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Multiple Ascent List for Patrick ONeill

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA992011-10-152014-05-10 9x2 Years, 207 Days Later
Sitton Peak3273USA-CA772011-09-212015-03-12 7x3 Years, 172 Days Later
Los Pinos Peak4510USA-CA332011-09-282012-11-10 3x1 Year, 43 Days Later
Sandstone Peak3111USA-CA332011-10-082013-03-23 3x1 Year, 166 Days Later
Exchange Peak2950USA-CA332011-10-082013-03-23 3x1 Year, 166 Days Later
Boney Peak2825USA-CA332011-10-082013-03-23 3x1 Year, 166 Days Later
Inspiration Point2800USA-CA332011-10-082013-03-23 3x1 Year, 166 Days Later
Nordhoff Peak4485USA-CA332012-02-252014-07-19 3x2 Years, 144 Days Later
Jepson Peak11205USA-CA222011-10-152013-05-04 2x1 Year, 201 Days Later
Bedford Peak3800USA-CA222012-01-222012-03-20 2x58 Days Later
Margarita Peak3189USA-CA222012-01-282012-11-25 2x302 Days Later
Morton Peak4624USA-CA222012-02-042012-12-08 2x308 Days Later
Cram Peak4162USA-CA222012-02-042012-12-08 2x308 Days Later
Sierra Peak3045USA-CA222012-03-032013-01-26 2x329 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA222012-04-212012-07-28 2x98 Days Later
Mount Zion3575USA-CA222012-04-282012-07-28 2x91 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA222012-05-272014-02-25 2x1 Year, 274 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA222012-05-272014-02-25 2x1 Year, 274 Days Later
Pop Top2930USA-CA222012-06-092013-03-23 2x287 Days Later
Tri Peaks3000USA-CA222012-06-092013-03-23 2x287 Days Later
Anderson Peak10840USA-CA222012-06-282013-06-08 2x345 Days Later
Mount Deception5796USA-CA222012-07-042013-02-23 2x234 Days Later
Mount Disappointment5960USA-CA222012-07-042013-02-23 2x234 Days Later
San Gabriel Peak6161USA-CA222012-07-042013-02-23 2x234 Days Later
Mount Markham5742USA-CA222012-07-042013-04-06 2x276 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA222012-07-042013-04-06 2x276 Days Later
Mount Whitney14495USA-CA222012-08-052013-09-03 2x1 Year, 29 Days Later
Mount Mooney5840USA-CA222012-10-132013-04-20 2x189 Days Later
Vetter Mountain5908USA-CA222012-10-132013-04-20 2x189 Days Later
Barley Flats5600USA-CA222012-10-132013-04-20 2x189 Days Later
Mount Sally5408USA-CA222012-10-132013-04-20 2x189 Days Later
Winston Peak7502USA-CA222012-10-312013-04-20 2x171 Days Later
Mount Akawie7283USA-CA222012-10-312013-04-20 2x171 Days Later
Occidental Peak5732USA-CA222012-10-312013-04-06 2x157 Days Later
Jones Peak3375USA-CA222013-01-122013-02-27 2x46 Days Later
Pine Mountain4539USA-CA222013-02-132013-12-22 2x312 Days Later
Silver Mountain3385USA-CA222013-02-132013-12-22 2x312 Days Later
Cathedral Peak3333USA-CA222013-02-152014-02-01 2x351 Days Later
Arlington Peak3250USA-CA222013-02-152014-02-01 2x351 Days Later
El Montanon1808USA-CA222013-04-052014-01-05 2x275 Days Later
High Mount Benchmark1581USA-CA222013-04-052014-01-05 2x275 Days Later
Iron Mountain8007USA-CA222013-04-302014-04-06 2x341 Days Later
Bonita Peak3983USA-CA222013-04-302014-04-06 2x341 Days Later
Frazier Mountain8000USA-CA222013-07-132014-09-20 2x1 Year, 69 Days Later
Chief Peak5560USA-CA222013-10-192014-07-19 2x273 Days Later
Peak 55265526USA-CA222013-10-192014-07-19 2x273 Days Later
Boy Scout Peak3240USA-CA222014-11-162015-03-08 2x112 Days Later

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