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Multiple Ascent List for Thomas Stabler

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Belfry Mountain1864USA-NY552010-08-112016-08-146 Years, 3 Days Later
Balsam Lake Mountain3720USA-NY442009-08-242016-06-166 Years, 297 Days Later
Slide Mountain4180USA-NY442009-10-182016-09-016 Years, 319 Days Later
Hunter Mountain4040USA-NY442009-10-252016-08-186 Years, 298 Days Later
Bearpen Mountain3600USA-NY442010-09-262017-06-036 Years, 250 Days Later
Utsayantha Mountain3214USA-NY442011-05-222015-08-084 Years, 78 Days Later
Big Indian Mountain3700USA-NY442012-05-042014-07-242 Years, 81 Days Later
Killington Peak4235USA-VT3300002015-04-09Unknown
Lone Mountain3721USA-NY3300002016-03-19Unknown
High Point1803USA-NJ3300002017-03-03Unknown
Red Hill2980USA-NY332009-07-302017-08-198 Years, 20 Days Later
Giant Ledge3200USA-NY332009-09-242013-08-313 Years, 341 Days Later
Virgil Mountain2132USA-NY332009-10-312013-06-223 Years, 234 Days Later
Blackhead3940USA-NY332013-03-132016-09-263 Years, 197 Days Later
Jones Hill1964USA-NY332014-10-192015-09-04320 Days Later
Bramley Mountain2814USA-NY332016-07-292016-09-0538 Days Later
Sky Top1520USA-NY332017-05-202018-05-07352 Days Later
Plateau Mountain3840USA-NY232010-08-282016-07-055 Years, 312 Days Later
Wurtsboughro North peak1414USA-No State2200002017-04-11Unknown
Schunnemunk Mountain1664USA-NY2200002017-04-29Unknown
Osio Rock1000USA-NJ2200002017-08-30Unknown
Cats Elbow Cliff1200USA-NY2200002017-04-24Unknown
Owls Head2133USA-NY222010-07-132016-08-136 Years, 31 Days Later
Twin Mountain3640USA-NY222010-07-182016-06-295 Years, 347 Days Later
Twin Mountain-South Peak3580USA-NY222010-07-182016-06-295 Years, 347 Days Later
Overlook Mountain3140USA-NY222011-05-292012-09-161 Year, 110 Days Later
Thomas Cole Mountain3940USA-NY222011-08-072016-10-135 Years, 67 Days Later
Black Dome3980USA-NY222011-08-072016-10-135 Years, 67 Days Later
Big Crow Mountain2815USA-NY222011-08-182012-08-16364 Days Later
Panther Mountain3720USA-NY222012-03-182013-08-311 Year, 166 Days Later
Eagle Mountain3600USA-NY222012-05-042013-03-16316 Days Later
Woodhull Mountain3040USA-NY222012-06-102012-07-0828 Days Later
Rocky Mountain3508USA-NY222012-09-092016-03-193 Years, 192 Days Later
Balsam Mountain3600USA-NY222013-03-162014-08-291 Year, 166 Days Later
West Kill Mountain-East Peak3720USA-NY222013-04-212015-08-082 Years, 109 Days Later
West Kill Mountain3880USA-NY222013-04-212015-08-082 Years, 109 Days Later
South Mountain2480USA-NY222013-05-052013-07-0662 Days Later
Graham Mountain3868USA-NY222013-06-022016-09-123 Years, 102 Days Later
Riverside mountain 1060USA-NY222014-05-142014-06-1936 Days Later
Peekamoose Mountain3843USA-NY222014-08-202015-10-271 Year, 68 Days Later
(Haurpers pond east peak)1500USA-NY222016-04-172016-11-16213 Days Later
(Haurpers pond West peak)1623USA-NY222016-04-212017-06-011 Year, 41 Days Later
Bear Mountain1300USA-NY222017-03-092017-04-1537 Days Later
Storm King Mountain1340USA-NY222017-06-172018-05-02319 Days Later
Butter Hill1360USA-NY222017-06-172018-05-02319 Days Later

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