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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Edward Earl

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Edward Earl's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-mReached-mAttemptLocationProm-mSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1987-08 Kings Peak41233292 USA-UT19351986-07-30Already Climbed
1987-10-17 Lone Peak34302743 USA-UT2721988-09-25344 Days Later
1988-07 Fremont Peak41893810 USA-WY3611998-08-0510 Years, 35 Days Later
1989-08-26 Mount Temple35403048 Canada-AB1520 
1994-11-07 Serkhe Kkollu55465273 Bolivia606 
1995-11 Picacho del Diablo3095660 Mexico-BCN21152002-05-256 Years, 205 Days Later
1997-07-01TRSoakpak Mountain17931219 USA-AK473 
1997-07-05 Mount Healy17421280 USA-AK152 
1997-08-31 Mount Tom41613932 USA-CA601 
1998-06-28 San Jacinto Peak33042856 USA-CA25361992-10-19Already Climbed
1998-08-12 Granite Peak39013856 USA-MT14512002-08-053 Years, 358 Days Later
1999-08-08 Mont Blanc48103810 France/Italy4697 
1999-09-19 North Palisade43413773 USA-CA8822000-08-18334 Days Later
1999-11-27 09 Long Ridge792777 USA-CA372001-01-271 Year, 61 Days Later
2000-02-10 Aconcagua69626675 Argentina69622006-01-285 Years, 352 Days Later
2000-12-29 Picacho del Diablo309529572Mexico-BCN21152002-05-251 Year, 147 Days Later
2001-01-26 Little Blue Ridge951732 USA-CA2072001-10-06 11253 Days Later
2001-05 Denali61905243 USA-AK61402004-06-043 Years, 34 Days Later
2002-04-13 Avawatz Peak18761433 USA-CA10042003-04-05357 Days Later
2003-02-06 Volcán Cayambe57905334 Ecuador2075 
2004-08-30 Lavender Peak40323932 USA-CO1182006-09-072 Years, 8 Days Later
2005-08-02 Store Lenangstind16251550 Norway15752007-06-011 Year, 303 Days Later
2006-05 Cuyamaca Peak19851768 USA-CA8701993-07 BAlready Climbed
2006-12-16 Hauser Mountain11611155 USA-CA252 
2007-01-21 Kilimanjaro58954877 Tanzania5885 
2007-04-15 Nielson Benchmark736736 USA-CA346 
2007-06-04 Nona1012980 Norway1012 
2007-06-06 Jiehkkesvárri18341667 Norway1741 
2007-09-22 Arc Dome35883609 USA-NV15892008-08-01314 Days Later
2007-12-17 17 Mount Haley753655 USA-OK2832007-12-18 091 Day Later
2008-01-13 11 Sawnee Mountain597579 USA-GA238 
2008-01-20 Sierra Estrella High Point13751290 USA-AZ979 
2008-02-16 Sumas Mountain1045716 USA-WA8752008-03-2235 Days Later
2008-04-01 Anderson Mountain10251006 USA-WA9162008-11-22235 Days Later
2008-06-15 Mount Fairweather46713978 Canada/USA3951 
2008-08-09 Karakul Hills640634 USA-WA582008-08-16 207 Days Later
2008-08-31 Crestone Peak43573886 USA-CO13822010-07-30 081 Year, 333 Days Later
2008-11-02 Huckleberry Ridge815813 USA-WA1202008-11-1513 Days Later
2009-05-17 Devils Tower15581463 USA-WY278 
2009-06-06 Ten-Four Mountain1336975 USA-WA8362009-06-2317 Days Later
2009-10-18 Mount Forgotten18301006 USA-WA8312012-09-152 Years, 333 Days Later
2010-04-11 Little Tahoma33952682 USA-WA249 
2010-05-01 Baring Mountain18671311 USA-WA7452013-08-053 Years, 96 Days Later
2010-07-03 South Twin21342042 USA-WA10732012-08-252 Years, 53 Days Later
2010-07-04 Big Gee15481433 USA-WA9512010-07-084 Days Later
2010-07-07 11 Somerset-The Summit365360 USA-WA1102012-02-111 Year, 219 Days Later
2010-11-21 Lichtenberg Mountain17811448 USA-WA343 
2010-12-05 McClellan Butte15731402 USA-WA4402013-10-202 Years, 319 Days Later
2011-05-28TRMoscow Mountain15191515 USA-ID6352013-10-242 Years, 149 Days Later
2011-06-12 Silvertip Mountain25962438 Canada-BC18562011-08-0655 Days Later
2011-08-13 Jack Mountain27632195 USA-WA12842012-09-021 Year, 20 Days Later
2011-10-30 12 Fountain Bluff Lookout237237 USA-IL128 
2012-04-08 Mount Columbia37413353 Canada-AB/BC2361 
2012-05-28 Mount Logan59565517 Canada-YT5247 
2013-05-04 Mount Columbia374129262Canada-AB/BC2361 
2013-05-25 Redoubt Volcano31081890 USA-AK2773 
2014-04-20 13 Dirtybox Peak15011454 USA-WA233 
2014-05-19 Baranof Island High Point16431143 USA-AK1643 
2014-08-14 Bashful Peak2440518 USA-AK1608 
2014-08-31 Clark Peak39473200 USA-CO8392014-09-011 Day Later
2015-06-18 Mount Isto27362469 USA-AK2401 

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