Nevada Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 628

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Vitz, John42367.362022-05-19Big Indian Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob29747.292020-11-01Meadow Valley Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Ide, John†29246.502018-11-19 bWest Humboldt Range High Point Complete ListPoints
Lilley, Barbara26842.682009-08-05Seven Lakes Mountain Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon†26141.562004-07-25Sixmile Hill Complete ListPoints
Adrian, Mark22936.462022-02-19 bBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard22535.832022-04-15High Peak Complete ListPoints
Grant, Larry21634.392020-09-01McAfee Peak Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob20332.322022-03-23Leppy Peak Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy19531.052020-09-10Toiyabe Dome Complete ListPoints
MOE, RON19230.572021-05-23Peak 8826 Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric19230.572022-04-23Chief Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken19130.412020-12-05 bMontezuma Peak Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain19130.412022-05-08Mount Pisgah Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis†18829.942016-05-25Hog Ranch Mountain Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean17027.072015-10-04Buffalo Mountain Complete ListPoints
Boester, Brad16726.592022-04-08Peak 8808 Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef16526.272021-05-28Orevada View Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy15324.362022-04-23 cBrawley Peaks Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Martha15124.042022-05-14Pah-Rum Peak Complete ListPoints
Cerney, Anji15023.892021-06-10Coffin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nichols, Mark14222.612020-07-22Hays Canyon Peak Complete ListPoints
Wilcox, SharonMarie13421.342020-10-30 aCorey Peak Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert13221.022020-09-20Hole in the Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Del Grosso, Joseph13221.022022-05-19Edna Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gerlach, Greg12820.382022-05-25Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Hensley, Richard12519.902022-05-22 aPeak 1650 Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob12219.432021-08-04Kawich Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John12019.112022-05-22Toiyabe Peak 11085 Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam11718.632022-04-06 bHorseshoe Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Sandorff, Al11117.682021-06-19Table Mountain7Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean10015.922020-03-22Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lister, Kelly & Terry10015.922021-03-13Mount Ferguson Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam9815.612022-05-20 aMount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Kerth, Chris9715.452022-04-17Hayford Peak Complete ListPoints
Porter, David9715.452022-05-23Healy Peak Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry9414.972022-05-16Miller Mountain8Complete ListPoints
Gathright, Tom9314.812022-03-01Fossil Peak Complete ListPoints
Basis, Stav9214.652022-05-22Parsnip Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant9014.332022-05-22Toiyabe Peak 11085 Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Joel8814.012022-03-29Virginia Peak Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†8613.692014-06-28Roberts Creek Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brooks, Mary8012.742021-05-28Portuguese Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin8012.742022-05-01 aLa Madre Mountain Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura7812.422021-09-12Mount Tenabo Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob7111.312022-03-22Petersen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane6610.512021-04-22 aJumbo Peak Complete ListPoints
Casserly, Sean6310.032022-01-02 bMuddy Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith6310.032022-04-16Grassy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Foutz, Tracy619.712020-07-07Elko Mountain Complete ListPoints
Skalet, Candace609.552022-01-15Adalac Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Belanger, Marc609.552022-05-22 bFrenchman Mountain4Complete ListPoints
Humes, Kevin579.082020-11-15Pupfish Peak Complete ListPoints
914, BMS579.082021-05-21 bRedstone Peak Complete ListPoints
Pfister, John579.082021-11-18Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fujiwara, Koni568.922022-05-07Tohakum Peak Complete ListPoints
Peters, William548.602021-07-06 bMount Callaghan Complete ListPoints
Witt, Jose538.442021-10-30 aFortification Range High Point Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie528.282018-04-22Petersen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor518.122018-10-06Spirit Mountain Complete ListPoints
Takahashi, Asaka518.122021-10-09Snow Valley Peak Complete ListPoints
Carmody, David518.122022-05-26McFarland Peak Complete ListPoints
Sun, Linda497.802021-10-02Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Barbour, Frances497.802022-03-31 aLa Madre Mountain Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Jerry497.802022-04-21Piper Peak Complete ListPoints
Marciasini, Brett487.642022-05-17Mount Augusta Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill477.482012-08-08Mount Jefferson Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai477.482022-02-21Gass Peak Complete ListPoints
Cable, Bob467.322022-04-27 aCrescent Peak Complete ListPoints
Berry, Michael447.012021-10-09Spanish Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Cheryl426.692022-04-22Piper Peak Complete ListPoints
Fedak, John426.692022-05-22Mount Jackson Complete ListPoints
Cavazos, Amber 416.532021-06-28Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Komuro, Kay406.372014-11-09Stonewall Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lopez, Tom406.372020-02-20Frenchman Mountain Complete ListPoints
Avery, Jon406.372021-10-24Mormon Peak Complete ListPoints
Jagow, Craig406.372022-02-20 aHyko Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Kelley, Scott406.372022-05-17Mount Augusta Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†396.212012-09-22 10Kumiva Peak Complete ListPoints
Chapman, Jen396.212021-06-20Morey Peak North Complete ListPoints
Neal, Justin396.212022-05-13Bald Mountain9Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca386.052017-11-11Mount Como Complete ListPoints
Mantle, Doug386.052022-04-01Rhyolite Ridge Complete ListPoints
Kruis, Scott375.892013-09-15Second Fork Peak Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry375.892014-05-28Troy Peak Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa375.892021-05-28 aMount Davidson Complete ListPoints
Smith, Kadee365.732021-09-26Mount Pisgah Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor365.732022-01-30 bDogskin Mountain Complete ListPoints
Freeland, Jim355.572007Redstone Peak Complete ListPoints
Pennington, Gerry355.572019-07-19Quinn Peak Complete ListPoints
Graupe, Michael355.572022-02-22Gass Peak Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Bill335.252021-05-02Garfield Hills High Point Complete ListPoints
Wenzl, Hans335.252022-02-20Hyko Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul325.102020-06-07Highland Peak Complete ListPoints
Coulter, Daniel325.102022-03-21 bChurchill Butte Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry314.942009-12-04Wahguyhe Peak Complete ListPoints
Evans, M314.942016-11-14Bristlecone Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Nichalson, Brandon314.942017-09-21Hayford Peak Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Ephrat314.942017-11-11Mount Como Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig314.942020-04-26 bMagruder Mountain Complete ListPoints
Henry The, Mountain Man304.782011-09-03 aArc Dome Complete ListPoints
Morehouse, James304.782015-07-01Hole in the Mountain Peak Complete ListPoints
Larkin, Mike304.782016-06-25Genoa Peak Complete ListPoints
Murphy, Susan304.782016-11-12Mormon Peak Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott304.782021-12-13Crescent Peak Complete ListPoints
Horbal, Matt294.622016-08-21Star Peak Complete ListPoints
Morrill, Robert294.622016-08-21Mount Talbot Complete ListPoints
pelton, michael294.622019-10-11Pearl Peak Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James294.622021-05-29 bDuffer Peak Complete ListPoints
V, Brice294.622022-05-25 cCherry Creek Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy284.462020-05-26McAfee Peak Complete ListPoints
Bartell, Ron284.462021-07-22Mount Grant Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Christine284.462021-07-22Mount Grant Complete ListPoints
Stryker, Justin284.462022-05-22North Shoshone Peak Complete ListPoints
Hubbuch, Austin274.302014-04-12Wheeler Benchmark Complete ListPoints
King, Sean274.302020-12-30 bPotosi Mountain Complete ListPoints
Horton, Todd274.302022-05-21State Line Peak Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric274.302022-05-21Catnip Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bobst, Sacha264.142011-02-18Muddy Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Moe, Ron264.142014-09-08Granite Peak Complete ListPoints
Sporrer, Julie 264.142021-09-18 bMount Lewis Complete ListPoints
Erickson, Dustin264.142021-11-27Quinn Peak Complete ListPoints
O, Sean264.142022-04-23 aPetersen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Maddie264.142022-04-30Arc Dome Complete ListPoints
O, Donna253.982008-04-25Grassy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick†253.982014-08-09Virginia Peak Complete ListPoints
Morris, Caleb253.982014-09-22Pine Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Stacey253.982021-11-07Dead Horse Ridge Complete ListPoints
Roberts, Chris253.982022-03-13Grapevine Peak Complete ListPoints
Peavy, Scott253.982022-04-14McCullough Mountain Complete ListPoints
Raimondi, Paula253.982022-05-02Mount Stirling Complete ListPoints
Hernquist, Rob253.982022-05-08Ireteba Peaks Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, Mike243.822018-10-13Bare Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Brett243.822020-07-20Murdock Mountain Complete ListPoints
O'Brien, Rob243.822022-03-27Virgin Peak Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Daniel243.822022-04-30 aArc Dome Complete ListPoints
Estrada, Jorge 243.822022-05-13Rocky 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Siering, Erik233.662005-10-02Volcanic Hills High Point Complete ListPoints
wajda, rraine233.662014-08-31Ruby Dome Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Kyle233.662020-04-04Moapa Peak Complete ListPoints
King, Scott233.662020-12-30 bPotosi Mountain Complete ListPoints
Morrill, Eric233.662021-08-14Second Fork Peak Complete ListPoints
Neff-Estrada, Diana233.662022-05-13Rocky 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
C, Maxton233.662022-05-20 aDesert Peak Complete ListPoints
Moore, Zane233.662022-05-22Snow Valley Peak Complete ListPoints
DuPont, Chase223.502014-06-08Bunker Hill Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan223.502015-09-06State Line Peak Complete ListPoints
Brown, Mitch223.502016-10-01Piper Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen223.502018-02-23Gass Peak Complete ListPoints
Fredrickson, Karl223.502019-04-11La Madre Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Megan223.502021-07-19Elko Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Toby213.342017-09-04Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
White, Herb213.342021-07-03 bCurrant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Glasser, Shawna213.342021-09-11Troy Peak Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay213.342022-03-12Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Becht, Tom213.342022-04-03Peak 6080 Complete ListPoints
Go, Ritch213.342022-05-01 aLa Madre Mountain Complete ListPoints
Purcell, Courtney203.182008Davidson Peak Complete ListPoints
Morton, Charles203.182014-02-14Peavine Peak Complete ListPoints
Blaney, Linda203.182016-06-09Gass Peak Complete ListPoints
Gosnell, Michael203.182016-07-23Snow Valley Peak Complete ListPoints
Hengst, Matthew203.182016-11-23Mount Stirling Complete ListPoints
Sinisi, Penny203.182018-04-14Mount Stirling Complete ListPoints
Fleischmann, Daniel203.182020-04-26Lyon Peak Complete ListPoints
ODonnell, Jon203.182020-06-18Arc Dome Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave203.182020-10-15 aMount Grafton Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder203.182020-10-24Hayford Peak Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl203.182021-06-02 aProspect Peak Complete ListPoints
Aitchison, Rob203.182021-06-09Freds Mountain Complete ListPoints
De Groff, Otto203.182022-03-31 bLeppy Peak Complete ListPoints
McFeely, Kent203.182022-04-17Sheep Peak Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew203.182022-05-16Miller Mountain Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew203.182022-05-21King Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Stryker, Tony203.182022-05-22North Shoshone Peak Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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