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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewA view looking over Corvallis on a foggy day. This. . .2020-11-29 McCulloch PeakUSA-OR2155
ViewSunset looking over Mary's Peak from McCulloch Pea. . .2020-11-292020-12-31Marys PeakUSA-OR4097
ViewLooking east among the summit ridge from the summi. . .2020-05-072020-05-07Wolf RockUSA-OR4527
ViewThe quite exposed traverse heading down from the s. . .2020-05-072020-05-07Wolf RockUSA-OR4527
ViewLooking down Hardy Ridge toward Mt Hood.2019-02-022019-02-02Hardy RidgeUSA-WA2957
ViewMount Margaret is the high point on the ridge to t. . .2018-10-212018-10-21Mount MargaretUSA-WA5840
ViewMikhail on the Peregrine Traverse heading up to th. . .2018-09-292018-09-29Acker RockUSA-OR4110
ViewLooking up at the Dome though I like the name "The. . .2018-07-042016-05-30The DomeUSA-WA5720
ViewBoardwalk on the Minerva Mountain Trail up from Pe. . .2018-07-012018-07-01Ward MountainUSA-AK2670
ViewMike Heiser, guide for the day on the Minerva Moun. . .2018-07-012018-07-01Juno MountainUSA-AK2683
ViewMy buddy Peter and the summit cairn of Northbird P. . .2018-06-282018-06-28Northbird PeakUSA-AK3310
View"Little Baldy" looking east from the trail to Silv. . .2018-06-232018-06-23Little Baldy MountainUSA-WA3920
ViewThe Dome (or the "Fin" as I like to call it) as se. . .2017-08-262017-08-26The DomeUSA-WA5720
ViewClimbing the summit block of Mount Margaret with S. . .2017-08-262017-08-26Mount MargaretUSA-WA5840
ViewView of Mt Hood from the summit of Chinidere Mount. . .2017-06-302017-06-30Chinidere MountainUSA-OR4673
ViewSnake Range Peak 11,040 (North Granite) from the r. . .2015-09-012015-09-01Snake Range Peak 11040USA-NV11040
ViewFrom the summit cairn of False Pyramid looking tow. . .2015-08-292015-08-29False PyramidUSA-NV11456
ViewA picture looking north down the mauna loa caldera. . .2015-05-242015-05-24Mauna LoaUSA-HI13679
ViewThe summit cairn of Mauna Loa. Looking north one c. . .2015-05-242015-05-24Mauna LoaUSA-HI13679
ViewMauna Loa trail guide at the Observatory trailhead. . .2014-05-042014-06-28Mauna LoaUSA-HI13679
ViewView of Grant Range Peak 11028 looking west after . . .2013-09-212013-09-21Grant Range Peak 11028USA-NV11028
ViewThe cave just off the trail at about 7,800 ft.2013-09-212013-09-21Grant Range Peak 11028USA-NV11028
ViewLooking south at Second Fork Peak from the south r. . .2013-09-152013-09-15Second Fork PeakUSA-NV11450
ViewLooking north at Silver Creek Baldy from lower dow. . .2013-09-152013-09-15Silver Creek BaldyUSA-NV11470
ViewA view of Old Man Mountain in the distance. My rou. . .2013-09-142013-09-14Old Man MountainUSA-NV11064
ViewLooking south along the summit ridge to Toiyabe Pe. . .2013-09-112013-09-11Toiyabe Peak 11085USA-NV11085
ViewArc Dome when looking northwest from the summit ca. . .2013-09-102013-09-10Arc DomeUSA-NV11773
View"Troy Peak" above the Scofield Canyon road sign. ". . .2013-09-042013-09-04Troy PeakUSA-NV11298
ViewIncredible ponderosa pine seen on the way in. I re. . .2013-09-042013-09-04Troy PeakUSA-NV11298
ViewSchell Creek Peak 3587 from the summit cairn of So. . .2013-09-022013-09-02Schell Creek Peak 3587USA-NV11768
ViewSouth Schell Peak from the shelter on Schell Creek. . .2013-09-022013-09-02South Schell PeakUSA-NV11736
ViewSchell Creek Peak 3460 looking south from the summ. . .2013-09-022013-09-02Schell Creek Peak 3460USA-NV11352
ViewTaft Peak from the summit cairn of South Schell Pe. . .2013-09-022013-09-02Taft PeakUSA-NV11706
ViewLooking south, White Pine Peak 11360 is the bare r. . .2013-08-302013-08-30White Pine Peak 11360USA-NV11360
ViewThe SW face of Snow Lake Peak showing a very unlik. . .2013-08-292013-08-29Snow Lake PeakUSA-NV11137
ViewPhoto 1: On the SW face, find this ramp system tha. . .2013-08-292013-08-29Snow Lake PeakUSA-NV11137
ViewPhoto 2: Once around the corner and onto the NW fa. . .2013-08-292013-08-29Snow Lake PeakUSA-NV11137
ViewPhoto 3: Back on the SW face, there is a nice ledg. . .2013-08-292013-08-29Snow Lake PeakUSA-NV11137
ViewPhoto 4: On the SW face, the exhilarating 4th clas. . .2013-08-292013-08-29Snow Lake PeakUSA-NV11137
ViewMount Mazama in the middle from the SE ridge. Moun. . .2013-08-272013-08-27Mount SillimanUSA-NV11253
ViewA view of Cirque Mountain looking southeast from t. . .2013-08-142013-08-14Cirque MountainUSA-NV11290
ViewLooking south from summit cairn of Toiyabe Peak 11. . .2013-08-132013-08-13Bunker HillUSA-NV11473
ViewToiyabe Peak 11,061 looking north from summit cair. . .2013-08-132013-08-13Toiyabe Peak 11061USA-NV11061
ViewSouth Toiyabe Peak looking west from the Ophir tur. . .2013-08-122013-08-12South Toiyabe PeakUSA-NV10895
ViewSouth Toiyabe Peak from Toiyabe Crest Trail.2013-08-122013-08-12South Toiyabe PeakUSA-NV10895
ViewLooking south to Toiyabe Dome from the top of the . . .2013-08-112013-08-11Toiyabe DomeUSA-NV11361
ViewToiyabe Dome Southeast Summit from Toiyabe Dome.2013-08-112013-08-11Toiyabe Dome-Southeast SummitUSA-NV11335
ViewWildlife view from Toiyabe Dome looking north.2013-08-112013-08-11Toiyabe DomeUSA-NV11361
ViewThe long straight road to Jett Canyon. "Mahogany M. . .2013-08-102013-08-10Mahogany Mountain EastUSA-NV11194
ViewView of "Mahogany Mountain" (10,960 ft) looking we. . .2013-08-102013-08-10Mahogany Mountain EastUSA-NV11194
ViewMahogany Mountain is the red colored peak on the h. . .2013-08-102013-08-10Mahogany MountainUSA-NV10960
ViewSpanish Peak from the trailhead at Barcelona Saddl. . .2013-08-082013-08-08Spanish PeakUSA-NV10740
ViewShoshone Mountain looking south from Jefferson Sum. . .2013-08-082013-08-08Shoshone MountainUSA-NV10907
ViewMount Jefferson - North Summit ridge from near Mid. . .2013-08-062013-08-06Mount Jefferson-North SummitUSA-NV11814
ViewMount Jefferson - Middle Summit. In the middle of . . .2013-08-062013-08-06Mount Jefferson-Middle SummitUSA-NV11686
ViewMount Jefferson - East Peak. From the trail on t. . .2013-08-062013-08-06Mount Jefferson-East PeakUSA-NV11372
ViewClimbing the final red summit block of Turtlehead . . .2011-06-152011-06-15Turtlehead JuniorUSA-NV4920
ViewFinishing the crux move to climb Turtlehead Jr. He. . .2011-06-152011-06-15Turtlehead JuniorUSA-NV4920
ViewMount Gilbert from the trailhead.2010-10-012010-10-01Mount GilbertUSA-NV11120
ViewMount Talbot (11,080 ft) looking northwest across . . .2010-09-302010-09-30Mount TalbotUSA-NV11080
ViewVerdi Peak (11,074 ft) looking southwest from the . . .2010-09-302010-09-30Verdi PeakUSA-NV11074
ViewVerdi Peak shows itself just left of center from t. . .2010-09-302010-09-30Verdi PeakUSA-NV11074
ViewVerdi Peak to the NW about halfway up from the Ter. . .2010-09-302010-09-30Verdi PeakUSA-NV11074
View"Ruby Dome" looking through the summit block of "L. . .2010-09-272010-09-27Lee PeakUSA-NV11025
ViewSummit cairn of Tipton Peak.2010-09-252010-09-25Tipton PeakUSA-NV10941
ViewLooking across Four Lakes Basin to the south ridge. . .2010-09-252010-09-25Tipton PeakUSA-NV10941
View"Lake Peak" looking west from the Colonel Moore Cr. . .2010-09-242010-09-24Lake PeakUSA-NV10922
ViewPearl Peak looking west from Ruby Valley Road.2010-09-232010-09-23Pearl PeakUSA-NV10848
ViewBristlecone pine country.2010-09-232010-09-23Pearl PeakUSA-NV10848
ViewA great place to spend the night, and wake up to s. . .2010-09-222010-09-22Pilot PeakUSA-NV10716
ViewThe incredible view from the summit of Pilot Peak . . .2010-09-222010-09-22Pilot PeakUSA-NV10716
View"Sherman Peak" from Willow Creek access road.2010-08-302010-08-30Sherman MountainUSA-NV10320
ViewLooking along the south ridge to the summit of Kin. . .2010-08-272010-08-27King PeakUSA-NV11040
View"Black Top" is the black dome in the middle of the. . .2010-08-252010-08-25Humboldt PeakUSA-NV11020
View"Humboldt Peak" looking south from the summit of ". . .2010-08-252010-08-25Humboldt PeakUSA-NV11020
ViewOne of the earliest climbs I've seen on these peak. . .2010-08-252010-08-25Humboldt PeakUSA-NV11020
ViewRoby Dome - East Peak Summit. View from the easy c. . .2010-08-232010-08-23Ruby Dome-East PeakUSA-NV11360
ViewMount Silliman from a false summit just to the wes. . .2010-08-232010-08-23Mount SillimanUSA-NV11253
ViewView of "Ruby Dome" and "Ruby Dome-East Peak" from. . .2010-08-232010-08-23Mount SillimanUSA-NV11253
ViewA telephoto of "Mount Fitzgerald" and "Snow Lake P. . .2010-08-232010-08-23Mount SillimanUSA-NV11253
ViewThe "Hole in the Mountain". The actual peak/high p. . .2010-08-212010-08-21Hole in the Mountain PeakUSA-NV11306
View"Greys Peak" from Angel Lake.2010-08-202010-08-20Greys PeakUSA-NV10674
View"Green Mountain" looking north from Harrison Pass . . .2010-08-192010-08-19Green MountainUSA-NV10688
View"Green Mountain" from the south ridge.2010-08-192010-08-19Green MountainUSA-NV10688
ViewLooking along the north ridge to "McAfee Peak".2010-08-182010-08-18McAfee PeakUSA-NV10438
ViewView looking northwest from 8,800 ft on the 4wd dr. . .2010-08-182010-08-18McAfee PeakUSA-NV10438

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