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Multiple Ascent List for Kelley Laxamana

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Agua Tibia Mountain4779USA-CA222013-01-122015-03-27 2x2 Years, 74 Days Later
Eagle Crag5077USA-CA222013-01-122015-03-27 2x2 Years, 74 Days Later
Corkscrew Peak5804USA-CA222013-02-092014-11-01 2x1 Year, 265 Days Later
Japacha Peak5825USA-CA222013-08-152015-05-28 2x1 Year, 286 Days Later
Sugg Peak5243USA-CA222013-11-012015-06-06 2x1 Year, 217 Days Later
Ghost Mountain3400USA-CA222013-12-272015-04-07 2x1 Year, 101 Days Later
Whale Peak5349USA-CA222014-01-012015-04-08 2x1 Year, 97 Days Later
Pinyon Mountain4492USA-CA222014-01-012015-04-08 2x1 Year, 97 Days Later
Wilson Benchmark4573USA-CA222014-01-032015-04-03 2x1 Year, 90 Days Later
Pinyon Ridge4614USA-CA222014-01-032015-04-03 2x1 Year, 90 Days Later
San Ysidro Mountain6147USA-CA222014-01-052015-05-17 2x1 Year, 132 Days Later
The Thimble5779USA-CA222014-01-052015-05-17 2x1 Year, 132 Days Later
Goat Benchmark4232USA-CA222014-01-052015-05-17 2x1 Year, 132 Days Later
Bonny Benchmark4574USA-CA222014-01-052015-05-17 2x1 Year, 132 Days Later
White Benchmark5326USA-CA222014-01-052015-05-17 2x1 Year, 132 Days Later
Tecate Peak3885USA-CA222014-01-172015-05-02 2x1 Year, 105 Days Later
Otay Mountain3566USA-CA222014-01-172015-05-02 2x1 Year, 105 Days Later
Indian Hill2280USA-CA222014-01-242015-04-26 2x1 Year, 92 Days Later
Puff Benchmark2716USA-CA222014-01-242015-04-26 2x1 Year, 92 Days Later
Moan Benchmark2939USA-CA222014-01-242015-04-26 2x1 Year, 92 Days Later
Combs Peak6193USA-CA222014-01-252015-03-22 2x1 Year, 56 Days Later
Middle Peak5883USA-CA222014-01-302015-04-10 2x1 Year, 70 Days Later
Stonewall Peak5730USA-CA222014-01-302015-04-09 2x1 Year, 69 Days Later
Lawson Peak3660USA-CA222014-02-072015-05-06 2x1 Year, 88 Days Later
Gaskill Peak3836USA-CA222014-02-072015-05-06 2x1 Year, 88 Days Later
Palomar Mountain6140USA-CA222014-05-162015-04-03 2x322 Days Later
Boucher Hill5438USA-CA222014-05-162015-10-20 2x1 Year, 157 Days Later
Sheephead Mountain5896USA-CA222014-07-122015-04-30 2x292 Days Later
Wooded Hill6223USA-CA222014-07-122015-04-30 2x292 Days Later
Manza Benchmark5556USA-CA222014-07-122015-04-30 2x292 Days Later
Garnet Mountain5680USA-CA222014-10-182015-04-09 2x173 Days Later
Garnet Peak5880USA-CA222014-10-182015-04-10 2x174 Days Later
Monument Peak6271USA-CA222014-10-182015-04-10 2x174 Days Later
Viejas Mountain4187USA-CA222014-10-192015-07-09 2x263 Days Later
Pine Mountain5640USA-CA222014-10-192015-04-30 2x193 Days Later
Corte Madera Mountain4657USA-CA222014-10-252015-05-02 2x189 Days Later
Los Pinos Mountain4805USA-CA222014-10-252015-05-03 2x190 Days Later
Morena Butte3920USA-CA222014-10-252015-05-03 2x190 Days Later
El Cajon Mountain3675USA-CA222014-10-262015-04-22 2x178 Days Later
Piedras Grandes2601USA-CA222014-12-132016-04-09 2x1 Year, 118 Days Later
Roost Benchmark4351USA-CA222015-02-112016-02-11 2x365 Days Later

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