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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewComet NEOWISE.2020-07-152020-07-10Elko MountainUSA-NV7505
ViewSummit cairn and register.2019-07-192019-07-19Quinn PeakUSA-NV9095
ViewJackson Mountains Summit. 2019-07-19 Quinn PeakUSA-NV9095
ViewA view of the Ruby Mountains from Ruby Dome to Mt.. . .2018-09-032018-09-03Liberty PeakUSA-NV11032
ViewBaker Peak-West from Baker Peak.Gerry Pennington2018-07-312018-08-01Baker PeakUSA-NV12305
ViewBaker Peak summit from Baker Lake. Gerry Penningto. . .2018-07-31 Baker PeakUSA-NV12305
ViewLooking west into Spring Valley. Gerry Pennington. . .2018-07-25 Mount WashingtonUSA-NV11658
ViewBristle cone pine near the top. Gerry Pennington2018-07-25 Mount WashingtonUSA-NV11658
ViewA view of the massif from the mining road. Gerry . . .2018-07-25 Mount WashingtonUSA-NV11658
ViewWheeler Peak, Baker Peak, and Jeff Davis. Gerry P. . .2018-07-25 Mount WashingtonUSA-NV11658
ViewA view of Lincoln Peak from Mt. Washington Gerry . . .2018-07-252018-07-25Mount WashingtonUSA-NV11658
ViewA view of Liberty, Favre, and Castle Lakes from T. . .2018-07-052018-07-05Tri-Lake PeakUSA-NV10865
ViewOld Man Of The Mountain as seen from the Lamoille . . .2017-11-302006-08-15Old Man of the MountainsUSA-NV10710
ViewMount Fitzgerald summit and register.2017-08-022017-08-02Mount FitzgeraldUSA-NV11215
ViewRight Fork and Thomas Canyons from Mount Fitzgeral. . .2017-08-02 Mount FitzgeraldUSA-NV11215
ViewPilot Peak summit cairn and mailbox register.2017-07-212017-07-21Pilot PeakUSA-NV10716
ViewOne of several rock enclosures overlooking the sal. . .2017-07-212017-07-21Pilot PeakUSA-NV10716
ViewSummit cairn with American flag and register. Ger. . .2017-07-182017-07-18Wines PeakUSA-NV10920
ViewWines Peak looking south from the Ruby Crest Trail. . .2017-07-182017-07-18Wines PeakUSA-NV10920
ViewThomas Peak summit cairn. Gerry Pennington Sprin. . .2017-07-152017-07-15Thomas PeakUSA-NV11320
ViewArc Dome summit register.2017-07-122017-07-12Arc DomeUSA-NV11773
ViewWhite Horse Mountain register.2017-07-072017-07-07White Horse MountainUSA-NV8077
ViewWhite Horse Mountain from hwy. 93 ALT2017-07-032017-07-07White Horse MountainUSA-NV8077
ViewSouth view from North Schell Peak.2017-06-222017-06-22North Schell PeakUSA-NV11883
ViewBristle cone pine in the Shell Creek Range. 2017-06-222017-06-22North Schell PeakUSA-NV11883
ViewBald Mountain summit with Wheeler and Jeff Davis.2016-09-032016-09-03Bald MountainUSA-NV11562
ViewFull House Peak summit cairn.2016-08-122016-08-12Full House PeakUSA-NV11120
ViewIsland Lake from Full House Peak.2016-08-12 Full House PeakUSA-NV11120
ViewAngel Lake and campground from the top.2016-08-08 Greys PeakUSA-NV10674
ViewGreys Peak benchmark, note the spelling.2016-08-08 Greys PeakUSA-NV10674
ViewGreys Peak.2016-08-082016-08-08Greys PeakUSA-NV10674
ViewSeveral peaks along the Ruby Mountain spine. Ruby. . .2016-07-302016-07-30Lake PeakUSA-NV10922
ViewLake Peak summit cairn is visible from the RCT tra. . .2016-07-302016-07-30Lake PeakUSA-NV10922
ViewCastle, Favre, and Liberty lakes with peaks of the. . .2016-07-30 Lake PeakUSA-NV10922
ViewThe summit of Lee Peak.2016-07-282016-07-28Lee PeakUSA-NV11025
ViewRuby Dome from Lee Peak summit.2016-07-282016-07-28Lee PeakUSA-NV11025
ViewLake Peak rising above Liberty Lake.2016-07-262016-07-30Lake PeakUSA-NV10922
ViewPine Mountain summit with Wild Horse reservoir in . . .2016-07-212016-07-21Pine MountainUSA-NV8648
ViewPine Mountain witness marker.2016-07-21 Pine MountainUSA-NV8648
ViewSoldier Basin2016-07-11 Soldier PeakUSA-NV10089
ViewSoldier Peak summit cairn2016-07-112016-07-11Soldier PeakUSA-NV10089
ViewThe Ruby Mountain spine from Soldier Peak.2016-07-112016-07-11Soldier PeakUSA-NV10089
ViewLooking south from McAfee Peak.2016-07-042016-07-04McAfee PeakUSA-NV10438
ViewLooking west toward Jack Creek.2016-07-042016-07-04McAfee PeakUSA-NV10438
ViewSego Lily.2016-07-04 McAfee PeakUSA-NV10438
ViewBig Bald Mountain summit cairn.2016-07-012016-07-01Big Bald MountainUSA-NV9303
ViewBall Mountain Mine works from the top.2016-07-012016-07-01Big Bald MountainUSA-NV9303
ViewBuckskin Mountain bench mark.2016-06-082016-06-08Buckskin MountainUSA-NV8743
ViewBuckskin Mountain south view of Granite and Santa . . .2016-06-08 Buckskin MountainUSA-NV8743
ViewA view of the notch from the west. Gerry Penningt. . .2016-06-022016-05-29Notch PeakUSA-UT9654
ViewNotch Peak cairns and a partial view of the cliff . . .2016-05-292016-05-29Notch PeakUSA-UT9654
ViewSwasey Peak summit.2016-05-282016-05-28Swasey PeakUSA-UT9669
ViewIndian Peak summit display.2016-05-262016-05-26Indian PeakUSA-UT9790
ViewClaret-cup cactus.2016-05-262016-05-26Indian PeakUSA-UT9790
ViewClaret-cut cactus.2016-05-26 Indian PeakUSA-UT9790
ViewAn ancient Bristle Cone pine and the lowest point . . .2016-05-13 Telescope PeakUSA-CA11048
ViewA view of Badwater (-282 ft.) from Telescope Peak . . .2016-05-132016-05-12Telescope PeakUSA-CA11048
View Wild Rose summit looking west.2016-05-122016-05-12Wildrose PeakUSA-CA9064
ViewWild Rose Peak bench mark.2016-05-122016-05-12Wildrose PeakUSA-CA9064
ViewLooking south from the false cairn to the Adobe Ra. . .2016-03-212016-03-21Adobe Range High PointUSA-NV8135
ViewMt. Gilbert summit cairn.2015-10-162015-10-16Mount GilbertUSA-NV11120
ViewSeitz Canyon and Seitz Lake from Mt. Gilbert.2015-10-162015-10-16Mount GilbertUSA-NV11120
ViewSoutheast side of Ruby Dome East (The Pyramid).2015-10-162015-10-16Mount GilbertUSA-NV11120
ViewHole In The Mountain Summit.2015-09-252015-09-25Hole in the Mountain PeakUSA-NV11306
ViewThe cirque from the summit.2015-09-252015-09-25Hole in the Mountain PeakUSA-NV11306
ViewSpotted this goat near the top of the chute. 2015-09-252015-09-25Hole in the Mountain PeakUSA-NV11306
ViewSummit register for Deseret Peak.2015-09-072015-09-07Deseret PeakUSA-UT11031
ViewGreat Salt Lake and Antelope Island.2015-09-07 Deseret PeakUSA-UT11031
ViewSummit cairn for Snow Valley Peak. Gerry Penningt. . .2015-08-102015-08-10Snow Valley PeakUSA-NV9214
ViewProminence marker on peak 10,563 south of Pearl Pe. . .2015-08-012015-08-01Pearl PeakUSA-NV10848
ViewMt. Jefferson bench mark2015-07-292015-07-29   
ViewSouth Summit of Mount Jefferson 11,941 ft.2015-07-162015-07-29Mount JeffersonUSA-NV11941
ViewThe summit register and Old Glory on Charleston Pe. . .2015-07-162015-07-16Charleston PeakUSA-NV11916
ViewVerdi Lake from the summit.2015-07-122015-07-12Verdi PeakUSA-NV11074
ViewVerdi Peak summit cairn.2015-07-122015-07-12Verdi PeakUSA-NV11074
ViewA view of Favre and Castle Lakes from the Liberty . . .2015-07-072015-07-07Liberty PeakUSA-NV11032
ViewThe view of Walker Lake from the Mt. Grant summit.. . .2015-06-242015-06-24Mount GrantUSA-NV11280
ViewFalse summit on the ridge.2015-06-242015-06-24Mount GrantUSA-NV11280
ViewA view of Island Lake from Full House Peak.2015-06-172015-06-17Full House PeakUSA-NV11120
ViewFull House Peak summit cairn with Mt. Fitzgerald i. . .2015-06-172015-06-17Full House PeakUSA-NV11120
ViewSummit cairn and the white canister containing a n. . .2014-08-302014-08-30Mount Grafton-South RidgeUSA-NV10640
ViewDesatoya Twins. The view from south summit to the . . .2014-08-082014-08-08   
ViewGeo-cache site on Desatoya (South summit) 2014-08-082014-08-08Desatoya PeakUSA-NV9973
ViewFrom Thomas Peak looking toward Mt. Fitzgerald.2014-07-142014-07-14Thomas PeakUSA-NV11320
ViewDiamond Peak summit post and register box. Gerry . . .2014-07-012014-07-01Diamond PeakUSA-NV10614
ViewPrickly Pear Cactus on the ridge line to Diamond P. . .2014-06-302014-07-01Diamond PeakUSA-NV10614
ViewRUBY DOME-EAST easy chair. Gerry Pennington2009-07-162010-07-15Ruby Dome-East PeakUSA-NV11360

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