302021-01-30Coyote PeakUSA-CA1155
ViewSanta Teresa Hills from a trail up Coyote Peak to . . .2021-01-302021-01-30Santa Teresa HillsUSA-CA1026
ViewPeak 916 from Tolay Lake Regional Park.2021-01-202021-01-20Peak 916USA-CA916
ViewThe summit of Mount Hermon.2021-01-122021-01-12 aMount HermonUSA-CA882
ViewAs advertised.2021-01-122021-01-12 cRound HillUSA-CA83
ViewThe Santa Cruz Sandhills after the 2020 CZU fire. . . .2021-01-122021-01-12 bProm BenchmarkUSA-CA1953
ViewOn the Dutch Flat Trail on the way to Yerba Benchm. . .2021-01-032021-01-03 aYerba BenchmarkUSA-CA2457
ViewMontara Knob and the Pacific from the trail up the. . .2020-12-202020-12-20 aMontara KnobUSA-CA1625
ViewPeak Mountain and the ocean from near the top of M. . .2020-12-202020-12-20 cPeak MountainUSA-CA1825
ViewDougherty Hills: Yet another East Bay cow hill2020-12-142020-12-14 aDougherty HillsUSA-CA861
ViewNo cows, all grass.2020-12-142020-12-14 bHemme HillsUSA-CA1103
ViewGloria Benchmark center, with Peak 2520 just to th. . .2020-12-092020-12-09Peak 2520USA-CA2520
ViewOak grasslands near the summit of Peak 964, called. . .2020-12-012020-12-01 bConn PeakUSA-CA964
ViewGrassy Garin Peak from a nearby grassy area.2020-11-222020-11-22Garin PeakUSA-CA948
ViewThe gentle summit area of Donner Ridge. Some smok. . .2020-10-162020-10-16Donner RidgeUSA-CA7825
ViewLookout building on a rocky perch.2020-10-152020-10-15 bMills PeakUSA-CA7342
ViewThe business end of Anderson Peak, from the north.. . .2020-10-132020-10-13 bAnderson PeakUSA-CA8683
ViewMt. Lincoln is a ski hill. Seen from the PCT.2020-10-132020-10-13 cMount LincolnUSA-CA8383
ViewScott Peak lies in the Alpine Meadows ski area in . . .2020-09-202020-09-20Scott PeakUSA-CA8289
ViewWard Peak from Scott Peak across the valley. Seve. . .2020-09-20 Ward PeakUSA-CA8637
ViewOne of the possible high points on the flat summit. . .2020-09-192020-09-19 bPeak 8514USA-CA8514
ViewThe active lookout tower on Howell Hill.2020-09-182020-09-18Howell HillUSA-CA2607
ViewPeak 2969 from the summit of Rubicon Peak.2020-08-01 Peak 9269USA-CA9269
ViewCorinda los Trancos above the town of Half Moon Ba. . .2020-07-092017-03-19 bCorinda Los TrancosUSA-CA1750
ViewFrom Grant Park, it's close as the crow flies, but. . .2020-05-312020-05-31 aPeak 2809USA-CA2809
ViewAn unusual view of the very steep northeast side o. . .2020-05-312020-05-31 bPeak 2844USA-CA2844
ViewThe unimposing high point of Blue Rock Ridge in th. . .2020-02-172020-02-17Blue Rock RidgeUSA-CA2787
ViewUncle Sam Mountain towering overhead, with Elephan. . .2020-02-17 Uncle Sam MountainUSA-CA4766
ViewPeak 1174 from the opposite side of Los Vaqueros r. . .2020-01-18 Peak 1174USA-CA1174
ViewA marginal P300 (foreground) on a marginal day.2020-01-182020-01-18 bPeak 957USA-CA957
ViewTwin Peaks at sunset from the southwest.2020-01-122020-01-12 aTwin PeaksUSA-CA4274
ViewLooking south along the ridge to the pointy Center. . .2020-01-122020-01-12 bCenter PeakUSA-CA4536
ViewLooking southeast along the ridge to the true high. . .2020-01-112020-01-11Curry MountainUSA-CA2520
ViewA winter view of Lake Berryessa from near the summ. . .2019-12-27 Peak 912USA-CA912
View"Corral" benchmark in the foreground, Sierras in t. . .2019-12-212019-12-21Elder HillUSA-CA1340
ViewThe west side of 1967, with the class 2+ summit ro. . .2019-12-142019-12-14 bPeak 1967USA-CA1967
ViewA healthy covering of brush atop Peak 1806, with e. . .2019-12-14 Peak 1806USA-CA1806
ViewTelegraph Ridge from across Highway 20.2019-11-292019-11-29 aTelegraph RidgeUSA-CA1948
ViewThe old road to the saddle with 1526 on BLM land.2019-11-292019-11-29 bPeak 1526USA-CA1526
ViewThe approach to 1673.2019-11-292019-11-29 cPeak 1673USA-CA1673
ViewOak woodlands on the steep southwest slope of 1528. . .2019-11-292019-11-29 dPeak 1528USA-CA1528
ViewA little chamise at the summit of 2320. Snow on t. . .2019-11-292019-11-29 ePeak 2320USA-CA2320
ViewHigh Glade in the background, showing the extent o. . .2019-11-242019-11-24 aHigh GladeUSA-CA4843
ViewThe impressive-looking Sky Rock after the 2018 Ran. . .2019-11-242019-11-24 bSky RockUSA-CA4067
ViewFrench Ridge from the main Forest Service Road.2019-11-242019-11-24 cFrench RidgeUSA-CA4492
ViewThere's a trail in there somewhere!2019-11-232019-11-23 bBlack Oak MountainUSA-CA3708
ViewA view up the hill from the sidewalk.2019-11-102019-11-10Tarantula HillUSA-CA1057
ViewPeak 970 from near the road in the early morning.2019-10-272019-10-27 aPeak 970USA-CA970
ViewAbout to start up the ridge to Peak 1000.2019-10-272019-10-27 bPeak 1000USA-CA1000
ViewThe crater in front of Leavitt Peak, with ridges t. . .2019-09-062019-09-06Leavitt PeakUSA-CA11569
ViewPeak 11245 from the PCT on the way to Leavitt Peak. . .2019-09-06 Peak 11245USA-CA11245
ViewThe not-very-impressive high point of the peak nea. . .2019-09-012019-09-01 aStanford RockUSA-CA8480
ViewTwin Peaks looks sharp and impressive from the eas. . .2019-09-012019-09-01 bTwin PeaksUSA-CA8878
ViewPeak 7569 from the trail to Sierra Buttes. The su. . .2019-08-312019-08-31 bPeak 7569USA-CA7569
ViewFletcher Peak from the saddle off the North Loop t. . .2019-07-202019-07-20Fletcher Peak - Southeast PeakUSA-NV10275
ViewPeak 10751 from the trail up Fletcher Peak.2019-07-20 Mummys NoseUSA-NV10751
ViewGreat views of Lake Tahoe from the summit. A comm. . .2019-07-082019-07-08Genoa PeakUSA-NV9150
ViewThe summit cairn on Haskell. The last little bit . . .2019-07-062019-07-06Haskell PeakUSA-CA8107
ViewMorning fog over Lucas Valley Road from just above. . .2019-07-042019-07-04Shroyer MountainUSA-CA1458
ViewA true dud among P1ks. No views from the clear-cu. . .2019-06-222019-06-22 aLowell Hill RidgeUSA-CA5802
ViewThe old railroad lookout building, with I-80 and t. . .2019-06-222019-06-22 bRed Mountain LookoutUSA-CA7720
ViewThe ridge between the lookout and the antennas on . . .2019-06-222019-06-22 cSignal PeakUSA-CA7841
ViewNob Hill in Fremont Older Open Space Preserve.2019-06-072019-06-07 aNob HillUSA-CA1126
ViewSummit of Alder Peak, with a few antennas. Cone P. . .2019-06-062019-06-06 aAlder PeakUSA-CA3744
ViewSilver Peak from nearby Lion Peak.2019-06-062019-06-06 bSilver PeakUSA-CA3590
ViewView east from the summit rock that used to house . . .2019-06-062019-06-06 cThree PeaksUSA-CA3379
ViewRed rock at the summit area of Lion Peak.2019-06-062019-06-06 dLion PeakUSA-CA3499
ViewPeak 1414 from near the top of nearby Peak 12232019-05-202019-05-20 bPeak 1414USA-CA1414
ViewPeak 1223 across Billie Wright Road2019-05-202019-05-20 cPeak 1223USA-CA1223
ViewBeautiful Mountain from nearby Roof Butte, Arizona. . .2019-05-12 Beautiful MountainUSA-NM9388
ViewThe trail leading to the summit of Elden, with loo. . .2019-05-122019-05-12 bElden MountainUSA-AZ9299
ViewThe steep northern escarpment of Black Mesa, from . . .2019-05-112019-05-11 aBlack Mesa High PointUSA-AZ8168
ViewPastora Mountain isn't much higher than its neighb. . .2019-05-112019-05-11 bPastora PeakUSA-AZ9407
ViewRainbow Ridge South, with its antenna, rising abov. . .2019-05-042019-05-04 aRainbow Ridge SouthUSA-CA3614
ViewA wind profiler atop South Rainbow Peak, hinting t. . .2019-05-042019-05-04 bSouth Rainbow PeakUSA-CA3520
ViewLookout visible on the top of Iron Peak.2019-05-032019-05-03 aIron PeakUSA-CA4485
ViewCoolest benchmark ever: the Humboldt Meridian on t. . .2019-05-032019-05-03 bMount PierceUSA-CA3188
ViewPlaque at the summit describing the Humboldt Merid. . .2019-05-032019-05-03 bMount PierceUSA-CA3188
ViewShell Rock from Iron Peak.2019-05-03 Shell RockUSA-CA4462
ViewApproaching Peak 1679 from the north. Quien Sabe . . .2019-04-282019-04-28Peak 1679USA-CA1679
ViewThe south slope of 3494 from nearby 3163.2019-04-202019-04-20 aPeak 3494USA-CA3494
ViewThe grassy summit of 3163.2019-04-202019-04-20 bPeak 3163USA-CA3163
ViewThe hike up to this point has been very nice, but . . .2019-04-132019-04-13 aMachesna MountainUSA-CA4063
ViewAmazing April wildflowers on the hike up from the . . .2019-04-122019-04-12 aMcKittrick SummitUSA-CA4332
ViewThe FAA radar dome on a subpeak is about the most . . .2019-04-122019-04-12 cBlack MountainUSA-CA3622
ViewThe vineyard on the side of Bald Mountain. Sugarl. . .2019-04-072019-04-07 cLittle Bald MountainUSA-CA2280
ViewThe Saddle Trail leading up to the gentle summit o. . .2019-04-012019-04-01Vasquez KnobUSA-CA2120
ViewAntennas aplenty on the two summits of Mt. Oso. 2019-03-192019-03-19 bMount OsoUSA-CA3360
ViewLake Mountain from Kaiser-Aetna Road near Coe Stat. . .2019-03-172019-03-17Lake MountainUSA-CA1884
ViewThe decaying lookout house on the summit.2019-03-112019-03-11 aHoover Ridge High PointUSA-CA2320
ViewOak trees on the way up to San Felipe North.2019-03-012019-03-01 aSan Felipe Hills NorthUSA-CA3320
ViewThe hike up is trivial, but the views of the surro. . .2019-02-202019-02-20Zabriskie PointUSA-CA713
ViewPeak 2720 from the northwest.2019-02-182019-02-18 bPeak 2720USA-CA2720
ViewMike's Peak from Peak 2720. Quien Sabe range in t. . .2019-02-18 Mikes PeakUSA-CA2600
ViewLittle Sugarloaf on the left, Sugarloaf on the rig. . .2019-02-112019-02-11 aLittle Sugarloaf PeakUSA-CA1647
ViewAntenna on the summit of Peak 10352019-02-112019-02-11 bPeak 1035USA-CA1035
ViewGrassy Sharp Benchmark in the center foreground, w. . .2019-02-062019-02-06Sharp BenchmarkUSA-CA1138
ViewTrail up to Post Summit.2019-01-282019-01-28Post SummitUSA-CA3456
ViewThe largest piece of limestone in California.2019-01-282019-01-28Pico BlancoUSA-CA3709
ViewApproaching Big Mountain on the remnants of an old. . .2019-01-252019-01-25 dBig MountainUSA-CA2675
ViewPeak 2102 rising behind remains of the 2017 Atlas . . .2019-01-232019-01-23 bPeak 2102USA-CA2102
ViewOrocopia Mountain has relatively easy and open slo. . .2019-01-042019-01-04Orocopia Mountains High PointUSA-CA3815
ViewFalse Maria from Big Maria, one foot higher2019-01-022019-01-02 bFalse MariaUSA-CA3380
ViewLooking up at the peak from the trailhead.2018-12-312018-12-31Cunningham MountainUSA-AZ3316
ViewFollow the pig fence to avoid death by chamise.2018-12-282018-12-28Peak 2236USA-CA2236
ViewBixby Mountain in the background. Taken from Sier. . .2018-12-19 Bixby MountainUSA-CA2920
ViewThe light station and access road are just visible. . .2018-12-192018-12-19 cPoint SurUSA-CA361
ViewThe cow hill 1331, in all its glory.2018-12-142018-12-14 aPeak 1331USA-CA1331
ViewThe summit with antennas and benchmark, from the a. . .2018-12-142018-12-14 bBasalt HillUSA-CA1707
ViewATV road to the top, after the ridge scramble sect. . .2018-12-112018-12-11Pleasants RidgeUSA-CA2075
ViewFeelin' kinda brushy.2018-11-262018-11-26Harris BenchmarkUSA-CA2763
ViewPeak 1721 from Pacheco State Park, with Mount Arar. . .2018-11-072018-11-07Peak 1721USA-CA1721
ViewThe summit pinnacle outside the fence that enclose. . .2018-10-292018-10-29 bBreckenridge MountainUSA-CA7560
ViewNot much to look at, or climb.2018-10-192018-10-19 bFern PeakUSA-CA1710
ViewThe summit from the less-frequently-climbed west a. . .2018-10-142018-10-14McCullough MountainUSA-NV7026
ViewWeather station at high point. Watch for rattlesn. . .2018-09-242018-09-24 bMontezuma Castle National Monument High PointUSA-AZ3680
ViewThe lookout building is barely visible at the summ. . .2018-09-232018-09-23 aKendrick PeakUSA-AZ10418
ViewHutch Mountain Lookout, with several signs giving . . .2018-09-23 Hutch MountainUSA-AZ8532
ViewPeak 9380 from the saddle with Waterhouse Peak.2018-09-082018-09-08 cPeak 9380USA-CA9380
ViewBasin Peak from Castle Peak2018-09-072018-09-07 bBasin PeakUSA-CA9017
ViewBirnhorn from Geisstein2018-08-12 BirnhornAustria8642
ViewHundstein from Schmittenhoehe across the valley wi. . .2018-08-11 HundsteinAustria6946
ViewZell am See from Schmittenhöhe, with the gondola v. . .2018-08-112018-08-11SchmittenhöheAustria6447
ViewPeak 10685, a P1k, from the trail up Deseret Peak.. . .2018-07-23 Peak 10685USA-UT10685
ViewBald Mountain from the trail up Nebo.2018-07-22 Bald MountainUSA-UT10913
ViewNorth Tent Mountain from South Tent Mountain2018-07-212018-07-21 aNorth Tent MountainUSA-UT11230
ViewEvidence of the recent fire on East Benchmark.2018-07-212018-07-21 bEast BenchmarkUSA-UT10743
ViewYou can drive literally all the way to the top.2018-07-212018-07-21 cMonument PeakUSA-UT10452
ViewThe road to Duckwall Mountain, with the lookout ju. . .2018-07-082018-07-08 bDuckwall MountainUSA-CA5835
ViewThe south side of East Sister is brushy. Taken fr. . .2018-07-072018-07-07 aEast SisterUSA-NV10404
ViewMiddle Sister from the descent from East Sister.2018-07-072018-07-07 cMiddle SisterUSA-CA10854
ViewWheeler Peak (behind) from the saddle with Mount P. . .2018-07-062018-07-06 bWheeler PeakUSA-CA11663
ViewBodie Mountain from the saddle with Potato Peak.2018-07-052018-07-05 bBodie MountainUSA-CA10168
ViewThe climb goes just under the ridge on the right s. . .2018-06-242018-06-24Preston PeakUSA-CA7309
ViewTwin Peaks from Preston Peak.2018-06-24 Twin PeaksUSA-CA5944
ViewAlpenglow on El Capitan, with Preston Peak behind . . .2018-06-24 El CapitanUSA-CA6813
ViewRussian Peak from the start of the descent to Bing. . .2018-06-232018-06-23 aRussian PeakUSA-CA8190
ViewCommunications equipment on top of Shasta Bally, w. . .2018-06-222018-06-22 aShasta BallyUSA-CA6199
ViewSchell Mountain from near Dog Creek Mountain, show. . .2018-06-222018-06-22 cSchell MountainUSA-CA5220
ViewLowery Benchmark from Fiske Benchmark.2018-06-092018-06-09 bLowery BenchmarkUSA-CA3038
ViewVarious roads in the Hollister Hills State Vehicul. . .2018-06-062018-06-06 aPeak 2880USA-CA2880
ViewA grassy traverse from the Hollister Hills State V. . .2018-06-062018-06-06 bPeak 1438USA-CA1438
ViewDean Peak from Aspen Peak. The road goes up to th. . .2018-05-23 Dean PeakUSA-AZ8013
ViewThe antenna on top of Hogback is visible from Skyl. . .2018-05-212018-05-21 bHogback MountainUSA-VA3474
ViewWilliams Hill is a drive-up P1k with antennas and . . .2018-05-022018-05-02 bWilliams HillUSA-CA2780
ViewA break in the brush leads up to the top of Tessaj. . .2018-05-022018-05-02 dTessajera BenchmarkUSA-CA2763
ViewThe high point is among these rocks.2018-05-022018-05-02 eTassajara PeakUSA-CA2761
ViewSandy, excavated side of the hill, with the road r. . .2018-05-022018-05-02 aPeak 2420USA-CA2420
ViewPointy Bear Mountain Peak from the east. It's jus. . .2018-04-292018-04-29 bBear Mountain PeakUSA-CA2603
ViewWe ascended along the ridge on the left in this pi. . .2018-04-192018-04-19 aLincoln BenchmarkUSA-CA1109
ViewMarin County sure is green in the spring!2018-04-192018-04-19 bPeak 848USA-CA848
ViewRising above remnants of the 2015 Wragg Fire, from. . .2018-04-132018-04-13Peak 2437USA-CA2437
ViewAnderson Peak from the Coast Ridge Road. Note the. . .2018-04-012018-04-01 aAnderson PeakUSA-CA4099
ViewMount Olmstead from the Coast Ridge Road, with Ven. . .2018-04-01 Mount OlmsteadUSA-CA3711
ViewThe lookout tower and use trail to the top are vis. . .2018-03-312018-03-31Pinyon PeakUSA-CA2249
ViewA steep dirt track runs up to the summit from the . . .2018-03-252018-03-25 cPeak 1204USA-CA1204
ViewView from low, grassy Kirby Hill.2018-03-182018-03-18Kirby HillUSA-CA361
ViewThe south slope from the saddle with Chiricahua.2018-03-142018-03-14 bSouth Flys PeakUSA-AZ9570
ViewThe 2017 Frye fire burned the top of Hawk Peak. P. . .2018-03-13 Hawk PeakUSA-AZ10627
ViewSome rock climbers disassembling anchors on top of. . .2018-03-092018-03-09 bGoat RockUSA-CA2920
ViewDay on Bald Mountain.2018-03-082018-03-08 aBald MountainUSA-CA2387
ViewQuite the view from Slacker Hill.2018-03-052018-03-05 dSlacker HillUSA-CA942
ViewDiamond Mountain from the trail up nearby Coyote P. . .2018-03-05 Diamond MountainUSA-CA2375
ViewThe high point after a rare snowfall.2018-02-272018-02-27 dSunol Wilderness High PointUSA-CA2201
ViewThe Palisades area from the Southeast Peak of Mt. . . .2018-02-252018-02-25 ePeak 2921USA-CA2921
ViewPeak 2803 from the saddle with Peak 2921.2018-02-252018-02-25 fPeak 2803USA-CA2803
ViewTwin Peaks from Sugarloaf Mountain.2018-02-162018-02-16 aTwin PeaksUSA-CA2837
ViewThe route up Peak 2943 follows terraced rocks up t. . .2018-02-162018-02-16 cPeak 2943USA-CA2943
ViewThe cabin on the top of the peak.2018-02-132018-02-13Peak 1920USA-CA1920
ViewThe highest of the Three Sisters from the second h. . .2018-02-092018-02-09 aThree Sisters PeakUSA-CA1932
ViewPeak 2091 from Three Sisters to the south.2018-02-09 Peak 2091USA-CA2091
ViewThe forested summit of Gulnac Peak has no views.2018-02-062018-02-06 cGulnac PeakUSA-CA2276
ViewLake Sonoma from Pritchett Peaks East2018-02-022018-02-02Pritchett Peaks - East PeakUSA-CA1893
ViewSugarloaf Peak is a steep, grassy hill.2018-02-012018-02-01 aSugarloaf PeakUSA-CA984
ViewBrushy Sky High recovering from the 2015 fire.2018-01-272018-01-27 aBrushy Sky HighUSA-CA3196
View"Kilroy went that way", to the top of the peak, ap. . .2018-01-202018-01-20 aVeterans PeakUSA-CA1209
ViewAn abandoned building along the logging road up to. . .2018-01-172018-01-17 bPeak 1740USA-CA1740
ViewView from the house on the summit.2018-01-172018-01-17 dPeak 1720USA-CA1720
ViewConcrete benchmark pillar from the year 1878.2018-01-142018-01-14 bCold Spring MountainUSA-CA2736
ViewThe final piece of the road up to the top.2018-01-122018-01-12 bPeak 2440USA-CA2440
ViewThe unassuming Cerro Bonito at right, from nearby . . .2018-01-052018-01-05 aCerro BonitoUSA-CA3594
ViewApproaching Peak 1348 from the south.2018-01-022018-01-02 bPeak 1348USA-CA1348
ViewThe rocky summit of Kreiger Peak with Mt. Diablo i. . .2018-01-022018-01-02 aKreiger PeakUSA-CA1880
ViewOne of Three Peaks from another of Three Peaks, sh. . .2017-12-302017-12-30 aThree PeaksUSA-CA1161
ViewThe summit with valley fog below and Hicks Mountai. . .2017-12-142017-12-14 aCanada BenchmarkUSA-CA1230
ViewPeak 1320 in the distance from Coyote Peak above W. . .2017-12-142017-12-14 dPeak 1320USA-CA1320
ViewThe south side of 919.2017-12-122017-12-12 aPeak 919USA-CA919
ViewLooking up toward the wilderness high point, which. . .2017-12-082017-12-08 aRodman Mountains Wilderness High PointUSA-CA5240
ViewHelipad and view while standing in the shadow of t. . .2017-12-082017-12-08 cOrd MountainUSA-CA6309
ViewView of the peak across an arm of Soulajule Reserv. . .2017-11-302017-11-30 aPeak 1174USA-CA1174
ViewI got a good laugh seeing this near the bench on t. . .2017-11-252017-11-25 aDixon RidgeUSA-CA1250
ViewThe trail goes just to the right of the highest po. . .2017-11-122017-11-12Peak 1463USA-CA1463
ViewAtop Rose Peak.2017-10-292017-10-29 eRose PeakUSA-AZ8786
ViewKelso Mountain from the standard route up nearby G. . .2017-07-19 Kelso MountainUSA-CO13164
ViewView from the trailhead2017-07-18 Flat Top MountainUSA-CO12354
ViewMt. Peale from the La Sal Pass trailhead, with the. . .2017-07-172017-07-17 aMount PealeUSA-UT12721
ViewThe summit rocks, looking north.2017-06-292017-06-29 dSaint John MountainUSA-CA6746
ViewA little cairn and little summit register for Litt. . .2017-06-292017-06-29 bLittle BaldyUSA-CA6212
ViewBully Choop from nearby Paradise Peak. The lookou. . .2017-06-152017-06-15 bBully Choop MountainUSA-CA6975
ViewLassen, radio towers, and lots of windmills near t. . .2017-06-142017-06-14 aHatchet MountainUSA-CA5560
ViewBurney Mountain from the Hat Creek SETI Radio Obse. . .2017-06-142017-06-14 bBurney MountainUSA-CA7863
ViewThe decaying lookout on Black Rock Mountain, with . . .2017-06-132017-06-13 aBlack Rock MountainUSA-CA7792
ViewLooking down at the USGS benchmark and nearby Peak. . .2017-06-132017-06-13 bNorth Yolla Bolly MountainUSA-CA7864
ViewThe old tower on the summit of Elkhorn.2017-03-052017-03-05 aElkhorn PeakUSA-CA1330
ViewLooking back at Mulligan Hill (and Mt. Diablo to t. . .2017-02-282017-02-28 aMulligan HillUSA-CA1438
ViewRamage Peak from the east.2017-01-262017-01-26 aRamage PeakUSA-CA1401
ViewPeak 2623 on the south end of Cortina Ridge2016-12-292016-12-29 cPeak 2623USA-CA2623
ViewFish Benchmark from nearby Eagle Benchmark.2016-12-18 Fish BenchmarkUSA-CA2334
ViewTen Ewe Mountain from halfway up nearby Signal Pea. . .2016-12-17 Ten Ewe MountainUSA-AZ4720
ViewThe antenna on top of Panoche Mountain, from the w. . .2016-12-042016-12-04 aPanoche MountainUSA-CA2091
ViewBuck Peak from Griswold Hills.2016-12-042016-12-04 cBuck PeakUSA-CA3535
ViewA ladder and a lookout platform just beneath the s. . .2016-12-022016-12-02 bMustang PeakUSA-CA3612
ViewCache Benchmark and the Cortina Ridge from about h. . .2016-11-182016-11-18 aCache BenchmarkUSA-CA2805
ViewThe lookout on the top of Pole Mountain.2016-11-132016-11-13 aPole MountainUSA-CA2204
ViewUhh... soo.... err.... you go first.2016-11-102016-11-10 aOlema RidgeUSA-CA1360
ViewRogers Peak from the trail back from Telescope Pea. . .2016-10-082016-10-08 cRogers PeakUSA-CA9960
ViewThe summit rock on Bear Mountain. Someone has lai. . .2016-10-062016-10-06 bBear MountainUSA-CA6920
ViewChumash Peak from the saddle with Bishop Peak.2016-10-012016-10-01 aChumash PeakUSA-CA1268
ViewThe summit area on a busy Saturday morning.2016-10-012016-10-01 bCerro San Luis ObispoUSA-CA1292
ViewThe view of Lake Tahoe from the top of East Peak.2016-09-102016-09-10 aEast PeakUSA-NV9591
ViewWarren Peak from Patterson Lake. The trail goes u. . .2016-08-272016-08-27 aWarren PeakUSA-CA9710
ViewSquaw Peak from the south. The top 50 feet or so . . .2016-08-272016-08-27 bMilk PeakUSA-CA8646
ViewThe summit area of Crane Mountain around sunset.2016-08-272016-08-27 cCrane MountainUSA-OR8456
ViewLooking west to Lane Hill.2016-08-102016-08-10 aLane HillUSA-CA1240
ViewThe final talus slope up to the peak.2016-08-042016-08-04Mokelumne PeakUSA-CA9334
ViewRound Top from just below Winnemucca Lake. The th. . .2016-08-032016-08-03Round TopUSA-CA10381
ViewThe ridge containing Robison Mountain. The climb . . .2016-05-012016-05-01Robison MountainUSA-CA2656
ViewThe curious "19" mailbox on the top of the peak, w. . .2016-04-282016-04-28Peak 1289USA-CA1289
ViewThe climb from Route 1 goes straight up the ridgel. . .2016-04-252016-04-25 dMount MarsUSA-CA2674
ViewThe steep southwest faces of Joaquin Rocks. The c. . .2016-04-152016-04-15 bJoaquin RocksUSA-CA4020
ViewLoma Atravesada is the peak on the left. The clim. . .2016-04-152016-04-15 dLoma AtravesadaUSA-CA4220
ViewThe charred summit slope of Bally Peak after the 2. . .2016-04-072016-04-07 cBally PeakUSA-CA2288
ViewAbandon hope, all ye who enter here. The summit i. . .2016-03-232016-03-23 aSouth Ventana ConeUSA-CA4965
ViewThe actual high point in the front yard.2016-02-282016-02-28Long RidgeUSA-CA2600
ViewThe summit cairn, with old tools that would have b. . .2016-02-052016-02-05Mount Saint JohnUSA-CA2375
ViewSanta Ana on the right, Three Sisters on the left.. . .2016-01-21 Santa Ana MountainUSA-CA3112
ViewMt. Defiance (center) and Little Pinnacles (lower;. . .2016-01-14 Mount DefianceUSA-CA2657
ViewRemains of the defense installation on the summit . . .2016-01-112016-01-11 aWolf RidgeUSA-CA960
ViewThe sharp peak of Sugarloaf rises above valley fog. . .2015-12-052015-12-05 aSugarloaf PeakUSA-CA1889
ViewThe Napa valley in winter from the slopes of Mount. . .2015-12-052015-12-05 bMount GeorgeUSA-CA1877
ViewCone Peak from nearby Twin Peak2015-10-232015-10-23 cCone PeakUSA-CA5155
ViewMIRA Observatory: Monterey Institute for Research . . .2015-10-232015-10-23 bMIRA ObservatoryUSA-CA5000
ViewThe summit area of Eagle Rock, looking down on the. . .2015-10-112015-10-11Eagle RockUSA-CA2488
ViewThe fire lookout on the summit of Bloomer Hill.2015-07-182015-07-18 bBloomer HillUSA-CA3005
ViewThe brush pile that is Onion Mountain.2015-07-132015-07-13 cOnion MountainUSA-CA4776
ViewMt. Toro from Simas Peak2015-02-022015-02-02 dMount ToroUSA-CA3560
ViewGood views of Silicon Valley from the top of Borel. . .2014-11-262014-11-26 eBorel HillUSA-CA2572
ViewThe cross atop Peak 920 is visible for miles aroun. . .2014-11-142014-11-14Peak 920USA-CA920
ViewLate afternoon near the summit of Spikes Peak.2014-11-102014-11-10Spikes PeakUSA-CA1927

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