Marilyns of England - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 175

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Jones, Gary175Complete!1979-07-01The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken175Complete!2002-02-26St Boniface Down Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin175Complete!2007-05-06Carnmenellis Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob175Complete!2007-07-28Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter175Complete!2015-04-09 eIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith175Complete!2015-09-28Swinside Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard175Complete!2015-10-01Burnhope Seat Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy175Complete!2016-12-17Muncaster Fell Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew175Complete!2017-03-15Hensbarrow Beacon Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim175Complete!2017-06-01Long Crag Complete ListPoints
Stone, James175Complete!2018-08-05 2Long Knoll Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve175Complete!2020-12-18 fWorcestershire Beacon Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael175Complete!UnknownCliffe Hill Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham175Complete!UnknownGummer's How Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve17197.712019-11-03Long Crag Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob16594.292020-09-27Cringle Moor Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan14884.572021-06-06 bGisborough Moor3Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry14784.002020-02-08 aFountains Fell20Complete ListPoints
Levey, David14582.862020-02-24Whitfell Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian13979.432019Brighstone Down Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick13275.432021-05-29Tosson Hill Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony11867.432020-01-02Freeholds Top Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David10157.712021-05-01Fountains Fell8Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark9755.432021-06-02 aBurnhope Seat Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev9755.432021-06-14 eKirkby Moor Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 9353.142021-06-14 cKirkby Moor Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm8548.572021-04-02 FHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard8146.292020-06-01Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee7945.142018-12-24 eChanctonbury Ring Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri7945.142021-04-02Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian7643.432019-04-21Burnhope Seat Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick7341.712020-01-24Black Mountain12Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie6939.432016-05-05Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel6838.862016-06-03Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott6637.712018-04-06Dufton Pike Complete ListPoints
RI, A6637.712020-07-24Illgill Head Complete ListPoints
Urmston, Colin6034.292020-11-14 wRobinson Complete ListPoints
Elson, James6034.292021-05-16Cross Fell Complete ListPoints
Underwood , Pete5833.142020-10-25 cYarlside Complete ListPoints
Wood, Col5833.142021-05-21 tHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Angela5430.862021-06-18 bLambrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen5229.712016-10-14Black Hill Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob5129.142010-12-16Black Down Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike5129.142020-12-31 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris4928.002015-09-21The Wrekin Complete ListPoints
Howells, David4928.002021-06-18 dHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Smith, P4827.432019-11-19 jThe Calf15Complete ListPoints
Cameron, Egg4827.432021-04-15Chanctonbury Ring Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas4726.862011-10-15Billinge Hill Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris4626.292020-07-29Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
G, Pete4626.292020-09-16 aHaddington Hill Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Gary4626.292021-06-14 bFair Snape Fell Complete ListPoints
Ambridge, Graham4525.712020-06-02 bThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte4525.712020-09-17Grasmoor Complete ListPoints
Deborah, Sharon4525.712021-06-15 xScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe4324.572014-04-10Cleeve Common Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick4324.572020-06-24 bHarter Fell2Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Bill4324.572021-04-23Dundry Down11Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee4224.002017-02-19Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Harbron, Richard4224.002019-04-12Hard Knott Complete ListPoints
Potts, Leon4224.002021-02-21 wBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Lee, Julia4224.002021-04-25Tarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Warren, James4123.432017-03-04Long Mynd-Pole Bank Complete ListPoints
Peet, Sam4123.432021-05-04 wSeatallan1Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Jerry4022.862019-09-03Blake Fell Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike4022.862021-05-07Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Stafford-Jones , Tanya 3922.292020-12-25Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin3922.292021-05-12 aSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Stead, Sam3821.712020-06-28 bHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy3821.712020-12-28 aWatch Hill Complete ListPoints
Barni, Owen3620.572019-04-24Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Penn, Fergie3620.572021-06-12 bBinsey Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin3620.57UnknownHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Faulconbridge, Alan3520.002020-11-04Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Stringer, Claire3520.002021-06-07 bHard Knott Complete ListPoints
Kane, Danny3520.002021-06-09High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian3419.432013-10-06Hoove Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Darren3318.862019-11-11 aMuncaster Fell Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel3318.862021-04-15 bMellbreak Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Andrew3318.862021-05-26Binsey Complete ListPoints
Nicholson , Diane 3318.862021-05-31 bHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Miller, Chris3318.862021-06-14 aKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Thomas3218.292021-06-17 fTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 3117.712001Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark3017.142016-02-14Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal3017.142019-07-21Little Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Manning, Neil3017.142019-10-18 uSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Healy, Dan3017.142020-09-16 hHaddington Hill Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt3017.142020-09-19 cSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark3017.142020-10-04Whernside Complete ListPoints
Bevan, Steve 3017.142021-03-30 gTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew3017.142021-04-23Tarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Daniel3017.142021-05-02 cLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy 3017.142021-05-09 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, Laura3017.142021-06-05 aHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Rob2916.572019-09-11The Wolds Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric2916.572020-07-16Hallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Sutton , Demi2916.572021-06-17 aIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Naomi2916.572021-06-17 cStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick2816.002018-09-27Binsey Complete ListPoints
Hicklin, Jess2816.002019-06-22Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom†2816.002019-10-27St Boniface Down Complete ListPoints
Sav, Jamie2816.002020-11-04 eSt Sunday Crag5Complete ListPoints
Bovey, John2816.002021-05-25Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Figg, James2816.002021-06-06 dHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Aaron2816.002021-06-17High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Richard2816.00UnknownChanctonbury Ring Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andrew2715.432017-03-01 wBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Willingham, Jonathan 2715.432019-12-25 eUrra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Pressley, Wayne 2715.432020-05-10 jSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Gullen, James2715.432021-01-02Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Fleming, Jodie2715.432021-03-15 dLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Gate, Sam 2715.432021-05-03 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Platt, Rachel2715.432021-05-07Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Davies , Evan 2715.432021-05-23 bLittle Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Holdsworth, Emily2715.432021-06-17 fThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
houghton, Dominic2614.862019-04-22St Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Relph, Lizzie2614.862020-06-11 bLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard2614.862020-10-04Whernside Complete ListPoints
Beach, Tom2614.862020-10-19 fLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Bunn, E2614.862021-05-27Knott Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Lucy2614.862021-05-30 cGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James2514.292016-10-22Great Whernside Complete ListPoints
Twyford , Sam 2514.292019-08-09 dCalf Top Complete ListPoints
Brothwood, Chris 2514.292020-03-01 bThe Wrekin Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jackie 2514.292020-12-28 aSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Rea, Aimee2514.292021-04-08 sThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Jones, Emily2514.292021-05-02 aStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Avery, Tom2514.292021-05-10 cThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Smith, Karen2514.292021-05-27 eHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy2514.292021-06-06 cStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Ballantyne, Rob2413.712019-09-16Black Combe Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE2413.712021-05-29Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Clark, Owen2413.712021-06-18Helvellyn4Complete ListPoints
Page , Sarah 2413.712021-06-18Helvellyn Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Richard2313.142019-06-15Hergest Ridge Complete ListPoints
Hartley , Peter 2313.142019-06-23 qKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Bell, Dan2313.142020-07-12 kGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Sedgwick, Mark2313.142020-09-23Binsey Complete ListPoints
Gate, Ally2313.142020-10-15 cMellbreak Complete ListPoints
Moffat, Danny2313.142021-04-05 bPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Saunders, Brian2313.142021-05-02 aUrra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Tina, Trailhobo2313.14UnknownKnott Complete ListPoints
Bob, Bob2212.572019-04-07 wSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Graham, Rob2212.572019-06-18 bGreat Whernside Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Pete2212.572019-12-30Whernside Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah2212.572020-09-05 bHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Gill2212.572021-04-05 cHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Johnson , Tracey 2212.572021-05-22 eHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Waite, Jen2212.572021-05-27 gFairfield Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy2112.002018-09-02 kPen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Adams, David2112.002019-07-18 zGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Foley, Conor2112.002020-07-20 bGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Stamper, Martin2112.002020-08-16 gPillar Complete ListPoints
Heywood, Nao2112.002021-05-14Bredon Hill Complete ListPoints
Kane, Andy2112.002021-06-06Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Burrow, Daniel2112.002021-06-06 eHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Thiessen, Jacob 2112.00UnknownHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Turner, Olli2011.432016 cHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Ainsworth, Mark2011.432019-04-21 zHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Duffield, Claire2011.432019-11-09 aGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Coombes, Simon2011.432020-01-01Selworthy Beacon Complete ListPoints
Hume, Louis2011.432020-08-28 vHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Julia2011.432020-12-20Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
R, K2011.432021-04-04 bKnott Complete ListPoints
Blundell, John2011.432021-04-15 wKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Owen, Sophie 2011.432021-05-01 ePillar Complete ListPoints
Denwood , Bruce 2011.432021-05-05Robinson Complete ListPoints
McDonald, J2011.432021-05-11 fHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Clark, James 2011.432021-06-04Great Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Ball, Ged2011.432021-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Du Plessis , Jannie2011.432021-06-05 fKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Pattinson, Lisa2011.432021-06-06Low Fell Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed1910.861976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard1910.862018-02-09 aThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Metcalf , Graham 1910.862018-04-01Buckden Pike6Complete ListPoints
Day, Jack1910.862019-04-18 xRobinson Complete ListPoints
Matthews, Anna1910.862020-04-09 fHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi1910.862020-06-25 fThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Richard1910.862020-09-05 aIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Thorley, Colin1910.862021-04-03 xGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, Emma1910.862021-05-03 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Paul1910.862021-05-30 bScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Carini, Adrian 1910.862021-06-06 bLittle Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu1810.292009-07-19Lewesdon Hill Complete ListPoints
M, Evan1810.292018-07-28 cRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Fox, Jenny1810.292019-04-18 zSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Latham, Kim1810.292019-11-15 sPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Parry, Julian1810.292019-12-30 zBinsey Complete ListPoints
Warburton, Martin1810.292020-11-07 fHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Mellor, Charlotte1810.292020-12-12 aMellbreak Complete ListPoints
Grafton, Eve 1810.292020-12-29 rLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Hill, Matt1810.292021-04-05 kHard Knott Complete ListPoints
Simmons, James1810.292021-04-18 jHard Knott Complete ListPoints
Hodkin, Paul1810.292021-05-01Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily1810.292021-05-22Dale Head Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Jenny1810.292021-05-29Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis1810.292021-05-31 aHaddington Hill Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark1810.292021-06-01The Calf3Complete ListPoints
Chadwick , Keith 1810.292021-06-07Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
W, Matt1810.292021-06-12 bShining Tor Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren1810.29UnknownCross Fell Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom1810.29UnknownPen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken179.712016-06-01 bHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy179.712019-08-03Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Lowe, Tom179.712019-12-30 uDale Head Complete ListPoints
Coward, Nathan179.712020-01-02 zSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Paisley, Andrea179.712021-04-17 aBlencathra Complete ListPoints
B, Liz179.712021-04-24 bSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
O'Keeffe, Rowan179.712021-05-13 dIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Glennon , Stephen179.712021-05-30Butser Hill Complete ListPoints
Novak, George179.712021-06-05 bWard's Stone Complete ListPoints
Hayman, John179.712021-06-14Stony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Horstad, Kjell169.142015-07-15Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Mason , Andy169.142019-04-02 zPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Dunkerley, Jon169.142019-04-25 tGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Watson, Matt169.142019-08-27Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Nagle , Jeff 169.142019-11-09 bGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Campbell , Robert 169.142020-10-11 dSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Bradley, Alan169.142020-11-07 bShining Tor Complete ListPoints
Baker, Matt169.142021-03-06 bRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Hamshaw, Steve169.142021-04-16 cSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Moore, John169.142021-05-02 wDale Head Complete ListPoints
Black, Kris169.142021-05-06Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Chris169.142021-05-29 aGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
R, P169.142021-05-31Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Walker, Claire169.142021-06-01 aBuckden Pike Complete ListPoints
Woch, Marcin169.142021-06-01 fBishop Wilton Wold Complete ListPoints
James, Chris169.142021-06-06Ditchling Beacon Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris169.142021-06-06 iHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Scott, Anne169.142021-06-15Stony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Cuthbertson, Andrew169.142021-06-16Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen158.572016-06-01Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Mcfarlane, Jamie158.572017-01-23 xDale Head Complete ListPoints
Strachan, Laura158.572018-12-11 qHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Swinburn, Dave158.572019-02-23Hallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie158.572019-05-06Hallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon158.572019-05-16 aBrown Willy Complete ListPoints
Symonds, Lynn158.572019-05-26 rBlack Hill Complete ListPoints
Burkhart, Craig158.572019-11-11 aYarlside Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy158.572019-11-18Pike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Matthew158.572020-02-07Great Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Cottam, Ian158.572020-08-22 cHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Cornelius, Simon158.572020-09-01 xPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Prior, Carrie- ann158.572020-09-25The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Roze, Krista158.572020-12-27 aLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
McCall, James 158.572021-02-03Cross Fell Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Chris158.572021-04-19St Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Barnett, Stuart158.572021-05-15Binsey Complete ListPoints
Jenkinson, Karl158.572021-06-04 aGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Hall, R158.572021-06-12 cScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav148.002018-01-28Haddington Hill Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James148.002018-05-06The Wrekin Complete ListPoints
Methven , Mark148.002019-09-08 bSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Rutter, Imogen148.002020-01-05Red Screes Complete ListPoints
Stacey, Dan148.002020-03-29 xHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Aris, Stuart148.002020-06-23 rGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Stokeld, Jonathan148.002020-07-11 bIllgill Head5Complete ListPoints
Lonergan, Chris148.002020-08-09 bFountains Fell Complete ListPoints
McDade, Allan148.002020-08-30Worcestershire Beacon Complete ListPoints
Hutchinson , Stuart 148.002020-09-17Knott Complete ListPoints
Strong, Sam148.002020-12-27 aBinsey Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber148.002021-03-10 eWorcestershire Beacon Complete ListPoints
Kirk, Claire148.002021-03-27 sGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton , JonJo148.002021-04-09High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Stevenson, Hannah148.002021-05-06 aBlack Combe Complete ListPoints
Black, Jo148.002021-05-06 bBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Sel, L148.002021-05-28 eBlake Fell Complete ListPoints
James, Richard148.002021-05-30St Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Bacon, Kevin148.002021-06-06 aGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Mountford, Anna148.002021-06-06 bStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve148.00UnknownThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Hopkins, Lewis137.432009-02-20The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Duncan, Claire137.432009-09-13Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Madgwick, Gareth137.432017-10-11 wHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne137.432018-03-04 kSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Steele, Colin137.432019-04-09 zPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Willis, Sarah137.432019-06-11 lGreat Whernside Complete ListPoints
Moore, Harriett137.432019-11-09 hGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray137.432019-11-22 xThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Adams, Abigail137.432019-12-22 yThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Gruchy, Jo137.432020-04-04 eGrisedale Pike7Complete ListPoints
Hooper, Tom137.432020-07-19 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Raymond, Joe137.432020-07-25 iCold Fell Complete ListPoints
MARSH, Andy137.432020-08-20Red Screes Complete ListPoints
McGarrity, Luke137.432020-09-27 aPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Haidari, Keon137.432020-10-14 bHigh Street Complete ListPoints
P, M137.432021-01-02 cSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton, Francesca137.432021-02-07Binsey Complete ListPoints
Williamson , Abbey137.432021-04-10 bHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Roberts , Steven137.432021-04-18 dGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Bowen, Hannah137.432021-04-26 fHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Marshall , Gregg 137.432021-05-15 sPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Grover, Will137.432021-05-25 aShining Tor90Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Cliff137.432021-05-30 bThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Bernie137.432021-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Greenwood , Laura137.432021-06-06 dHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 126.862016-10-16 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Wayfarer, Northern126.862017-07-25Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Tomlinson, Dyllon126.862019-01-20 aTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Greer, Keith126.862019-04-13Blencathra3Complete ListPoints
Hayes , Andrew 126.862019-05-22 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Wrightson, Les126.862019-07-18 iBuckden Pike Complete ListPoints
Adair, Calum126.862019-09-14 bRobinson Complete ListPoints
James, Bee126.862019-10-05 aThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Terry126.862019-10-26Binsey Complete ListPoints
Hanby, Kieran 126.862019-11-15Claife Heights Complete ListPoints
Grayson , Elaine 126.862020-01-01 iLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Elliott, Julia126.862020-02-08 bLord's Seat Complete ListPoints
Goodwin, Sam126.862020-02-08 iMay Hill Complete ListPoints
Fiske , Dan126.862020-04-26 zGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Fuchs, Nick126.862020-05-07 tHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Gallop, Callum126.862020-06-10 uThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Tennant, Cat126.862020-07-12 xLong Mynd-Pole Bank Complete ListPoints
Hurley, Cuan126.862020-07-13 hPillar Complete ListPoints
Graham , Lee126.862020-07-19 cLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Ruston, Rory 126.862020-07-19 cRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Gaz126.862020-08-24 aBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Mccrone, Natasha126.862020-09-18 bTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Stevens, Lucy126.862020-09-20 aBlake Fell Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Rowan126.862020-10-24Whitbarrow Complete ListPoints
Mitchell , Steven 126.862020-12-12 cRobinson Complete ListPoints
Smithson, Darren126.862021-04-15 cCleeve Common Complete ListPoints
Shepherd, Mark126.862021-04-18 bHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton , Fran126.862021-05-04 nSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Denny, Roxy126.862021-05-11 aHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Newton , Lee126.862021-05-15Hallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Willacy, Faye126.862021-05-18Red Screes Complete ListPoints
Hill, Corinne 126.862021-05-27 tGreat Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris126.862021-06-01 eThe Calf Complete ListPoints
dunne, amy126.862021-06-06 bLittle Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben116.291991-05-28Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard116.292008-07-04Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin116.292010-06-26Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith116.292011-06-11Cross Fell Complete ListPoints
Oates, Leon116.292011-11-30Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Furness, Simon116.292018-03-15 aPen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Trice, Paula116.292018-08-20 qBredon Hill Complete ListPoints
Napier, Andy116.292018-11-02 aSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Stephen Smith, Stephen Smith116.292019-02-22 sLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Arnold, Ed116.292019-04-06 xPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark116.292019-04-29Brown Clee Hill Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam116.292019-09-30 uRobinson Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah116.292019-10-20 fLord's Seat Complete ListPoints
Ward, Gina116.292020-03-24 zBuckden Pike Complete ListPoints
Poyner, Andrew116.292020-06-02 zLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, James116.292020-06-21 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Hammonds, Oliver116.292020-06-25 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Farrell, Steve116.292020-07-11Blake Fell Complete ListPoints
Evans, J116.292020-09-12 cSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Bee, Manny116.292020-10-05 pGreat Knoutberry Hill Complete ListPoints
Woest, Natasha116.292020-10-11 wDent Complete ListPoints
Welch, Andy116.292020-10-16 dSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Deane, James116.292020-10-18 dWinter Hill Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Heather 116.292020-10-28Binsey Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Anna116.292020-11-27The Cloud Complete ListPoints
Holmes, Adam116.292021-04-01Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Brewer, Chris116.292021-04-10 bShillhope Law Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Ronald116.292021-04-12 cKnott Complete ListPoints
Chwaszczewska , Marta 116.292021-05-02Cross Fell Complete ListPoints
Murray, Ben116.292021-05-11 aHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Pryce, Ren116.292021-06-05 bHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Marshall, Layla116.292021-06-11Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Amper-West, Matthew116.292021-06-13 hHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari105.711996-09-20Fairfield Complete ListPoints
Davies, Steve105.712008-11-23High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Robert105.712013-04-24Worcestershire Beacon Complete ListPoints
Ruston, Sarah105.712018-03-30Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Curran, Sarah105.712018-05-22 cHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
Chatz, Annette105.712018-09-29 bPen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Martin, Olly105.712018-10-22Helvellyn Complete ListPoints
Jones, Jan105.712018-11-04 wGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Eggleston, Ben105.712019-04-20 zHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Milton, Andy105.712019-05-03 cKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Phill105.712019-05-12 dSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Foulkes, Andrew105.712019-05-14Helvellyn Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Candy105.712019-05-29Fairfield Complete ListPoints
Lovett, Emily 105.712019-09-10 oThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
bullough, lee 105.712019-09-19 wHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Moran, Gemma 105.712020-01-19 bWhernside Complete ListPoints
Bradley, James 105.712020-02-17 xWhernside Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bob105.712020-02-21Black Down Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo105.712020-03-08Long Mynd-Pole Bank Complete ListPoints
Mackenzie, Lexi105.712020-03-22Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
E, R105.712020-06-09Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Mandebura , Beth105.712020-07-13 aHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
L, Tim105.712020-08-03Fairfield Complete ListPoints
Gate, Kim105.712020-08-15Lord's Seat Complete ListPoints
Bromley, Claire105.712020-08-30 aHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
King, Sam105.712020-09-13 bTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Grogan, Cameron105.712020-09-17 dHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Harris , Ben105.712020-10-25Black Hill Complete ListPoints
fay, lou105.712020-10-30 aGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Wood, Bru105.712020-11-03 sSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Smith, Nigel105.712020-12-08 yHigh Street Complete ListPoints
heaton, richard105.712020-12-30 aWinter Hill Complete ListPoints
Southern, Steven105.712021-04-10 aSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
B, Mat105.712021-06-07 aFountains Fell Complete ListPoints
Parr, Alison105.712021-06-12Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Craven, Lee 105.712021-06-14 bFairfield Complete ListPoints
Brown, Martin105.712021-06-14 cGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Cowen , Sarah 105.712021-06-18 wDale Head Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John95.142005-12-30Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo95.142017Ditchling Beacon Complete ListPoints
Trotter, Richard95.142018-02-19 mGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Daley95.142018-08-18Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Moz, Laura95.142019-01-18 rKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Allan, Asa95.142019-03-24Binsey Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Helen95.142019-04-21 aBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Thornborough , Alvin95.142019-04-29 vLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
King, Emma95.142019-07-18 aFairfield Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Jess95.142019-09-21 bHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Kitchen , David 95.142019-11-18 aThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Davies, Carl 95.142019-12-03 aBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Daniel95.142019-12-25Wills Neck Complete ListPoints
Tobitt, Donna95.142019-12-28 jGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Hobson, Chris95.142020-01-15 bHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Martin, Abbie95.142020-01-21St Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Jagger, Damon95.142020-01-25 hPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Macdonald, Wayne95.142020-06-06Easington Fell Complete ListPoints
Mills, Chris95.142020-06-15 eDale Head Complete ListPoints
Priest, Simon95.142020-08-21 nLord's Seat Complete ListPoints
Brown, Harry95.142020-09-23 bThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, James95.142020-09-26 eSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Meehan, James95.142020-10-19 kPendle Hill Complete ListPoints
Brenan, Kim95.142020-12-24 dFairfield Complete ListPoints
adair, owen95.142021-01-30 cSeatallan Complete ListPoints
McCann, Daniel95.142021-03-05 dSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Heaton-Moon , Nicholas 95.142021-04-14 bHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Curwen, Ian95.142021-04-15 cHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Horner, Emma95.142021-04-17 eThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Nicola Pearson, Nicola Pearson95.142021-05-15 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Nathan Wappett, Nathan Wappett95.142021-06-04Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Sayer, Glen95.142021-06-07Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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