Peakbagging Montana List of 53 Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 53

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Sheriff, Steve5196.232020-08-04Quartz Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Worth, Tim4992.452019Bearpaw Baldy Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Garrett4279.252020-08-22Hilgard Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant4075.472020-08-16Holland Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John3973.582019-07-12Elk Peak8Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob3973.582019-08-12Baldy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert3973.582020-09-01Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain3973.582020-10-08Electric Peak Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan3973.582021-06-21Red Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken3667.922019-08-07Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob3566.042019-08-27Garfield Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane3566.042019-08-27Garfield Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lindsay, Britt3464.152020-10-10South Sheep Mountain Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†3362.262014-07-18Quartz Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Out, Peakin'3158.492021-04Sunset Peak Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder3056.602020-08-22Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor2750.942018-09-09Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†2649.062010-08-21Red Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard2649.062020-08-11Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Wheel, The2649.062020-08-22Hilgard Peak Complete ListPoints
Bardsley, John2547.172020-08-06Electric Peak Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam2139.622019-08-03 aRocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baum, Mike2139.622020-10-12Garfield Mountain Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis†1935.852013-08-08Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg1935.852016-08-16 aNorthwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy1833.962020-07-13Hilgard Peak Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Josh1833.962021-06-21Ch-paa-qn Peak Complete ListPoints
lockridge, chris1630.192016-07-06Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John1630.192018-08-13Haystack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy1630.192019-08-09McGuire Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vielle, Laurel1630.192021-05-03Garfield Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sewell, Tom1426.422009-06-24Quartz Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas1426.422020-07-19 bOld Baldy Complete ListPoints
Marcum, Heidi1426.42UnknownNasukoin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Erickson, Dustin1324.532020-08-26Big Pryor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris1222.642019-08-21Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric1222.642020-07-24Highwood Baldy83Complete ListPoints
pelton, michael1222.642020-08-08Homer Youngs Peak Complete ListPoints
Marcinek, Matt1222.642020-10-03Big Pryor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex1222.642021-05-29Ruby Benchmark Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor1120.752019-08-30 aNorthwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Jim1120.752020-09-15Haystack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brekhus, Betty1018.872006-08-21Castle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brekhus, Jerry1018.872006-08-21Castle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur1018.872016-08-13Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vassau, Wesley1018.872016-11-12 bQuartz Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam1018.872019-08-28Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Sean1018.872020-09-11Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
W, Spam1018.872021-04-03Electric Peak Complete ListPoints
Matheison, Andrew1018.872021-06-19Haystack Mountain3Complete ListPoints
Brekhus, Betty916.982006-07-27Highwood Baldy Complete ListPoints
Boughner, Forrest916.982016-08-13West Goat Peak Complete ListPoints
Higginbotham, Eric916.982017-07-29Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mick, Daniel916.982018-07-17Big Pryor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen916.982019-08-07Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Gram, Peter916.982020-07-04 bNorthwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Xenja916.982020-09-11Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie815.092010-08-27Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Sexauer, Gustav815.092015-05-03 aOld Baldy Complete ListPoints
McGowan, Jeff815.092018-06-24Mount Cowen Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Susan 815.092018-07-21Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Garrett, Ben815.092020-08-08Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Robert815.092020-09-15Haystack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kercher , Bryan †815.092021-04-03West Butte Complete ListPoints
Casper , Wallace 815.092021-06-13Mount Edith2Complete ListPoints
loveland, joshua713.212016-08-14Ch-paa-qn Peak Complete ListPoints
O, Sean713.212018-05-30Mount Cowen Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew713.212019-07-12Elk Peak Complete ListPoints
Fuerst, Jeremy713.212020-09-02Hilgard Peak Complete ListPoints
Richards, Jason611.322005-08-04Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Thornton, Ralph611.322010-05-22West Butte Complete ListPoints
Darr, John 611.322012-10-07Hollowtop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob611.322013-07-13Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin611.322016-08-13Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Josh611.322017-07-21Mount Edith Complete ListPoints
Powrie, Chuck611.322019-08-07Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Hibbard, Lou611.322019-08-20Mount Stimson Complete ListPoints
Reynolds, John611.322019-08-31Great Northern Mountain Complete ListPoints
!, Lupe611.322020-08-17West Butte Complete ListPoints
Hart, David611.322020-09-12Mount Edith Complete ListPoints
Wunderlick, Bucky611.322021-06-18Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Supervolcano, Grog611.322021-06-19Elk Peak Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter59.432012-08-10Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Thompson , Ryan59.432017-07-16Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pahlas, Dave59.432018-08-11Mount Jefferson Complete ListPoints
Casserly, Sean59.432019-08-26Baldy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Takahashi, Asaka59.432019-08-26Baldy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hobday, Brian59.432020-08-08Snowshoe Peak Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Donovan59.432020-08-15Red Mountain Complete ListPoints
Coulter, Daniel59.432020-09-01Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Olson, Anders59.432020-09-06Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Super, Josh59.432020-11-07Big Pryor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mesa, Gina 59.432021-05-08McLeod Peak Complete ListPoints
Lammerd, Casey59.432021-06-06Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Akers, Mark59.432021-06-20 aTrapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Lilley, Barbara47.551987-07-30Castle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lopez, Tom47.551991-07-05Eighteenmile Peak Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave47.552003-08-11Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Helzer, L47.552006-08-22Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Carter, Tom47.552008-08-13Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Shama, Charles 47.552008-08-15Hollowtop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brown, Tony47.552008-09-27Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill47.552011-08-21Antoine Butte Complete ListPoints
Smith, Kadee47.552012-06-30Mount Jefferson Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Shaun47.552013-10-22Mount Edith Complete ListPoints
Nimke, Tyler47.552015-06-07Mount Powell Complete ListPoints
Lemke, Matt47.552015-09-10Mount Wood Complete ListPoints
orry hatcher, orry hatcher47.552016-09-05 cMount Edith Complete ListPoints
Pirrie, Gavin47.552017-06-19Ch-paa-qn Peak Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk47.552017-07-19Mount Edith Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan47.552017-07-31Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Okerberg, Paul47.552017-08-18Kintla Peak Complete ListPoints
Baldwin, Aaron47.552018-08-04McLeod Peak Complete ListPoints
Neben, Gary47.552019-07-06McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Maesar, Mike47.552019-07-13Hollowtop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Song, H-Steven47.552019-08-28Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Ehrlich, Ted47.552019-08-30Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Glatz, Daniel47.552019-09-01Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken47.552019-09-02O'Brien Mountain Complete ListPoints
Covill, Joshua47.552020-07-25Snowshoe Peak Complete ListPoints
Van Atta, Kyle47.552020-08-17Electric Peak Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan47.552020-08-19Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Rockinstraw, Rockinstraw47.552020-08-28McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Ernster, Renee47.552020-09-12Mount Edith Complete ListPoints
Bishop, Jim47.552021-06-12Big Baldy Mountain Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon†35.661987-07-30Castle Mountain Complete ListPoints
vennum, walt35.661993-07-21Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Ricardi, Joshua35.662002-09-08Mount Cowen Complete ListPoints
King, Greg 35.662006-06-18Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Stout, Tram35.662006-07-25Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Byerly, Chris35.662006-08-30Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Rothman, Adam35.662010Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Walz, Jason35.662010-08-19Ch-paa-qn Peak Complete ListPoints
Dog, Delta35.662012-09-15Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Powell, Vincent35.662012-09-15Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bowden, Curtis35.662014-09-13Electric Peak Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion35.662016-08-10Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Hammock, Christopher35.662016-08-14Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Watrous, Hal 35.662016-08-22Kintla Peak Complete ListPoints
Miller, Anika35.662017-01-27 hBaldy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mandella, Margo35.662017-06-20Sacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Michael35.662017-07-20Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Becca35.662017-08-12Mount Stimson Complete ListPoints
Mills, Robert 35.662018-08-18Snowshoe Peak Complete ListPoints
Frandsen, Eli35.662018-09-23Hollowtop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fotter, Paul35.662019-05-03Trapper Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Annette35.662019-07-23West Butte Complete ListPoints
P, Theresa35.662019-09-01Mount Cleveland Complete ListPoints
Knight, Rachel35.662019-09-22Holland Peak Complete ListPoints
Beck, Madeline35.662020-05-09Homer Youngs Peak Complete ListPoints
Tiefenbruck, Laura35.662020-07-12McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Shawn35.662020-08-02Crazy Peak Complete ListPoints
Horkan, Conor35.662020-08-06Snowshoe Peak Complete ListPoints
Hommes, Gordon35.662020-08-13Greathouse Peak Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric35.662020-08-14 aMount Wood Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Mitch35.662020-08-16Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clark, T.J.35.662020-08-29Holland Peak Complete ListPoints
Fowler, Dylan35.662020-09-01Crow Peak12Complete ListPoints
Staley, Oliver35.662020-09-06Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Baumann, Ben35.662020-10-04Hollowtop Mountain Complete ListPoints
RH, Malcolm35.66UnknownSacagawea Peak Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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