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Multiple Ascent List for Steven Gruhn

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Flattop Mountain3510USA-AK32321978-092016-08-2037 Years, 354 Days Later
Bird Ridge Point3505USA-AK191919832017-05-1334 Years, 132 Days Later
Rainbow Peak3543USA-AK16161986-082015-05-2228 Years, 294 Days Later
Peak 8632831USA-AK15152001-04-242017-05-2616 Years, 32 Days Later
Peak Two3609USA-AK121200002016-07-10Unknown
Flaketop Peak4488USA-AK11111991-082015-05-1623 Years, 288 Days Later
Wolverine Peak4491USA-AK101019772018-04-1941 Years, 108 Days Later
The Wedge4660USA-AK101019832017-07-0634 Years, 186 Days Later
Little O'Malley Peak3258USA-AK991985-082018-04-2332 Years, 265 Days Later
Mount Eklutna4065USA-AK991988-082016-05-2627 Years, 299 Days Later
Peak 12133980USA-AK992000-05-282015-08-1215 Years, 76 Days Later
Near Point3051USA-AK881984-072017-11-0433 Years, 126 Days Later
Penguin Peak4331USA-AK781991-062017-10-0726 Years, 128 Days Later
Peak Three4068USA-AK7700002014-10-19Unknown
Rendezvous Peak4068USA-AK7719782016-05-15 b38 Years, 135 Days Later
Ptarmigan Peak4910USA-AK6619852015-08-2930 Years, 240 Days Later
McHugh Peak4308USA-AK6619852016-06-09 a31 Years, 160 Days Later
Indianhouse Mtn Shoulder2650USA-AK661990-07-212007-04-2816 Years, 281 Days Later
Blueberry Knoll2625USA-AK5800002017-11-06Unknown
Little Teton Mountain4006USA-AK5600002016-05-15 aUnknown
Folks Mountain (Second No Name)3200USA-AK561992-112011-04-1418 Years, 164 Days Later
First No Name2760USA-AK551992-112011-04-1418 Years, 164 Days Later
Peak 12224009USA-AK552001-04-262011-06-1810 Years, 53 Days Later
Dome 1 - Ruff2825USA-AK4400002007-04-14Unknown
Peak 10803543USA-AK4400002003-03-22Unknown
South Suicide Peak5005USA-AK441985-062008-04-0522 Years, 309 Days Later
Knoya Peak4600USA-AK441986-062007-04-1420 Years, 317 Days Later
Mount Baldy3281USA-AK441986-08-122011-05-1624 Years, 277 Days Later
Pepper Peak5381USA-AK441988-052017-06-0229 Years, 32 Days Later
Tucker Mountain3658USA-AK441992-112011-04-1418 Years, 164 Days Later
Photographers Point10400USA-WY442002-07-142005-07-273 Years, 13 Days Later
Mount Gordon Lyon4134USA-AK341994-082010-05-1615 Years, 288 Days Later
Mc Hugh Peak - West4155USA-AK331985-062008-08-1623 Years, 76 Days Later
Vista Peak4987USA-AK331986-08-122007-07-2620 Years, 348 Days Later
Baldy3038USA-AK331986-08-122004-08-1218 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Greylock3487USA-MA331988-092004-10-1416 Years, 43 Days Later
Mount Magnificent4272USA-AK331992-122004-08-1011 Years, 253 Days Later
Bear Mountain3140USA-AK332001-03-242003-04-172 Years, 24 Days Later
Old Benchmark3176USA-AK221977-072013-03-0635 Years, 248 Days Later
Highland Mountain3606USA-AK2219841984-07182 Days Later
The Ramp5240USA-AK2219852012-04-2627 Years, 116 Days Later
Tikishla Peak5230USA-AK221986-061991-05-254 Years, 358 Days Later
Mount Alyeska3940USA-AK221986-082004-07-0317 Years, 337 Days Later
Baumann Bump3302USA-AK221986-082005-07-1818 Years, 351 Days Later
Blacktail Ptarmigan Rocks4449USA-AK221986-08-122004-08-1218 Years, 0 Days Later
Rusty Point Peak3480USA-AK221987-052003-03-0815 Years, 311 Days Later
Adelie Point3822USA-AK221987-052002-07-2015 Years, 80 Days Later
Peak 11623812USA-AK221987-052002-07-2015 Years, 80 Days Later
Mount Williwaw5445USA-AK221987-08-142009-02-0721 Years, 177 Days Later
Homicide Peak4660USA-AK2219882003-08-1615 Years, 227 Days Later
Triangle Peak5495USA-AK221991-06-211998-08-227 Years, 62 Days Later
Peak 14034603USA-AK221991-06-211992194 Days Later
Indianhouse Mountain4300USA-AK221992-042007-04-2815 Years, 27 Days Later
Mount Significant5456USA-AK221994-05-142009-06-0615 Years, 23 Days Later
Peak 44034403USA-AK221998-07-252015-09-0517 Years, 42 Days Later
Hibbs Peak4423USA-AK221998-08-092004-07-035 Years, 329 Days Later
The Dome2986USA-AK221998-08-122006-10-148 Years, 63 Days Later
Bidarka Peak3835USA-AK221999-06-062004-04-244 Years, 323 Days Later
Gentoo Peak4193USA-AK222000-07-082002-07-202 Years, 12 Days Later
peak 40004000USA-AK222000-07-082001-09-291 Year, 83 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT222001-11-102004-10-132 Years, 338 Days Later
A14900USA-AK222002-03-302002-07-0395 Days Later
Peak 55055505USA-AK222002-06-222011-06-188 Years, 361 Days Later
Mystery Mountain5300USA-AK222002-07-042002-07-073 Days Later
Pipit Peak6000USA-AK222002-07-052002-07-061 Day Later
Timms Hill1951USA-WI222005-08-042007-11-162 Years, 104 Days Later
South Pioneer Peak6300USA-AK222007-07-282017-08-06 a10 Years, 9 Days Later
Fiddlehead Mountain4940USA-AK222007-09-292013-10-236 Years, 24 Days Later
Peak 12093967USA-AK222012-06-162012-09-0884 Days Later
Peak 13044278USA-AK 300000000Unknown
Mount Williams2953USA-MA 21988-091988-09Same Day
Birch Hill1107USA-AK 219961996Same Day
Right Mountain5085USA-AK 22002-06-29 a2002-06-29 bSame Day
Peak 44224422USA-AK 22017-10-012017-10-01Same Day

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