Wainwrights - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 214

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Edgar, David214Complete!2000-10-08 aHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian214Complete!2001-01-16Crag Hill1Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin214Complete!2005-11-25Binsey Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve214Complete!2006-04-23Dodd Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob214Complete!2007-07-28Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim214Complete!2011-10-01Birks Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie214Complete!2011-12-22Starling Dodd Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob214Complete!2013-06-03Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter214Complete!2015-10-18Castle Crag Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick214Complete!2016-07-02Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Elson, James214Complete!2017-03-26High Hartsop Dodd Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott214Complete!2018-07-27Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew214Complete!2019-09-07Causey Pike Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael214Complete!UnknownCastle Crag Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham214Complete!UnknownMungrisdale Common Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan21399.532019-05-16 cCaw Fell1Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris20997.662019-11-19 bPike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe20595.792013-11-23Rossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Barni, Owen19892.522019-06-04 bAllen Crags Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte19490.652019-07-03Mellbreak Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy19289.722018-03-14 bLingmoor Fell1Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard18887.852016-09-18Grike Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andrew16778.042017-03-01 zSale Fell Complete ListPoints
Smith, P16778.042019-11-19 pLatrigg9Complete ListPoints
Underwood , Pete16376.172019-11-08 bOuterside2Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard15773.362019-07-13Arnison Crag Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri15773.362019-07-16Armboth Fell Complete ListPoints
Willingham, Jonathan 15672.902019-11-09 zGrey Crag Complete ListPoints
Kane, Danny15471.962019-08-15 bNab Scar Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike15271.032019-11-30 dBonscale Pike Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Daniel15070.092019-08-10 eGlenridding Dodd Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve14668.222018-02-18 cHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Manning, Neil14065.422019-10-18 zUllscarf Complete ListPoints
Bevan, Steve 13764.022019-11-10Stone Arthur Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry13563.082019-10-19 ePavey Ark30Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin13563.082019-11-30 eWether Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm13261.682019-04-21 CNethermost Pike10Complete ListPoints
houghton, Dominic13261.682019-07-25 eThe Nab Complete ListPoints
Jones, Emily12960.282019-11-02Bakestall Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken12859.812001-12-04The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Hicklin, Jess12759.352019-08-27Ard Crags Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick12558.412016-02-15High Pike1Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike12558.412019-11-10Armboth Fell Complete ListPoints
Stone, James11553.742018-07-14 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Gullen, James11453.272019-07-07Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Bell, Dan10950.932019-07-04Causey Pike Complete ListPoints
Holdsworth, Emily10850.472019-10-30High Hartsop Dodd Complete ListPoints
Adams, David10750.002019-08-16 bLoadpot Hill Complete ListPoints
Bovey, John10549.072019-09-08Brock Crags Complete ListPoints
G, Pete10147.202019-09-05Beda Fell1Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, Emma9946.262019-10-12 iClough Head Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel9946.262019-11-18 dCarlside Complete ListPoints
Gate, Sam 9845.792019-11-10 dHindscarth Complete ListPoints
Tina, Trailhobo9644.86UnknownGray Crag Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen9544.392016-10-14Starling Dodd Complete ListPoints
Ainsworth, Mark9443.932019-06-28 cBleaberry Fell Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal9443.932019-07-21Little Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy9142.522019-08-17Raven Crag Complete ListPoints
Sedgwick, Mark9142.522019-12-04 eSteel Knotts Complete ListPoints
Simmons, James8740.652019-08-05 eWhinlatter Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Chris8740.652019-10-08Kirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Duffield, Claire8740.652019-11-09 gCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Twyford , Sam 8539.722019-07-28 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Penn, Fergie8338.792019-11-18 cLank Rigg Complete ListPoints
Miller, Chris8238.322019-11-30 bArd Crags Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy 7936.922019-10-29 bLatrigg Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Darren7836.452019-11-16 cWalla Crag Complete ListPoints
Matthews, Anna7535.052019-11-11 iCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Foley, Conor7334.112019-08-25 iLow Pike Complete ListPoints
Horstad, Kjell7233.642015-07-15Souther Fell Complete ListPoints
Nagle , Jeff 7233.642019-11-09 bGrey Knotts Complete ListPoints
Latham, Kim7233.642019-11-30 cWatsons Dodd Complete ListPoints
Graham, Rob7133.182019-05-12 cGrey Friar Complete ListPoints
Hartley , Peter 7133.182019-06-23 zGrey Friar Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jackie 7133.182019-09-14 fSteel Fell1Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE7133.182019-11-03 cBroom Fell Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark7032.712019-12-01 gLing Fell Complete ListPoints
Strachan, Laura6932.242018-12-11 qHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt6731.312019-10-12High Pike Complete ListPoints
Gate, Ally6731.312019-11-15 aLing Fell Complete ListPoints
W, Matt6630.842019-08-27 bKnott Rigg Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy6530.372019-04-13Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Phill6530.372019-05-12 iWhiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Methven , Mark6530.372019-09-08 bSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Platt, Rachel6530.372019-10-26 cIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie6429.912019-05-06Bonscale Pike Complete ListPoints
Stamper, Martin6429.912019-11-12Green Gable Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark6329.442016-02-21Cat Bells Complete ListPoints
Owen, Sophie 6128.502019-09-21 bGreat Dodd Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Terry6128.502019-10-29Clough Head Complete ListPoints
Wrightson, Les5726.642019-07-18 eScafell Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Paul5626.172019-12-01Bakestall1Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James5525.702016-12-18Yoke2Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Matthew5324.772019-04-11 7Steel Knotts Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam5324.772019-09-30 zYoke Complete ListPoints
Mcfarlane, Jamie5224.302017-01-23 zBase Brown Complete ListPoints
B, Liz5224.302019-07-06 eMaiden Moor Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah5123.832019-10-20 hWhinlatter Complete ListPoints
Warburton, Martin5123.832019-10-30 fPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Metcalf , Graham 5023.362019-03-11Haystacks6Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick5023.362019-07-17Great End Complete ListPoints
Moffat, Danny5023.362019-12-01 cSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Andrew4922.902019-08-25Great Crag Complete ListPoints
Heys, Silas4922.902019-10-27Silver How Complete ListPoints
Swinburn, Dave4822.432019-04-11 bBlea Rigg Complete ListPoints
Rutter, Imogen4822.432019-11-09 uLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Du Plessis , Jannie4822.432019-11-10Rannerdale Knotts Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, James4822.432019-11-10 cDale Head Complete ListPoints
Watson, Matt4721.962019-05-19 zLatrigg2Complete ListPoints
Mason , Andy4621.502019-04-07 eStone Arthur Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Gill4621.502019-10-25Souther Fell Complete ListPoints
Figg, James4621.502019-11-10 hNab Scar Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony4521.032017-01-01Binsey Complete ListPoints
Bob, Bob4521.032019-04-07 zCausey Pike Complete ListPoints
Royle , Helen4521.032019-04-22 dPavey Ark Complete ListPoints
Moore, Harriett4521.032019-11-09 jSail Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy4320.092018-09-02Knott Complete ListPoints
Willis, Sarah4320.092019-09-13 fDodd Complete ListPoints
Adair, Calum4320.092019-09-14 dArd Crags Complete ListPoints
Dunkerley, Jon4219.632019-04-25 zPike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Hanby, Kieran 4219.632019-11-11Froswick1Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed4119.161976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary4119.162006-07-01Latrigg Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric4119.162017-07-24Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Steele, Colin4119.162019-04-09 zPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Jones, Leonie4119.162019-09-08 hNab Scar Complete ListPoints
Shepherd, Mark4119.162019-11-10 bKnott Rigg Complete ListPoints
Ruston, Sarah4018.692018-03-30Skiddaw-Little Man Complete ListPoints
Arnold, Ed4018.692019-04-06 zLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Day, Jack4018.692019-04-18 xRobinson Complete ListPoints
Walker, Claire4018.692019-04-27 zHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom4018.69UnknownWalla Crag Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren3918.22UnknownGreat Dodd Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Jess3817.762019-09-21 cGrange Fell Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Lucy3717.292019-11-24 bSallows1Complete ListPoints
Tomlinson, Dyllon3616.822019-01-20 bGrey Crag Complete ListPoints
Pratt, Sally3616.822019-04-20 zMiddle Dodd Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Cliff3616.822019-05-09 iOuterside Complete ListPoints
Hooper, Tom3616.822019-07-09Walla Crag Complete ListPoints
Milton, Andy3516.362019-05-01 hHaystacks Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo3516.362019-09-23Rossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Carini, Adrian 3516.362019-12-01Hopegill Head Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee3415.892019-08-12Cat Bells Complete ListPoints
Davies, Carl 3415.892019-12-03 cSwirl How Complete ListPoints
Trotter, Richard3315.422018-02-19 zAngletarn Pikes Complete ListPoints
Hayes , Andrew 3315.422019-05-22 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Symonds, Lynn3315.422019-05-26 pRaven Crag Complete ListPoints
Craven, Lee 3315.422019-06-01 eTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Chris3315.422019-09-20Troutbeck Tongue Complete ListPoints
Levey, David3214.952011-01-21Whiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
McDonald, J3214.952019-11-03Hartsop Above How Complete ListPoints
Page , Lesley 3114.492017-03-21 zArd Crags Complete ListPoints
Philip , Jo3114.492018-11-21 zOuterside Complete ListPoints
Stephen Smith, Stephen Smith3114.492019-02-22 sLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Gibson, Ray3114.492019-04-07Castle Crag Complete ListPoints
Fox, Jenny3114.492019-04-18 zSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Craven, Amanda3114.492019-06-09 ePike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Richard3114.492019-07-06 fLatrigg Complete ListPoints
bullough, lee 3114.492019-09-19 zCatstye Cam Complete ListPoints
Hobson, Chris3114.492019-11-29 bCrinkle Crags-Long Top Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Pete3014.022018High Spy Complete ListPoints
Eggleston, Ben3014.022019-04-20 zHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Andy3014.022019-07-28 zPike of Blisco1Complete ListPoints
Kitchen , David 3014.022019-11-18 dLoadpot Hill1Complete ListPoints
Hopkins, Lewis2913.552009-02-20The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Smith, Jim2913.552019-06-20 qBarf Complete ListPoints
King, Emma2813.082019-07-18 hHigh Pike2Complete ListPoints
Curwen, Ian2813.082019-08-20 bKnott Rigg100Complete ListPoints
Gruchy, Jo2813.082019-11-10Ard Crags Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev2712.622017-11-26 dBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Fisher, Paul2712.622019-10-27Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Etisoy, Sarah2612.152017-02-04 dUllock Pike Complete ListPoints
Webb, Mike2612.152017-04-06 zGreat Rigg Complete ListPoints
Guenot, David2612.152018-04-01Wether Hill Complete ListPoints
Curran, Sarah2612.152018-05-22 cHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
M, Evan2612.152018-07-28 dThornthwaite Crag Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber2612.152018-10-14Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Jones, Jan2612.152018-11-04 zHart Crag Complete ListPoints
lopez, jonny2612.152019-04-18 zGreat Calva Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Lindsay2612.152019-08-04 zLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin2612.15UnknownHaystacks Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 2511.681993Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Duncan, Claire2511.682009-09-19The Knott Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel2511.682016-06-03Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Allen, Jon2511.682018-06-18 zLonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
R, P2511.682018-09-30Loft Crag Complete ListPoints
Bacon, Kevin2511.682019-01-01Hindscarth Complete ListPoints
Wright, Sarah2511.682019-01-05 zCastle Crag Complete ListPoints
Allan, Asa2511.682019-03-24Binsey Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Helen2511.682019-04-21 fBakestall Complete ListPoints
heaton, richard2511.682019-07-21 cCatstye Cam Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi2511.682019-10-29 cHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Heather 2511.682019-10-30Glenridding Dodd Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray2511.682019-11-22 xThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas2411.212011-07-24Glaramara Complete ListPoints
Wigston, Beth2411.212019-02-23 bKnott Rigg Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy2411.212019-08-03Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Cooke, Clare 2411.212019-09-10 dGibson Knott Complete ListPoints
O'Keeffe, Rowan2411.212019-10-07 vLatrigg Complete ListPoints
Thornborough , Alvin2310.752019-05-01High Pike Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl2310.752019-06-12 gSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
L, Carla2310.752019-07-28Birks Complete ListPoints
James, Bee2310.752019-10-05 bSwirl How Complete ListPoints
Green , Anne Marie2310.752019-10-09 yRaven Crag Complete ListPoints
Rhodes, Mick2310.752019-10-10 wRannerdale Knotts Complete ListPoints
Burrow, Daniel2310.752019-11-08 bFellbarrow Complete ListPoints
Kirton, Les2210.282016-11-06 dHelm Crag Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne2210.282018-03-04 kSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Furness, Simon2210.282018-03-14 vRed Pike Complete ListPoints
Metcalfe, Jack2210.282018-10-11 bFellbarrow Complete ListPoints
Booth, Matthew 2210.282019-08-22 vHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
O'Sullivan, Jenny2210.282019-09-29Knott Rigg Complete ListPoints
Jagger, Damon2210.282019-10-17 cSergeant Man Complete ListPoints
Burn, Alex219.812016-08-29Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Weaver, Luke219.812019-02-26 fRossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Symonds, M219.812019-04-07 rLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Burrow, Alice219.812019-06-30 wWhin Rigg Complete ListPoints
Napier, Andy219.812019-10-30Bowscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Hewison, Julie219.812019-11-09 eHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Ruston, Rory 219.812019-11-17Souther Fell Complete ListPoints
Hill, Jodie 209.352017-04-09 tHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
Tomlinson, Kerry209.352019-04-21 bGibson Knott Complete ListPoints
Williamson , Abbey209.352019-08-26Great Crag Complete ListPoints
L, Tom209.352019-10-19 gThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick209.352019-11-07Latrigg Complete ListPoints
Andy, Andy198.882019-09-28 eRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Spaltz , Queren 198.882019-10-04 fOuterside6Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The198.88UnknownKnott Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee188.412015-09-26 cMardale Ill Bell Complete ListPoints
Andrea , Andrea 188.412019-04-22 dBrandreth Complete ListPoints
Colenutt, Ian188.412019-06-22Mardale Ill Bell Complete ListPoints
Hemming, Justin188.412019-06-27Hart Crag Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Heather 188.412019-06-30 bWhinlatter Complete ListPoints
Cooke, Jonathan 188.412019-09-10 dCalf Crag1Complete ListPoints
Collingwood , Charlotte 188.412019-09-19Burnbank Fell Complete ListPoints
Raymond, Joe188.412019-10-05Fleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Earl, Yvette 188.412019-11-25 rHart Crag Complete ListPoints
Ward , David 177.941986-08-02Pavey Ark Complete ListPoints
Martin, Olly177.942018-10-27Glenridding Dodd Complete ListPoints
Moz, Laura177.942019-01-18 rKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Maw, Frances177.942019-09-15 gHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
Rose, Dave177.942019-09-22 bFellbarrow Complete ListPoints
Howarth, Mike177.942019-10-14 fPike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Salter, Andrew177.942019-10-21 bHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Denny, Roxy177.942019-10-31 cRannerdale Knotts Complete ListPoints
Walker, Nicola177.942019-11-18 dSkiddaw-Little Man Complete ListPoints
Mccrone, Natasha177.942019-11-30 qMaiden Moor Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis177.942019-12-01Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben167.482015-06-21Base Brown Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 167.482016-10-16 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Fillingham, Russell167.482017-02-16Outerside Complete ListPoints
Colacicco, Bill167.482017-08-02Long Side Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard167.482018-02-09 dWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Wayfarer, Northern167.482018-05-13Skiddaw-Little Man Complete ListPoints
Nicholson , Diane 167.482019-02-06 nCrinkle Crags-Long Top Complete ListPoints
Peet, Sara167.482019-05-12 uLatrigg Complete ListPoints
Percival, Gareth167.482019-06-21 qAngletarn Pikes Complete ListPoints
Williams, James167.482019-07-27Wether Hill1Complete ListPoints
Combe, Dave167.482019-07-27 aFleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Draper, Joanne167.482019-07-28 cSteel Knotts Complete ListPoints
T, Mick 167.482019-08-21 qPavey Ark Complete ListPoints
Elliott, Julia167.482019-09-04Dale Head Complete ListPoints
Livesey, Will 167.482019-10-20 oBaystones Complete ListPoints
Stone, Rachael167.482019-11-01 cGowbarrow Fell-Wainwright Summit Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob157.012009-08-09Binsey Complete ListPoints
Sclocco, Alessio157.012016-06-25Dale Head Complete ListPoints
Docker, Lindsey157.012018-03-12 mHart Crag Complete ListPoints
Fowler, Megan157.012019-01-12Mellbreak Complete ListPoints
Cookie, Lisa157.012019-04-08 tHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Smith, Dave157.012019-06-10 oWalla Crag1Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy157.012019-08-24 fHartsop Above How Complete ListPoints
Stokeld, Jonathan157.012019-09-07 eBakestall1Complete ListPoints
Howat, Becky157.01UnknownLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew146.542017-01-01Loft Crag Complete ListPoints
Adams, Dan146.542017-03-30Ling Fell Complete ListPoints
Burkhart, Craig146.542018-07-24Kidsty Pike Complete ListPoints
n, h146.542018-11-02 cSkiddaw-Little Man Complete ListPoints
Aldred, Ryan146.542019-05-09 sHaystacks Complete ListPoints
Mawer, Tom146.542019-06-13Scoat Fell Complete ListPoints
Brenan, Kim146.542019-07-06 bYewbarrow Complete ListPoints
Ineson, Olivia146.542019-07-07 bGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Bentham , Ben 146.542019-07-10 oHigh Seat Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Gaz146.542019-07-30 cBowscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Jones, Clare146.542019-08-23 dGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Watson , Nick146.542019-09-14Red Screes1Complete ListPoints
Bristow, Gish146.542019-10-06 nFairfield Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James136.072011-08-31Blencathra Complete ListPoints
O'Callaghan, Margaret136.072018-08-26 eHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
Haskins, Matthew 136.072019-05-06 dPavey Ark Complete ListPoints
Byrne, David136.072019-05-27 mBrandreth Complete ListPoints
Blackwell, Stephen136.072019-05-28 cGreat Borne Complete ListPoints
Goddard, Claire136.072019-08-01Esk Pike Complete ListPoints
Johnston, Chris136.072019-09-01High Crag Complete ListPoints
Lovett, Emily 136.072019-09-10 rThornthwaite Crag Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark136.072019-11-23Loughrigg Fell15Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard125.612008-06-30Wetherlam Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin125.612010-09-17Raise Complete ListPoints
Davies, Rhian125.612016-05-14Low Pike1Complete ListPoints
Tremain, Jonathan125.612017-09-12Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Donneky, John125.612018-06-13Great End Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris125.612018-12-28Kidsty Pike Complete ListPoints
Jones, Abbi125.612019-04-23 mLatrigg Complete ListPoints
Wardle, Mark125.612019-05-17Fairfield Complete ListPoints
Avery, Tom125.612019-05-29 tBirkhouse Moor1Complete ListPoints
Denwood , Bruce 125.612019-06-23 dRed Pike Complete ListPoints
Wadey, Mari125.612019-07-26 cLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
De'Ath, Ashley125.612019-07-26 lRaise Complete ListPoints
Barker, Christopher125.612019-08-12Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Linda125.612019-09-28 bHindscarth Complete ListPoints
Clague, Naomi125.612019-10-19Mellbreak Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton, Francesca125.612019-11-01Dow Crag Complete ListPoints
Gainsford, Nigel125.612019-11-08 eFairfield Complete ListPoints
Heaton-Moon , Nicholas 125.612019-11-27 fLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Oates, Leon115.142011-11-30Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Graver, Nicolas115.142014-08-09The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Stephen115.142014-10-16Bleaberry Fell Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus115.142015-10-04 hGreat Dodd Complete ListPoints
RI, A115.142016-11-06 eLittle Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
B, Katie115.142017-02-21Knott Rigg Complete ListPoints
Malmberg, Per115.142018-02-09 dWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Richard115.142018-07-16Latrigg Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris115.142018-08-12 dPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Daley115.142018-08-18Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Baynton, Lee115.142018-11-01 kDale Head Complete ListPoints
Bryan, Catherine115.142019-02-26 iHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Ardis, Barry115.142019-03-05 fWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Black, Claire115.142019-03-24Barrow Complete ListPoints
Sheehan , Mark115.142019-05-10 mHigh Pike Complete ListPoints
Tat, Liz115.142019-05-22 pLatrigg Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Candy115.142019-05-31Cat Bells Complete ListPoints
Moran, Gemma 115.142019-06-23 kRannerdale Knotts Complete ListPoints
Sel, L115.142019-08-25 eHindscarth Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 115.142019-08-30Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
van Rij, John115.142019-10-12 hHigh Pike Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily115.142019-11-03 bMaiden Moor Complete ListPoints

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