United Kingdom National Park High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 15

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Richardson, Martin15Complete!1991Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob15Complete!2012-04-07Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick15Complete!2012-07-22Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter15Complete!2013-06-20 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken1386.672002-03-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael1386.672006-12-15Ben More Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve1386.672007-12-31Black Down Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew1386.672008-10-25Ben More Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas1386.672009-02-15Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard1386.672013-02-25The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim1386.672014-03-08Black Down Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob1386.672016-03-28Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, James1386.672018-08-02 2Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham1386.67UnknownFoel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary1280.002005-12-31The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm1280.002013-04-01 BFoel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy1280.002015-05-23Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard1280.002018-03-10Foel Cwmcerwyn6Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee1280.002018-12-24 bBlack Down Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve1173.332016-12-20 cDunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee1173.332017-06-24Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark1173.332017-09-16Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry1173.332018-06-30Scafell Pike10Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian1066.672012-04-15Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Levey, David1066.672013-11-01Black Down Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony1066.672016-01-20 bDunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Warren, James1066.672017-09-02Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri1066.672018-09-02Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Spaltz , Queren 1066.672018-10-07Black Down Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick1066.672018-10-16Kinder Scout12Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve1066.67UnknownUrra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 960.002002Ben More Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav960.002018-03-10Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David960.002018-05-05Ben More11Complete ListPoints
Hill, William "Billy"853.332010-09-17Black Down Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo853.332015Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie853.332015-04-03Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen853.332016-10-14Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott853.332017-05-22Ben More Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev853.332017-12-03 cHigh Willhays Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan853.332018-08-09 bHigh Willhays Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 853.332018-12-03Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob746.671997-06 b4Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu746.672009-09-09Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James746.672012-06-03Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel746.672014-08-23Whernside Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick746.672015-02-08Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard746.672015-02-15Whernside Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew746.672015-10-11Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard746.672017-09-23Kinder Scout5Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian640.002003-08-23The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick640.002008Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard640.002008-07-06Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin640.002008-12-31Ben More Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris640.002011-07-31Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon640.002015-03-07Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis640.002016-08-06 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark640.002017-09-23Kinder Scout3Complete ListPoints
Mulder, Winus640.002018-01-27 iDunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
RI, A640.002018-06-19Black Down Complete ListPoints
Howells, David640.002018-07-14Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy640.002018-09-02 fKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin640.00UnknownSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Lee, Richard640.00UnknownBath Hills Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed533.331976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark533.331988-04-19Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben533.331991-06-01Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari533.331995-11-04Whernside Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John533.332005-09-25Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal533.332006-10-21Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Luxton, Adam533.332010-09Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob533.332010-12-16Black Down Complete ListPoints
bebbington, mark533.332011-11-13Whernside Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark533.332012-08Urra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus533.332015-10-04 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben533.332016-04-08Ben More Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken533.332016-05-31 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark533.332017-07-01Scafell Pike3Complete ListPoints
Pirog , Kasia 533.332017-10-06 rScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne533.332018-03-04 iWhernside Complete ListPoints
Rocz, Paw533.332018-08-20Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom533.332018-10-16 bKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Philip , Jo533.332018-11-21 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen426.671998-06-25Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry426.672007-10-15Ben More Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Stephen426.672011-08-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Robert426.672012-10-10Telegraph Hill Complete ListPoints
Pond, Martin426.672013-04-13 bWhernside Complete ListPoints
Elson, James426.672016-02-17Black Down Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 426.672016-10-16 oPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Gallavan, Adam426.672017-04-22Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris426.672017-07-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Prior, Carrie- ann426.672018-02-11 aKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Ayre, John426.672018-03-24 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Trošcák, Ondrej426.672018-05-19 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Glennon , Stephen426.672018-06-04 bBen Macdui Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo426.672018-06-09Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
M, Evan426.672018-07-07 bScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Graeme426.672018-07-19Whernside Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris426.672018-08-03Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Burkhart, Craig426.672018-09-02Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Smith, P426.672019-01-01 wWhernside Complete ListPoints
Burrows, Paul426.67UnknownWhernside Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim320.001977-10-01 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Davies, Steve320.002004Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Lauftreff Sustenhorn, Lauftreff Lenzspitze and320.002004Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Rae, Chris320.002005-09-17Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sugden, Jim320.002008-08-15Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Westcott, Julian320.002008-08-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
McFarlane, Daniel320.002008-12-29Ben More Complete ListPoints
Oates, Leon320.002011-10-15Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Marcus320.002012-04-15Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Candlish, Pippa320.002012-08-19High Willhays Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward320.002013-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Harrington-Lynn, David320.002013-08-16Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan320.002014-06-12Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin320.002014-07-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Daussan, Mat320.002015-09-12Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Jesinghaus, Stephan320.002016-10-19Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Woolley, James320.002016-11-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Dawber, Luis320.002017-03-25 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber320.002017-05-08Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Milliard, Tom320.002017-07-12Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Daley320.002017-08-27Whernside Complete ListPoints
West, Ben320.002017-09-06 eHigh Willhays Complete ListPoints
Leatherland, Tim320.002017-09-10Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Madgwick, Gareth320.002017-10-11 rWhernside Complete ListPoints
Simpson, Ian320.002017-12-30Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gareth320.002018-02-03 wPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Mills, Scott320.002018-02-27 fPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike320.002018-03-11 eKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt320.002018-03-26 cScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Crammond, Ian320.002018-04-25 gPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
heaton, richard320.002018-05-29 bScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE320.002018-06-02 bWhernside Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 320.002018-06-24Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Figg, James320.002018-10-04 bBen Macdui Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy320.002018-11-04 iScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Smith, Gavin320.002018-11-23 hScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Heys, Silas320.002018-12-24 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Greer, Keith320.002019-01-07 oWhernside Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The320.00UnknownScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren320.00UnknownThe Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Lattimore, Michele320.00UnknownWhernside Complete ListPoints
Unwin, Dan320.00UnknownKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Kershaw, David213.331964-02-15Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric213.331982-07-20Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Mays, Mike213.331993Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise213.331993-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter213.331996-07Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Moore, Barry213.332000-01-01Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy213.332001-07-07 03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hopkins, Lewis213.332002-07-06Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete213.332003-11-12Ben More Complete ListPoints
Douvier, Yan-Eric213.332005-09-06 cBen Macdui Complete ListPoints
Cooper, Ross213.332005-11-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hambrick, Richard213.332007-06-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Place, Paul213.332007-06-22 cScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Yesson, Chris213.332007-08-31Whernside Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Sean213.332008-02-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Drew, Philippa213.332008-05-30Snowdon Complete ListPoints
van der Elst, Jan213.332008-07-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Alpine Club, El213.332009-05-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Claghorn, Joseph213.332009-07-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
MARSH, Andy213.332010-04-07Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Chris213.332010-07-21Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Belhadj, Malek213.332010-07-28Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Kinley, Laura213.332011-03-23Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Cordes, Moritz213.332011-03-27Scafell Pike2Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Louise213.332011-04-16Ben More Complete ListPoints
Teicher, Gregory213.332011-06-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Santibanez, Miguel213.332011-07-10Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Ritchie213.332011-07-30Snowdon Complete ListPoints
X, Simon213.332012-04-05Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Clark, Fiona213.332012-04-12Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Bazley, Bob213.332012-05-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Carmel213.332012-06-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Andrew213.332012-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Taggart, Mark213.332012-07-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Clark, Stuart213.332012-08-10Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Colliander , Karin213.332012-09-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Szczeblewska, Ewelina213.332013-04-28Snowdon Complete ListPoints
U, Alex213.332013-05-12Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Eckardt, Annett213.332013-05-18Ben More Complete ListPoints
Tibatong, Habakuk213.332013-05-18 aBen More Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Chris213.332013-06-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hildebrand, Dan213.332013-06-28Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Gajan, Drew213.332013-07-02Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Gallois, Keith213.332013-09-25Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe213.332014-02-16Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Vander Lugt, Michael213.332014-06-12Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hiemstra, Rob213.332014-09-03Ben More Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark213.332015-04-07Whernside Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony213.332015-04-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas213.332015-05-16 A3Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
H, Chris213.332015-06-23Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte213.332015-07-10Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Christie, Steve213.332015-08-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Bowie, Kathleen213.332015-08-13Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Caulfield, Seán213.332015-08-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bryson, Robert213.332015-10-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Burke, Stephen213.332015-11-20Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James213.332016-03-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Beckman, Vaughn213.332016-04Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Baker, Chris213.332016-06-01Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Chick, John213.332016-06-30Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Malmberg, Per213.332016-07-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hadingham, Daniella213.332016-11-07 fScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bradshaw, Troy213.332017-01-22 bKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Skirrow, Dave213.332017-02-24 bKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, Mike213.332017-04-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Wayfarer, Northern213.332017-06-04Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hensley, Richard213.332017-06-28Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Donnison, Caspar213.332017-08-01 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rowland, Steve213.332017-08-26Snowdon Complete ListPoints
McLeod, Kristin213.332017-10-08Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Svensson, Emma213.332017-11-03Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Ostler, Max213.332017-12-06 bScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Seymour, Clair213.332018-01-02 nSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Ford, Ben213.332018-02-26Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Furness, Simon213.332018-03-14 wSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Curran, Sarah213.332018-03-30 cKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Symonds, Lynn213.332018-04-03 aWhernside Complete ListPoints
Stapylton, Jodi213.332018-04-07Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Kenyon, Dan213.332018-04-09Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Richards, Beth213.332018-04-20Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Varghese, Delvin213.332018-05-05Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Van-Evelingen, Carly213.332018-05-10 lSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Fieles, Matthias213.332018-05-31Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Elshaw , Craig 213.332018-06-22Ben More Complete ListPoints
Winchcombe, Conor213.332018-06-22Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Chesterton, Simon213.332018-06-28Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael213.332018-07-04Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Morris, Hannah213.332018-07-08Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bacon, Kevin213.332018-07-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
NS, Jude213.332018-07-21 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris213.332018-07-21 nSnowdon Complete ListPoints
M, Serge213.332018-08-01 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Cheryl213.332018-08-09Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Jerry213.332018-08-09Snowdon Complete ListPoints
L, Tim213.332018-09-01Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
V, Carl213.332018-09-15 cScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Hanby, Kieran 213.332018-10-17 bWhernside Complete ListPoints
Napier, Andy213.332018-11-01 nPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
GILL, Sarah213.332018-11-23 cWhernside Complete ListPoints
Strachan, Laura213.332018-12-09Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Slingsby, Ben213.332019-01-18 dWhernside Complete ListPoints
A, Tom213.33UnknownSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Bailey, Joe213.33UnknownBen More Complete ListPoints
Culshaw, Peter213.33UnknownSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Garner, Lee213.33UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints

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