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Multiple Ascent List for Greg Gerlach

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA65651971-06-282012-11-01 6541 Years, 126 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA44441971-12-232012-08-23 4440 Years, 244 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA10101971-12-212013-06-13 1041 Years, 174 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA881971-03-062013-09-28 8x42 Years, 206 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA661981-02-212013-06-02 6x32 Years, 101 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA551971-12-202013-06-02 5x41 Years, 164 Days Later
Cucamonga Peak8859USA-CA551981-07-032013-06-19 5x31 Years, 351 Days Later
Ontario Peak8693USA-CA551984-06-232013-04-12 5x28 Years, 293 Days Later
Shields Peak10680USA-CA441971-03-052013-07-20 4x42 Years, 137 Days Later
Pine Mountain9648USA-CA441971-12-222014-05-24 4x42 Years, 153 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA441973-04-162011-08-20 4x38 Years, 126 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA441981-02-212013-06-02 4x32 Years, 101 Days Later
Dragons Head10866USA-CA441981-05-032013-09-29 4x32 Years, 149 Days Later
Thunder Mountain8587USA-CA441981-07-032013-04-19 4x31 Years, 290 Days Later
Bighorn Peak8441USA-CA441984-06-232013-04-12 4x28 Years, 293 Days Later
Jepson Peak11205USA-CA331971-03-062013-07-19 3x42 Years, 135 Days Later
Stonewall Peak5730USA-CA331974-11-172014-01-30 3x39 Years, 74 Days Later
San Bernardino East Peak10691USA-CA331979-05-272013-07-20 3x34 Years, 54 Days Later
Anderson Peak10840USA-CA331979-05-272013-07-20 3x34 Years, 54 Days Later
San Bernardino Peak10649USA-CA331979-05-272013-07-20 3x34 Years, 54 Days Later
Timber Mountain8303USA-CA331980-02-082013-04-19 3x33 Years, 70 Days Later
Dawson Peak9575USA-CA331980-12-292014-05-24 3x33 Years, 146 Days Later
Mount Islip8250USA-CA331981-02-212012-10-19 3x31 Years, 241 Days Later
Charlton Peak10806USA-CA331981-05-022013-09-28 3x32 Years, 149 Days Later
Telegraph Peak8985USA-CA331981-07-032013-04-19 3x31 Years, 290 Days Later
Waterman Mountain8038USA-CA331981-10-042014-06-14 3x32 Years, 253 Days Later
Twin Peaks7761USA-CA331981-10-042014-06-14 3x32 Years, 253 Days Later
Condor Peak5440USA-CA331982-02-132015-02-08 3x32 Years, 360 Days Later
Monrovia Peak5409USA-CA331982-04-102015-03-20 3x32 Years, 344 Days Later
Clamshell Peak4360USA-CA331982-04-102015-03-20 3x32 Years, 344 Days Later
Rankin Peak5291USA-CA331982-04-102015-03-20 3x32 Years, 344 Days Later
Pleasant View Ridge7983USA-CA331982-05-302014-05-17 3x31 Years, 352 Days Later
Pallett Mountain7760USA-CA331982-05-302014-05-17 3x31 Years, 352 Days Later
Will Thrall Peak7845USA-CA331982-05-302014-05-17 3x31 Years, 352 Days Later
Mount Lewis8396USA-CA331982-10-062013-07-12 3x30 Years, 279 Days Later
Ross Mountain7402USA-CA331982-10-062013-06-13 3x30 Years, 250 Days Later
Lookout Mountain6812USA-CA331983-03-062012-11-15 3x29 Years, 254 Days Later
Pinyon Ridge6535USA-CA331983-10-152013-07-12 3x29 Years, 270 Days Later
Kratka Ridge7515USA-CA331983-10-152013-07-12 3x29 Years, 270 Days Later
Wright Mountain8505USA-CA331983-10-152014-05-24 3x30 Years, 221 Days Later
Middle Hawkins8505USA-CA331983-11-192013-05-29 3x29 Years, 191 Days Later
South Mount Hawkins7783USA-CA331983-11-192013-05-29 3x29 Years, 191 Days Later
Strawberry Peak6164USA-CA331984-03-252007-09-16 3x23 Years, 175 Days Later
Owens Peak8453USA-CA331984-05-062014-03-22 3x29 Years, 320 Days Later
Sugarloaf Peak6924USA-CA331984-06-232013-04-12 3x28 Years, 293 Days Later
Cedar Mountain8324USA-CA331984-11-042012-06-13 3x27 Years, 222 Days Later
San Joaquin Mountain11549USA-CA331986-08-292012-09-30 3x26 Years, 32 Days Later
Etiwanda Peak8662USA-CA331987-05-242013-06-19 3x26 Years, 26 Days Later
Pyramid Peak7035USA-CA331988-04-012014-05-10 3x26 Years, 39 Days Later
Pine Mountain7054USA-CA331988-04-012014-05-10 3x26 Years, 39 Days Later
Lion Peak6868USA-CA331988-04-012014-05-10 3x26 Years, 39 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain9952USA-CA331988-04-102014-10-11 3x26 Years, 184 Days Later
Dobbs Peak10459USA-CA331991-11-022013-09-28 3x21 Years, 330 Days Later
Bighorn Mountain10997USA-CA331991-11-022013-09-29 3x21 Years, 331 Days Later
Ken Point6423USA-CA331991-11-232014-05-03 3x22 Years, 161 Days Later
Copter Ridge7499USA-CA331993-05-292013-06-02 3x20 Years, 4 Days Later
Combs Peak6193USA-CA331994-11-252015-03-22 3x20 Years, 117 Days Later
Mount Townsend6280USA-WA332006-10-122006-11-01 3x20 Days Later
Mount Ajo4808USA-AZ332010-11-122014-01-19 3x3 Years, 68 Days Later
Mount Whitney14495USA-CA221972-06-212012-06-23 2x40 Years, 2 Days Later
Red Tahquitz8720USA-CA221980-01-041991-09-28 2x11 Years, 267 Days Later
Lake Peak10161USA-CA221980-06-221988-08-06 2x8 Years, 45 Days Later
West Baldy9988USA-CA221980-12-291981-12-28364 Days Later
Mount Williamson14373USA-CA221981-07-102010-07-04 2x28 Years, 359 Days Later
Fox Mountain5033USA-CA221982-02-132015-02-08 2x32 Years, 360 Days Later
Mount Disappointment5960USA-CA221982-03-222011-10-22 2x29 Years, 214 Days Later
San Gabriel Peak6161USA-CA221982-03-222011-10-22 2x29 Years, 214 Days Later
Mount Williamson8214USA-CA221982-05-302012-06-21 2x30 Years, 22 Days Later
State Peak12620USA-CA221982-08-101995-10-02 2x13 Years, 53 Days Later
Iron Mountain5636USA-CA221982-12-182015-01-25 2x32 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Lukens5074USA-CA221982-12-182015-02-07 2x32 Years, 51 Days Later
Sunset Peak5796USA-CA221983-02-212012-11-15 2x29 Years, 268 Days Later
Mount Markham5742USA-CA221983-04-102012-01-01 2x28 Years, 266 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA221983-04-102012-01-01 2x28 Years, 266 Days Later
Grinnell Mountain10284USA-CA221983-05-291988-08-06 2x5 Years, 69 Days Later
Telescope Peak11048USA-CA221983-06-042013-04-27 2x29 Years, 327 Days Later
Winston Peak7502USA-CA221983-10-152012-07-15 2x28 Years, 274 Days Later
Mount Akawie7283USA-CA221983-10-152012-07-15 2x28 Years, 274 Days Later
Circle Mountain6880USA-CA221983-10-152013-07-12 2x29 Years, 270 Days Later
Mount Deception5796USA-CA221983-10-222012-01-01 2x28 Years, 71 Days Later
Keller Peak7882USA-CA221984-02-191988-10-09 2x4 Years, 233 Days Later
Mount Prater13471USA-CA221984-05-271990-08-13 2x6 Years, 78 Days Later
Split Mountain14058USA-CA221984-05-271990-08-13 2x6 Years, 78 Days Later
Castle Rocks8600USA-CA221984-09-082013-06-16 2x28 Years, 281 Days Later
Black Mountain7772USA-CA221984-09-082012-11-18 2x28 Years, 71 Days Later
Indian Mountain5790USA-CA221984-09-082012-11-18 2x28 Years, 71 Days Later
Wilshire Peak8680USA-CA221984-11-041990-05-19 2x5 Years, 196 Days Later
Wilshire Mountain8832USA-CA221984-11-041990-05-19 2x5 Years, 196 Days Later
Little San Gorgonio Peak9133USA-CA221984-11-041990-05-19 2x5 Years, 196 Days Later
Gobblers Knob6955USA-CA221985-02-162013-07-12 2x28 Years, 146 Days Later
Occidental Peak5732USA-CA221985-02-182012-01-01 2x26 Years, 317 Days Later
Ryan Mountain5457USA-CA221985-04-062013-03-03 2x27 Years, 331 Days Later
Mount Inspiration5560USA-CA221985-04-062013-03-03 2x27 Years, 331 Days Later
Iron Mountain8007USA-CA221985-04-142012-05-05 2x27 Years, 21 Days Later
Matterhorn Peak12279USA-CA221985-07-271993-08-17 2x8 Years, 21 Days Later
Muah Mountain11016USA-CA221985-09-062014-09-13 2x29 Years, 7 Days Later
Queen Mountain5680USA-CA221985-12-282014-03-16 2x28 Years, 78 Days Later
Warren Point5103USA-CA221985-12-282014-03-16 2x28 Years, 78 Days Later
Lost Horse Mountain5313USA-CA221985-12-282013-03-03 2x27 Years, 65 Days Later
Shay Mountain6714USA-CA221986-04-201993-08-28 2x7 Years, 130 Days Later
Little Shay Mountain6635USA-CA221986-04-201993-08-28 2x7 Years, 130 Days Later
Ingham Peak6355USA-CA221986-04-201993-08-28 2x7 Years, 130 Days Later
Cleghorn Mountain5333USA-CA221986-11-082013-06-25 2x26 Years, 229 Days Later
Cajon Mountain5360USA-CA221986-11-082013-06-25 2x26 Years, 229 Days Later
Sugarpine Mountain5478USA-CA221986-11-082013-06-25 2x26 Years, 229 Days Later
Monument Peak5290USA-CA221986-11-082013-06-25 2x26 Years, 229 Days Later
Heart Bar Peak8332USA-CA221986-12-212014-08-09 2x27 Years, 231 Days Later
Mount Sill14153USA-CA221987-08-012012-08-25 2x25 Years, 24 Days Later
Bernard Peak5430USA-CA221988-03-042013-01-05 2x24 Years, 307 Days Later
Little Berdoo Peak5440USA-CA221988-03-042013-01-05 2x24 Years, 307 Days Later
Palm View Peak7160USA-CA221988-04-011992-05-09 2x4 Years, 38 Days Later
Five Fingers5174USA-CA221988-04-082013-11-23 2x25 Years, 229 Days Later
Morris Peak7215USA-CA221988-04-092012-10-25 2x24 Years, 199 Days Later
Mount Jenkins7921USA-CA221988-06-032012-10-25 2x24 Years, 144 Days Later
Mount Dana13057USA-CA221988-07-162012-09-07 2x24 Years, 53 Days Later
Sunday Peak8295USA-CA221988-09-092014-10-05 2x26 Years, 26 Days Later
Black Mountain7438USA-CA221988-09-092014-10-04 2x26 Years, 25 Days Later
Mount Gibbs12773USA-CA221988-09-172012-09-07 2x23 Years, 356 Days Later
Koip Peak12962USA-CA221988-09-182013-09-14 2x24 Years, 361 Days Later
Rabbit Peak6640USA-CA221988-11-062013-02-17 2x24 Years, 103 Days Later
Villager Peak5756USA-CA221988-11-062013-02-16 2x24 Years, 102 Days Later
Middle Peak5883USA-CA221988-12-032014-01-30 2x25 Years, 58 Days Later
Cuyamaca Peak6512USA-CA221988-12-032013-08-15 2x24 Years, 255 Days Later
Monument Peak6271USA-CA221988-12-032014-10-18 2x25 Years, 319 Days Later
Garnet Mountain5680USA-CA221988-12-042014-10-18 2x25 Years, 318 Days Later
Garnet Peak5880USA-CA221988-12-042014-10-18 2x25 Years, 318 Days Later
Sheephead Mountain5896USA-CA221988-12-042014-07-12 2x25 Years, 220 Days Later
Asbestos Mountain5265USA-CA221988-12-102015-03-07 2x26 Years, 87 Days Later
Butterfly Peak6240USA-CA221988-12-102013-02-02 2x24 Years, 54 Days Later
Rock Point5280USA-CA221988-12-102013-02-02 2x24 Years, 54 Days Later
Lookout Mountain5590USA-CA221988-12-102013-02-02 2x24 Years, 54 Days Later
Little Cahuilla Mountain5042USA-CA221989-01-142014-04-30 2x25 Years, 106 Days Later
Cahuilla Mountain5635USA-CA221989-01-142014-04-30 2x25 Years, 106 Days Later
Rosa Point5000USA-CA221989-02-042013-12-28 2x24 Years, 327 Days Later
Granite Mountain5633USA-CA221989-02-182015-02-25 2x26 Years, 7 Days Later
Whale Peak5349USA-CA221989-02-192014-01-01 2x24 Years, 316 Days Later
Oakzanita Peak5054USA-CA221989-02-192013-11-01 2x24 Years, 255 Days Later
Chaparrosa Peak5541USA-CA221989-02-251994-04-23 2x5 Years, 57 Days Later
Black Mountain5244USA-CA221989-03-172014-02-21 2x24 Years, 341 Days Later
Samon Peak6227USA-CA221989-04-282013-06-21 2x24 Years, 54 Days Later
Madulce Peak6536USA-CA221989-04-282013-06-22 2x24 Years, 55 Days Later
Big Pine Mountain6800USA-CA221989-04-292013-06-21 2x24 Years, 53 Days Later
Big Pine Mountain-West Peak6490USA-CA221989-04-292013-06-21 2x24 Years, 53 Days Later
Angora Mountain10198USA-CA221989-05-282009-05-24 2x19 Years, 361 Days Later
Coyote Peaks10892USA-CA221989-05-282009-05-24 2x19 Years, 361 Days Later
Grouse Mountain8582USA-CA221989-08-122012-07-22 2x22 Years, 345 Days Later
Sawmill Mountain8818USA-CA221989-08-122012-07-22 2x22 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Pinos8831USA-CA221989-08-122012-07-22 2x22 Years, 345 Days Later
White Mountain Peak14246USA-CA221989-09-302013-08-03 2x23 Years, 307 Days Later
Hines Peak6716USA-CA221989-12-102014-07-19 2x24 Years, 221 Days Later
Modjeska Peak5496USA-CA221990-01-062013-05-24 2x23 Years, 138 Days Later
Santiago Peak5687USA-CA221990-01-062013-05-24 2x23 Years, 138 Days Later
Sheep Mountain5141USA-CA221990-02-242012-12-29 2x22 Years, 309 Days Later
Martinez Mountain6562USA-CA221990-02-242012-12-21 2x22 Years, 301 Days Later
Constance Peak6645USA-CA221990-04-282014-09-06 2x24 Years, 131 Days Later
Allen Peak5795USA-CA221990-05-192012-06-13 2x22 Years, 25 Days Later
Birch Mountain7826USA-CA221990-05-192012-06-13 2x22 Years, 25 Days Later
Reyes Peak7514USA-CA221990-05-262014-07-20 2x24 Years, 55 Days Later
Haddock Mountain7431USA-CA221990-05-262014-07-20 2x24 Years, 55 Days Later
Cerro Noroeste8280USA-CA221990-09-292012-07-22 2x21 Years, 297 Days Later
Bohna Peak6788USA-CA221990-10-132014-10-05 2x23 Years, 357 Days Later
Split Mountain6835USA-CA221990-10-132014-10-04 2x23 Years, 356 Days Later
San Ysidro Mountain6147USA-CA221990-12-022014-01-05 2x23 Years, 34 Days Later
Iron Spring Mountain5755USA-CA221991-01-122014-09-28 2x23 Years, 259 Days Later
Beauty Peak5548USA-CA221991-01-122014-09-28 2x23 Years, 259 Days Later
Mount Harwood9552USA-CA221991-08-042012-05-22 2x20 Years, 292 Days Later
Eagle Crag5077USA-CA221991-12-142013-01-12 2x21 Years, 29 Days Later
Chief Peak5560USA-CA221991-12-222014-07-19 2x22 Years, 209 Days Later
Sewart Mountain6841USA-CA221992-05-231992-05-24 2x1 Day Later
Bald Eagle Peak6181USA-CA221992-05-312014-10-03 2x22 Years, 125 Days Later
Lightner Peak6430USA-CA221992-05-312014-02-23 2x21 Years, 268 Days Later
Piute Lookout8326USA-CA221992-05-312014-03-21 2x21 Years, 294 Days Later
Sorrell Peak7704USA-CA221992-05-312014-03-21 2x21 Years, 294 Days Later
Rouse Hill5168USA-CA221992-11-082013-05-27 2x20 Years, 200 Days Later
Thomas Mountain6825USA-CA221992-11-082013-05-27 2x20 Years, 200 Days Later
Santa Rosa Mountain8070USA-CA221992-11-082013-06-04 2x20 Years, 208 Days Later
Black Mountain6149USA-CA221994-04-232014-03-28 2x19 Years, 339 Days Later
Lily Rock8000USA-CA221994-05-212014-08-26 2x20 Years, 97 Days Later
Tahquitz Peak8846USA-CA221994-05-212014-08-26 2x20 Years, 97 Days Later
Midway Mountain13665USA-CA221994-08-192009-09-01 2x15 Years, 13 Days Later
Milestone Mountain13638USA-CA221994-08-192009-08-31 2x15 Years, 12 Days Later
Scodie Mountain7294USA-CA221994-10-292012-09-02 2x17 Years, 309 Days Later
Palomar Mountain6140USA-CA221994-11-252014-05-16 2x19 Years, 172 Days Later
Boucher Hill5438USA-CA221994-11-252014-05-16 2x19 Years, 172 Days Later
Topatopa Bluff6367USA-CA221995-05-272014-07-19 2x19 Years, 53 Days Later
Old Woman Mountain5325USA-CA221995-11-052011-11-06 2x16 Years, 1 Day Later
Winston Ridge7003USA-CA221995-11-182012-07-15 2x16 Years, 240 Days Later
Mount Morgan13748USA-CA222001-09-222012-09-15 2x10 Years, 359 Days Later
Mount Haeckel13418USA-CA222005-08-062012-09-01 2x7 Years, 26 Days Later
Mount Wallace13377USA-CA222005-08-062012-09-01 2x7 Years, 26 Days Later
Mount Walker2804USA-WA222007-03-272007-05-03 2x37 Days Later
Mount Zion3575USA-CA222008-03-082013-01-28 2x4 Years, 326 Days Later
Eagle Mountain5350USA-CA222009-03-282012-03-25 2x2 Years, 363 Days Later
Bridge Mountain6955USA-NV222010-04-112013-04-07 2x2 Years, 361 Days Later
North Guardian Angel7395USA-UT222010-09-242012-09-21 2x1 Year, 363 Days Later
South Guardian Angel7140USA-UT222010-09-252012-09-20 2x1 Year, 361 Days Later
Superstition Benchmark5057USA-AZ222010-11-132014-04-05 2x3 Years, 143 Days Later
Edgar Peak7162USA-CA222010-12-112013-03-24 2x2 Years, 103 Days Later
Black Butte4504USA-CA222011-02-052015-01-03 2x3 Years, 332 Days Later
Chuckwalla Mountains High Point3446USA-CA222011-02-062015-01-04 2x3 Years, 332 Days Later
Waucoba Mountain11123USA-CA222011-06-042013-06-09 2x2 Years, 5 Days Later
Mount Inyo10975USA-CA222011-06-182014-05-31 2x2 Years, 347 Days Later
Keynot Peak11101USA-CA222011-06-182014-06-01 2x2 Years, 348 Days Later
Boundary Peak13140USA-NV222011-07-302013-08-10 2x2 Years, 11 Days Later
Montgomery Peak13441USA-CA222011-07-302013-08-10 2x2 Years, 11 Days Later
Baboquivari Peak7734USA-AZ222012-03-232014-04-06 2x2 Years, 14 Days Later
Cerro Botella Azul9646Mexico-BCN222012-05-272013-05-04 2x342 Days Later
Picacho del Diablo10154Mexico-BCN222012-05-282014-04-26 2x1 Year, 333 Days Later
New York Butte10668USA-CA222012-06-092013-06-08 2x364 Days Later
Pleasant Point9690USA-CA222012-06-092013-06-08 2x364 Days Later
Goodykoontz Peak7558USA-CA222012-06-212014-05-17 2x1 Year, 330 Days Later
Mount Dubois13559USA-CA222012-07-072013-06-29 2x357 Days Later
Newcomb Peak4166USA-CA222012-10-112013-01-28 2x109 Days Later
Corkscrew Peak5804USA-CA222013-02-092014-11-01 2x1 Year, 265 Days Later
Ruby Dome11387USA-NV222013-09-012014-07-02 2x304 Days Later
Wheeler Peak13063USA-NV222013-09-022014-07-04 2x305 Days Later
Double Peak1644USA-CA222013-10-282015-01-01 2x1 Year, 65 Days Later
Cerro del Pinacate3937Mexico-Son222014-01-182014-12-06 2x322 Days Later
Simmons Park Hill780USA-CA222015-01-082015-03-15 2x66 Days Later

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