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Multiple Ascent List for Victor Henney

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Pinos8831USA-CA451981-07-182011-08-09 a30 Years, 22 Days Later
Mount Rose10776USA-NV331983-09-072014-07-3030 Years, 326 Days Later
Cirque Peak12900USA-CA221979-06-301984-06-164 Years, 352 Days Later
Cuyamaca Peak6512USA-CA221980-04-051989-04-169 Years, 11 Days Later
Monument Peak6271USA-CA221980-05-101989-11-059 Years, 179 Days Later
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA221980-07-222013-06-20 b32 Years, 333 Days Later
San Ysidro Mountain6147USA-CA221981-01-101988-04-107 Years, 91 Days Later
Lone Pine Peak12944USA-CA221981-03-291984-05-123 Years, 44 Days Later
Mount Warren12327USA-CA221981-06-071985-08-294 Years, 83 Days Later
Cerro Noroeste8280USA-CA221981-07-182008-10-1727 Years, 91 Days Later
Sawmill Mountain8818USA-CA221981-07-182011-05-28 b29 Years, 314 Days Later
Mount Rixford12887USA-CA221981-08-021985-08-304 Years, 28 Days Later
Mount Gould13005USA-CA221981-08-021985-08-304 Years, 28 Days Later
Mount Bago11870USA-CA221981-08-021985-08-314 Years, 29 Days Later
Disappointment Peak13917USA-CA221981-08-091994-08-0212 Years, 358 Days Later
Mount Humphreys13986USA-CA221981-08-281984-08-262 Years, 364 Days Later
Silver Peak11878USA-CA221981-09-201992-10-1011 Years, 20 Days Later
Matterhorn Peak12279USA-CA221981-09-261983-08-121 Year, 320 Days Later
Virginia Peak12001USA-CA221981-09-271983-08-111 Year, 318 Days Later
Whale Peak5349USA-CA221981-11-292011-03-0429 Years, 95 Days Later
Mount Williamson14373USA-CA221982-07-101994-07-0211 Years, 357 Days Later
Independence Peak11742USA-CA221982-07-171994-08-2112 Years, 35 Days Later
Mount Whitney14495USA-CA221982-07-251994-09-0412 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Muir14012USA-CA221982-07-251994-09-0412 Years, 41 Days Later
Mount Gabb13741USA-CA221982-08-011994-07-1611 Years, 349 Days Later
Mount Russell14088USA-CA221982-08-081990-09-158 Years, 38 Days Later
Mount Henry12196USA-CA221982-08-281992-08-219 Years, 359 Days Later
Emerald Peak12546USA-CA221982-08-291992-08-239 Years, 360 Days Later
Mount Brewer13570USA-CA221982-09-051985-08-102 Years, 339 Days Later
Kern Peak11480USA-CA221984-06-301994-08-2710 Years, 58 Days Later
Mount Pickering13474USA-CA221984-07-211994-07-189 Years, 362 Days Later
Joe Devel Peak13327USA-CA221984-07-211994-07-199 Years, 363 Days Later
Mount Guyot12300USA-CA221984-07-221994-07-209 Years, 363 Days Later
Mount Barnard13990USA-CA221985-05-111994-07-039 Years, 53 Days Later
Mount Sill14153USA-CA221985-07-061994-07-299 Years, 23 Days Later
Red Slate Mountain13123USA-CA221985-07-131994-08-179 Years, 35 Days Later
Mount Baldwin12598USA-CA221985-07-141994-08-189 Years, 35 Days Later
North Maggie Mountain10234USA-CA221985-07-201994-08-089 Years, 19 Days Later
Moses Mountain9331USA-CA221985-07-211994-08-079 Years, 17 Days Later
Norman Clyde Peak13855USA-CA221985-08-041994-07-318 Years, 361 Days Later
Mount Patterson11673USA-CA221985-09-072011-09-01 a25 Years, 359 Days Later
Waucoba Mountain11123USA-CA221988-10-222011-10-2222 Years, 365 Days Later
Brown Peak4947USA-CA221988-11-052011-03-1922 Years, 134 Days Later
Mount Lola9148USA-CA221994-08-142014-09-1020 Years, 27 Days Later
Sandstone Peak3111USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 a2 Years, 117 Days Later
Tri Peaks3000USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 e2 Years, 117 Days Later
Exchange Peak2950USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 d2 Years, 117 Days Later
Big Dome2900USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 f2 Years, 117 Days Later
Boney Peak2825USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 b2 Years, 117 Days Later
Inspiration Point2800USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-06 c2 Years, 117 Days Later
Ghost Mountain3400USA-CA222011-01-292011-03-0535 Days Later
Tamarack Peak9897USA-NV222012-07-212012-08-0717 Days Later
Sheep Mountain5141USA-CA 21981-11-221981-11-22Same Day

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