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Adding a Peak - Help and Information

To add a peak, you must enter the peak's name, elevation (feet or meters), and nation. Then you must use the map to zoom in on the location of the peak and click to add a red circle at the peak's coordinates. Then hit the "Save Peak" button. All fields enclosed in parentheses are optional. Once the peak is successfully added, you can add an ascent of it for your climb log. Added peaks are considered "provisional" until reviewed by editorial staff at verified, they are added to the main database.

When adding unnamed peaks, do not name them frivolously, or after yourself, friends, family, or pets. Naming them after a nearby peak, stream, or other feature is preferred, for example, "Mount Baldy-East Peak" or"Rosewood Peak" if it is near Rosewood Creek. Established informal names used by locals or climbers are fine. If no good name is available, a name of "Peak XXXX", where XXXX is the elevation, is the last resort.

List of your Entered Peaks, with links for editing peak info or deleting peaks.

Detailed Help on adding a peak and a FAQ.


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