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Southern USA Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence - Multiple Ascents Grid

Showing all of Jason Potkay's ascent dates (max 10 rounds) (Overall: 13 out of 302, or 4.3%)

RankPeak Elev-Ft  Prom-Ft TotalRound 1
Round 2
1.Mount Mitchell66846089   
2.Clingmans Dome66434503   
3.Roan High Knob62853485   
4.Huckleberry Knob55603400   
5.Richland Balsam64103010   
6.Apple Orchard Mountain422528251 2014-06-15  
7.Standing Indian54992819   
8.Spruce Knob486127812 2015-09-18  2015-09-19 b 
9.Crabtree Bald53202680   
10.Big Bald55162556   
11.Big Frog Mountain42002480   
12.Mount Rogers57292449   
13.Grandfather Mountain59462426   
14.Elliott Knob44632423   
15.Cheoah Bald50622357   
16.English Mountain36292292   
17.Rocky Mountain40722272   
18.Snake Mountain55602240   
19.Hawksbill405021481 2012-05-18 b  
20.Balsam Beartown Mountain47102130   
21.Brasstown Bald478421081 2015-03-29 f  
22.Cross Mountain35342094   
23.High Knob42232043   
24.Bald Knob43612041   
25.Reddish Knob43971997   
26.Tobacco Row Mountain-High Peak29321960   
27.Waterrock Knob62921947   
28.Big House Mountain36451925   
29.Black Mountain41391899   
30.Lairds Knob32821882   
31.No Business Mountain27601820   
32.Oswald Dome30001800   
33.Hall Top36101770   
34.Icy Knob30001760   
35.Cove Mountain40771757   
36.Big Bald Mountain40751755   
37.Green Ridge Knob48601753   
38.Sugarloaf Mountain36261746   
39.Chimneytop-Southwest Peak31181738   
40.Little Pisgah Mountain44121732   
41.Sugarloaf Mountain39651725   
42.Tusquitee Bald52401720   
43.Thorny Flat48481688   
44.Morris Knob44401680   
44.Wine Spring Bald54401680   
46.Sugar Run Mountain40871677   
47.Phoenix Mountain47101670   
48.Cowee Bald49441664   
49.Scott Mountain-Rich Mountain Knob37651645   
50.Bluff Mountain51001620   
51.Signal Pole Hill34591619   
52.Pig Pen Bluff44011601   
53.Little Black Mountain-Chunklick Benchmark34201600   
53.Holston High Point42801600   
56.Hinch Mountain30481588   
57.Mount Guyot66211581   
58.Heard Mountain23801580   
58.High Knob - Mill Creek Mountain26501580   
60.Mount Porte Crayon477015701 2014-09-06 a  
61.Sassafras Knob33221562   
62.High Peak42401560   
62.Bald Knob42401560   
62.East River Mountain-Chimney Rock West43601560   
62.Mount Jefferson46401560   
66.Yonah Mountain31561556   
67.White Rock Benchmark35131553   
68.Cowpen Mountain41511551   
69.Pinnacle Mountain35201550   
70.Cataloochee Balsam59701547   
71.Lookout Mountain-High Point23921532   
72.Beartown Mountain46891528   
73.Yellow Mountain51271527   
74.Logmont Benchmark31481517   
75.Cacapon Mountain-High Point26151515   
76.Mill Mountain329314931 2016-08-08 b  
77.Spring Mountain37201486   
78.Tray Mountain44301481   
79.Blood Mountain44401480   
79.High Windy43601480   
79.Patterson Creek Mountain28001480   
83.Flattop Mountain47161476   
84.Flat Top Mountain39941474   
85.Richwood Knob32111471   
86.Riven Rocks43861466   
87.Big Spruce Knob46731462   
88.Poor Mountain39281448   
89.Cheaha Mountain240514451 2015-03-30 f  
90.Beech Mountain54801440   
91.Moores Knob25791439   
92.Tryon Peak32801430   
92.Buck Mountain46701430   
94.Kile Knob45881428   
95.Big A Mountain37061426   
96.Ravencliff Knob36611421   
97.Chestnut Mountain25601420   
97.Unaka Mountain51801420   
99.Three Ridges39701410   
100.Keeney Knob39271407   
101.Ivy Knob36001400   
101.Brushy Mountain35601400   
103.Coal River Mountain33901393   
104.The Pinnacle45501390   
105.Stone Mountain49801380   
105.Fort Lewis Mountain32801380   
107.The Bald46571378   
108.Buffalo Mountain39711371   
108.Gibson Mountain24911371   
110.Old Rag Mountain328013671 2011-11-12 a  
111.Mount Pisgah57211361   
111.Cave Mountain28011361   
113.Mount Le Conte65931360   
113.West Wildcat Top42801360   
113.Youngs Mountain26801360   
116.Bearwallow Mountain42321354   
117.High Top42281348   
117.Sugarloaf Mountain22681348   
119.Rich Mountain37821342   
120.Short Hills32171337   
121.Glade Mountain40931333   
122.Boteler Peak50101331   
123.Pores Knob26601320   
124.Joanna Bald47161316   
125.Potato Hill33061306   
126.Walker Mountain40171297   
127.Big Butt34511291   
128.Glassy Mountain34491289   
129.Pilot Mountain24211281   
130.Peters Mountain18201280   
130.Weaver Knob26001280   
130.Stout Knob29601280   
133.Paddy Knob44771277   
134.Mud Run Mountain35141274   
135.Buzzard Roost31921272   
136.Three Top Mountain50001269   
137.Blue Mountain220512651 2012-09-02 c  
138.Sharp Top Mountain38621262   
139.Coles Mountain31601260   
140.Ratcliff Mountain43771257   
141.Bluff Mountain33721252   
142.Doe Mountain38891249   
142.Short Mountain26791249   
144.Mount Oglethorpe32881248   
145.Lick Mountain29251245   
146.Shumont Mountain38421242   
147.Yost Benchmark32801240   
147.Little Brushy Mountain36401240   
147.Buffalo Mountain33801240   
147.Oakey Mountain31601240   
147.Sounding Knob43601240   
147.Neddy Mountain26001240   
153.Wrights Peak40731233   
154.Wauchecha Bald43641231   
155.Lone Mountain25301230   
156.Elk Mountain44291229   
157.Red Spruce Knob47031223   
158.Brumley Mountain42211221   
159.Peak 277027701220   
160.Phillips Knob43381218   
161.Morton Hill20631217   
161.McAfee Knob31971217   
163.Devils Knob38511206   
164.Job Knob44451205   
165.Rough Mountain28421202   
165.Hardscrabble Knob42821202   
167.Sauratown Mountain24411200   
167.Stocker Knob28801200   
167.Little Black Mountain-Central Summit36401200   
167.Pine Mountain33001200   
172.Dugger Mountain21401189   
173.Hightop Mountain358711871 2022-04-15  
174.Frozen Head33241185   
175.Crawford Mountain37601179   
176.Fork Mountain36151175   
177.Cahas Mountain35711171   
178.Coxcomb Mountain54431163   
179.Hankey Mountain34801160   
179.London Bald46001160   
179.Tatum Mountain29201160   
179.Walnut Mountain28401160   
179.Peak 322032201160   
184.Hogback Mountain347411541 2012-02-04 d  
185.Chuckey Mountain31021152   
186.Pine Log Mountain23311151   
187.Big Bald53071147   
188.Hickorynut Mountain32231143   
189.Griffith Knob37821142   
189.Springer Mountain37821142   
191.Catherine Knob41751135   
191.North Mountain30621135   
193.House and Barn Mountain35741134   
194.Waucheesi Mountain36921132   
195.Beards Mountain28501130   
196.Pond Mountain43291129   
196.Cross Mountain41891129   
198.Bickett Knob33281128   
199.Frosty Knob42461126   
199.Bluff Mountain46861126   
199.Greenbrier Mountain33261126   
202.Snowy Mountain45051121   
202.Sand Mountain37211121   
204.Rich Mountain25201120   
204.Rocky Mountain34401120   
204.Sugar Mountain52401120   
204.Stone Mountain37201120   
204.Webb Mountain30801120   
209.Third Hill Mountain217211122 2018-05-27 a  2018-05-27 c 
210.Big Flat Mountain33891109   
211.Gregory Bald49491107   
212.Stone Benchmark31061106   
213.Scaly Mountain48041104   
214.Peak 308430841102   
215.Mulatto Mountain43191100   
215.Paris Mountain30001100   
217.Chimneytop Mountain46181098   
217.Smith Mountain20381098   
219.Rabun Bald46961096   
219.Waits Mountain32161096   
221.Weisner Mountain18941094   
222.Peak 357335731093   
222.Nutters Mountain28131093   
224.Holland Mountain Grassy Top41681088   
225.Thunderhead Mountain55271087   
226.Deskin Mountain-East Peak37661086   
227.Pilot Mountain32851085   
228.Horsepen Mountain25241082   
229.Briery Knob44801080   
229.Blackrock Mountain36401080   
229.Lick Knob32401080   
229.Thunder-Struck Mountain33601080   
229.Spaniard Mountain38001080   
234.Flat Top Mountain45581078   
234.Pharis Knob46751078   
236.Middle Mountain-Borror Benchmark26371077   
237.Oakes Knob43541074   
238.Read Mountain23531073   
239.Hogback Mountain31891069   
240.Mollies Knob Benchmark33081068   
241.Walker Mountain25851065   
242.Knox County High Point23221062   
243.Walker Mountain32211061   
244.Sinking Creek Mountain Peak 367036601060   
244.River Mountain18601060   
244.Hightop Mountain35601060   
247.Racoon Mountain20001049   
248.Flagpole Mountain19681048   
248.High Knob23881048   
248.Flattop Mountain45281048   
248.Peak 284828481048   
252.Oliver Mountain35651045   
253.Cottrell Knob Northeast26661043   
254.Draper Mountain High Point33801040   
254.Back Creek Mountain40001040   
254.Dobson Knob36801040   
254.Locust Knob40801040   
254.The Pinnacle37601040   
254.Whitetop Mountain55201040   
254.Carters Mountain15801040   
254.Stratton Bald53601040   
254.Siler Bald52001040   
264.Little Stone Mountain34391039   
265.Spring Gap Mountain22371037   
266.The Knob26751035   
267.New Creek Mountain-Evans Benchmark30801030   
268.Jump Rock31491029   
269.Brushy Mountain24281028   
269.Appleberry Mountain18481028   
271.Devils Benchmark32661026   
271.Murray Knob22861026   
271.Flattop Mountain33201026   
274.Gay Knob45601025   
275.Hanging Rock52211021   
276.Copper Ridge Bald52561020   
277.Clinch Mountain Lookout Tower26181018   
278.Big Butt Mountain47741014   
279.Pogue Mountain22401010   
279.Rocky Mountain-High Summit26901010   
281.Waonaze Peak270010091 2019-11-23 c  
282.Horsetrough Mountain40401008   
283.Black Mountain42861006   
284.Luper Mountain27401004   
285.Short Mountain20921002   
286.House Mountain20801000   
286.Elk Knob55201000   
286.Craggy Dome60801000   
286.Winkler Benchmark40401000   
286.Burning Rock30001000   
286.High Top36401000   
286.Yellow Bald52401000   
286.Bucks Elbow Mountain31601000   
286.Flat Top Mountain-Huff Knob35601000   
286.The Peak38001000   
286.Iron Mountains Peak 444044401000   
286.Peak 338033801000   
286.Horseshoe Mountain24381000   
286.Little North Mountain27401000   
286.Butler Mountain35601000   
286.Brushy Mountain36401000   
286.Green Mountain27601000   
 Purgatory Mountain2995995   
 North Mountain3473993   
 Massanutten Range-Short Mountain28119911 2021-03-05 f  
 Cold Mountain6030990   
 Black Mountain2828988   
 Holston River Mountain-High Point2405985   
 Bunches Bald5480984   
 Paris Mountain2067984   
 Monterey Mountain4062982   
 Big Fodderstack3340980   
 Stuart Knob4000978   
 Fox Mountain1969969   
 Black Mountain4600960   
 Hickory Knob2560960   
 View Tree Knob2740960   
 Boggs Knob3600960   
 Meetinghouse Mountain3080960   
 Coosa Bald4280960   
 Ripshin Ridge4600960   
 Rocky Knob3960960   
 Funneltop Mountain4320960   
 Terrapin Mountain4440960   
 Dobson Mountain3600960   
 Double Spring Knob4280920   
 Flint Mountain4360920   
 Big Haw Mountain4680920   
 Stone Mountain Wilderness High Point3120920   
 Kindrick Mountain3800920   
 Grassy Knob4360920   
 Thompkins Knob4080920   

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