Peak Lists for Edward Earl

A list will appear on this page when Edward Earl has climbed at least 2 of the peaks on the list, AND more than 5% of the total number on that list. Clicking on a list name below will take you to that list, showing the date each completed peak was first climbed.

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High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Continent High Point Lists
                    The Seven Summits7228.6% Done
                    Seven Summits - Continental Landmass High Points7228.6% Done

      Country High Point Lists
                    World Country High Points253145.5% Done
                    North America Country High Points44613.6% Done
                           Central America Country High Points7342.9% Done
                    South America Country High Points15320% Done
                    Country High Points of the Americas59915.3% Done
                    Europe Country High Points5359.4% Done
                           Core Europe Country High Points49510.2% Done
                           Europe High Points with Iberian Substitution49510.2% Done
                           Europe High Points - Inclusive Grab Bag62711.3% Done
                    UN Member State High Points193147.3% Done
                           North America UN Member High Points23626.1% Done
                           South America UN Member High Points12325% Done
                           Europe UN Member High Points46510.9% Done

      State/Province High Point Lists

             North America State/Province High Point Lists
                           U.S. State High Points504386% Done
                                  United States State/Territory High Points564376.8% Done
                           United States State High Points (plus DC)514384.3% Done
                           Contiguous 48 U.S. State High Points484185.4% Done
                           Combined USA-Canada-Mexico State/Province High Points964850% Done
                           Mexico State High Points32412.5% Done
                           Guatemala Department High Points22418.2% Done
                           Costa Rica Province High Points7457.1% Done

             South America State/Province High Point Lists
                           Ecuador Province High Points2428.3% Done

             Europe State/Province High Point Lists
                           U.K. Constituent Country High Points4375% Done
                                  British Country/Dependency High Points19315.8% Done
                           Austria State High Points9222.2% Done

      County/Second Level High Points

             United States County High Point Lists
                           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet604066.7% Done
                           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet - 48 States533871.7% Done
                           Eastern U.S. County High Points over 4500 feet423685.7% Done

             Western United States County High Point Lists
                           Alaska Borough/Census Area High Points30413.3% Done
                           Hawaii County High Points5240% Done
                           Washington County High Points3939Complete!
                           Oregon County High Points3636Complete!
                           California County High Points5858Complete!
                           Nevada County High Points1717Complete!
                           Idaho County High Points443272.7% Done
                           Montana County High Points563766.1% Done
                           Wyoming County High Points2323Complete!
                           Utah County High Points2929Complete!
                           Colorado County High Points643046.9% Done
                           Arizona County High Points1515Complete!
                           New Mexico County High Points3333Complete!

             Northeastern United States County High Point Lists
                           Maine County High Points16850% Done
                           New Hampshire County High Points10770% Done
                           Vermont County High Points14857.1% Done
                           Massachusetts County High Points14428.6% Done
                           Rhode Island Pseudo-County High Points5240% Done
                           Connecticut Pseudo-County High Points8675% Done
                                  Connecticut Planning Region High Points9555.6% Done
                           New York County High Points62812.9% Done
                           New Jersey County High Points21419% Done

             Midwestern United States County High Point Lists
                           Illinois County High Points10287.8% Done
                           Iowa County High Points9977.1% Done
                           Nebraska County High Points9366.5% Done
                           South Dakota County High Points66710.6% Done
                           North Dakota County High Points53713.2% Done

             Southern United States County High Point Lists
                           Virginia County/Ind. City High Points1332115.8% Done
                           Tennessee County High Points951313.7% Done
                           North Carolina County High Points1002626% Done
                           South Carolina County High Points461226.1% Done
                           Georgia County High Points159159.4% Done
                           Alabama County High Points6746% Done
                           Louisiana Parish High Points6469.4% Done
                           Arkansas County High Points7579.3% Done
                           Oklahoma County High Points7745.2% Done

             Europe County/Second Level High Points
                                  Scotland County/Unitary Authority High Points32412.5% Done

      Border High Point Lists

             Country Border High Point Lists
                    North America Country Border High Points14214.3% Done

             State/Province Border High Point Lists
                    USA State Border High Points50510% Done

      Island High Point Lists

             Island High Points of the World and Continents
                           World Island High Points above 2000 meters7245.6% Done
                           Europe Island High Points above 1000 meters4137.3% Done

             Other Island High Points
                           United States Island High Points above 4000 feet2428.3% Done
                                  USA 48-States Island High Points above 500 feet251664% Done
                                  Washington State Island High Points441534.1% Done
                                  Pacific Ocean U.S. Island High Points above 300 feet391743.6% Done
                                  Hawaii Island High Points above 500 feet11218.2% Done
                                  Atlantic Ocean U.S. Island High Points above 150 feet5235.8% Done
                           United Kingdom Island High Points5935.1% Done

      Mountain Range High Point Lists

             North America Mountain Range High Point Lists
                           North America Range3 High Points602643.3% Done
                           USA/Canada Range4 High Points2029547% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range3 High Points212095.2% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range4 High Points1068984% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range5 High Points61733754.6% Done
                           Great Basin Range5 High Points784760.3% Done
                           Rocky Mountain Range4 High Points352571.4% Done
                           Appalachian Mountain Range4 High Points261453.8% Done
                                  Idaho Range Highpoints792632.9% Done
                                  Arizona Range High Points1982412.1% Done

             South America Range High Points
                           South America Range3 High Points3339.1% Done

             Europe Range High Points
                           Europe Range3 High Points4548.9% Done
                           Alps Range4 High Points2827.1% Done

      Drainage Basin High Point and Triple Divide Lists

             World Drainage Basin High Point Lists
                    Largest-Area Drainage Basin High Points27311.1% Done
                    World Drainage Basin High Points over 5000 m high4037.5% Done

             North America Drainage Basin High Points
                    USA Lower 48 Drainage Basin High Points674059.7% Done
                    Washington State Drainage Basin High Points181161.1% Done
                    Northeast USA Drainage Basin High Points171164.7% Done

             North America Triple Divide Points
                    USA Lower 48 Triple Divide Points5635.4% Done
                    Northeast USA Triple Divide Points16212.5% Done

      Land High Point Lists

             North America Land High Point Lists
                    U.S. National Park High Points633047.6% Done
                    U.S. National Forest High Points1107568.2% Done
                    BLM High Points by State12650% Done
                    U.S. National Monument High Points127118.7% Done
                    U.S. Indian Reservation High Points over 8000 feet20945% Done
                                  Arizona Indian Reservation High Points18211.1% Done
                    U.S. State Park High Points431841.9% Done

             U.S. Wilderness Area High Points
                           Washington State Wilderness High Points311754.8% Done
                           Oregon Wilderness High Points451328.9% Done
                           California Wilderness High Points1524730.9% Done
                           Nevada Wilderness High Points691521.7% Done
                           Idaho Wilderness High Points14214.3% Done
                           Montana Wilderness High Points16743.8% Done
                           Wyoming Wilderness High Points15533.3% Done
                           Utah Wilderness High Points49918.4% Done
                           Colorado Wilderness High Points431330.2% Done
                           Arizona Wilderness High Points891516.9% Done
                           New Mexico Wilderness Area High Points39717.9% Done
                           Midwestern Wilderness High Points3525.7% Done
                           Northeastern Wilderness High Points4848.3% Done
                           Southeastern Wilderness High Points641015.6% Done
                           South-Central Wilderness High Points3825.3% Done

             Europe Land High Point Lists
                    United Kingdom National Park High Points15320% Done

      City High Point Lists
             Selected U.S. City High Points30516.7% Done
                           King County, WA City High Points38410.5% Done

Elevation Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      North America Elevation Lists
                    North America 14,000-foot Peaks1042423.1% Done

             United States Elevation Lists
                           United States 14,000-foot Peaks892325.8% Done
                           United States 13,750-foot Peaks1832614.2% Done

             Western United States Elevation Lists
                           USA 48-States 14,000-foot Peaks642234.4% Done
                           Washington State Top 100 Peaks1001616% Done
                                  Washington State Top 200 Peaks2002110.5% Done
                           Olympic Mountain 6500-foot Peaks4948.2% Done
                           Alpine Lakes "Home Court" Top 10010077% Done
                           Mid-State Milers215167.4% Done
                           Oregon 9000-foot Peaks311548.4% Done
                           Oregon Top 100 Peaks1002727% Done
                           Cascade Range 9000-foot Peaks342264.7% Done
                           California 14,000-foot Peaks11545.5% Done
                           California 13,500-foot Peaks54611.1% Done
                           Non-Sierra California 10,000-foot Peaks611423% Done
                           Nevada 11,000-foot Peaks611321.3% Done
                           Idaho 11,000-foot Peaks11265.4% Done
                           Montana 11,000-foot Peaks8467.1% Done
                           Glacier National Park 10,000-foot Peaks6350% Done
                           Glacier National Park 9,000-foot Peaks5935.1% Done
                           Wyoming 13,000-foot Peaks32515.6% Done
                           Teton Range 11,000-foot Peaks2328.7% Done
                           Utah 13,000-foot Peaks19421.1% Done
                           Utah 12,000-foot Peaks112108.9% Done
                           Non-Uinta Utah 12,000-foot Peaks15426.7% Done
                           Utah-Salt Lake County 10,000-foot Peaks31929% Done
                           Colorado 14,000-foot Peaks531732.1% Done
                           Colorado 13,700-foot Peaks1441711.8% Done
                           Colorado 13,500 foot Peaks254187.1% Done
                           Colorado Centennial Peaks (Top 100)1001717% Done
                           Arizona 10,000-foot Peaks17423.5% Done
                           New Mexico 12,000-foot Peaks36411.1% Done
                           New Mexico 11,000-foot Peaks851011.8% Done
                           Texas 7000-foot Peaks40615% Done
                           Black Hills 6500-foot Peaks24729.2% Done

             Eastern United States Elevation Lists
                           Eastern USA 5000-foot Peaks2073315.9% Done
                           Northeast USA 4000-foot Peaks1091513.8% Done
                           New England 4000-foot Peaks681217.6% Done
                           New England 3700-foot Peaks1251512% Done
                           Maine 3,500-foot Peaks6469.4% Done
                           New Hampshire 4000-foot Peaks4836.2% Done
                           Vermont 3500-foot Peaks29517.2% Done
                           New Jersey 1000-foot Peaks6569.2% Done
                           Virginia 4500-foot Peaks13430.8% Done
                           Virginia 4000-foot peaks1101917.3% Done
                           Southern Appalachian 6000-foot Peaks351234.3% Done
                           North Carolina 5000-foot Peaks1852614.1% Done
                           South Carolina 3000-foot Peaks28621.4% Done
                           Tennessee 4500-foot Peaks601016.7% Done
                           Georgia 4000-foot Peaks28725% Done

Isolation Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      World Isolation Lists
             World Peaks with 1000 km of Isolation861011.6% Done
             World Peaks with 300 km of Isolation455275.9% Done

      North America Isolation Lists
             North America Peaks with 200 km of Isolation1323728% Done

             United States Isolation Lists
                           United States Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation683551.5% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation393282.1% Done
                           Most Isolated Peaks of the U.S. States513976.5% Done

             Western United States Isolation Lists
                    Western USA Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation31821467.3% Done
                           Alaska Peaks with 100 Miles of Isolation2129.5% Done
                           Washington State Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation1818Complete!
                           Oregon Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation272281.5% Done
                           California Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation373286.5% Done
                           Nevada Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation432558.1% Done
                           Idaho Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation161062.5% Done
                           Montana Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation422559.5% Done
                           Wyoming Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation191157.9% Done
                           Utah Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation262284.6% Done
                           Colorado Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation191368.4% Done
                           Arizona Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation402255% Done
                           New Mexico Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation311445.2% Done
                           Hawaii Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation13215.4% Done

             Eastern United States Isolation Lists
                           Northeast U.S. Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation431330.2% Done
                                  New England Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation251144% Done
                                  Mid-Atlantic Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation18211.1% Done
                           Southeast U.S. Peaks with 50 Miles of Isolation18738.9% Done

      Europe Isolation Lists
             Europe Peaks with 200 km of Isolation6158.2% Done
             Most Isolated Peak of Europe Countries5747% Done

Prominence Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      World Prominence Lists
             World Peaks with 4000 meters of Prominence22627.3% Done
             World Top 50 by Prominence50918% Done
             World Top 100 by Prominence1001414% Done

      North America Prominence Lists
                    North America Peaks with 2000 meters of Prominence982424.5% Done
                    USA/Canada Peaks with 7000 feet of Prominence672131.3% Done

             Canada Prominence Lists
                           British Columbia Peaks with over 1500 meters of Prominence10066% Done

             United States Prominence Lists
                           USA Peaks with 6000 feet of Prominence643046.9% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000 feet of Prominence5757Complete!
                           USA Lower 48 Top 100 Peaks by Prominence100100Complete!
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 4000 feet of Prominence142142Complete!
                           USA Lower 48 Top 400 Peaks by Prominence40030977.2% Done
                           Most Prominent Peaks of the U.S. States514078.4% Done
                           Most Prominent Peaks of US National Parks592847.5% Done
                           The USA Second Lap List503876% Done

             Western United States Prominence Lists
                           Hawaii Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence11218.2% Done
                           Washington State Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence1449767.4% Done
                           Washington State Top 200 by Prominence20011155.5% Done
                           Oregon Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence744256.8% Done
                           Oregon Top 100 by Prominence1004343% Done
                           California Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence16410966.5% Done
                           Nevada Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence1703822.4% Done
                           Idaho Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence983131.6% Done
                           Montana Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence1433423.8% Done
                           Wyoming Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence351440% Done
                           Utah Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence814049.4% Done
                           Colorado Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence802227.5% Done
                           Arizona Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence732838.4% Done
                           New Mexico Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence461839.1% Done
                           Texas Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence12650% Done

             Eastern United States Prominence Lists
                           Eastern USA Peaks with 2500 feet of Prominence302376.7% Done
                           Eastern USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence784456.4% Done
                           Northeast USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence542037% Done
                                  New England Top 50 by Prominence501632% Done
                           Southeast/Ozark USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence2525Complete!
                                  Southeast USA Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence2424Complete!
                           Southeast USA Top 50 by Prominence503366% Done
                           Midwest USA Top 25 by Prominence251352% Done

             United States 1000-foot Prominence Peaks
                           Hawaii Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence3126.5% Done
                           Washington State Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence78315519.8% Done
                           Oregon Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence4465512.3% Done
                           California Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence98017117.4% Done
                           Nevada Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence628396.2% Done
                           Idaho Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence561407.1% Done
                           Montana Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence712436% Done
                           Wyoming Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence254239.1% Done
                           Utah Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence3405415.9% Done
                           Colorado Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence408276.6% Done
                           Arizona Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence430317.2% Done
                           New Mexico Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence2112411.4% Done
                           Texas Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence8567.1% Done
                           Midwest-Ozarks Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence291241.4% Done
                           New England Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence1711911.1% Done
                                  Maine Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence9888.2% Done
                                  New Hampshire Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence70912.9% Done
                                  Vermont Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence6569.2% Done
                           Southern USA Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence3025919.5% Done
                                  Virginia Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence1021211.8% Done
                                  Tennessee Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence521019.2% Done
                                  North Carolina Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence892932.6% Done
                                  Georgia Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence21733.3% Done

             West USA Most Prominent Peak by County Lists
                           Alaska Borough/Census Area Prominence Peaks3026.7% Done
                           Hawaii County Prominence Peaks5240% Done
                           Washington State County Prominence Peaks3939Complete!
                           Oregon County Prominence Peaks363597.2% Done
                           California County Prominence Peaks5858Complete!
                           Nevada County Prominence Peaks1717Complete!
                           Idaho County Prominence Peaks443068.2% Done
                           Montana County Prominence Peaks563867.9% Done
                           Wyoming County Prominence Peaks2323Complete!
                           Utah County Prominence Peaks2929Complete!
                           Colorado County Prominence Peaks642640.6% Done
                           Arizona County Prominence Peaks1515Complete!
                           New Mexico County Prominence Peaks332884.8% Done

             Northeast USA County Prominence Peak Lists
                           Maine County Prominence Peaks16850% Done
                           New Hampshire County Prominence Peaks10770% Done
                           Vermont County Prominence Peaks14535.7% Done
                           Massachusetts County Prominence Peaks14428.6% Done
                           Connecticut County Prominence Peaks8675% Done

      Europe Prominence Lists
             Core Europe 50 Most Prominent Peaks5036% Done
             Core Europe Peaks with 1500 meters of Prominence9977.1% Done

             Europe 600 meter Prominence Lists
                    Britain and Ireland Peaks with 600 meters of Prominence11975.9% Done
                           Iceland Peaks with 600 m of Prominence4337% Done

             Europe Most Prominent Peak Lists
                    Europe Country Most Prominent Peaks5559.1% Done
                           Most Prominent Peaks of Austria States9222.2% Done

      Ultras of the World
             Ultras of North America3628022.1% Done
                    Ultras of British Columbia and Alberta10665.7% Done
                           Ultras of Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains4249.5% Done
                    Ultras of the Contiguous United States5757Complete!
                    Ultras of Mexico27518.5% Done
                    Ultras of Central America and the Caribbean311032.3% Done
                           Ultras of Central America24937.5% Done
                    Ultras of Ecuador and Peru3438.8% Done
             Ultras of Europe11076.4% Done
                    Ultras of Core Europe9977.1% Done
                           Ultras of non-Alpine Western Europe19526.3% Done

Hiking/Climbing Club Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      United States Club Lists

             Western United States Club Lists
                    California Fire Lookouts503448.7% Done
                    Arizona Fire Lookouts120108.3% Done
                    Washington Bulger List1001616% Done
                    Washington State Fire Lookouts931516.1% Done
                    Smoot's "Climbing Washington's Mountains" 100 Peaks1003434% Done
                           Olympic Mountain Project30310% Done
                    Nevada Peaks Club List733243.8% Done
                           Las Vegas Mountaineers Classics502040% Done
                           Nevada Peaks Club Emblem Peaks77Complete!
                    Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone1071312.1% Done
                           Greater Yellowstone Range High Points221359.1% Done
                    Colorado Mountain Club Fourteeners541731.5% Done
                  Colorado Fourteeners581831% Done
                           Porcella/Burns California Fourteeners15533.3% Done
                           Customary Western USA Fourteeners742432.4% Done
                    Western States Climbers List2837325.8% Done
                           Western States Climbers Star Peaks1184739.8% Done
                           Western States Climbers Emblem Peaks1291713.2% Done
                    Everest by the Bay San Francisco Area Peaks9333.3% Done
                    Peakbagging Montana List of 53 Peaks533362.3% Done
                    Chemeketan Eighteen Northwest Peaks Award1818Complete!
                    Chico Hiking Association Peak List15640% Done
                    Arizona 20-20 Challenge Peaks20840% Done
                    San Bernardino Nine Peak Challenge9222.2% Done
                    California Coastal Peak List3014414.6% Done
                    Desert Summits Book-Peak List3345015% Done
                           Bartell's Death Valley National Park List9966.1% Done
                           Southern Arizona Hiking Club Emblem Peaks45817.8% Done
                           Southern Arizona Hiking Club Coronado 1212650% Done

             Mountaineers (WA) Club Lists
                    Mountaineers 6-Peak Pin - New Version66Complete!
                           Mountaineers 6-Peak Pin [Historic]6583.3% Done
                    Mountaineers 5-Peak Pin55Complete!
                    Mountaineers Cascade Classic Peak Pin18950% Done
                    Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-All20315% Done
                           Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-First Ten10220% Done
                    Mountaineers Baker's Dozen18316.7% Done
                    Mountaineers Everett Peaks21838.1% Done
                    Mountaineers Tahoma Peaks3239.4% Done
                    Mountaineers Olympia Peaks15320% Done
                    Cascade Volcanoes Peak Pin201995% Done
                    Mountaineers Everett Classic Eight8225% Done
                    Mountaineers Everett Lookout Peaks20210% Done
                    Mountaineers Olympia Lookout Hiking Peaks40615% Done

             Sierra Club (CA) Lists
                    Comprehensive Combo Angeles Chapter List70412117.2% Done
                    Sierra Club Sierra Peaks Section247228.9% Done
                           Sierra Peaks Section Emblem Peaks15533.3% Done
                           Sierra Sampler List1001919% Done
                    Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Section2805118.2% Done
                           Hundred Peaks Section Star Emblem Peaks502346% Done
                    Sierra Club Desert Peaks Section954244.2% Done
                           Desert Peaks Section Emblem Peaks7685.7% Done
                    Sierra Club Lower Peaks Committee8589.4% Done
                    Tahoe-Ogul Peaks List631117.5% Done
                    Great Basin Peaks List1155043.5% Done
                           Great Basin Peaks List-Star Peaks11872.7% Done
                    Vagmarken Sierra Crest List1001313% Done
                    San Diego 100 Peaks List1004646% Done
                    San Francisco Bay Area Nifty Ninety901011.1% Done

             Mazamas (OR) Peak Lists
                    Mazamas Guardian Peaks Award33Complete!
                    Mazamas Cascades Award77Complete!
                    Mazamas Sixteen Northwest Peaks Award1616Complete!

      Eastern U.S. Club Lists
             Northeast "115" 4000-footers1151513% Done

             Appalachian Mountain Club Lists
                    AMC New England 4000-footers671217.9% Done
                    AMC New England Hundred Highest1001515% Done
                    AMC New Hampshire 4000-footers4836.2% Done

             Other New England Lists
                    New Hampshire 52 with a View5259.6% Done
                    New Hampshire Fire Towers15213.3% Done
                    Trailwright New Hampshire 4000 footers7256.9% Done
                    YMCA Alpine Club List (NH)10088% Done
                    The Ossipee 1010220% Done

             Southern USA Club Lists
                    South Beyond 6000401332.5% Done
                    Carolina Lookout Tower Challenge22418.2% Done

      North America Club Lists
                    Fred Beckey's Great Peaks of the Continent352365.7% Done

      United Kingdom / Ireland Lists

             Other British Lists
                    Trail 100-Britain's Greatest Mountains10077% Done

Random Other Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Grab Bag Lists
             Peaks on National Flags16425% Done
             Famous Peaks that are not High Points27518.5% Done
             Sacred Navajo Mountains44Complete!
             Peaks on US State Quarters12325% Done
             Peaks on "America the Beautiful" Quarters13323.1% Done
             Interstate Highway Bounded Regions of the USA854249.4% Done
             Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" Peaks8787.5% Done

      EPIC (Elevation, Prominence, Isolation Combo) Lists
                    EPIC List - States of the USA957376.8% Done

      Historic Lists Info
                    Pre-2019 Europe Country High Points [Historic]5359.4% Done
                    Pre-2019 Europe UN Member High Points [Historic]46510.9% Done
                    Pre-2019 Core Europe Country High Points [Historic]49510.2% Done
                    Pre-2019 Core Europe Peaks with 1500m of Prominence [Historic]9988.1% Done
                    Pre-1980 Washington County High Points [Historic]393897.4% Done
                    Pre-1815 World Island High Points above 2000m [Historic]7145.6% Done
                    Pre-1815 World Top 50 by Prominence [Historic]50918% Done
                    Pre-1980 USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000' of Prominence [Historic]585798.3% Done

      Graticule-Based Lists
             Quadrant High Points4250% Done
             Octant High Points8225% Done

      Usage Lists
             Peaks with Most Individual Summiters502244% Done
             Peaks with Most Individual Summiters-Outside USA5048% Done
             Most Ascended Peaks502346% Done
             Most Ascended Peaks-Outside USA5048% Done
             Peaks with most Unsuccessful Attempts252288% Done
             Peaks with Highest Ascent Quality Ratings25832% Done
             Peaks with Lowest Ascent Quality Ratings25624% Done
             Peaks with Most Ascents Using a Rope251352% Done
             1500-meter Prominence Peak with Ascents7019713.8% Done
             Peaks with Most Page Views on Site503978% Done

Big Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  
             World 1500 m (4921 ft) Prominence Peaks1551976.3% Done
             World 600 m (1969 ft) Prominence Peaks98385886% Done
             USA 2000 ft Prominence Peaks234153122.7% Done
             USA 48 States 2000 ft Prominence Peaks119952443.7% Done
                    USA 48 States 1000 ft Prominence Peaks652676511.7% Done
             USA County High Points314357618.3% Done
             USA Wilderness High Points79716921.2% Done

US County High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Height-Based CoHP Lists
             Fifty Highest CoHPs503264% Done
             Fifty Highest CoHPs in Lower 48503774% Done
             Fifty Highest Eastern CoHPs504080% Done
             100 Highest CoHPs1007878% Done
             100 Highest CoHPs in Lower 481008282% Done
             100 Highest Eastern CoHPs1006666% Done

      Difficulty CoHP Lists
             Apex (Toughest) CoHPs201995% Done
             5000 foot gain CoHPs493571.4% Done
             Triple Crown CoHPs1010Complete!
             5000 foot gain CoHPs - 48 States393487.2% Done

      Prominence CoHP Lists
             5000 foot Prominence CoHPs635079.4% Done
             2000-foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 States24322291.4% Done
             5000 foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 States4646Complete!

      Regional County Groupings
             Western USA CoHPs44935579.1% Done
                    Western Contiguous USA CoHPs41434984.3% Done
             Northeastern USA CoHPs3005016.7% Done
                    New England CoHPs673552.2% Done
                    Mid-Atlantic CoHPs178147.9% Done
             Southern USA CoHPs13391269.4% Done
             Pacific Coast CoHPs483062.5% Done
             Atlantic Coast CoHPs731317.8% Done
             Canadian Border CoHPs532343.4% Done
             Mexico Border CoHPs221359.1% Done

      Other CoHP Lists
             Counties with Largest Area504896% Done
             CoHP High Five List25615761.3% Done
             High Points of Counties Crossed by the Pacific Crest Trail4545Complete!
             High Points of Counties Crossed by the Continental Divide533769.8% Done
             High Points of Counties Crossed by the Appalachian Trail885764.8% Done
             Geographic Extreme CoHPs4250% Done
             Island CoHPs26934.6% Done
             "Helman Counties"-Greatest Elevation Differential503876% Done

             State Grouping County High Point Lists
                    High Points of Counties in 13 Original States65210716.4% Done

Grid Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      United States Summary Grids
             Top 10 Elevation Grid for U.S. States1606842.5% Done
             Top 10 Prominence Grid for U.S. States16014389.4% Done
             Top 10 Isolation Grid for U.S. States16012276.2% Done
             Top 10 County High Points Grid for U.S. States15513687.7% Done

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