Peaks Entered by Dave Covill

Provisional Peaks not yet promoted to main database

This table shows provisional peaks that Dave Covill has entered using the Add Peak to DB page.

Note: Periodically, provisional peaks are "promoted" to the main, permanent database. Once this happens, the promoted peaks can no longer be edited. Many errors are corrected during the promotion process, but if you see mistakes in a promoted peak, e-mail the webmaster.

Peak NameEditElev-FtElev-MCountryState/ProvinceProm-FtProm-M
Eagle-Lake-Summit Tri-pointEdit119203633United StatesColorado00
CO tri-county junction Chaffee-Gunnison-SaguacheEdit124003780United StatesColorado00
CO Boyd Lake S.P. HP - 3Edit49901521United StatesColorado52
CO Boyd Lake S.P. HP - 2Edit49901521United StatesColorado00
Delta-Gunnison-Mesa Tri-County JunctionEdit94402877United StatesColorado00
White Ranch Jeffco O.S. Park HP # 3Edit78802402United StatesColorado00
White Ranch Jeffco O.S. Park HP #2Edit78802402United StatesColorado00
Matthews Winters Jeffco O.S. Park HP alternateEdit76802341United StatesColorado00
Fillius Park DMP HighpointEdit80002438United StatesColorado00
Flying J Ranch Jeffco O.S. true High PointEdit86402633United StatesColorado8024
Hiwan Heritage Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit71602182United StatesColorado00
South Valley Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit68402085United StatesColorado00
Van Bibber Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit57301747United StatesColorado00
Crown Hill Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit55701698United StatesColorado00
Welchester Tree Grant Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit57201743United StatesColorado00
Elk Meadow Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit87202658United StatesColorado00
White Ranch Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit78802402United StatesColorado4012
Lookout Mtn Jeffco O.S. Park - possible alternate High PointEdit75602304United StatesColorado14043
South Table Mtn Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit63201926United StatesColorado00
Beaver Ranch Jeffco O.S. Park HighpointEdit86802646United StatesColorado8024
Clear Creek Canyon Jeffco O.S. Park - probable High PointEdit78802402United StatesColorado00
Windy Saddle Park - possible High PointEdit75202292United StatesColorado00
Matthews Winters Jeffco O.S. Park - possible High PointEdit76802341United StatesColorado00
Apex Park Jeffco O.S. Park - Possible High PointEdit74802280United StatesColorado00
Pine Valley Jeffco O.S. Park HighpointEdit78002377United StatesColorado00
Pine Valley Jeffco O.S. Park hill 7600Edit76002316United StatesColorado8024
Reynolds Jeffco O.S. Park High PointEdit84402573United StatesColorado00
Mineral-Rio Grande-Saguache tri-junctionEdit116803560United StatesColorado00
Archuleta-Conejos-Rio Grande tri-junctionEdit121203694United StatesColorado00
Archuleta-Mineral-Rio Grande tri-junctionEdit98402999United StatesColorado00
Archuleta-Hinsdale-Mineral tri-junctionEdit84402573United StatesColorado00
Archuleta-Hinsdale-La Plata tri-junctionEdit98603005United StatesColorado00
Gunnison-Hinsdale-Ouray tri-junctionEdit112003414United StatesColorado00
Hinsdale-La Plata-San Juan tri-junctionEdit123603767United StatesColorado00
Gunnison-Hinsdale-Saguache tri-junctionEdit97762980United StatesColorado00
Delta-Gunnison-Montrose tri-junctionEdit82802524United StatesColorado00
Adams-Denver-Jefferson County Tri-PointEdit52851611United StatesColorado00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7685'Edit76852342United StatesArizona155
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7780'Edit77802371United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7730'Edit77302356United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7715'Edit77152352United StatesArizona206
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7610'Edit76102320United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7630'Edit76302326United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7640'Edit76402329United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7620'Edit76202323United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7700'Edit77002347United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7690'Edit76902344United StatesArizona00
CACH NM HP Candidate - 7620'Edit76202323United StatesArizona00
Montrose-Ouray-San Miguel Tri-PointEdit91372785United StatesColorado00
Delta-Mesa-Montrose Tri-PointEdit71202170United StatesColorado00
Eagle-Lake-Pitkin Tri-PointEdit129003932United StatesColorado00
Clear Creek-Gilpin-Jefferson Tri-PointEdit69002103United StatesColorado00
Adams-Arapahoe-Denver Tri-PointEdit53281624United StatesColorado00
Arapahoe-Douglas-Jefferson Tri-PointEdit53601634United StatesColorado00
Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Tri-PointEdit61791883United StatesColorado00
Douglas-Elbert-El Paso Tri-PointEdit73202231United StatesColorado00
Cheyenne-Kit Carson-Lincoln Tri-PointEdit52561602United StatesColorado00
Crowley-El Paso-Lincoln-Pueblo Tri-PointEdit52191591United StatesColorado00
Custer-Huerfano-Pueblo Tri-PointEdit112403426United StatesColorado00
Alamosa-Huerfano-Saguache Tri-PointEdit108003292United StatesColorado00
Logan-Philips-Sedgwick Tri-County JunctionEdit40791243United StatesColorado00
Logan-Phillips-Yuma Tri-County JunctionEdit40651239United StatesColorado00
Logan-Washington-Yuma Tri-County JunctionEdit42091283United StatesColorado00
Kit Carson-Lincoln-Washington Tri-County JunctionEdit48651483United StatesColorado00
Colorado Trail - Highpoint of C.T.- Section 22 MM 15.6Edit132404036United StatesColorado00
Hinsdale-Ouray-SanJuan - Colorado County Tri-PointEdit128103904United StatesColorado00
Hinsdale-Mineral-Saguache CO county tri-pointEdit124203786United StatesColorado00
Highpoint of Colorado Trail Section 21, MM1.3 of Section 21Edit128603920United StatesColorado00
Chaffee-Lake-Pitkin Tri-PointEdit125603828United StatesColorado00
Grand Canyon Lowpoint - Boundary with Lake Mead NRA on Colorado RiverEdit1160354United StatesArizona00
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts NM HP - Viz CtrEdit15046United StatesMassachusetts103
Mosquito Pass - Highest Unimproved Through Pass in America - 13,186'Edit131864019United StatesColorado00
Trail Ridge Road Crest - RMNP - 12,160'+ - Highest Paved Through Road in AmericaEdit121603706United StatesColorado00
NE Shoulder Peak 10,750' - Dolores-La Plata-Montezuma-San Juan Tri(Quad)-PointEdit107503277United StatesColorado00
Alamosa-Conejos-Costilla Tri-PointEdit75682307United StatesColorado00
Alamosa-Conejos-RioGrande Tri-PointEdit76152321United StatesColorado00
Alamosa-RioGrande-Saguache Tri-PointEdit76072319United StatesColorado00
Crowley-Otero-Pueblo Tri-PointEdit43101314United StatesColorado00
Las Animas-Pueblo-Otero Tri-PointEdit51201561United StatesColorado00
Chaffee-Fremont-Park Tri-PointEdit107003261United StatesColorado00
Devils Golf Course Road - Lowest Road in America at -277'Edit-277-84United StatesCalifornia00
Mount Bross - 4WD Track - highest drive-able road in America at 14,172'Edit141604316United StatesColorado00
Mount Evans Auto Road - Highest Paved Road in America - road highpointEdit141604316United StatesColorado00
West Side Road / Devils Speedway - Lowest Improved Road in AmericaEdit-276-84United StatesCalifornia00
BM (-257') - Lowest BM in AmericaEdit-257-78United StatesCalifornia00
Badwater Basin True Lowpoint - DEVA NPEdit-282-86United StatesCalifornia00
Little Bighorn Battlefield Nat Mon - Highest Legal PointEdit34101039United StatesMontana206
Pompeys Pillar Nat Mon - Highest Legal PointEdit3090942United StatesMontana00
Montezuma Castle Well Overlook - Highest legal pointEdit36101100United StatesArizona00
Cesar Chavez Nat Mon - Highest Legal PointEdit2620799United StatesCalifornia00
Northeast Seamounts and Canyons National Monument High PointEdit00United StatesMassachusetts00
Rose Atoll - Southernmost Point in all U.S. possessions - part of American SamoaEdit00United States 00
Point Udall - W edge of Guam - Westernmost Point of Land in all U.S. possessionsEdit00United States 00
South Point - Big Island of Hawaii - Southernmost Point of Land in 50 statesEdit00United StatesHawaii00
Far W end of Attu Island - Cape Wrangell - Westernmost Point of Land, Incl Islands, in 50 U.S. stateEdit00United StatesAlaska00
Cape Prince of Wales - Westernmost Point of DRY Land in the 50 statesEdit00United StatesAlaska00
Point Barrow - Northernmost Point of Land in the 50 statesEdit00United StatesAlaska00
Point Udall - E end of St Croix - Easternmost Point of Land in all U.S. PossessionsEdit00United States 00
Ballast Key - Southernmost Point of Land in Lower 48, incl Islands - W of Key West, before MarquesasEdit00United StatesFlorida00
East Cape Sable - Southernmost Point of DRY Land in the Lower 48 statesEdit00United StatesFlorida00
Sail Rock - Furthest East Point of Land in the 50 states, incl Islands - offshore West Quoddy Head Edit103United StatesMaine103
West Quoddy Head - Easternmost Point of DRY Land in the 50 statesEdit00United StatesMaine00
Angle Inlet Creek - Northernmost Point of Land in Lower 48Edit1060323United StatesMinnesota00
Angle Inlet - North Point - Northernmost Point of DRY Land in Lower 48Edit1061323United StatesMinnesota10
Western Bodalteh Island - Westernmost Point of Land, incl Islands, in the Lower 48Edit00United StatesWashington00
Cape Alava / Cannonball Island - Westernmost Point of DRY Land in Lower 48Edit00United StatesWashington00

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