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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Ben Lostracco

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Ben Lostracco's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1986-11-08TRMount Marshall-Northeast Peak41673950 USA-NY662009-09-2522 Years, 321 Days Later
1990-02-11 Cerro El Toro-Pico Sur26252100 Mexico-Col1322004-03-0414 Years, 22 Days Later
1992-10-10 Mount Marcy53444500 USA-NY49141985-08-25 aAlready Climbed
1993-02-06 Gunung Penajakan87428400 Indonesia  
1997-07-07TRWright Peak45874350 USA-NY2561986-09-28 aAlready Climbed
1997-07-27TRWhite Hill17551600 Canada-NS17551999-07-121 Year, 350 Days Later
1998-03-12 Pico Bolívar1634214764 Venezuela12982 
2001-09-22 Etna1090210000 Italy10902 
2004-07-13TRGranite Peak1279912400 USA-MT47592008-08-024 Years, 20 Days Later
2005-01-23TRAconcagua2284121800 Argentina22841 
2005-02-14TRMount Washington62885000 USA-NH61481993-08-21 aAlready Climbed
2006-08-23TRGranite Peak1279998002USA-MT47592008-08-021 Year, 345 Days Later
2007-08-08 c Quirauk Mountain21401220 USA-MD14602014-05-10 c6 Years, 275 Days Later
2008-02-29TRCerro El Toro-Pico Sur26252300 Mexico-Col1322004-03-04Already Climbed
2009-02-16 bTRCerro Ojo de Agua984750 Mexico-Col359 
2009-03-19 Cerro Prieto26901500 Mexico-Col361 
2009-03-20 Cerro Prieto269019002Mexico-Col361 
2009-06-19 bTROttawa High Point545540 Canada-ON 2010-04-11 b296 Days Later
2009-06-28TRMont Camille-Pouliot - Sommet Ouest35142900 Canada-QC7092009-07-035 Days Later
2009-07-31 bTRSouthwest Lindsley Hill Peaks10501048 USA-CT 2011-06-17 a1 Year, 321 Days Later
2009-08-25 bTRHarris County High Point310305 USA-TX 2013-01-16 a3 Years, 144 Days Later
2009-09-02 aTRChatham-Kent High Point764762 Canada-ON 2012-03-21 a2 Years, 201 Days Later
2009-09-03TRElgin County High Point971970 Canada-ON 2012-03-21 b2 Years, 200 Days Later
2009-09-04TRNorthumberland County High Point11681138 Canada-ON 2011-07-141 Year, 313 Days Later
2009-10-03TRGrass Mountain31092600 USA-VT21892011-09-091 Year, 341 Days Later
2009-12-03 cTRHuron County High Point13021300 Canada-ON 2012-08-19 c2 Years, 260 Days Later
2009-12-06TRLeeds and Grenville High Point696689 Canada-ON 2011-11-091 Year, 338 Days Later
2010-01-27 Cerro de La Cruz787745 Mexico-Col3622009-02-10Already Climbed
2010-02-04 Cerro La Piedrera1115722 Mexico-Col4592010-02-2319 Days Later
2010-02-09 Cerro El Toro-Pico Norte26901640 Mexico-Col15092009-03-04 aAlready Climbed
2010-03-29 cTRMatagorda County High Point7574 USA-TX  
2010-03-29 dTRDamon Mound146145 USA-TX792012-01-18 a1 Year, 295 Days Later
2010-03-29 eTRGalveston County High Point4039 USA-TX 2012-01-18 b1 Year, 295 Days Later
2010-03-29 fTRBarbers Hill8580 USA-TX432015-01-224 Years, 299 Days Later
2010-05-26TRTable Top Mountain-Middle Peak43083609 USA-NY273 
2010-08-01 aTRRousillon High Point190188 Canada-QC 2011-10-191 Year, 79 Days Later
2010-08-01 bTRBeauharnois-Salaberry High Point233230 Canada-QC 2011-06-29332 Days Later
2010-09-11 bTRMont Bleu-Northwest Slope551500 Canada-QC02010-10-02 b21 Days Later
2010-10-05TRNicolet-Yamaska High Point351350 Canada-QC 2011-07-05 b273 Days Later
2010-10-06TRBécancour High Point394390 Canada-QC 2011-07-05 a272 Days Later
2010-10-27 aTRL'Assomption High Point157155 Canada-QC 2011-10-301 Year, 3 Days Later
2010-10-27 bTRLes Moulins High Point256254 Canada-QC 2011-09-17 b325 Days Later
2010-10-27 cTRThérèse-de-Blainville High Point249247 Canada-QC 2011-09-17 a325 Days Later
2010-11-25 cTRTassel Hill19401935 USA-NY4002012-04-201 Year, 147 Days Later
2010-12-27TRArgenteuil High Point15001275 Canada-QC 2011-06-07162 Days Later
2011-01-10 aTREscambia County High Point280275 USA-FL  
2011-01-10 cTRJackson County High Point202200 USA-MS  
2011-01-12 aTRSaint Bernard Parish High Point2220 USA-LA  
2011-01-12 bTRPlaquemines Parish High Point2018 USA-LA  
2011-01-12 cTRJefferson Parish High Point1514 USA-LA  
2011-01-12 dTRTerrebonne Parish High Point1312 USA-LA  
2011-01-13 aTRSaint Mary Parish High Point9720 USA-LA  
2011-01-14TRVermilion Parish High Point2725 USA-LA  
2011-01-15 bTROrange County High Point3534 USA-TX 2015-01-204 Years, 5 Days Later
2011-01-16TRJefferson County High Point4549 USA-TX  
2011-01-17 aTRCalhoun County High Point5655 USA-TX  
2011-01-18 bTRKleberg County High Point168166 USA-TX  
2011-01-20 aTRSullivan Benchmark115100 USA-TX  
2011-01-20 bTRWillacy County High Point9480 USA-TX  
2011-01-21TRCameron County High Point7069 USA-TX  
2011-01-25TRVictoria County High Point230225 USA-TX  
2011-01-26TRWaller County High Point350340 USA-TX 2013-01-14 a1 Year, 354 Days Later
2011-02-05 aTRGulf County High Point7271 USA-FL  
2011-02-10 aTRTaylor County High Point104100 USA-FL  
2011-02-10 bTRDixie County High Point7550 USA-FL  
2011-02-19TRCharlotte County High Point7473 USA-FL  
2011-02-24TRLoggerhead Key High Point108 USA-FL10 
2011-02-25TRLignumvitae Key High Point1916 USA-FL19 
2011-02-26 aTRMiami-Dade County High Point3534 USA-FL  
2011-03-06 bTRFlagler County High Point5958 USA-FL  
2011-03-12 bTRBeaufort County High Point4038 USA-SC  
2011-03-12 cTRPort Royal Island High Point4535 USA-SC45 
2011-03-12 dTRJasper County High Point105100 USA-SC 2015-01-08 b3 Years, 302 Days Later
2011-05-21 bTRLévis High Point407404 Canada-QC 2012-07-03 a1 Year, 43 Days Later
2011-05-23 Cap de Roche728541 Canada-QC 2011-09-18118 Days Later
2011-05-26 Argenteuil High Point150014902Canada-QC 2011-06-0712 Days Later
2011-05-30 a Rousillon High Point1901882Canada-QC 2011-10-19142 Days Later
2011-06-03 Argenteuil High Point150014903Canada-QC 2011-06-074 Days Later
2011-06-15 eTRHearthstone Hill515380 USA-CT3452011-10-02 b109 Days Later
2011-09-21 a L'Assomption High Point1571542Canada-QC 2011-10-3039 Days Later
2011-09-21 b Trois-Rivières High Point249246 Canada-QC 2010-11-03 aAlready Climbed
2011-11-06TRMount Matumbla26881800 USA-NY10792011-11-1913 Days Later
2011-12-08TRJefferson County High Point17401700 USA-NY402012-04-18 a132 Days Later
2011-12-17 Trois-Rivières High Point249246 Canada-QC 2010-11-03 aAlready Climbed
2012-01-09 aTRCape Henry10060 USA-VA  
2012-01-19 dTRMontgomery County High Point430380 USA-TX 2013-02-141 Year, 26 Days Later
2012-01-20 a Harris County High Point3103102USA-TX 2013-01-16 a362 Days Later
2012-01-20 b Waller County High Point3503402USA-TX 2013-01-14 a360 Days Later
2012-01-23 aTRBastrop County High Point741700 USA-TX2462013-01-12 a355 Days Later
2012-01-25 bTRGuadalupe County High Point952945 USA-TX  
2012-01-26TRMount Smith18921750 USA-TX202 
2012-01-27 bTRFrio County High Point830700 USA-TX  
2012-02-05TRKendall County High Point20812050 USA-TX  
2012-02-16 bTRSan Augustine County High Point590570 USA-TX 2015-01-192 Years, 337 Days Later
2012-06-01 Trois-Rivières High Point249230 Canada-QC 2010-11-03 aAlready Climbed
2012-07-19 bTRLac Bleak Peaks20011804 Canada-QC  
2012-08-15 aTRSouthern Ontario High Point18961450 Canada-ON1204 
2012-09-09 bTRMékinac High Point19501942 Canada-QC 2013-06-05269 Days Later
2012-09-13 c Ames Mountain26862640 USA-ME  
2012-09-19TRBaker Mountain35203100 USA-ME2180 
2012-11-07 aTRMont Brock22242034 Canada-QC3342013-04-25169 Days Later
2013-01-11 bTRPotrero Hill315300 USA-CA  
2013-01-31 bTRTarrant County High Point966960 USA-TX41 
2013-02-05 bTRChalk Mountain East13101200 USA-TX  
2013-02-05 cTRBosque County High Point12901270 USA-TX  
2013-06-04 b Mékinac High Point195019202Canada-QC 2013-06-051 Day Later
2013-06-14 cTRMahoning County High Point13141300 USA-OH 2014-11-02 a1 Year, 141 Days Later
2013-07-21 a Pole Hill630550 USA-ME80 
2013-10-27 bTRQueen Annes County High Point8980 USA-MD 2014-12-301 Year, 64 Days Later
2014-05-09 cTRSampson Rock29342900 USA-MD 2015-03-23318 Days Later
2014-05-09 fTRBoyd Mountain987800 USA-MD  
2014-05-10 bTRHigh Top18801840 USA-MD  
2014-05-12 Queen Annes County High Point89802USA-MD 2014-12-30232 Days Later
2014-05-14 bTRMount Hamilton230180 USA-DC1502014-11-15 a185 Days Later
2014-07-07 Southern Ontario High Point189617502Canada-ON1204 
2014-07-31 cTRStark County High Point13541350 USA-OH 2014-11-02 b94 Days Later
2014-08-01 bTRCoshocton County High Point13001280 USA-OH 2015-03-16 c227 Days Later
2014-08-02 c Hocking County High Point12201200 USA-OH 2015-03-19229 Days Later
2014-08-06 bTRGalloway Knob13971350 USA-OH 2015-03-17 b223 Days Later
2014-09-25 b South Twin-Lower Knob45604520 USA-NH0 
2014-11-04 bTRHardin County High Point11401140 USA-OH 2015-03-16 b132 Days Later
2014-11-04 dTRMt. Lookout ESE11051100 USA-OH 2015-03-16 a132 Days Later
2014-11-09 c Adams County High Point12861280 USA-OH 2014-11-10 a1 Day Later
2014-11-12 c Monroe County High Point14001390 USA-OH 2014-11-13 a1 Day Later
2014-11-15 c Queen Annes County High Point89873USA-MD 2014-12-3045 Days Later
2015-01-03TRBrunswick County High Point7570 USA-NC  
2015-01-12TRRichmond County High Point550520 USA-GA  
2015-01-17TRHinds County High Point488480 USA-MS  
2015-01-18 aTRMadison Parish High Point115110 USA-LA  
2015-01-21 Jefferson County High Point45452USA-TX  
2015-01-28 aTRHamilton County High Point16741650 USA-TX  
2015-01-28 bTRMills County High Point17951700 USA-TX  
2015-01-29 aTRComanche County High Point19291800 USA-TX  
2015-01-29 bTRHog Mountains19731960 USA-TX  
2015-02-02 aTRShackelford County High Point20312000 USA-TX  
2015-02-02 bTRChalk Peak Northwest24902300 USA-TX  
2015-02-02 cTRNolan County High Point26072590 USA-TX  
2015-02-19 bTRThrockmorton County High Point17301700 USA-TX  
2015-02-19 cTRBaylor County High Point15371400 USA-TX  
2015-03-15 cTRBoone County High Point960940 USA-KY  

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