Wales County/Unitary Authority High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 22

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Richardson, Martin22Complete!2000Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob22Complete!2005-07-16Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus22Complete!2015-05-10 bCraig Berwyn Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas22Complete!2016-10-21Werfa Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew22Complete!2019-06-25Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Howells, David22Complete!2020-10-18 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Bill22Complete!2020-12-15Craig Berwyn Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve22Complete!2021-04-26Tair Onnen Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark2195.452017-04-30Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob2195.452019-03-09Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith2090.912021-11-04Merthyr Common Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick2090.912021-11-06Merthyr Common Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Rob1986.362020-08-19Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony1881.822015-09-13Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter1881.822022-02-25 aGarth Hill Complete ListPoints
Warren, James1777.272013-01-12Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim1777.272016-05-26Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Gary1672.731976-07-01Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael1672.732002-05-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve1672.732006-10-22Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel1568.182011-09-16Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick1568.182012-09-09Mynydd y Betws Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael1568.182021-10-05 BMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken†1463.642002-03-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian1463.642014-08-24Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard1463.642015-05-05Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham1463.64UnknownMynydd y Betws Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy1359.092015-05-23Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Levey, David1359.092020-04-01Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Healy, Dan1359.092020-10-13 aWerfa Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon1254.552019-06-29Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark1254.552020-07-25 cFan Foel Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie1254.552021-10-27Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
*, C1254.552022-03-25Tair Onnen Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard1150.002019-06-24Werfa Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Jenny1045.452020-09-17 fCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Coombes, Simon940.912022-06-01 bCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 836.362002Craig Berwyn Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris836.362015-10-10Mynydd y Betws Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Richard836.362018-09-16Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
RI, A836.362021-09-27 aHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
keeling, ric836.362021-10-07 bPlynlimon Complete ListPoints
Williams, Iwan836.362022-01-19 zSnowdon6Complete ListPoints
Stone, James836.362022-02-07 2bCraig y Llyn Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David836.362022-04-16Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Wild, Suzy836.362022-05-09 dFan Foel Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott731.822016-04-17Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Chappelle, Richard731.822019-01-05Craig y Llyn-East Slope2Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry731.822019-08-26 bWentwood65Complete ListPoints
Davies, Curon 731.822021-04-03 nPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
W, Jim731.822021-09-22 aCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gaz731.822022-06-20 dFan Foel Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve731.82UnknownHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee627.272002Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken627.272004-08-14Mynydd y Betws Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith627.272007-05-06Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan627.272018-06-10Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Goodwin, Sam627.272020-02-08 cWentwood Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gareth627.272020-08-01 aCraig Berwyn Complete ListPoints
Richards, Beth627.272020-09-10 bCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Cameron, Egg627.272020-09-21Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Will, Dyl627.272020-10-18 fCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Wood, Col627.272021-04-19 fPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Deborah, Sharon627.272021-12-17 bHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zareba, Szymon627.272022-05-07 bPlynlimon Complete ListPoints
R, P627.272022-06-03Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Hutton, Nicholas627.272022-06-11 dCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Illidge, Andy522.731998-11-14Plynlimon Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark522.732011-04-12Carnedd Llewelyn9Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin522.732014-07-02Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian522.732015-11-21Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian522.732017Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris522.732017-07-28Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas522.732019-05-01 B1Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
G, Pete522.732019-07-06Holyhead Mountain13Complete ListPoints
Mayle , Graham 522.732020-02-11 wPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily522.732020-08-01 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Lloyd, Kez522.732020-09-26 cFan Foel Complete ListPoints
Pryce, Ren522.732021-04-03 aHolyhead Mountain1Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard522.732021-11-19 aMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Lane, Rob522.732022-04-19 aFoel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Clarke, Adrian418.181992-08-13Moel Famau16Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Ian418.182010-10-18Cadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm418.182013-04-01 BFoel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 418.182016-10-16 oPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Donnison, Caspar418.182017-08-01 dPlynlimon Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben418.182017-11-25Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav418.182018-03-10Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard418.182018-03-10Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee418.182018-11-04 bPlynlimon Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi418.182019-01-01Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Glennon , Stephen418.182019-08-19 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Iredale, Tim418.182020-01-18Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Chwaszczewska , Marta 418.182020-08-05 uCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Caddick, Jack418.182020-08-25 aCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Anna418.182020-09-08Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Seymour, Luke418.182020-10-01Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Fearnley, Chris418.182020-10-18 zPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Starnes, Thomas418.182020-11-23 cFan Foel Complete ListPoints
Pagett, Lewis418.182021-03-20 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Lilly Rai, Zoë418.182021-04-27 aCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Heywood, Nao418.182021-05-22Chwarel y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lindsay, Paul418.182021-06-26Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wardrop, Adrian418.182021-07-08 bMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Williams, Scott418.182021-08-10 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Harris, Sian418.182021-10-05 aMoel Famau2Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri418.182022-01-16Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy418.182022-04-23 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed313.641970Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Alan313.641972-05-21Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric313.641982-12-29Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark313.641990-07-23Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob313.641997-06 b5Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen313.641998-06-25Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete313.642001-06-15Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob313.642009-10-11Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Williams , Kevin 313.642010-03-27Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Williams, Kevin313.642010-07-22Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Luxton, Adam313.642010-09-24Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin313.642010-10-02Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James313.642011-08-11Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Govan, Alastair313.642014-04-20Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo313.642014-05-17Cadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Lloyd, Wyn313.642015-10-11Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen313.642016-10-11 iSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 313.642016-11-05Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Reilly, Ciaran313.642017-08-26Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pirog , Kasia 313.642017-10-06 xCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Madgwick, Gareth313.642017-10-11 hCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Seymour, Clair313.642018-01-02 nSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne313.642018-03-04 fSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Gallavan, Adam313.642018-03-24 dFan Foel Complete ListPoints
Guenot, David313.642018-06-18Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris313.642018-08-03Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy313.642018-09-02 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Woch, Marcin313.642018-09-05Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Knight, Elle313.642019-01-18 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Creber, Tom313.642019-02-20 cHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cookie, Lisa313.642019-04-08 xPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Machin, Lee313.642019-04-14Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Sav, Jamie313.642019-04-16Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Jade313.642019-04-18 mPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Milton, Andy313.642019-05-03 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sparrow , Ian313.642019-05-12Snowdon Complete ListPoints
King, Emma313.642019-06-06 aCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Pitcher , Charlie313.642019-06-28 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Baker, Matt313.642019-07-08 qPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Elson, James313.642019-07-24Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Pond, Martin313.642019-08-23Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Mccann , Lynette 313.642019-10-08 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Smith, P313.642019-10-11 iPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Chase, Liam313.642019-11-09Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray313.642019-11-22 iSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Harris, Grant313.642020-01Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Kowalik, Ula313.642020-03-03 oSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Holly, Jessica 313.642020-07-15 xHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Benjamin313.642020-10-21 bHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Urmston, Colin313.642020-11-14 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Bryant, Ian313.642021-03-07 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hoejbjerg , Mia313.642021-03-20Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Prytherch, Dan313.642021-03-20 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Gemma313.642021-04-02 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Orton, James313.642021-05-29 cCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber313.642021-07-28 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Beale, Louisa313.642021-08-09 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Angela313.642021-08-18 bMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Gary313.642021-08-18 bMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Layhe, Michael313.642021-08-20Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Pitcher , Charlie 313.642021-08-31 hCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Davey, Vix313.642021-09-18Chwarel y Fan Complete ListPoints
James, Richard313.642021-10-02Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Quick, Christian313.642021-10-21 hHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Novak, George313.642021-11-03 dCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
McQuilkin, Kerrina 313.642021-11-04 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Patten, Jo313.642021-11-11Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bob313.642021-11-23 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Tarrant, Louise313.642021-12-26 vMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Birkin, Richard313.642022-01-12Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Petford , Jon313.642022-01-16Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Gunner , Trevor 313.642022-02-09Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Angell, Becky313.642022-02-16 rCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Wren, Tim313.642022-03-09 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Craig313.642022-03-27Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Owen, Peter313.642022-04-17 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Trocak, Ondrej313.642022-04-19 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Paul, Paul313.642022-04-24 jSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Sudol, Marcin313.642022-04-24 pHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hardman, Michael313.642022-05-05Chwarel y Fan Complete ListPoints
Martin, Michelle313.642022-05-05Chwarel y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rutter, Imogen313.642022-05-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Williams, Gareth313.642022-06-15 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Clelford, jerry313.64UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Dolman , Zoe 313.64UnknownHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Evans, Elis313.64UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Norman, Justin29.091985Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John29.091989-01-28Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Ballantyne, Rob29.091993-05-29Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari29.091994-04-30Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
jones, matt29.091997Cadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
T, Karl29.091998Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Moore, Barry29.092000-01-01Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Guzik, Robert29.092002-05-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rae, Chris29.092005-09-17Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal29.092006-10-21Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Daniel29.092008-03-29Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard29.092008-07-06Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sugden, Jim29.092008-08-15Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hill, William "Billy"29.092008-08-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu29.092009-02-14Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Yesson, Chris29.092009-05-31Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
bebbington, mark29.092010-09-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Stephen29.092011-08-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Marcus29.092012-04-15Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick29.092013-04-01Foel Cwmcerwyn Complete ListPoints
Howells, Sophie Grace29.092013-07-12Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Batt, Morgan29.092014-06-12Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Mathews, Nathan 29.092014-06-17Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Graver, Nicolas29.092014-10-26Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Henry, Liam29.092015-01-01Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Anderson, John 29.092015-02-25Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony29.092015-04-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Varghese, Delvin29.092015-06-03Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy29.092015-07-15Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bryson, Robert29.092015-10-18Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Wix, Charlotte29.092015-10-18 nPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Harris, Zoe29.092016 cSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James29.092016-03-19Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev29.092016-04-09Coety Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel29.092016-05-04Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob29.092016-05-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 29.092016-07-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Malmberg, Per29.092016-07-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis29.092016-08-06 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Goddard, Claire29.092016-10Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Woolley, James29.092016-11-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE29.092016-12-11Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Dawber, Luis29.092017-03-25 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, Mike29.092017-04-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Watson, Jake29.092017-06-24Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin29.092017-07-07Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Deane, James29.092017-08-23Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Grassby, Jema29.092017-08-26Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Leatherland, Tim29.092017-09-10Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Matiášek, Jan29.092017-11-14Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Christopher, Dave29.092017-12-27 gSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Simpson, Ian29.092017-12-30Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Brothwood, Suze29.092018Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Mulder, Winus29.092018-01-27 fPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Mills, Scott29.092018-02-27 fPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Ayre, John29.092018-03-24 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Kenyon, Dan29.092018-04-09Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Sargent, Elaine29.092018-04-15Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Daussan, Mat29.092018-05-13Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Murray, Ben29.092018-06-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Murray, Robert29.092018-09-02Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Philip , Jo29.092018-11-21Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
GILL, Sarah29.092018-11-23 gMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Smith, Gavin29.092018-11-23 oMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Foulkes, Andrew29.092018-12-30Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
L, Tom29.092019-01-03Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Northey, Claire29.092019-02-11 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Shepharf, Kate29.092019-02-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy29.092019-03-11 qPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy 29.092019-03-24Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Collier, Toni29.092019-03-30Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Crosland, Sara29.092019-04-01Snowdon Complete ListPoints
James, Bee29.092019-04-22 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Gray, Jonathan29.092019-04-22 iPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Darnell, Craig 29.092019-05Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Hasselholdt, Nick29.092019-05-06 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Knight, Tracey29.092019-05-08Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Knight, Gary29.092019-05-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Nedelcu, Constantin-Cristian29.092019-05-18Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Towler, Adam29.092019-05-18 lCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie29.092019-05-20Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
L, L29.092019-05-21 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Houpt, Alex29.092019-05-22Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Dawbs, L29.092019-05-29 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl29.092019-06-05Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Willis, Sarah29.092019-06-11 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Reehal, Patch29.092019-07-17Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Everitt, Michael29.092019-07-26Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Weir, Helen29.092019-07-26Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Abbotts, Shane29.092019-08-05 bCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
L, Tim29.092019-08-10Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Coulson, Adam29.092019-08-15 lPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Clark, Owen29.092019-08-26Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
O'Neil, James29.092019-08-31Snowdon Complete ListPoints
B, K29.092019-09-05 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Sam29.092019-09-15 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rogers, Nigel29.092019-09-15 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hannant, Paul29.092019-10-01 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Butler, Andy29.092019-10-08 iPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Manning, Neil29.092019-10-18Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike29.092019-10-19 lHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cox, Craig29.092019-10-21Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom29.092019-10-28 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
McGregor, Mark29.092019-12-02 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Adams, Abigail29.092019-12-22Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Adkins, Peter29.092019-12-28 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Rachel29.092020-01-01 kPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Brothwood, Chris 29.092020-01-02Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Haidari, Keon29.092020-01-03 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lamb, Andrew29.092020-01-04 oPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Caddick, Matty29.092020-01-20 dMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Savage, Helen29.092020-03-15 hPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lee, Julia29.092020-03-22 dHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Williams, Alex29.092020-05-25 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Relph, Lizzie29.092020-06-01Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Rogan, Rebecca29.092020-07 bHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Alex29.092020-07-11Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Powell, Gemma29.092020-07-11 gMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Bussey, Victoria 29.092020-07-15 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton, Francesca29.092020-07-20 ePen y Fan Complete ListPoints
pate, luke29.092020-07-22 aMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Moug, Shelley29.092020-07-22 dMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, Laura29.092020-07-24 gMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, James29.092020-07-25Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Jelsma, Adriaan29.092020-08-22Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike29.092020-09-05 aMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Jessica29.092020-09-13 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Walker, Chloe29.092020-09-13 hSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Usman, Pepe29.092020-10-07 qPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
G, J29.092020-10-10 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Sullivan, Alister29.092020-10-17 iHolyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Horspole, Kelly29.092020-11-27 dPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Powell, Stu29.092021-02-15 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Kowalczyk, Alan29.092021-03-12Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
K, H29.092021-05-18 wPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Gardiner, Matt29.092021-05-23 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hayman, John29.092021-06-08 aCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Thomas29.092021-06-17 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
fay, lou29.092021-06-28Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
BOND, JOEY29.092021-07-02Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin29.092021-07-11Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Williams, Chris29.092021-07-19Holyhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pemberton, Steve29.092021-08-03 hMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Dunn , Isaac29.092021-08-04Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Howcroft, Ryan29.092021-08-13 cCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Helen29.092021-09-03Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Young, Dawn29.092021-09-06 tSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Neil29.092021-09-09Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
O'Reilly , ELIZABETH 29.092021-09-14Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
houghton, Dominic29.092021-09-25Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Hristova, Mariya29.092021-09-25 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Singh, Bach29.092021-10-16 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
O, Tom29.092021-12-30 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Walsh, David29.092022-01-02Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Charlotte29.092022-01-03 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Alex29.092022-01-23 pSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Livesey, Tony29.092022-02-07 oPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Storer, Joe29.092022-02-08 eMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Dobbind, T29.092022-03-25 cMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Westlake, Adrian29.092022-03-27 sPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Preece , Mark 29.092022-03-30 cCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Parr, Isaac29.092022-04-16 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Nolan, Mark29.092022-04-18 qCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Hughes , Jacqueline 29.092022-04-24Moel Famau Complete ListPoints
Wrigley, Ella29.092022-05-01 bSnowdon Complete ListPoints
K, Loz29.092022-05-02Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Weston , Heather29.092022-05-09 nPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Burley , Adam29.092022-05-14Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Simms, Matt29.092022-05-14 aSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Webster, Brian29.092022-05-22 bCadair Berwyn-North Top Complete ListPoints
Oval, Jemma29.092022-05-28Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Smith, David29.092022-05-28 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Betts, Steve 29.092022-05-31 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Griffiths , Mark29.092022-06-03 dSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Baker, Jake29.092022-06-25Carnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Baker, Megan29.092022-06-25 aCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Auchie, Malcolm29.092022-06-26Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Burrell, Rhiannon29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Carroll, Sam29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Culshaw, Peter29.09UnknownSnowdon Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Greer, Stacy29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Pete29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Tom29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Lee, Richard29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Porter, Fiona29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Priest, Kate29.09UnknownMoel Famau Complete ListPoints
Robinson , Callum 29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Shave, Wally29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Stone, Rachael29.09UnknownCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Richard29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Tulloch, Andy29.09UnknownPen y Fan Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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