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Multiple Ascent List for Matt DiFrancesco

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Lafayette5240USA-NH882000-08-09 b2014-10-25 d14 Years, 77 Days Later
Mount Liberty4459USA-NH682001-06-26 e2014-10-05 c13 Years, 101 Days Later
Mount Flume4328USA-NH672001-06-26 f2014-10-05 b13 Years, 101 Days Later
South Twin4902USA-NH662000-08-07 d2014-02-17 b13 Years, 194 Days Later
Mount Lincoln5089USA-NH662001-06-26 c2014-10-25 b13 Years, 121 Days Later
Little Haystack4760USA-NH662001-06-26 d2014-10-25 a13 Years, 121 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH662001-06-28 c2014-12-14 b13 Years, 169 Days Later
Carter Dome4832USA-NH662002-07-20 a2014-12-13 a12 Years, 146 Days Later
South Carter Mountain4420USA-NH662002-07-20 b2014-12-13 b12 Years, 146 Days Later
Middle Carter Mountain4600USA-NH662002-07-20 c2014-12-13 c12 Years, 146 Days Later
Mount Hale4054USA-NH662004-07-172014-10-04 a10 Years, 79 Days Later
North Kinsman Mountain4293USA-NH592002-07-17 a2014-08-23 g12 Years, 37 Days Later
Mount Field4320USA-NH582004-07-18 b2014-02-16 c9 Years, 213 Days Later
North Tripyramid4160USA-NH572004-08-24 a2014-04-19 c9 Years, 238 Days Later
North Twin4761USA-NH562003-07-02 b2014-02-17 a10 Years, 230 Days Later
Zeacliff3600USA-NH552000-08-07 a2014-09-14 a14 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Truman5000USA-NH552001-06-26 b2014-10-25 c13 Years, 121 Days Later
Mount Madison5366USA-NH552001-06-272014-08-24 b13 Years, 58 Days Later
Mount Adams5799USA-NH552001-06-28 a2014-08-24 a13 Years, 57 Days Later
Mount Jefferson5712USA-NH552001-06-28 b2014-10-11 a13 Years, 105 Days Later
Mount Monroe5372USA-NH552001-06-29 a2014-12-14 a13 Years, 168 Days Later
Mount Jackson4052USA-NH552002-07-162014-03-15 b11 Years, 242 Days Later
South Kinsman Mountain4358USA-NH552002-07-17 b2014-08-23 f12 Years, 37 Days Later
Mount Willey4255USA-NH552004-07-18 c2014-02-16 b9 Years, 213 Days Later
Mount Tom4051USA-NH552004-07-18 d2014-02-16 d9 Years, 213 Days Later
Middle Tripyramid4120USA-NH552004-08-24 b2014-04-19 b9 Years, 238 Days Later
Mount Moosilauke4802USA-NH552004-08-26 a2014-04-21 a9 Years, 238 Days Later
Mount Hancock4400USA-NH552004-08-27 a2014-02-15 a9 Years, 172 Days Later
South Hancock4319USA-NH552004-08-27 b2014-02-15 b9 Years, 172 Days Later
Mount Waumbek4006USA-NH552007-08-182014-10-04 c7 Years, 47 Days Later
Mount Starr King3898USA-NH472012-07-28 a2014-10-04 d2 Years, 68 Days Later
Mount Osceola-East Peak4156USA-NH462004-08-25 b2014-01-05 c9 Years, 133 Days Later
Mount Bond4698USA-NH452003-07-02 c2014-09-14 f11 Years, 74 Days Later
Zealand Mountain4240USA-NH442000-08-07 b2014-09-14 b14 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Guyot4560USA-NH442000-08-07 c2014-09-14 c14 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Garfield4480USA-NH442000-08-09 a2014-12-0714 Years, 120 Days Later
Mount Eisenhower4760USA-NH442001-06-29 b2014-04-20 e12 Years, 295 Days Later
Mount Pierce4310USA-NH442001-06-29 c2014-04-20 f12 Years, 295 Days Later
Wildcat Mountain4422USA-NH442002-07-19 a2014-03-16 d11 Years, 240 Days Later
Wildcat B4320USA-NH442002-07-19 b2014-03-16 c11 Years, 240 Days Later
Wildcat C4298USA-NH442002-07-19 c2014-03-16 b11 Years, 240 Days Later
Wildcat D4062USA-NH442002-07-19 d2014-03-16 a11 Years, 240 Days Later
Mount Moriah4049USA-NH442002-07-212014-05-2511 Years, 308 Days Later
Owls Head4025USA-NH442003-06-302014-01-0410 Years, 188 Days Later
Galehead Mountain4024USA-NH442003-07-012014-02-17 c10 Years, 231 Days Later
Bondcliffs4265USA-NH442003-07-02 d2014-09-14 g11 Years, 74 Days Later
West Bond4520USA-NH442003-07-02 e2014-09-14 e11 Years, 74 Days Later
Mount Tecumseh4003USA-NH442004-08-232014-03-15 a9 Years, 204 Days Later
Mount Osceola4320USA-NH442004-08-25 a2014-01-05 b9 Years, 133 Days Later
Mount Cabot4160USA-NH442007-08-19 c2014-01-25 b6 Years, 159 Days Later
Mount Whiteface4000USA-NH442007-08-20 b2014-05-24 c6 Years, 277 Days Later
Mount Passaconaway4043USA-NH442007-08-20 c2014-05-24 d6 Years, 277 Days Later
Mount Isolation4003USA-NH442007-08-212014-11-087 Years, 79 Days Later
Cannon Mountain4080USA-NH442007-09-29 b2014-08-23 a6 Years, 328 Days Later
Mount Carrigain4680USA-NH442007-09-302014-03-016 Years, 152 Days Later
Mount Cabot-Southeast Knob4080USA-NH352012-07-29 d2014-01-25 c1 Year, 180 Days Later
Mount Avalon3440USA-NH332004-07-18 a2013-04-07 a8 Years, 263 Days Later
South Tripyramid4080USA-NH332004-08-24 c2013-11-23 c9 Years, 91 Days Later
Mount Moosilauke-South Summit4523USA-NH332004-08-26 b2013-10-13 d9 Years, 48 Days Later
Mount Whiteface-Ledges4000USA-NH332007-08-20 a2014-05-24 a6 Years, 277 Days Later
Mount Hancock-Middle Peak4280USA-NH332012-06-30 b2013-11-24 b1 Year, 147 Days Later
East Sleeper3840USA-NH332012-08-18 c2014-05-24 b1 Year, 279 Days Later
South Crocker Mountain4040USA-ME242012-07-08 a2015-01-02 c2 Years, 178 Days Later
North Brother4151USA-ME242012-08-30 a2014-08-02 e1 Year, 337 Days Later
The Bulge3940USA-NH232007-08-19 b2012-07-29 f4 Years, 345 Days Later
Mount Pierce-South Peak4185USA-NH222001-06-29 d2013-08-17 c12 Years, 49 Days Later
The Horn3905USA-NH222007-08-19 a2012-07-29 g4 Years, 345 Days Later
The Cannon Balls3769USA-NH222007-09-29 a2014-08-23 b6 Years, 328 Days Later
Wildcat E4046USA-NH222012-01-28 a2013-04-06 a1 Year, 68 Days Later
Mount Hight4675USA-NH222012-03-18 b2013-09-15 b1 Year, 181 Days Later
Crocker Mountain4226USA-ME222012-07-08 b2015-01-02 b2 Years, 178 Days Later
Mount Redington4000USA-ME222012-07-08 d2015-01-02 d2 Years, 178 Days Later
Sugarloaf Mountain4240USA-ME222012-07-21 a2015-01-03 a2 Years, 166 Days Later
Spaulding Mountain4000USA-ME222012-07-21 b2015-01-03 b2 Years, 166 Days Later
Mount Abraham4040USA-ME222012-07-21 c2015-01-03 c2 Years, 166 Days Later
West Sleeper3881USA-NH222012-08-18 d2013-11-23 d1 Year, 97 Days Later
Fort Mountain3867USA-ME222012-08-30 b2014-08-02 d1 Year, 337 Days Later
Mount Jackson-North Peak3827USA-NH222012-10-07 b2013-08-17 d314 Days Later
Mount Monadnock3150USA-NH222012-10-20 a2014-04-06 b1 Year, 168 Days Later
Mount Guyot-South Peak4560USA-NH222013-03-09 d2014-09-14 d1 Year, 189 Days Later
Old Speck4160USA-ME222013-06-15 c2014-07-201 Year, 35 Days Later
Camels Hump4080USA-VT222013-07-052014-02-09219 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT222013-07-07 a2014-02-08216 Days Later
Mount Lafayette-North Peak5040USA-NH222013-08-18 a2014-09-13 b1 Year, 26 Days Later
Mount Blue4529USA-NH222013-10-13 b2014-04-21 b190 Days Later
Saddleback Mountain4120USA-ME 22012-07-22 a2012-07-22 cSame Day
Mount Surprise2194USA-NH 22012-11-10 a2012-11-10 cSame Day
Mahoosuc Arm3765USA-ME 22013-06-15 a2013-06-15 eSame Day
Speck Pond Peak3685USA-ME 22013-06-15 b2013-06-15 dSame Day
Jay Peak3858USA-VT 22013-07-06 a2013-07-06 cSame Day
Mount Abraham4006USA-VT 22013-07-21 a2013-07-21 lSame Day
Little Abe3920USA-VT 22013-07-21 b2013-07-21 kSame Day
Lincoln Peak3975USA-VT 22013-07-21 c2013-07-21 jSame Day
Nancy Hanks Peak3812USA-VT 22013-07-21 d2013-07-21 jSame Day
Castle Rock-Sugarbush3820USA-VT 22013-07-21 e2013-07-21 iSame Day
Cutts Peak4020USA-VT 22013-07-21 f2013-07-21 hSame Day
The Nubble3480USA-NH 22013-11-10 a2013-11-10 cSame Day
Boundary Monuments 451-452 Peak3180USA-ME 22014-07-13 c2014-07-13 gSame Day
Monument 450 Peak3540Canada/USA 22014-07-13 d2014-07-13 fSame Day
Baldpate Mountain-West Peak3662USA-ME 22014-07-19 b2014-07-19 dSame Day

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