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ViewPhoto CaptionPhoto DateAscentPeak (may be others)LocationElevFt
ViewLooking south from Road 503. Observation Peak is i. . .2022-04-01 Observation PeakUSA-CA7964
ViewBlue line shows the 640-foot contour on Lake Seren. . .2021-12-172021-12-17Lake Serene HillUSA-WA640
ViewClimbing steep snow on the south slope of McDonald. . .2021-07-01 McDonald PeakUSA-MT9820
ViewSeal for trail "Hrvatska planinarska obilaznica" (. . .2021-04-01 SljemeCroatia3386
ViewThis sign at the summit of Afadjato is clearly inc. . .2021 AfadjatoGhana1926
ViewThe high trailhead on the south slope of Mount Jef. . .2020-10-122020-10-12Mount JeffersonUSA-NV11941
ViewFun scrambling on South Twin Sister.2020-08-222020-08-23South TwinUSA-WA7000
ViewWickersham Dome is a popular and easy hike near Fa. . .2019-08-112019-08-11Wickersham DomeUSA-AK3207
ViewClimbers approaching the final summit of Beerenber. . .2019-06-13 BeerenbergJan Mayen7470
ViewBrowns Peak and the dramatic deep gully that leads. . .2019-04-242019-04-24Browns PeakUSA-AZ7657
ViewThe red line shows the correct ramp/ledge to use o. . .2018-08-242018-08-24Victoria PeakCanada-BC7083
ViewMount Fernow is an obscure summit near Stevens Pas. . .2018-07-292018-07-29 bMount FernowUSA-WA6190
ViewThe foreshortened summit pinnacle of Mount Shuksan. . .2018-05-052018-05-05Mount ShuksanUSA-WA9131
ViewPhoto of the summit area of Mount Farnham, showing. . .2017-09-012017-08-27Mount FarnhamCanada-BC11460
ViewThe snowy crest of Cond Peak in the Kokanee Park a. . .2017-08-212017-08-21 bCond PeakCanada-BC9190
ViewScrambling on the scenic ridge of Upper Saddle Pea. . .2017-08-202017-08-20 aUpper Saddle MountainCanada-BC7644
ViewThe misty and jungly summit ridge of Konahuanui, n. . .2017-07-012017-07-01 aKonahuanuiUSA-HI3150
ViewThe rugged rainforest bushwhack to Kamakou's summi. . .2017-06-252017-06-25 aKamakouUSA-HI4961
ViewLookout cabin on the talus of Northwest Peak.2016-08-162016-08-16 aNorthwest PeakUSA-MT7705
ViewCastle Mountain looks like its namesake as it rise. . .2016-08-122016-08-12Castle MountainUSA-MT12612
ViewThis class 4 cliff on the east ridge of He Devil c. . .2016-08-082016-08-08 bHe DevilUSA-ID9400
ViewThe rugged south ridge of Wilson Peak, Montana fea. . .2015-08-142015-08-14Wilson PeakUSA-MT10705
ViewThe rugged East Ridge of Mount Isto under mid-June. . .2015-06-152015-06-15Mount IstoUSA-AK8976
ViewThe west false summit of Agrihan, from the Southwe. . .2015-06-01 Agrihan - Southwest KnollNorthern Marianas3140
ViewMount Bashful's summit lives up to its name, hidin. . .2014-08-142014-08-14Bashful PeakUSA-AK8005
ViewThe rotten leaning summit pinnacle of Mount Osborn. . .2014-08-102014-08-10Mount OsbornUSA-AK4714
ViewMemorial at the summit of Mt. Greylock shrouded in. . .2014-06-14 Mount GreylockUSA-MA3487
ViewMount Wrightson has a very pleasing and classic pr. . .2013-12-062013-12-06 aMount WrightsonUSA-AZ9453
ViewJohn Ide at the summit of Mount Morgan, California. . .2013-08-17    
ViewHigh on the Northeast Ridge of Goode Mountain-the . . .2013-08-122013-08-12Goode MountainUSA-WA9200
ViewTrapper Peak, Montana looks jagged from the valley. . .2013-07-11 Trapper PeakUSA-MT10157
ViewIt is always nice to find a legible and well-prese. . .2013-07-10 Illinois PeakUSA-ID/MT7690
ViewPat Hadley is happy to be atop Humphreys, a tough . . .2013-06-082013-06-08Mount HumphreysUSA-CA13986
ViewA DeHaviland Beaver plane lands below the northern. . .2013-05-262013-05-26Mount TorbertUSA-AK11413
ViewMount Redoubt is a gigantic cone of cliffs, icefal. . .2013-05-25 Redoubt VolcanoUSA-AK10197
ViewThe Precipice trail on the east side of Mount Cham. . .2012-10-09 Champlain MountainUSA-ME1060
ViewThe Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park might . . .2012-10-09 Champlain MountainUSA-ME1060
ViewThe summit of Black Mountain offers this fanstasti. . .2012-10-08 Black MountainUSA-NY2640
ViewBig Chiwaukum is a hulking blob in this view from . . .2012-09-02 Big ChiwaukumUSA-WA8081
ViewSteptoe Butte rises alone from the surrounding low. . .2012-08-11 Steptoe ButteUSA-WA3612
ViewStream crossings are a part of mountain climbing--. . .2012-08-06 Mount WoodUSA-MT12660
ViewThe summit pyramid of Snowfield Peak rises above t. . .2012-07-08 Snowfield PeakUSA-WA8347
ViewEdward Earl returning to camp after a successful c. . .2012-07-08    
ViewThe South Sister under a deep coat of June snow.2012-06-06 South SisterUSA-OR10358
ViewThe summit pyramid of Mount Columbia rises from th. . .2012-04-08 Mount ColumbiaCanada-AB/BC12274
ViewThe summit area of Iztaccíhuatl holds a large, fla. . .2012-01-13 Volcán IztaccíhuatlMexico-Pue/Mex17103
ViewMalinche volcano in Mexico with a light cap of rec. . .2012-01-09 Volcán La MalincheMexico-Pue/Tlax14560
ViewAdam Helman, happy after his climb of Malinche, Me. . .2012-01-09    
ViewThe summit ridge of Nevado de Toluca provides the . . .2012-01-07 Nevado de TolucaMexico-Mex15354
ViewNevado de Toluca and a light mantle of snow.2012-01-072012-01-07Nevado de TolucaMexico-Mex15354
ViewThe cliffs of Cup and Saucer, the highest point on. . .2011-10-18 Cup and SaucerCanada-ON1155
ViewA cold and rainy day at the firetower on Ishpatina. . .2011-10-17 Ishpatina RidgeCanada-ON2274
ViewA good road leads the summit pinnacle of Mount Gra. . .2011-09-11 Mount GrantUSA-NV11280
ViewBicycles can be used to approach White Mountain Pe. . .2011-09-10 White Mountain PeakUSA-CA14246
ViewJack Mountain is one of the monarchs of the North . . .2011-08-13 Jack MountainUSA-WA9066
ViewMount Deception, second highest peak in the Olympi. . .2011-07-02 Mount DeceptionUSA-WA7788
ViewTomyhoi Peak a a crisp October day, before the sno. . .2010-10-17 Tomyhoi PeakUSA-WA7435
ViewThe steep snow approach to the summit of Whitehors. . .2010-05-08 Whitehorse MountainUSA-WA6840
ViewThe tilted summit plateau of Mount Lyell and the s. . .2009-09-11 Mount LyellUSA-CA13114
ViewThe Lyell Canyon trail passes through many meadows. . .2009-09-10 Mount LyellUSA-CA13114
ViewMount Ritter and Banner Peak are reflected in Shad. . .2009-09-09 Banner PeakUSA-CA12936
ViewThe LeConte Route chimney on North Palisade's norm. . .2009-09-072009-09-07North PalisadeUSA-CA14242
ViewThe windbreak at the summit of Freel Peak in the T. . .2009-09-05 Freel PeakUSA-CA10881
ViewThe highest point in Placer County, CA is this roc. . .2009-09-04 Mount Baldy - West RidgeUSA-CA/NV9040
ViewMount Rose is the highest and most prominent Sierr. . .2009-09-04 Mount RoseUSA-NV10776
ViewMorning alpenglow on Bonanza Peak above the Mary G. . .2009-07-02 Bonanza PeakUSA-WA9511
ViewDennis Poulin atop Bonanza Peak in the North Casca. . .2009-07-02    
ViewWedge Mountain in the B.C. Coast Range is one the . . .2009-06-14 Wedge MountainCanada-BC9488
ViewThe summit of North Gardner Mountain in snowy May . . .2009-05-31 North Gardner MountainUSA-WA8956
ViewThe Grand Teton in winter, from the top of the Jac. . .2009-02-07 Grand TetonUSA-WY13770
ViewSki tracks ascent the gentle dome of Bonneville Pe. . .2009-02-03 Bonneville PeakUSA-ID9271
ViewThe 8239-foot unnamed peak that is the highest in . . .2008-06-172008-06-17Skagway High PointUSA-AK8239
ViewMount Fairweather and its west peak from the landi. . .2008-06-112008-06-15Mount FairweatherUSA/Canada15325
ViewThese rugged summit pinnacles make Hilgard Peak a . . .2007-08-21 Hilgard PeakUSA-MT11316
ViewA climber heads towards the crags of Wyoming's Was. . .2007-08-18 Washakie NeedlesUSA-WY12518
ViewDawn illuminates Mount Siyeh in Glacier National P. . .2007-08-15 Mount SiyehUSA-MT10014
ViewSnowshoe Peak is the dominant summit of Montana's . . .2007-08-13 Snowshoe PeakUSA-MT8738
ViewThe stunning and precipitous summit pinnacle of Mo. . .2006-07-30 Mount JeffersonUSA-OR10497
ViewThe broad dome of Peak 4824 (Mount Barnes-Pauze) a. . .2004-08-11 Mount Barnes-PauzéCanada-QC/NL4824
ViewAt lower right, in the foreground, is the cairn fo. . .2004-08-082004-08-08 aMont D'IbervilleCanada-QC/NL5419
ViewBillie Butterfield on the loose rock of the Koroc . . .2004-08-082004-08-08 bMount CaubvickCanada-NL5420
ViewFrom the summit of Mount Caubvick, looking down to. . .2004-08-082004-08-08 bMount CaubvickCanada-NL5420
ViewThe summit pyramid of Mount Caubvick/D'Iberville, . . .2004-08-082004-08-08 bMount CaubvickCanada-NL5420
ViewThe blocky talus of the south central ridge of Mou. . .2004-08 Minaret RidgeCanada-QC/NL5100
ViewNorth Caubvick (left) and Mount Caubvick (right) r. . .2004-08 Mount Caubvick - North PeakCanada-NL5100
ViewThe twin summits of Mount Erhart (Margaret Toth), . . .2004-08 Mount ErhartCanada-NL5049
ViewThe Minaret Ridge is an exposed scramble to the su. . .2004-08 Mount CaubvickCanada-NL5420
ViewThe peaks of Mount Tremblant are thickly forested,. . .2003-10-082003-10-08 dMont TremblantCanada-QC3058
ViewSnowy Mountain's summit lives up to its name, risi. . .2003-10-062003-10-06Snowy MountainUSA-NY3898
ViewSantanoni is frosted with snow in this view from t. . .2003-10-06 Santanoni PeakUSA-NY4606
ViewThe high, gentle summit plateau area of Mount Dani. . .2003-08-082003-08-08Mount DanielUSA-WA7960
ViewGlenn Slayden toils up towards the summit pinnacle. . .2003-06-062003-06-06Glacier PeakUSA-WA10520
ViewDawn illuminates the east face of Mount Whitney (c. . .2001-12-17 Mount WhitneyUSA-CA14498
ViewHot Springs Mountain in San Diego County, CA, with. . .2001-12-152001-12-15Hot Springs MountainUSA-CA6533
ViewSawmill Mountain from nearby and slightly higher M. . .2001-12-13 Sawmill MountainUSA-CA8818
ViewThe highest point in Sonoma County is this low, pa. . .2001-12-112001-12-11 bCobb Mountain - Southwest PeakUSA-CA4480
ViewMount Shuksan's awesome north face with a coating . . .2000-12-03 Mount ShuksanUSA-WA9131
ViewMount Dickerman's summit crags from the well-worn . . .1999-09-121999-09-12Dickerman MountainUSA-WA5723
ViewSkiing at 13,000 feet on the Emmons Glacier.1999-08-011999-08-01Mount RainierUSA-WA14411
ViewFrom the summit of Red Hill, the vast crater of Ha. . .1998-11-171998-11-17HaleakalaUSA-HI10023
ViewPete Ford takes the final steps to the summit of B. . .1998-06-151998-06-15 bBarbeau PeakCanada-NU8583
ViewThe broad north summit ridge of Barbeau Peak.1998-06-151998-06-15 bBarbeau PeakCanada-NU8583
ViewCamp on Ellesmere Island, after crossing a meltstr. . .1998-06 Barbeau PeakCanada-NU8583
ViewThe Air Force glacier and valley on Ellesmere Isla. . .1998-06 Barbeau PeakCanada-NU8583
ViewAn unnamed glacier descends from an unnamed ice ca. . .1998-06 Barbeau PeakCanada-NU8583
ViewThe summit ridge of Highpointers Peak (unofficial . . .1998-06 Highpointer PeakCanada-NU5512
ViewApproaching the unnamed Peak 1960, near Barbeau Pe. . .1998-06 Peak 1960Canada-NU6430
ViewSkiers slog up the endless south slopes of Mount S. . .1998-05 Mount Saint HelensUSA-WA8333
ViewGranite Mountain's lookout tower is visible from t. . .1997-11-091997-11-09Granite MountainUSA-WA5629
ViewKaleetan Peak is the dark tooth on the left and Ch. . .1997-11-09 Kaleetan PeakUSA-WA6259
ViewJack Mountain from Little Jack Mountain.1997-09-211997-09-21Jack MountainUSA-WA9066
ViewThe south face of Ingalls Peak, in sunshine to the. . .1997-08-091997-08-09Ingalls PeakUSA-WA7662
ViewMount Stuart is a massive rocky pyramid that utter. . .1997-08-09 Mount StuartUSA-WA9415
ViewClimbers make their way along the very summit ridg. . .1997-05-271997-05-27DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewThe treacherous slopes leading up to Denali Pass.1997-05-271997-05-27DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewStanding on the Summit of North America.1997-05-271997-05-27DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewWashburn's Thumb on the West Buttress1997-05 DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewMount Foraker from the West Buttress of Mount McKi. . .1997-05 Mount ForakerUSA-AK17400
ViewCamp is well dug-in at 11,000 feet on Denali1997-05 DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewLooking down the broad Kahiltna Glacier1997-05 DenaliUSA-AK20310
ViewFrom near the Blackcomb Ski Area, the peaks of the. . .1997-03-141997-03-14 dTremor MountainCanada-BC8829
ViewThe rocky towers of Kinabalu tower over the jungle. . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewThe summit area of Kinabalu is a huge area of rock. . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewThe route on the exposed slabs of Kinabalu's summi. . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewA trail sign on the rocky moonscape of the Kinabal. . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewThe white blotches on the ground in this photo are. . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewThe Laban Rata hut, halfway up Mount Kinabalu, is . . .1996-07-191996-07-19KinabaluMalaysia13435
ViewHong Kong's highest hill is crowned with a radar s. . .1996-07-131996-07-13Tai Mo ShanHong Kong3140
ViewIn 1996, Yu Shan had a more imposing summit marker. . .1996-07-081996-07-08YushanTaiwan12963
ViewThe final summit block of Yu Shan, with the southe. . .1996-07-081996-07-08YushanTaiwan12963
ViewFrom afar, Fuji is a beautiful pyramid, but the ac. . .1996-07-021996-07-02 aFuji-sanJapan12388
ViewPerhaps the most famous tram ride in the world ter. . .1996-03-121996-03-12Aiguille du MidiFrance12608
ViewFrom the lower Vallée Blanche ski route, the massi. . .1996-03-12 Grandes JorassesFrance/Italy13806
ViewThe crumbly rock face of the Dome de Gouter domina. . .1996-03-10 Mont BlancFrance/Italy15781
ViewMount Rainier in winter from the nearby Crystal Mo. . .1995-12-23 Mount RainierUSA-WA14411
ViewSacajawea Peak is the far away dark hump at left i. . .1995-09-16 Sacajawea PeakUSA-OR9838
ViewDome Peak and the Dome Glacier from Itswoot Ridge.. . .1995-08-201995-08-20Dome PeakUSA-WA8920
ViewThe summit block of Mount Stone is in deep shadow . . .1995-07-30 Mount StoneUSA-WA6612
ViewThe crags of Silver Star Mountain rise above the f. . .1995-06-25 Silver Star MountainUSA-WA8876
ViewMount Scott is a huge surprise, looking like a rea. . .1995-03-051995-03-05Mount ScottUSA-OK2464
ViewA typical summit area in dense forest--a cairn, si. . .1995-03-041995-03-04Driskill MountainUSA-LA535
ViewSnoqualmie Mountain is the ledgy summit that is ve. . .1995 Snoqualmie MountainUSA-WA6278
ViewThe Knife Edge, leading down from the South Peak t. . .1994-09-231994-09-23 dKatahdinUSA-ME5268
ViewIn 1994, a fire tower with a space-age pod crowned. . .1994-09-211994-09-21Nuttby MountainCanada-NS1181
ViewA remote bump covered with low scrub, White Hill i. . .1994-09-191994-09-19White HillCanada-NS1749
ViewThe high point of Prince Edward is near the edge o. . .1994-09-171994-09-17Prince Edward Island High PointCanada-PEI459
ViewThe low timberline (about 3300 feet) in the Chic-C. . .1994-09-151994-09-15 bSommet Albert NordCanada-QC3553
ViewMount Carleton and the tiny observation hut at its. . .1994-09-141994-09-14 aMount CarletonCanada-NB2690
ViewThe high, flat crest of Medicine Bow Peak.1994-08-051994-08-05 bMedicine Bow PeakUSA-WY12013
ViewMount Stimson rises to a point in this view from T. . .1994-07-26 Mount StimsonUSA-MT10142
ViewTriple Divide Peak looks like the prow of a battle. . .1994-07-261994-07-26Triple Divide PeakUSA-MT8020
ViewClements, like other peaks in Glacier National Par. . .1994-07-25 Clements MountainUSA-MT8760
ViewThe summit crags of Mount Oberlin, an easy scrambl. . .1994-07-251994-07-25Mount OberlinUSA-MT8180
ViewThe summit crags of Scotchman Peak, one of the hig. . .1994-07-241994-07-24Scotchman PeakUSA-ID7011
ViewThe massive, icy form of Mount Rainier in the clas. . .1994-07-19 Mount RainierUSA-WA14411
ViewA view of Longs Peak from the "boulder field" to t. . .1994-07-121994-07-12Longs PeakUSA-CO14255
ViewThe ledgy, rocky summit area of Monadnock is often. . .1994-05-301994-05-30Mount MonadnockUSA-NH3150
ViewThe highest point on Oahu rises above sugarcane fi. . .1993-12-09 KaalaUSA-HI4040
ViewNounou, or Sleeping Giant, is a low ridge on the l. . .1993-12-071993-12-07Nounou MountainUSA-HI1241
ViewThe summit area of Mauna Kea is a rocky moonscape . . .1993-12-041993-12-04Mauna KeaUSA-HI13796
ViewLooking back at the broad snowfields on the classi. . .1993-11-281993-11-28Mount TaranakiNew Zealand8261
ViewMount Ollivier was the first peak ever climbed by . . .1993-11-161993-11-16Mount OllivierNew Zealand6342
ViewThis photo shows why the Southern Alps of New Zeal. . .1993-11-16 Mount SeftonNew Zealand10338
ViewMount Cook's summit is barely visible amid a swirl. . .1993-11-16 Mount CookNew Zealand12218
ViewA lone skier "boots up" from the top ski lift of t. . .1993-11-121993-11-12Mount RuapehuNew Zealand9177
ViewThe Ruapehu massif from the scrubby flatlands surr. . .1993-11 Mount RuapehuNew Zealand9177
ViewThe summit block of Mount Ossa requires some nimbl. . .1993-10-301993-10-30 aMount OssaAustralia-TAS5305
ViewThe dark silhouette of Cradle Mountain is all that. . .1993-10-28 Cradle MountainAustralia-TAS5069
ViewThe summit of Mount Bogong is marked by a giant be. . .1993-10-201993-10-20Mount BogongAustralia-VIC6516
ViewThe broad dome of Bimberi Peak, above the fields a. . .1993-10-181993-10-18 bBimberi PeakAustralia-ACT/NSW6276
ViewMount Townsend, here seen from Mount Kosciusko, is. . .1993-10-171993-10-17 cMount TownsendAustralia-NSW7247
ViewMount Kosciusko's gentle, grassy summit dome.1993-10-171993-10-17 aMount KosciuszkoAustralia-NSW7310
ViewA Balinese guide in front of the summit--he refuse. . .1993-10-061993-10-06Gunung AgungIndonesia9944
ViewIn the wilderness near the village of Kanol, the s. . .1993-09-24 TrisulIndia23360
ViewComa Pedrosa is a big pile of rocks crowned by a s. . .1993-08-291993-08-29 bPic de Coma PedrosaAndorra9656
ViewThe Mischabel massif on a crystal clear day, from . . .1993-08-21 DomSwitzerland14918
ViewThe Fletschhorn just misses the 4000-meter mark, b. . .1993-08-211993-08-21FletschhornSwitzerland13077
ViewThe summit of Mont Blanc as seen from the Dome du . . .1993-08-171993-08-17Mont BlancFrance/Italy15781
ViewMont Blanc de Courmayeur from just below the summi. . .1993-08-17 Monte Bianco di CourmayeurItaly15577
ViewGreg Slayden contemplates the cloud-capped icy maj. . .1993-08-14 Monte RosaSwitzerland15203
ViewThe Grauspitze (left) and the Schwartzhorn are the. . .1993-08-11 GrauspitzLiech/Switzerland8527
ViewIn 1993 the summit area of the Zugspitze was a mes. . .1993-08-071993-08-07ZugspitzeGermany/Austria9718
ViewThe Grossglockner's summit is in and out of clouds. . .1993-08-051993-08-05 bGroßglocknerAustria12461
ViewThe white rock of Triglav shines with an almost un. . .1993-08-031993-08-03TriglavSlovenia9396
ViewThis unusual view of the Matterhorn showcases it’s. . .1993-08 MatterhornItaly/Switzerland14692
ViewApproaching the high crest of the Tatra, near Rysy. . .1993-08 RysySlovakia8212
ViewClouds appear to be devouring the high massif of G. . .1993-08 Gerlachovský štítSlovakia8707
ViewFrom the summit of Storehaugen, the panorama of th. . .1993-07-191993-07-19StorehaugfjellNorway3848
ViewThe hike to the summit of the highest snow peak in. . .1993-07-181993-07-18GlittertindenNorway8087
ViewGaldopiggen is a fine rocky peak. View from the n. . .1993-07-171993-07-17GaldhøpiggenNorway8100
ViewA tower marks the general area of Botrange, highes. . .1993-07-091993-07-09 bSignal de BotrangeBelgium2277
ViewThe craggy summit of Ireland's high point. Photo . . .1993-07-031993-07-03 cCarrauntoohilIreland3409
ViewThe summit area of Ben Nevis on a typically cloudy. . .1993-06-291993-06-29Ben NevisUK-Scotland4413
ViewSnowdon is the high triangular peak in this view f. . .1993-06-271993-06-27 bSnowdonUK-Wales3560
ViewThe summit rocks of Camels Hump, typical for a nor. . .1993-06-061993-06-06Camels HumpUSA-VT4078
ViewFrom Popo and the south, Izta looks more like a no. . .1993-01 Volcán IztaccíhuatlMexico-Pue/Mex17103
ViewThe white snows of Popo rise above Tlamacas Lodge,. . .1993-01 Volcán PopocatépetlMexico-Pue/Mor/Mex17759
ViewHolland Peak towers above Upper Rumble Creek Lake.. . .1992-09-221992-09-22 aHolland PeakUSA-MT9356
ViewThe highest summit in the vast Salmon River Mounta. . .1992-09-17 White MountainUSA-ID10442
ViewPicturesque Mount Regan rises above Sawtooth Lake.. . .1992-09-16 Mount ReganUSA-ID10190
ViewThe summit of Cloud Peak, the talus fields made tr. . .1992-09-101992-09-10Cloud PeakUSA-WY13167
ViewThe summit snowfield of Gannett Peak looks like a . . .1992-09 Gannett PeakUSA-WY13804
ViewThe famous Black Dike splits the northeast face of. . .1992-09 Middle TetonUSA-WY12804
ViewMount Warren dominates this view of the icy grande. . .1992-09 Mount WarrenUSA-WY13722
ViewMount Helen and its northwest face, from Titcomb B. . .1992-09 Mount HelenUSA-WY13620
ViewThe high wilderness of the Bitterroot Range with t. . .1992-09 Bare PeakUSA-MT9289
ViewBunker Hill is the distant ridge rising above the . . .1992-08-281992-08-28 bBunker HillUSA-NV11473
ViewMount Dana is an enormous pile of talus--view from. . .1992-08-251992-08-25 aMount DanaUSA-CA13057
ViewThe volcanic moonscape of the summit crater.1992-08-21 Lassen PeakUSA-CA10457
ViewMount Shasta and the prominent "heart", surrounded. . .1992-08-201992-08-20Mount ShastaUSA-CA14162
ViewMount Thielsen is one of the "pointiest" mountains. . .1992-08-191992-08-19Mount ThielsenUSA-OR9182
ViewMount Olympus rises spectacularly above the Blue G. . .1992-08-161992-08-16 bMount OlympusUSA-WA7969
ViewThe fire lookout tower on Mount Bonaparte was mann. . .1992-08-091992-08-09Mount BonaparteUSA-WA7257
ViewI believe this peak rising above Balu Pass in the . . .1992-08-08 Ursus Major MountainCanada-BC8875
ViewMount Athabasca and the Columbia Icefield are bare. . .1992-08-07 Mount AthabascaCanada-AB11453
ViewMount Wilcox rises from the broad, gentle meadows . . .1992-08-071992-08-07Mount WilcoxCanada-AB9462
ViewAlthough a relatively low summit, Pyramid Peak dom. . .1992-08-061992-08-06Pyramid MountainCanada-AB9065
ViewThe dark, craggy silhouette of Wheeler Peak.1992-08 Wheeler PeakUSA-NV13063
ViewA bitter cold winter's day on the highest point in. . .1992-03-101992-03-10Charles MoundUSA-IL1235
ViewA helicopter flies over the rime-ice encrusted sum. . .1992-02-241992-02-24Whiteface MountainUSA-NY4865
ViewGrandfather Mountain features a swaying suspension. . .1991-10-261991-10-26 dGrandfather MountainUSA-NC5946
ViewGranite Peak under ominous leaden clouds, from the. . .1991-08-261991-08-26Granite PeakUSA-MT12799
ViewA view of the cleft forepeak along Borah's north r. . .1991-08-231991-08-23Borah PeakUSA-ID12662
ViewRocky Mount Angeles is plainly visible from the Hu. . .1991-08-21 Mount AngelesUSA-WA6454
ViewGentle Hurricane Hill is reached by a paved trail . . .1991-08-211991-08-21Hurricane HillUSA-WA5757
ViewThe lowest high point in the 50 U.S. states is in . . .1991-02-071991-02-07Britton HillUSA-FL345
ViewThe north side of Mount Harvard rises from the Pin. . .1990-09-05 Mount HarvardUSA-CO14420
ViewTorreys Peak from nearby Grays Peak, 3 feet higher. . .1990-09-031990-09-03 eTorreys PeakUSA-CO14267
ViewFrom the summit of Mount Sherman, Horseshoe Peak (. . .1990-09-02 Horseshoe MountainUSA-CO13898
ViewThe bulky, ledge mass of Missouri Mountain from th. . .1990-09 Missouri MountainUSA-CO14067
ViewThe highest point in Wisconsin is marked by a fire. . .1989-06-271989-06-27Timms HillUSA-WI1951
ViewEagle Mountain is marked by a plaque that tells th. . .1989-06-261989-06-26Eagle MountainUSA-MN2301
ViewThe conical form of Mount Hood towers above the Ti. . .1989-06-211989-06-21Mount HoodUSA-OR11239
ViewMount Whitney is the flat-topped feature to the le. . .1989-06-131989-06-13 aMount WhitneyUSA-CA14498
ViewBoundary Peak in the White Mountains lives up to t. . .1989-06-101989-06-10Boundary PeakUSA-NV13140
ViewFrom Boundary Peak in Nevada, craggy Mount Montgom. . .1989-06-10 Montgomery PeakUSA-CA13441
ViewKings Peak is the furthest snow-covered bump in th. . .1989-05-191989-05-19Kings PeakUSA-UT13528
ViewWhite Butte, North Dakota rises above cattle grazi. . .1989-05-131989-05-13White ButteUSA-ND3506
ViewA very pleasant trail circles Devils Tower, provid. . .1989-05-11 Devils TowerUSA-WY5112
ViewPresidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Th. . .1989-05-11 Mount RushmoreUSA-SD5725
ViewA tiny monument marks the highest elevation in Neb. . .1989-05-101989-05-10Panorama PointUSA-NE5429
ViewThe summit of Wheeler Peak from above La Cal Basin. . .1989-05-091989-05-09 cWheeler PeakUSA-NM13161
ViewGuadalupe Peak, Texas, is crowned with a metal pyr. . .1989-05-061989-05-06Guadalupe PeakUSA-TX8749
ViewLooking up to Humphreys Peak (left) and Mount Agas. . .1989-05-041989-05-04 bHumphreys PeakUSA-AZ12633
ViewMount Elbert, covered with spring snowfields, from. . .1989-04-251989-04-25 bMount ElbertUSA-CO14433
ViewThe high point of Kansas, Mount Sunflower, had the. . .1989-04-241989-04-24Mount SunflowerUSA-KS4039
ViewThis beautiful granite monument atop the flat expa. . .1989-04-231989-04-23Black MesaUSA-OK4973
ViewThe summit house and tower atop Cheaha Mountain.1989-04-201989-04-20 aCheaha MountainUSA-AL2405
ViewStone Mountain has giant bas-relief depictions of . . .1989-04-19 Stone MountainUSA-GA1680
ViewThe sheer pinnacle of Lizard Head is often called . . .1989 Lizard HeadUSA-CO13113
ViewMount Wilson is the leftmost major summit in this . . .1989 Mount WilsonUSA-CO14246
ViewDavid Reed snacks amidst the early-season snow at . . .1988-10-231988-10-23 bMount Frissell - South SlopeUSA-CT/MA2382
ViewSaddleback Mountain's ridge rises just above the t. . .1987-09-031987-09-03 aSaddleback MountainUSA-ME4120
ViewMount Jefferson rises above Monticello Lawn, at th. . .1987-08-151987-08-15 cMount JeffersonUSA-NH5712
ViewIn 1985 the high point of Hungary was marked by a . . .1985-08-201985-08-20KékesHungary3327
ViewThe southeast ridge of the Monch is a relatively e. . .1985-08-091985-08-09MönchSwitzerland13474
ViewThe Jungfrau rises above the Jungfraujoch railway . . .1985-08-09 JungfrauSwitzerland13642
ViewThe Aletschhorn dominates the view south from the . . .1985-08-09 AletschhornSwitzerland13757
ViewThe famous Bernese peak trinity: The Eiger, Monch,. . .1985-08-08 JungfrauSwitzerland13642
ViewThe famous Bernese peak trinity: The Eiger, Monch,. . .1985-08-08 EigerSwitzerland13015
ViewThe famous Bernese peak trinity: The Eiger, Monch,. . .1985-08-08 MönchSwitzerland13474
ViewThe summit block of the Pico de Aneto is a shark's. . .1985-07-251985-07-25Pico de AnetoSpain11168
ViewMulhacen's rocky profile, from the summit of Velet. . .1985-07-231985-07-23 aMulhacénSpain11414
ViewVeleta, in the distance, from the summit of Mulhac. . .1985-07-231985-07-23 bVeletaSpain11142
ViewMonte Perdido lords over the head of the flat-bott. . .1985-07-151985-07-15Monte PerdidoSpain10984
ViewThe "cylinder" of Marbore indeed looks like a tree. . .1985-07-15 Cilindro de MarboreSpain10909
ViewClose up, the Puy de Sancy can look very craggy fr. . .1985-06 Puy de SancyFrance6184
ViewThe Puy de Sancy from the northwest.1985-06 Puy de SancyFrance6184
ViewBlack Mountain, Kentucky and the radar dome nearby. . .1984-08-191984-08-19 bBlack MountainUSA-KY4139
ViewThe summit of Mount Rogers is a clearing in deep f. . .1984-08-181984-08-18 aMount RogersUSA-VA5729
ViewA very misty day on the highest peak in the Easter. . .1984-08-181984-08-18 bMount MitchellUSA-NC6684
ViewMount Haystack from Mount Marcy.1984-06-25 Mount HaystackUSA-NY4961
ViewThe knife-blade of Seneca Rocks offers some of the. . .1984-06-021984-06-02 cSeneca RocksUSA-WV2400
ViewAn observation tower allows visitors to Spruce Kno. . .1984-06-021984-06-02 dSpruce KnobUSA-WV4861
ViewNo views in thick clouds--all to common on high Wh. . .1983-08-271983-08-27Mount MoosilaukeUSA-NH4802
ViewClingmans Dome is marked by an observation tower w. . .1983-03-15 Clingmans DomeUSA-NC/TN6643
ViewThe sign and benchmark at the very summit of Mount. . .1982-07-271982-07-27 bMount WashingtonUSA-NH6288
ViewThe Delaware Water Gap has exposed the tilted stra. . .1981-08-10 Mount MinsiUSA-PA1461
ViewLooking south from the summit of Mount Lafayette a. . .1981-07-101981-07-10 aMount LafayetteUSA-NH5240
ViewMount Lincoln is the far high bump on the crest of. . .1981-07-101981-07-10 bMount LincolnUSA-NH5089
ViewAt sunset the summit cliffs of Pond Ledge Hill glo. . .1977 Pond Ledge HillUSA-CT562
ViewThe former Grasshopper lookout in 1949.1949 Grasshopper MountainUSA-CA3379
ViewClouds moving in cover half of the bald dome of Mo. . . 1980-06-30 aMount EisenhowerUSA-NH4760
ViewThe remote dome of Mount Bond rises above the crag. . .  Mount BondUSA-NH4698
ViewMount Madison from Mount Adams.  Mount MadisonUSA-NH5366
ViewLiberty Bell Mountain and the Early Winter Spires,. . .  Liberty Bell MountainUSA-WA7720
ViewThe foreboding Eiger Nordwand towers over Kleine S. . .  EigerSwitzerland13015
ViewThe Monch is an easy climb from the Jungfraujoch r. . .  MönchSwitzerland13474
ViewThe massive 3-summited bulk of Mount Princeton is . . .  Mount PrincetonUSA-CO14197
ViewThe vast acreage of ski terrain of the China Bowl,. . .  Vail MountainUSA-CO11260
ViewThe world's premier "big wall" dominates the lower. . .  El CapitanUSA-CA7569
ViewThe cornices on the crater rim can be very dangero. . .  Mount Saint HelensUSA-WA8333
ViewBlanca Peak lords over the open expanses of the Sa. . .  Blanca PeakUSA-CO14345
ViewThe picturesque rocky crags of the Bondcliffs, fro. . .  BondcliffsUSA-NH4265
ViewThe high dome of Algonquin from Boundary Peak.  Algonquin PeakUSA-NY5115
ViewMarcy is framed by trees in this view from Lake Te. . .  Mount MarcyUSA-NY5344

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