Teton Range 11,000-foot Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 23

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Lennon, Alex23Complete!2018-09-01 bEagles Rest Peak8Complete ListPoints
Erickson, Dustin2295.652021-07-10Nez Perce Peak3Complete ListPoints
Bowden, Curtis1982.612014-10-07Rockchuck Peak Complete ListPoints
O, Sean1773.912018-06-15Prospectors Mountain1Complete ListPoints
Platte, Guerin1565.222020-09Doane Peak2Complete ListPoints
Rex, Ryan1356.522019-08-18 dNez Perce Peak1Complete ListPoints
stout, pat1252.172012-10-02Prospectors Mountain Complete ListPoints
McIntosh, Tyler1043.482020-08-11 hTable Mountain Complete ListPoints
cieszkiewicz, kari939.132018-09-16Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Smith, Phil834.781935Ranger Peak Complete ListPoints
Beckey, Fred†834.781959 jTable Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sheriff, Steve834.782000Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy834.782003-08-14Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gardner, Kimberly834.78UnknownDisappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Mandella, Margo730.432004-08-09Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Scott, Brian730.432017-02-11 iTable Mountain Complete ListPoints
Keffer, Phil730.432020-08-15Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Dye, Lyman730.432020-12-22 eSouth Teton Complete ListPoints
Carnie, Grant730.43UnknownDisappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Lilley, Barbara626.091956-08-16Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick626.091972-07Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Jim†626.091977-07-20Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
vennum, walt626.092003-08-25Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pearlman, Michael626.092006South Teton Complete ListPoints
McEleney, Ian626.092013-06-21Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Parker, Bruce626.092015-10-17Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Thomson, Benjamin626.092016-08-25Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Datwyler, Richard626.092019-08-27Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon†521.741964-08-25Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob521.741989-08 a6Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pickering, Bob521.741996-08-07Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Westphal, Brian521.742010-09Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mortensen, David521.742012-08-16Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butler, Ryan521.742015-06-14Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Weitzer, Nate521.742019-07-19Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Jon521.742019-07-25Teewinot Mountain12Complete ListPoints
McGowan, Jeff521.742019-08-20Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Jarvis, Chris521.742020-07-31Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Evans, Zak521.742020-08-29Mount Owen8Complete ListPoints
Boyer, Vance 521.742021-06-23South Teton Complete ListPoints
Super, Josh521.742021-07-18Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Woiwode , John521.742021-08-03Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Gram, Peter521.742021-09-18Teewinot Mountain3Complete ListPoints
Forbess, Ronald417.391965-08-12Nez Perce Peak Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Jim417.391971-07-04Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Myers, Steve417.391990-09-28Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
howell, michele417.391999-06-12Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
pelton, michael417.392013-07-15Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben417.392017-07-29Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Mallet, Matt417.392018-08-06Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pirate, Peak417.392018-08-26Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan417.392019-07-03Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Todd, Jordan417.392019-07-29Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain417.392021-04-10Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Snarr, Ty417.392021-09-14Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Mantle, Doug417.39UnknownMount Owen Complete ListPoints
Martin, Rebecca417.39UnknownMount Moran Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry417.39UnknownTeewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom313.041974-07-10Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Ranschau, Cuno†313.041974-08Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Kroc, Jeff313.042001Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Del Grosso, Joseph313.042006-08-29Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
sosnowski, michael313.042008-07-27Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Walsh, Daniel313.042008-08-15Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Grundy, Tom313.042009-08-29 aBuck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Massie, Robbie313.042009-08-30South Teton Complete ListPoints
Osguthorpe, Jeremy313.042009-09Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Boss, Michael313.042011-08-24Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Muirow, Evan313.042011-08-30South Teton Complete ListPoints
Czaplicki, Christopher313.042012-08-05South Teton Complete ListPoints
Miller, Grant313.042014-08-18Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Logel, Nick313.042016-07-29Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Lucker, Cameron313.042016-08-21Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Mike313.042016-08-25Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Brumund-Smith, Keith313.042017-08-01Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Bitton, Ayelet313.042017-08-17Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Franchi, Leo313.042017-08-17Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Donovan313.042017-08-25Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Garcia, Mike313.042017-09-09South Teton Complete ListPoints
Slater, Dallin313.042017-11-03Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Basis, Stav313.042018-08-13South Teton Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony313.042020-05-18Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Pearson, Nick313.042020-05-19Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Pendergast, Daniel313.042020-07-20South Teton Complete ListPoints
Stirling, Daniel313.042020-08-23Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Out, Peakin'313.042021-07South Teton Complete ListPoints
Trent, Steve313.042021-07-24Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Kunz, Ben313.042021-07-25Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gluck, Josh313.042021-09-10South Teton Complete ListPoints
Barish, Paul313.04UnknownMount Moran Complete ListPoints
Siudy, Mike 313.04UnknownBuck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lopez, Tom28.701981-09-13Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Moore, Dan28.701984-09-03Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†28.701986-07-24Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul28.701987-08-01Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Yore, Gene28.701987-08-01Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Sowle, Stuke28.701990-08South Teton Complete ListPoints
Mack, Andrew28.701993-08-25Mount Wister Complete ListPoints
Holcomb, Diana28.701994-08-24Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Duncan, Don28.701995-07-19Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Lavelle, Joe28.701997-08-20Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Turner, Alasdair28.702000 dGrand Teton Complete ListPoints
Thornton, J28.702000-07Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Hyams, Mark28.702001-07-14Table Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gowan, John28.702003-08-22Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Rasmussen, Robert28.702004-08-10Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Carter, Tom28.702006-08-07Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Shortt, Rickey28.702006-08-07Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Purcell, Courtney28.702008Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Reynolds, Mike28.702008South Teton Complete ListPoints
Myer, Julie28.702008-07-20Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Saunders, Richard Northe28.702010-06-20South Teton Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Ephrat28.702011-08-09Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca28.702011-08-09Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Bargo , Branndon 28.702012-08Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Hibbard, Lou28.702012-09-08Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Saimo, Brandon28.702013-08-03Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Roots, Roger28.702013-08-16Teewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nielson, Mike28.702014-08-29South Teton Complete ListPoints
Goodell, Dave28.702015-08-07Buck Mountain Complete ListPoints
Adams, Andy28.702015-08-22Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Thorman, Marlin28.702016-08-02Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Winey, Jacob28.702016-08-13Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Shih, Susan28.702016-08-30Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Brent28.702017-07-08South Teton Complete ListPoints
Tiefenbruck, Laura28.702017-08-16Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Prager, James28.702018-06-09Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Corbin, Clark 28.702018-07-12Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Orth, Destry28.702018-07-25Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Duffy, Sean 28.702018-08-08Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Whealy, Andrew28.702018-08-09Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Kosola, Jason28.702018-08-16Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Chad28.702018-08-17Mount Moran Complete ListPoints
Ehrlich, Ted28.702019-07-21Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Stocking, Haylee28.702019-09-07Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Brownlee, Ben†28.702020-09-04Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Casper , Wallace 28.702020-09-12Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Platzer, Dagmar28.702020-09-18Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Riser, Andrew28.702020-09-18Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Palencar, Jessica28.702020-10-03Disappointment Peak Complete ListPoints
Warme, Cassondra28.702021-07-17Grand Teton Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Steve28.702021-07-25 cTeewinot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fias, Derek28.702021-08-05 bSouth Teton Complete ListPoints
Hayward, Josh28.702021-08-22Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Jewkes , Jacob28.702021-09-10Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Ken28.702021-09-11Middle Teton Complete ListPoints
Shayer, Max28.702021-09-25South Teton Complete ListPoints
Akehurst, Tobin28.70UnknownMiddle Teton Complete ListPoints
Redfearn, Chris28.70UnknownMiddle Teton Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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